Snow Bound Land: Orva

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Snow Bound Land Orva

Orva is definitely not my type. I didn’t have a good first impression of this sickly lad in the prologue and I felt like I was just playing through his route for the pretty CGs but it turns out he had a good character development! It’s pretty tiring to read through his route full of pessimistic thoughts but I guess that good end is a reward nice enough. Here’s my review of Mr. Pessimist’s route ・´∀`・)


Orva is a sickly lad who has been bedridden ever since he can remember. Apparently, the only thing that can cure his sickness is magic, so when Kai got the mirror that grants wishes from a merchant, Gerda wished for Orva’s sickness to be treated. When the mirror broke, his sickness was indeed cured, but unfortunately this cursed him too – everything he touches with his hands wilts, like the poor flowers that Gerda gave him.

↑ Orva is a sadist in the making XD ↑

Well since Orva is a sick person aka depressed all over, I never really had a good first impression of him. He’s like, the total opposite of my favorite trope (genki guys). Like most sick people, Orva is very gloomy. He also talks way too slooooooooowly that I just want to press O every time he speaks… but sometimes a couple of wild kanji will appear and I have to wait for him to say them before I can understand his line LOL XD.

I have a lot of complains regarding his personality but most of those are only because of one thing: that he’s got this sickness that had him bedridden for life. So yeah the half of the entire route I have to act like a babysitter and nurse to keep up with his childish and pessimistic acts and it seriously tired the hell out of me (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Most of the time I just wanted to flip tables but that ain’t how you deal with sick people so patience is the key!

For the good part of it Orva had an awesome character development so I think I kind of liked him in the end? Or maybe not really because of all that shit I went through babysitting him ಠ_ಠ


Well the whole part of this route is pretty much just about Orva’s sickness and the hell he had to endure being bedridden and not be able to see the outside world so meh. The whole story revolves around just that so yeah it really is just Gerda babysitting him lol.


I just got to say how pissed I am with him at the first half of his route though ಠ_ಠ . He’s a freaking killjoy and he says everything he wants to say in front of the prince and princess like hello dude? How about some manners in front of the rulers of the Yellow world? And not only that. When they finally got the key in the Yellow World? Oh god Orva I can’t even. I know the reasons why you don’t want the curse to be lifted (coz yeah he might go back to his sickly self and of course he doesn’t want that) but why in the world would he point a knife at Gerda’s neck?? Like holy sht man. I swear I flipped all the tables I can see when I got into that scene (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ I shouldn’t move or else you’ll hurt me? And you don’t want that to happen? Well how about you get that knife of my neck??

So yeah I pretty much disliked Orva in the first part but his CGs are pretty! It’s kind of unfair because Craes’ CGs aren’t as pretty as Orva’s when I think Craes is a better character ಠ╭╮ಠ. But I guess that makes up for Orva in a way? XD

For my usual fluffy otome feels… nothing much, really. For me it felt like okay I just have to tolerate this person’s shit because I want a complete that pretty CG gallery! Gotta admire Gerda for that determination lol. But anyways that happy end made up for most of it because I did have a good smile in that end. Orva went back to being bedridden but he’s more positive than his old self so yay! And that end is definitely better than Craes’ XD


But what I really like about this route is, as I mentioned before, Orva’s character development. In the Green world, it was nice to see him change from a whiny child to a guy worthy of being called a man. So yeah, my babysitting paid off in the good end! (´▽`)ノ (Never mind that bad end because it really is bad ಡ_ಡ damn that demon)

Character voice: Tachibina Shinnosuke

Another seiyuu I’m not familiar with, forgive me m(_ _)m. Well I guess my problem in this part is that Orva talks so sloooowwwlllyyy. But then it’s because he is a sickly lad so well whatever ヽ(´ー`)

Heart meter: ♥

(Next is Aje! Yay more tsundere (✧≖‿ゝ≖) )

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