Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ Awards

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Hakuoki Demon of the Fleetin Blossom PSP coverJust imagine my reaction when a friend told me that there is actually an English translation of the otome game Hakuoki for the PSP. I was so surprised that there is actually A PSP OTOME GAME TRANSLATED IN IN ENGLISH!

I just recently learned of Hakuoki when I was searching for anime adapted from an otome game. It was on my to watch list but I never thought that the game was actually translated in English! (Thanks to the common knowledge of the “Maiden’s woe” – that games for girls are not translated in English). Anyway, ecstatic as I was of the news, I immediately went out to get the game.~ Fortunately, they have a copy!! Yay!

It was such a nice feeling to finally be able to play a PSP otome game, complete with Japanese voice acting all throughout the game! No wonder why I managed to finish all the routes and get all the CGs in FIVE days!! Also, I have the quick save and history to thank; because they made my playing a lot easier whenever I realize that I picked the wrong choice XD.  Now I’m wondering if all the Japanese otome games have this feature. If that is the case, then I have another reason to sign the petition “Translate more otome games!” (Arcana Famiglia! La Corda d’Oro!!)

Anyway, I really want to write a review of the game, or perhaps just a story summary of each route, but with all the school stuff I need to do, I decided to just do this short “awards” post ^_^.

Here it goes~

My #1 Guy!

Of course, this is an otome, and with all those handsome guys around you, you will have a guy you think is the best among the rest! He may be the silent guy, the loud guy, the leader, the prankster – an otome has a lot to offer!

Okita Souji Hakuouki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom screen shot

My #1 Guy in Hakuoki is definitely Souji Okita ♥. He’s my top guy in terms of looks and attitude ^_^= (OMG his playful teasing is just so ♥! And he looks so damn good whether he is wearing traditional or Western clothes!). I think that’s enough reason why I did my best to get to his route first before any of the other guys XD. (Just imagine how heartbroken I was in his route’s ending…)

Hottest Main CG

Hakuoki Awards Best Main CG Saito Hajime

Oh MY Gosh it’s got to be Hajime Saito’s! The way he bites in this CG is just so… sexy. XDDDD

(Sorry Souji, you may be my #1 Guy but I think your pose in your main CG is a bit unnatural.)

Best Kiss CG

Hakuoki Awards Best Kiss Okita Souji

There’s no competition in this one; Just one look and the award goes to Souji’s kiss ♥.

Overall Best CG

Hakuoki Awards Best CG

It’s the Shinsengumi officials in their blue uniforms! I just love this CG; so much feels! Just this picture and you have all of what Hakuoki can offer.

Best Ending

Hakuoki Awards Best Ending Chikage Kazama

Chikage Kazama’s “and they lived happily ever after” ending. Especially when Chizuru said something like it’s the end of her journey with the Shinsengumi but it’s the start of her relationship with Chikage ♥. And Chikage’s confession was so like him! ♥ I think Chikage is the perfect match for Chizuru; he’s an oni lord so he’ll be able to protect her properly. And hey, they are both oni! (Actually, when I finished Souji’s route I was planning on going for Chikaze’s, but it was so damn hard to get O_O.)

Second place will probably go to the Normal Ending. But I don’t want Chizuru to be alone!

Best Route

Hakuoki Awards Best Route Okita Souji

Definitely Souji Okita’s! Well yeah, his route was the most branched out from the canon route (Hijikata’s), he is damn so forgotten in every other route, both his good and bad endings are depressing, but hey, this is an otome game and otome games are supposed to be romance games and Souji’s route has the most romance! ♥ (their kiss!) (sorry, Sanosuke Harada fangirls :) His route is my second best though). Souji’s route has a lot to brag too because he has lots of possible endings :D. It’s also the only route that explained more of Kaoru Nagumo. But I’m looking for a happily ever after ending, so this route’s ending is my major problem :O Still, it’s my favorite route!!!!

Only six awards for now! I really really want to play the game again and write a post about each route!


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  1. I went for Saito first because I like the strong silent kind type, but when you actually get on his route, it’s not so good. ^^;; He’s more into his struggle and that’s cool, but Chizuru almost felt like an afterthought and that made me a bit sad. I just could not get behind them as a couple. I loved Heisuke’s route though. I felt like him and Chizuru were such a cute and balanced couple. Chikage’s route disappointed me. I wanted to see more of oni society but nope, you don’t get anything. Haven’t played the other routes yet. I really need to get back to it…

    • Same here, I thought there weren’t that much otome game feels (the romance and hearts and the scenes which will make you go “dokidoki”) in Saito’s route. And it doesn’t help that his route was also pretty long :/ . But I guess unlike you, I’m not really into the “Saito”-type of guys (I’m more of the Okita or Heisuke XD ). I liked Saito’s voice though! :D
      Heisuke’s a really cute shota! <3. And yeah, Chizuru and him makes a good couple ^_^=. The canon pairing is with Hijikata though. But again, I'm not that fond of Hijikata's route because it was bombarded with history facts -_-;
      Chikaze's route was… too short. It took me a while to get into his route and yet at his ending I felt that there should be more on his story.
      I hope I hadn't spoil you with the CGs I posted! ^^;

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