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Story 00: dokidoki! Welcome to Hakuou Gakuen!

Since my lovely friend who introduced me to otome games is so in love with Hakuouki, I thought I should make a detailed summary of Hakuouki SSL ^_^. After doing this first chapter though, I realized that this is so much of a hassle lol xD. But anyways, here is a detailed summary of Story 00 — the chapter where NOTHING HAPPENS, only introduction of the characters in the game! ・´∀`・)

The game starts in May with Chizuru getting Heisuke to go to school. The two are neighbors and childhood friends and they always go to school together. Even though Heisuke is one year ahead of Chizuru in school, he doesn’t like it when Chizuru calls him “senpai” so they call each other with their first names. As Heisuke also has a bad habit of sleeping late playing games, he woke up late that day and he and Chizuru had to hurry up going to school.

On the way, they met Souji. Heisuke mentions that if they’re meeting Souji on their way to school, then it means that they are already really late lol. Souji is in the same class as Heisuke. He loves teasing people and taking photos using his smart phone. It seems like he also uses those photos to blackmail people (sasuga Souji xD).


When they got to the school gate, Heisuke thought that they made it in time but unfortunately, Saito, who guards the gate from latecomers, told them that they’re already 5 seconds late (lol what XD). Saito is a member of the Disciplinary Committee and he is very strict in implementing the school rules, although he isn’t quite good in talking to people. The other disciplinary committee member who caught them late is Kaoru Nagumo, Chizuru’s twin bro. They have different surnames because they didn’t grow up together, but Chizuru is happy that they are now attending the same school. It seems that Kaoru isn’t very polite with the senpais.


Heisuke tried to bargain with Saito because they’re just 5 seconds late but Saito’s like nope, rules are rules xD. Okita doesn’t seem to mind being late though. Eventually, Hijikata-sensei comes and orders the disciplinary committee to close the school gates because it’s already time for class. Hijikata is Heisuke and Souji’s homeroom teacher and he teaches classic literature.

Chizuru entered the classroom in time, and there Ibuki Ryunosuke, a classmate, greeted her. Ryunosuke is always blunt when saying things but he is a really nice person. Chizuru also notices that he always eat only milk and bread for lunch but whenever she asks him about it, he always answers that it can’t be helped since he doesn’t have enough money… and a person named “Serizawa” will get angry, although Chizuru wonders how that is connected to his thrifty life.


A moment later, Harada-sensei, their homeroom teacher, enters (YUSA KOUJI!!!). He is a P.E. teacher, but despite being a teacher, he acts like an older brother towards the students. He is also good friends with Heisuke and the Math teacher Nagakura-sensei because they practiced kendo at the same dojo. Harada tells Chizuru that she should just leave Heisuke behind if he will cause her to be late again xD.

During lunch break, Ryunosuke is invited by some of their classmates to go the cafeteria, but he declines the offer because he doesn’t have enough money. The classmates also invite Chizuru, bet she politely refuses because she had already promised to eat with other people.


Turns out, Chizuru’s eating lunch with Souji and Heisuke. She buys food at the counter… and there, Gen-san is serving food! (holy– I didn’t expect Gen-san to be the person serving food at the cafeteria!). Gen-san is called “Mom of Hakou Gakuen” because he is really kind and he cooks delicious food. While eating, Souji notices that Chizuru is eating a very little serving of food again but Heisuke explains that it’s natural because she’s a girl.

After lunch, Chizuru bumps into Nagakura-sensei in the hallway. Nagakura-sensei is the math teacher, although he’s always mistaken as the P.E. teacher because he’s always wearing jersey xD. He asks Chizuru a favor to hand something to the school nurse/health teacher, Sannan-sensei.


At the school clinic, Chizuru hands the papers to Sannan-sensei. She wonders why the students don’t consult Sannan-sensei that much even though he is a nice person. Anyways, it turns out that Nagakura-sensei didn’t want to hand the documents himself because it’s already past the deadline and he knows that Sannan-sensei will be angry lol xD. At that same time, Yamazaki-senpai also enters the infirmary. Yamazaki is a second year student and is in the same class as Saito. Their homeroom teacher is Nagakura-sensei. He’s always helping Sannan-sensei in the school clinic. After receiving the documents from Chizuru, Sannan says that she should visit the clinic again if she’s feeling unwell since he has lots of “medicine” that will help her sickness go away faster xD.

The class day ends with Harada-sensei telling Chizuru not to be late again tomorrow (oh gosh I’m definitely going after this sweet sensei first! xD). At the hallway, she heard some guys saying “Make way for the king!” xD. It turns out, they are actually Amagiri and Shiranui, loyal followers of the student council president, Kazama Chikage! And yeah, Kazama had his own grand entrance (I can’t stop laughing at this part omg xD). Kazama is an arrogant third year student and Chizuru cannot understand why he decided on calling her his bride (the way Chizuru tells this part is priceless: 「そして何故か、本当に何故か、」xD)


At this point, Chizuru decides to ask him to stop calling her his bride because of course, she really isn’t his bride. Kazama pretends that he can’t hear her and asks Amagiri what Chizuru is saying. Amagiri answers by saying that Chizuru said that, at the moment, she isn’t prepared and she doesn’t deserve to be married to someone like Kazama (lol what xD). She’s of course shocked to hear this but she can’t win against those three. The three idiots soon left her in the hallway.

At the school grounds, Chizuru met Kondou-sensei, the school principal and founder of the school. He asks how Chizuru has been doing as the only girl school but she answers that there are lots of nice people in the school so she doesn’t really mind it. Chizuru recalls how she got into this school. It was just a last minute decision. Her friend Sen invited her to enter Shimabara School, an all-girls school for ojousamas but the tuition fee is pretty expensive. Seeing that she can’t decide on a school, Heisuke told her that the school he is attending, Hakuou Gakuen, previously an exclusive for boys school, is now accepting female students. The tuition fee is also not that expensive so Chizuru decided to take the entrance exam. It was difficult, as Kondou had mentioned, but she managed to pass the exam and the interview (with Hijikata as the interviewer).


Kondou tells to Chizuru that up to now, Hijikata is still opposed to the idea of accepting female students in the school. When Kondou first proposed the idea, Hijikata said that female students will cause disturbance to the morals of the school O_o. After more talking about it, they decided to accept female students and it will be Hijikata himself who will conduct the interview, but in the end, only one female interviewee made it — Chizuru herself.

When Chizuru got home, she became sad because there was no one to welcome her home. Her father, who is a doctor, is on a business trip and won’t be coming home soon. A moment later, she receives a mail from Ryunosuke but it’s just some pointers explaining the system of the game.



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  1. Yes, it’s 2017 now but I still love Hakuouki and your summaries for SSL are very helpful!! :)

    • It’s already 2017 but the Hakuouki franchise is still alive and kicking! 😂 Always glad to help!

  2. thank you for post :D i very hope that i can find that hakuouki games at malaysia

    • Yay! Hope it helps! I may have mentioned that I’m not doing detailed summaries anymore, but turns out, I still am! xD I’m currently working on Souji’s route. I will post it as soon as I finish playing his route, probably some time next week ^_^

      And yes, I hope you do too! It’s actually a really entertaining game (o^^o)

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