Norn9 ノルン+ノネット: Nijou Sakuya (review+walkthrough)

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Well, if isn’t the cliched childhood friend route, with this guy, Sakuya, who can pass as a woman with his pretty looks. Since I didn’t really like this route, I kind of ranted a lot, so…

Again, I tried to make this post spoiler-free but alas, writing so is impossible so there are some included (they are properly labelled with “SPOILERS!” though) so read at your own risk! ・´∀`・)


Sakuya is the pretty guy in the group. When Sorata first saw him, Sorata was like, “Is he really a guy??” and “he looks like some kind of model.” But he isn’t just your average otome game pretty guy, because, Sakuya is voiced by a *gasp* voice ACTRESS! (more on that on the character voice part) Anyways, I’m not really fond of the pretty guys trope, so meh, whatever dude.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0043

Love interest-wise, Sakuya is the cliched protective osananajimi a.k.a. childhood friend ヽ(´ー`). Another trope I’m not really fond so yeah I could have just ditched this route if only I wasn’t an OC CG collector.

In general, and for me, Sakuya’s a boring character. Date a lady-mitai-reserved-oananajimi-oujisama? Count me out ヽ(‘ー`)ノ


If I thought that Heishi’s route was bland, Sakuya’s route is 50% frustrating and 50% boring. It was all about childhood friendship promises and stuff, blaming thyself and sht, and trying not to fall in love and that kind of crap. I wanted to rant about how I really disliked this route yo, but aghhhh ヽ(`Д´)ノ (!!!!!!!!!) *flips tables*

This is why it’s frustrating (SPOILERS AHEAD!) (I made the spoilers in white text so if you want to read them, just highlight them):

So you see, Sakuya’s ability is that he can see the future. When he was young, he saw his future – which is that he will die protecting the woman he loves. Since he’s friends with Mikoto, oujisama Sakuya had to say that vision to her and Mikoto’s like “What noooo! My osananajimi can’t die!” and she made him promise that he won’t fall in love with anyone. Unfortunately though, Sakuya has to fall in love with Mikoto (well duh this is his route after all) and of course miko Mikoto can’t let Sakuya’s vision of the future come true so she always dodges his advances and she’s always cold towards him.

And that is how the ENTIRE route goes on: Mikoto who is obviously in love with Sakuya too dodging his love forever because she doesn’t want her precious childhood friend die. Like my ghad, there was also this it’s my fault blah blah blah ARGHHHH! //THIS ROUTE IS SO FRUSTRATING MY GOODNESS (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

And this is why it’s boring:

Because the route is all about Mikoto denying Sakuya’s love, there wasn’t a decent fluffy-and-hearts-all-these-otome-feels moment in this route. I think this is why I really disliked Sakuya’s route. I play otome games for the romace feels. I don’t really mind if the story is crap as long as there are lovey dovey moments. But this route? Goodness. Heishi had a couple of cute moments that I liked, but Sakuya? Nothing yo. This route is so damn reserved and modest it isn’t funny. And it doesn’t help that the kiss CG that I was soooooo waiting for during the ENTIRE route was saved for last. (I was already in the final chapter and the kiss CG still hasn’t showed itself so I already thought that there isn’t one!!) And it wasn’t even what I expected!

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0048

Oh yeah, people might correct me because there WAS a yandere moment (obviously my favorite scene in this route) but other than that, none yo (lemme go back to Senri’s or Akito’s route huhuhuhuhu)

Another thing is Mikoto. I thought a lot of people who played the game like her? Well sht I wasn’t impressed with her in this route. Koharu is dense and all in Senri’s route but at least she’s cute. Mikoto better be better in the other routes or else…

Speaking of Koharu, I like her in this route (that cute girl!). She’s so cool yo. Especially when she henpecked Kakeru (LOL XD) and when she used her fire abilities to burn Ron’s guns (Chapter 7).

Main story-wise, I liked the 7th chapter of Sakuya’s route. It contained quite a lot of revelations more than I expected. But again, I’m more on the romance. And since the final chapter didn’t have a cute MikotoxSakuya moment,  </3

Character voice: Mitsuki Saiga

I was really surprised when I learned that Sakuya’s character voice is actually a she. I never really noticed it in the prologue! Unfortunately though, I had to learn it when I was in the middle of Sakuya’s route so whenever he talks, I can’t unhear the girl tone >_<

Heart meter: Sorry Sakuya, I didn’t enjoy your route at all.

(Next is Itsuki! I’m hoping that it will be better than this!)



[Edit] Moved here.


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  1. […] route because others did it far better than I could. You can read it on other blogs here, here and here.(*´∀`*) You can scroll to the end to read the resume of the bonus […]

  2. Well, if you listen to Saiga-san’s other roles, then you’ll learn the differance. At some points, her roles can have an extremly low pitched voice. For example, Nabari no Ou’s Yoite has an extemly low pitched voice and I thought that most people were confused if he was voiced by a guy. Though sometimes, however, Saiga-san can voice characters with (almost) high-pitched voice. For example, Cuticle Detective Inaba’s Haruka Inaba (The main character…’s younger brother) can sometimes have a high pitched female voice. But for me, it sounds like a young boy (HAU~! OMOCHIKAERI~! XD) Listen to her female roles, as well. They can sometimes (or mostly) have deep voices (Which fit for tomboys). For example, Code: Breaker’s Rui Hachiouji, STAR DRIVER’s Kou Atari, and Saki’s Sumire Hirose (Which would confuse people since she looks girly). And for a fun fact: Saiga-san actually looks like a boy in real life. >< Yep, that's why I am in love with Saiga-san and her other roles such as Sakuya-kun himeself (Though my other favorite is Senri-kun and the loudmouthed Heishi)! KYAA! RANDM COMMENT: "Amami Haruka desu."

    • Ooh I didn’t know those! I’m too focused on guy seiyuus (because of otome games) that I don’t know much about the others! Thank you for the info! ^_^
      And Senri’s my second favorite in Norn9! I’m sorry for my view of Sakuya though. Ahahaha XD

      • It’s okay! ^_^ I know you were confused and stuff, but it’s okay. Nipah~! ^__^

        • Also, if you look at the picture in Last Era, it will have a MikotoxSakuya moment (I blushed at the pic, though). ALSOTHERONXNANAMIMOMENT.

          • They finally made a proper kiss CG for them! It’s very nicely drawn; I really like it! <3

  3. And this is where we differ…. Sakuya’s actually my favourite! :p

    • Really?? Well he does have some good points! ^^ I guess we have different preferences XD

  4. Heh, based on looks I wasn’t expecting much from this guy, but too bad it was so boring too (I skipped the spoiler heavy part though). I’m usually a sucker for the childhood friend but I don’t think I’ve seen one that was the really pretty guy before XD. If they are so pretty that they have to have an actress then I usually have to pass too, lol. Reminds me when I saw Fruits Basket, which was probably my first shoujo anime, and I found out later that Yuki was voiced by a girl in Japan. I was like “OMG I’m so happy Eric Vale just did a softer voice in English so he still sounded like a guy for us Americans” lololol.

    • Shocks I hope I didn’t spoil Sakuya’s story to you ><
      And Haha yeah one look at him and I wasn't expecting much from him either XD. Wow really?? I didn't know that Yuki Sohma was voiced by a girl! Well it kind of fits him anyway XD. I prefer Yuki over Kyo though. Kyo's a bit hot-headed for me XD. I remember I had this phase when I usually like the pretty guys (Ruka from Gakuen Alice, and the like) but only when they're young, and it's mostly in shoujo manga. I never really like pretty guys in otome games :/

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