Otome game: Get dumped

August 21, 2013 at 6:29 am | Posted in Games, Otome Games | 2 Comments

Get dumped

Just finished another indie otome game. (Okay, I just finished Suzuya’s route in Starry Sky~In Spring but I’m still not up for another loooo~oong gameplay so I’m not playing Yoh’s route just yet. But I want to play more otoge!~ so I decided to play Get Dumped since it’s long been on my “to play” list)

Get Dumped is a short game and there’s only one guy so bishie-holics out there may not like it at first sight, but I say don’t pre-judge it because it has its own nice points!

First of all, I have to say I’m not really fond of the heroine Michi because she’s so obsessed with her boyfriend Arashi that she’ll do anything for him like skip cram school and bear with jealous bitchy bullies. And it’s really obvious that Arashi doesn’t really like her. Since the beginning of the game I was like, “Hell, girl, get a life and forget about that guy!” But really, Michi is just the heroine you just can’t hate because she tries her best and she stands up to bullies (well, depending on your choices, that is). And seriously, you’re playing as her so why hate? Seems like you’re hating yourself I say! So yeah, since the true ending of the game is what I wanted I just got to love this game

Anyway, if I’ll name the thing I liked best about the game, it has to be the art, hands down. (Pretty pastels! Just my type! ♥ ) The CGs are pretty well done too, especially knowing that this is just an indie game. Thumbs up for the pretty art!

Tired from all those lengthy otome games? Or you just love this kind of games in general? Then try playing Get Dumped! ( ´∀`)

Get the game from Macuyo Official Blog ☆


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  1. I don’t have much time now, but I’ll look into it when I can. It’s free, so I want to at least try it. But still Get Dumped is such a discouraging title for a otoge. ; w ; But I guess the premise itself is interesting and if you can alter the heroine’s personality to have more of a spine, I think I may like it~ Thanks for letting me know about this one, Alyssa~ :D

    • I think you can play the game for like, one hour? And you can have a shorter play time if you will look into walkthroughs (I decided to read one after my nth attempt of getting the true ending >_<). In any case, the attempts were all worth it because the game really is interesting :D

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