Snow Bound Land: Craes

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Snow Bound Land Craes

I decided to start on another otome game, Snow Bound Land! I played Craes’ route first because among the four guys, I thought he was my type (lol XD) and a play order advice recommends that you do his route first. Here’s my review of resident Chibi-suke’s route ・´∀`・)


Craes is the resident chibi-suke. He is one of Gerda’s childhood friends and he loves cooking food for her. Since Craes is a good cook, he acts as the master chef in their journey and cooks food for everyone. Because of the mirror shard which entered through his eyes, he is able to see people with ill intentions.


During the prologue, I was already eyeing on Craes. The play order advice suggests that we do Craes’ route first but that aside, I already wanted to pursue Craes first because I had a good first impression of him. In most otoge and reverse harems, I love guys who are always positive and Craes is one among that trope.

I thought at first that Craes had the biggest possibility of becoming my Snow Bound Land bias but my fondness of him in the prologue was, only for the prologue. If only I wasn’t doing his route, I wouldn’t have paid attention to him in the common route lol. He’s cute, alright, but when the story reached the Red World, I found myself paying more attention to Kai and Aje XD


I liked Craes as a character but I guess his route was pretty bland for me. (I don’t know if this is also true with the other routes, and if it is then it’s the main story that is at fault but I’ll judge that later in the overall post).


Since Gerda and Craes are childhood friends, and he already has a big crush on Gerda long before the story started, the romance development in the route wasn’t all that impressive. Still, Craes has a number of cute moments and thanks to Gerda, who isn’t your usual passive heroine (I mean, she even initiated a kiss!), the two make a good couple.

As for the fluffy otome feels… I think they were okay? I was expecting more, but I guess this is just because before playing this, I just finished Norn9, a game where the otome feel is over 99% lol XD.

Route story-wise, I thought that there’s something lacking in this route :/. How everything happened wrapped up so fast, especially in the White World. As I was playing through the confrontation with the Snow Queen, I was already doubting how the route will end happily because fighting the Snow Queen who is all powerful is impossible. But then everything ended with just “let’s be friends!” and the Snow Queen decided to just let them be?? It fits Craes’ personality, but I don’t know… ? Are the writers out of ideas? ఠ_ఠ


The good end also had me flipping tables lol. Not only did they not get the curse out of them, but Craes’ memories of Gerda also disappeared! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I didn’t spend hours increasing the affection level to have the guy I’m pursuing forget me in the ending! ఠ_ఠ It’s like I’m back to zero yo!  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻The bad end was sad but I think it was better written than that amnesia good end lol.

Character voice: Tsubasa Yonaga

I know Tsubasa Yonaga has voiced a number of chibi-suke characters so I guess he was cast as Craes because of that? Lol XD. Anyways, it fits Craes’ character so nothing much to say in this part.

Heart meter: ♥♥♥.5

(Next is Orva’s route. I’m not really interested in him, but we’ll see.)

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