Snow Bound Land: Aje

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Snow Bound Land Aje

I was really looking forward to playing houkouonchi Aje’s route because in the common route, I really liked how his curse affected what he’s saying as it showed his tsundere side(*´▽`. And I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed because this route is so cute and funny; I don’t mind if all the other four routes are boring because this single route already makes this game worth playing! So much fluffy feels! Anyways, here’s my review for Mr. No sense of direction ・´∀`・)


Aje is the traveller… who has no sense of direction lol XD. He’s just stopping at Gerda’s village for a short while but he got tangled in the shattered mirror business. Because of the mirror fragment, he’s now cursed so that he says things that he doesn’t really mean to say.


Umffffff Aje you big tsundere cutie! (๑´ლ`๑)  I thought he was just another one of those boring tough character tropes but I started to love him right after he got the curse! The way he says things that he doesn’t really mean to say is so funny especially when he denies everything afterwards with his very red blushing face XD.

I guess if not because of Aje we won’t have any comedy relief in this game LOL XD. Also, aside from his curse and tsundere-ness, the fact that he’s always getting lost is also very funny (*≧▽≦). Aje doesn’t seem to notice this though, and he thinks that his lack of sense of direction is a normal thing XD


After finishing two routes, Craes’ and Orva’s, I already concluded that Snow Bound Land is only a mediocre game but turns out I AM SO WRONG! Aje’s route, by itself, makes this game worth playing!


Perhaps it’s the fact that Aje and Gerda aren’t childhood friends that decided their really nice romance development, as compared to Orva’s and Craes’ boring routes. I mean, I was still at the common route but the interactions between Gerda and Aje already made me all (๑´ლ`๑) because of the fluffy otome feels! XD And all throughout Aje’s main route, the otome feels never failed me as I make expressions like THIS while reading the lovely (and funny! XD) interactions between the two. All in all this route is really cute! ●´∀`)ノ♡ ♡

Route story-wise, I think everything is well-written. It just kind of sucks that a single line in Orva’s epilogue spoiled the main theme of Aje’s route for me. I wish I could have played Aje’s route first before Orva’s. Because until Aje said it himself, Gerda was thinking that the person Aje was looking for was his lover. But I hate how Aje’s “I’m actually looking for my older brother” line in Orva’s epilogue ruined the jealousy I could have felt playing Aje’s route!! I mean, I should have been sympathizing with Gerda like, oh no I love Aje but he has a lover! But nooooooo because of that single line I am so damn confident that Aje is looking for his bro so I’m like pssshhh no need to be jealous girl, you don’t have competition since he ain’t looking for his lover ಠ╭╮ಠ

But never mind that thing that spoiled the story for me lol XD. Point is, the main reason why Aje is travelling (despite being bad with directions) is because he is looking for his older bro that disappeared one snowy night ten years ago! It was actually rather fun to speculate about this as I played through the route ^^. A little comment Ivan made in the Yellow World castle made me think that he is the aniki but I can’t be sure so got to read for more clues right? So anyway, turns out Ivan really is the long lost bro and man I swear the confrontation made all the Norn9 feels pour in! All these separated kyoudais why ಥ_ಥ


Nearing the end, I was actually thinking that Ivan will not choose to go with Aje and return to their home because well, I thought he has already pledged his loyalty to the Snow Queen but it turned out otherwise! So because of that I really really REALLY love Aje’s good ending. Not only did Aje and Ivan got to return to their family, but everybody’s curse (excluding Gerda’s of course) was also lifted and everything is back to normal. And Aje’s wedding proposal is really sweet! It was a really nice way to end the story (๑´ლ`๑)  .

The bad end wasn’t all that special considering that the CG unlocked was just a modified CG already unlocked in good end. I don’t really care about bad ends so meh I only read through the bad end for a complete CG gallery.

Character voice: Ono Yuuki

I finally realized that I only comment on this part when the seiyuu is one of my biases LOL XD. So I guess aside from Ono Yuuki’s nice voice as a tsundere, no other comments.

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥♥

(Next is Ivan’s route. Let’s see how things are in the older bro’s view.)

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