Norn9 ノルン+ノネット: Otomaru Heishi (review+walkthrough)

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First impression, Heishi is the loud guy who is always having fun. And cue Hiroyuki Yoshino voice at that. I thought I wrote too much comparisons with Akito and Senri in this review, so Heishi fans, here’s an early warning!

Again, I tried to make this post spoiler-free but alas, writing so is impossible so there are some included (they are properly labelled with “SPOILERS!” though) so read at your own risk! ・´∀`・)


So we have a hikikomori, a hot-headed guy… now it’s an energetic genki-guy who is always positive, kind, and airheaded no matter what! Heishi’s the loudest person in the group; he’s soooo loud dude, I think I hurt my ears when I finished his route -_-; (more on that on the character voice part). Anyways his ability is pretty much known to everyone: telepathy! Like he can communicate with others through mind and stuff. But he isn’t a pro yet in using his powers… like this one time when what he was dreaming of flowed into the others’ minds! (sadly, we weren’t able to see a similar occurrence in the entire game (ノ゚0゚)ノ).

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0037

He’s also in good terms with Itsuki: he’s often playing card games with him till late at night (or sometimes, until morning!), like what we were told in Senri’s route. And HEIshi’s interaction with Itsuki reminds me so much of HEIsuke and Harada from Hakuouki. Ghad, Hiroyuki Yoshino and Yusa Koji… I cannot unhear ((((;゜Д゜))).

Love-interest-wise… I dunno, Heishi is just pretty bland for me. Yeah he’s funny and all and there’s no way you’ll have a moment with nothing to talk about when you’re with him. And I love positive guys in otome games and reverse harems, but Heishi…  I just can’t love him like how I love my genki guys. He loves Nanami, that’s a given… I just feel that something’s missing with either his character or route :/


Whoah boy. Heishi’s route. It doesn’t help that I just finished Akito’s route with all those fluffy otome feels. I can feel the love in this route yo, but there really is something missing that I can’t point out. Or maybe I can if I think hard enough? Let’s see…

Take for example their first kiss. When I was playing Senri and Akito, I was soooo surprised with their respective first kiss that I literally jumped off my chair while playing (yeah, that’s how I play otome games yo XD). And then I pause playing, and take a fifteen-minute break to let every feels sink in XD. But in Heishi’s route… Okay, I was surprised with the kiss. I wasn’t expecting it, like how I didn’t expect Senri’s and Akito’s. But my reaction was only something like, “Okay. They kissed. Moving on…” No fluffy feelings and whatsoever.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0027

Another thing I didn’t like about Heishi’s route is… I think there was too much screen time for everyone. In Senri’s route, Sorata magically disappeared. In Akito’s route, Mikoto and Ron went missing. However, in this route, everyone had ample screen time. Especially during the courage test. Everyone was in it. I was thinking that maybe it’s just the way of showing how Heishi can go along with everyone, but it kind of gobbled the time that is supposed to be for NanamixHeishi moments :/. There was even a chapter when I was like, “Is Heishi’s route all about the love story between Mikoto and Itsuki??”

Anyways, at least Heishi’s route made me laugh AND cry. (SPOILER!) Heishi’s past broke my heart. And when Nanami had to erase his memories when Ron ordered her to? My tears all over the place yo.

And let me just mention Heishi’s bad end. (SPOILER!) Heishi turned into a yandere it was so messed up XD

Character voice: Hiroyuki Yoshino

HEIshi is HEIsuke Toudou yo. LOL all those Hakuouki feels pouring in XD. I even had my brother listen to Heishi’s voice and he was like, “Isn’t this voice that loud short guy in Hakuouki?” XD (Yeah, my bro finished Saito’s route in Hakuouki so he knows //cause I’m the lovely sister who forces her little bro to play otome games XD)

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0038

Heishi’s soooo loud ghad my poor ears. Well at least he is funny, so that makes up for it. But this Hakuouki reference doesn’t help aghh. It’s like I’m playing Heisuke’s route again XD. And as I said, those Heishi and Itsuki conversations remind me of Heisuke and Harada. //Because Hiroyuki Yoshino and Yusa Koji.

Anyways, I’m not a fan of Hiroyuki Yoshino. I don’t ever want to listen to his dummy head mic recorded drama cds :/, if there is one… is there?

Heart meter: ♥♥♥

(Next is… Itsuki? Or Sakuya? Aghhh I can’t decide!)



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  1. LOL Heishi is voiced by Yoshino? XD oh geez, how can you not help but compare them. He’s not my favorite voice but I loved Heisuke’s character. Thanks for posting so much on Norn9!

    • Heishi and Heisuke’s voices are really similar it’s difficult to tell who is who when there’s no visual sprite XD. And their personalities are almost similar too (I bet they’re actually the same person! XD)
      I’ll be posting more Norn9 (5 guys to go!) so I hope I don’t spam your WordPress reader with so much Norn9 XD

      • It’s not spam at all! I love the artwork so much too <3 <3 .
        haha, maybe Heishi was Heisuke in a past life XD. I've heard Yoshino's voice in one other game, but the character was very different! still a loud young guy but that's where the similarities end lol. The first time I played it was years before Hakuoki so it was kind of disturbing when I realized it at some point.
        I've seen some stuff about Norn 9 before, but your posts make me really want to import it XD.

        • I wonder what game that is? Oh, have you watched/played Arcana Famiglia? I watched the anime and I really liked Debito’s voice. And just recently, just after I posted this I think, I learned that it was actually Yoshino who voiced Debito! I never realized! His character song, which is my favorite, is so sexy XD
          And Norn9 is good! You have a Vita, right? I guess if you want to import this, it will be better to wait for the Vita port. Ooh the art on a Vita’s better screen! And the difficult kanji will be easier to read too XD

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