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Snow Bound Land Kai

Last but not the least! Kai is probably the canon character considering that he’s based on the Kai from the original story of the Snow Queen. I liked Kai at first because he’s really nice sweet… until the effect of the curse of the shattered mirror starts kicking in and he became a cold jerk. Anyways, here’s my review for Mr. Bipolar ・´∀`・)


Based on the character from the original story of the Snow Queen, Kai is Gerda’s childhood friend. He is the resident nice guy who loves raising flowers. This guy is so nice that he’s the only person who can drink Gerda’s awful tea lol xD. Because of the curse, his personality abruptly changes from nice to jerk and vice versa.


Another nice guy. In the prologue I thought Kai was just another boring character but I began liking him when they got to the Red World. When he is in his usual self, Kai is really sweet and I like how he shows his love for Gerda (๑´ლ`๑). He’s a jerk when his personality changes though, like you just want to punch him in the face. True, he is pretty much a big evil in the other routes (ie. Aje and Ivan’s, my Snow Bound Land biases) but he is a real sweetie at the start of his main route!


Since Kai is the canon character, his route had the best explanations on things. It also pretty much follows the original story of the Snow Queen. I’d say main plot-wise, this is probably the best route but unfortunately for me, some explanations were too loooooong I just went tl;dr most of the time ( ´_ゝ`)


For my usual fluffy otome feels, there were lots in the Red World and Yellow World. I actually like the first half of Kai’s routes because everything is just so sweet! However, Kai became a complete jerk on their way to the Green World and I stopped caring about him because he is way too rude. Initially, I just wanted to cry because huhuhu my nice Kai give him back! but I got over it eventually and I just wanted to finish the route for CG completion’s sake. Well to be fair, the original Kai also became cold-hearted so the writers are just being consistent with the original story but meh, I’ve already seen how awesome tsundere Aje’s route is so shoving Kai’s bipolarness won’t impress me.

The good end was nice, with Kai and Gerda just going raburabu everyday but since I’ve already established kyoudais Aje and Ivan as my biases and there wasn’t a proper ending for these two in Kai’s good end, I’ll just go meh. Anyways, this end had the best confrontation with the Snow Queen so I guess that makes up for it.


As for the bad end, I found it similar to Craes’, and just like in that route, I prefer the bad end over the good end lol XD. The bad end CG is also really pretty! The good end was too sweet for my taste and I prefer that Gerda ends up with either Aje or Ivan XP

Character voice: Kimura Ryouhei

I’m not really fond of Kimura Ryouhei’s voice… but that’s just me. For other comments, I just want to mention that when Kai’s personality turns cold, Kai sometimes just whispers his lines and I seriously can’t hear what he’s saying. Well this isn’t really a problem since lol you can just read what they’re saying in the dialogue box but for my part, some wild kanji still appear once in a while and I have to listen to the voice to understand what they’re saying  -_-;

Heart meter: ♥♥♥

(Ah… the review was shorter compared to the other characters ^_^;. It’s also kind of boring since I also got bored during half of the route lol. Next is my overall game review. I also still have the short stories to read since I just discovered them after playing Aje’s route (silly me!))

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