Norn9 ノルン+ノネット: Azuma Natsuhiko (review+walkthrough)

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Finally on the last of the 9 routes! I’m not really a fan of serious guys so I didn’t like Natsuhiko that much, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is the most handsome in this man harem! (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

Again, I tried to make this post spoiler-free but alas, writing so is impossible so there may be some included so read at your own risk! ・´∀`・)


Natsuhiko is the guy who attacked the ship in the prologue. He’s pretty much a scientist/inventor since he’s good at creating machines and robots and controlling ships.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0052

Sigh, Natsuhiko. I can never know what he is thinking. He always has this poker face and he’s always busy with his machines. He’s serious all the time. And it doesn’t help that one of the tropes I don’t really like is them serious guys so meh ヽ(´ー`)ノ

All the seriousness business aside, Natsuhiko is pretty sweet. He even created a Hiyoko to attend to Mikoto’s needs (because she cried at sight of the the robot he first created lol) and he even took her to go stargazing. Like stargazing is one of the sweetest date there is! (´∀`)♥


Main story-wise, I had no problem with Natsuhiko’s route. However, I wasn’t that satisfied with the romance in the route :/

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0063

I didn’t like how Natsuhiko and Mikoto fell in love with each other. Maybe it’s because Natsuhiko didn’t show up until the end of the third chapter. In the other routes, things are going all fluffy by chapter 2 *cough*Itsuki*cough* but Natsuhiko was MIA for two chapters. Like come on, where is the guy I’m doing this route for?? ಠ_ಠ And when Natsuhiko finally appeared? It’s the clash of two stubborn people! Kind of bored me, actually.

Not much fluffy otome feels in this route either. Well I think that’s just me because there ARE sweet moments; it’s just that they aren’t my type? Lol. Simply put, I feel that Natsuhiko and Mikoto lacked chemistry. I say Itsuki and Mikoto make a better couple.

Just to say, I actually kind of wished that Mikoto’s imagination of a do-S Natsuhiko is the real him HAHA XD. That would have made Natsuhiko’s route more interesting… for me anyways XD (hello DiaLovers!).

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0056

Anyways, the ending was able to pull my boredom with this route off. I think it was one of the best and well-written endings among all the routes. They pretty much explained everything that happened with the other Norn boarders and Natsuhiko and Mikoto have some nice future ahead, studying Astronomy.

Oh yeah, the interactions between the Norn boarders in chapters 2 and 3 (chapters with Natsuhiko MIA) are hilarious! And it was nice to see Sakuya and Itsuki getting along at least once XD

Character voice: Daisuke Ono

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0070

Oh goody Daisuke Ono!!! Not one of my seiyuu biases but that deep voice omg hngggghh ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄. I remember going “Hey Natsuhiko! Talk more so I can hear your voice!” in the other routes XD. I didn’t really like Natsuhiko’s character but THAT VOICE I like XD

Heart meter: ♥♥♥.5

(I thought I have unlocked all CGs with Natsuhiko’s route completed but it looks like there’s a new unlocked prologue! It will probably explain more about my baby Sorata so I’m doing that next.)



[Edit] Moved here.

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