Norn9 ノルン+ノネット: Yuiga Kakeru (review+walkthrough)

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Ah, Kakeru, the cutie with a nice smile…  I was so excited to play this route because Kakeru is voiced by my ultimate seiyuu bias Kaji Yuuki!! Anyways, Kaji Yuuki’s deep voice aside, and despite the initial reviews I read about bully Kakeru, I really enjoyed this route!

I tried to make this post spoiler-free, but I don’t know other people’s definition of “spoiler” so still, read at your own risk! ・´∀`・)


The boy with that nice smile! (Come one Kakeru, smile more for me (๑´ლ`๑)). Kakeru usually acts as the leader of the team because he’s smart and he’s quick in thinking of things to do in different situations. I really admire Kakeru’s wits, especially when he’s trying to get his way with that sweet yet cunning smile on his face (≖ω≖。)♪. But unfortunately, Kakeru sometimes always usually uses this skill to bully other people! Ah, my poor Senri… always the target of Kakeru’s bullying…

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0025

I’ve read other reviews and they didn’t like Kakeru because he’s rude and mean, and yeah, I can’t deny that’s true. But I didn’t dislike him at all! I actually like that personality of his! He always gets his way with that (Kakeru you manipulative cutie!). And I think he’s the perfect match for airheaded Koharu ahahaha XD.


I wasn’t really expecting much from Kakeru because the initial reviews I read kind of disliked him but surprisingly, I enjoyed this route more than Itsuki’s! The interactions between Koharu and Kakeru are like “fufufufufu (๑´ლ`๑) all these otome feels♥” XD. Well Koharu is still as dense as ever in this route but I don’t hate her for that. If not for this dense personality I would have found Kakeru’s route boring.

Unfortunately though, as much as I really enjoyed chapters 2-6, I thought the last chapter… ended pretty bland? Maybe it’s because my daiji na hito Kakeru went with his daddy Tabibito-san Yuiga Shirou and he wasn’t much in chapter 7 and I was expecting more raburabu scenes  but oh well. Overall I enjoyed the otome feels in Kakeru’s route ^_^=

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0043

Oh yeah, most reviews I read said that the way Kakeru fell in love with Koharu happened pretty fast. But I don’t think so? I think Kakeru just likes airheaded, clueless, cute girls like Koharu so he liked her immediately. And Kakeru’s blushing face is so cute ♥ (Kakeru’s blushing face shouldn’t be part of the argument but whatever. I just wanted to say that he’s cute XD)

And let me just include it here. Among the 6 routes I have played so far, Kakeru’s route had the best CGs. Every CG is so pretty I can stare and admire them all day (well except for that bad CG //ugh), and well placed in the story. (I had the feeling that they intended that because Kakeru is like, the main cover guy of the game XD)

Character voice: Kaji Yuuki

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0048

Eff yeah Kaji Yuuki using his deep voice! \m/ And Kaji Yuuki is my ultimate seiyuu bias so I don’t want to write a review because it will end up being so biased XD I swear I could have finished Kakeru’s route faster than I planned because I really enjoyed his route I didn’t want to put down my PSP even for a second //because fuuuu cliffhangers at the end of every chapter let me go to the next chapter now// but I just have to, I JUST HAVE TO replay Kakeru’s every line because gadmmmt that deep voice //I like  \(//∇//)\

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥.5

(Next route will be Ron’s. I have zero motivation to play it though. I dislike that guy -_-;)



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  1. When I heard that some people didn’t like Kekeru, I had no idea why… Kakeru is awesome! Since he’s the first character that most play first if you follow Otomate’s guide, I’d say he’s a great opening to the whole story. And Kaji Yuuki ftw! (*´∀`*)

    • When I picked up Norn9 I was like “Oh yeaaaah more Kaji Yuuki!” XD But then the recommendations say that I should hold his route for a while and I did and played his route on 6th. The routes before I played his were the longest routes I ever played in an otome game HAHA XD. Well on Heishi and Sakuya’s route anyways. I remember tweeting “huhuhu want to go to Kakeru’s route NOW” while I was playing Heishi’s route o(≧∇≦o)
      And yeah I really can’t get why they hate him. I also liked him in the other routes! (yes even Senris XD)
      Hmmm now I wonder how my playthrough would have been if I played him first. Ah, but I guess I won’t really play Kakeru’s route anyways, because Shimono Hiro, my ultimate seiyuu bias, is voicing Senri XD. I’ll probably play Kakeru’s second since Kaji Yuuki is my second seiyuu bias.

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