Unboxing Kotobukiya’s Hakuouki One Coin Grande

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kotobukiya hakuouki one coin

The Hakuouki figures I ordered a couple of months ago arrived in the middle of November! I was expecting the set to arrive by February next year since the re-release of the this Kotobukiya One Coin Grande is scheduled at the end of December, but it looks like Greattoysonline.com got me an old release set. I actually wanted the newest release but since there isn’t really any difference (except that this year end’s release is, well, new — factory-wise), I decided to take what was there.

This post is a photo spam! But if you’re interested to know how I opened the box, please continue reading ^_^

[Sorry for the lighting, I opened the box in our not well-lit dorm room.]


First off, is the box. I don’t know if it’s because of how GTO arranges their stuff or what but I was disappointed with the state of the box when they handed it to me. This was my first time buying from GTO so I don’t know how they handle the other items, but gosh I wish they handled this item with TLC. The figures inside are alright, I give them that, but THE BOX! Just look at what happened to the corners! Yeah, I’m being OC here, but this never happens when I order from HMV.co.jp or Amazon.jp, where the item I receive, yes the BOXES of the figures, are in PERFECTLY GOOD CONDITION. Now I’m not sure if I’ll order from GTO again.

The design of the box isn’t particularly pretty but I have no right to complain since this is Hakuouki! ( ゚∀゚)ア


Opening the big box, you’ll see nine little boxes inside – each containing a Shinsengumi member! (Or Kazama). As you can see, the top of the upper-left little box is already ripped when I took the photo. That was because the lady from GTO insisted that I open the item so I opened one. I think she actually wanted me to open ALL NINE inside the freaking store but oh hell no, I mean where’s the surprise in that?? And I need to take pictures for this post!


So since I already opened that little box inside the store, it will be the first bishie I’ll see…


Oh sht. This was my first having a One Coin Grande so I didn’t know that the figure is mummified with too much bubble wrap *facepalm*. (^_^;) With this, the figure inside won’t be deformed so easily. And I’ll have more bubble wrap to pop. ⊂⌒っ´∀`)っ


It must be fate! I got Okita Souji Western version on my first unboxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 My top Hakuouki guy!


Now, the upper left box. (Because I just realized that I switched the upper left and upper middle boxes in the store. So that means Okita western ver. is in the upper middle box).


It’s Nagakura Shinpachi! The only “uncapturable” guy in the game that is included in this set. Seriously, they should have created a Shinpachi route in the game — he has the nicest build among the guys!


“Well hello there, Nagakura-san.”


The Shinsengumi member in the upper right box is…


*drum rolls*


Another Okita Souji! This time, in his asagiiro haori.


The Shinsengumi member in the middle left box is…


*drum rolls*


Harada Sanosuke!


Almost halfway there! Five more bishies to go!
The center-most box conatains…


Saitou Hajime western version! Is it just a coincidence that the #1 Hakuouki guy in the polls is in the center-most box or was his box purposely put there? (and thus, all other complete sets have the Saitou box in the center?)


The bishie on the middle right box is…


Saitou Hajime asagiiro haori version!


Hmmmm… Kazama still hasn’t appeared. When will he make his appearance? Anyway, onto the the lower left box, which contains…


The demon vice-commander Hijikata Toshizou! He doesn’t look that pleased… And he’s like, my least favorite among the capturable guys. (My preference goes like this: Okita>Saitou>Kazama>Harada>Heisuke>Hijikata)


Now, the lower middle box, containing…


Todou Heisuke!


I guess this just means that the last box, the lower right box, contains…


Yep, his highness, Kazama Chikage. As usual, he looks so proud of himself. Nice spotlight on the card, by the way  Σ(゚∀´(


So the characters were arranged like this in my box set. Just in case you want to try your luck in buying single boxes and you want a particular character.
Oh yeah, I still haven’t figured out the essence of the hiragana on the upper left corner of each card. “ni-ri-ha-he-chi-ro-i-ho-to”???? Or was my arrangement wrong? Any idea?


Putting all the flipped character cards together, you will be able to form this new Saitou art by Kazuki Yone. Awesome art as usual. In any case, I would have wanted this extra art to be Souji, but I guess they had to make it Saitou because he is the most popular guy.


And here’s everyone! The set is sooooo pretty! Must have for every Hakuouki fan, I say.

The quality of each figure is superb. (Well, it has to be, since this is manufactured by Kotobukiya). The figures may be small but the details on each character is awesome. Just take a look at Okita western ver.’s dress. Nice painting done.

My only problem is Harada. Maybe the magnet on his head isn’t strong enough or what but he easily topples down with a single flick. I have to hold his stand carefully unless I wanted him to drop himself.


But whatever. I need a new collection case. Look, it’s so crowded!


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  1. This was suuuuch a fun post!!! I could feel your excitement through your words, it was like I could open all the boxes myself through you, the rush of adrenaline when you’re about to unwrap a new guy and the squee when you find your favourites *_* So thank you thank you for making us feel by proxy — and realizing my dream of owning all that stuff! XD (and omg the Saito art so pretty *dies*)

    • I’m so glad you liked reading it! (o^^o) Looking back on when I did the unboxing, I remember my roommate going “hey what’s wrong with you??” when I squeed as I opened the first box and got my bias Okita Souji! XD. I hope I can do more figure unboxing post like this soon ^^
      And right–the extra Saito art really is pretty! I actually wanted to frame and display it in my room, but if I did, then I won’t be able to see the chibis on the other side, so I just left it as is :D

  2. Hajime Saitou~ *drools* I love your chibi figurines! They soo cute @.@ *dies in happiness*

    • Deshou~ (≧∇≦). I wanted to have the rasetsu version too ^_^=

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