Snow Bound Land: Ivan

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Snow Bound Land Ivan

On to the aniki’s route ^_^. I decided to play Ivan’s route next to Aje’s because I wanted to know how the kyoudai story is in his perspective. This route was pretty short compared to the others but I still enjoyed it a lot! Here’s my review for Mr. Yuki no Jyoou no Jyuusha ・´∀`・)


Ivan is the Snow Queen’s servant who has been stalking the Snow Bound Land travel gang since they came to the Red World. It seems that the Snow Queen ordered him to kidnap Gerda because in her is the most important fragment of the magic mirror.


Another guy that I was surprised I ended up liking in the end! Ivan is a really mysterious character so at first it was kind of difficult for me to know what he is thinking. But then he went “what is this feeling?” in the Yellow World and I was like oohhhh yeah he’s falling in love with me! XD

I really like Ivan’s character. One moment he’s still unsure of his feelings but the moment he realizes it, he was surprisingly frank about it and already was confessing it! I actually found it fun that how I see Ivan is the same as how Gerda sees him: at first I kind of disliked him but as the story went on I started liking him because he’s such a big sweetie! (๑´ლ`๑)


It’s a shame that Ivan’s route was shorter than I expected and there aren’t much CGs compared to the other guys (sasuga unlockable characters (ーー;)). But nevertheless I enjoyed his route!


I love how I the romance developed between Gerda and Ivan because ermm… there wasn’t any “childhood friends” crap in this route (yay same as Aje’s! <3) XD. So yeah it follows that I had the otome feels in this route enough to make me feel fluffy all over XD. I swear, this route may be short but I enjoyed this more than Craes’.

It was also good to see the kyoudai story in Ivan’s perspective and it made me love Ivan and Aje more! Umfff here I go again with my soft spot for kyoudais (´^ω^`). I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Ivan resembles Aje when teasing Gerda! Yea Aje is definitely gets shy faster and Ivan’s always composed but the way those two tease is all the same XD.

I guess the only thing that annoyed me in this route is that why is the POV always changing???? Well yea it’s nice to read things in Ivan’s perspective but I don’t really like it when the POV always changes from one character to another! Oh well I guess I’ll hold my rant regarding this POV crap until I write my overall review. But still this route had the most POV switch it really annoyed me ಠ~ಠ


As for the daemon… Deamon? What’s that? Is it delicious? XD Lol among the four routes I’ve played so far, this is the route where that character was most forgotten. Like he just appeared at the start of the Yellow World, then poof he magically disappeared. Though yeah he did appear once again in the White World but it’s so unnecessary, he just went, “FYI I’m still alive k thanks bye.” Like wuuuuut? Uhm. Okay. Not that I care about that troll daemon anyway XD

The epilogue was also a nice end considering that Gerda’s curse was lifted in this route (it did, right?). And I love how that good end CG was drawn! The pink hues! They have new outfits too! <3. As for the bad end… Er, is there a bad end? I never bothered triggering it since there wasn’t an unlockable CG anyway XD

Character voice: Ishida Akira

Ishida Akira will always be Kent (of Amnesia) for me LOL XD. I do love how Ivan talks though. Very composed. But then again, not one of my biases so no other comments aside from that.

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥

(One last route! Next is Kai! ^_^)

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