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I said I won’t do super detailed summaries anymore… but I thought it’s actually fun to do this because it’s like I’m keeping a record of the entire game! xD. Here’s a detailed summary of events that happen exclusively in Okita Souji’s route. Common events aren’t included here — I’ll make a separate post for that, probably when I finish the entire game, since I’m still checking stuff. My review for this route is at the latter part of the post.

Spoiler fest awaits! ・´∀`・)


Introduction (from Story 00)

CV: Morikubo Shoutaro

At the beginning  of the game, Souji is a second year student from class 2-1. He loves teasing people and taking photos using his smart phone. He is also a member of the kendo club. From the previous Hakuouki games, we know that Souji is a big Kondo-san fanboy and Hijikata-hater.

Story 01

On her way to their homeroom, Chizuru sees Heisuke and Souji in the first year corridor. She didn’t go to school together with Heisuke today because he has kendo club practice. Noticing that it’s rare for second year students to be at the first year rooms’ hallway, Chizuru asks why they’re in there. Heisuke didn’t want to tell the reason but Souji nudges him in. They answer that they’re still worried about Chizuru so they came to check on her.

After hearing the announcement that there will be punishment for those who will score low in the periodical exams, Chizuru heads to the cafeteria for lunch. There, a babble fight ensues between Hijikata-sensei and Kazama-senpai, but Chizuru decides to leave the two be and eat with Heisuke and Souji. Wile eating lunch, they talk about the punishments for the exam low-scorers. Chizuru mentions that the punishments are pretty harsh and Souji agrees to this. He says that the punishments the faculty decided on don’t have anything to do with studying and that oni sensei is so cruel to propose such a thing xD. Turns out, Souji actually does good in all subjects except for one: Classic Literature, which is taught by none other than the oni sensei Hijikata himself lol xD. Souji says that he doesn’t actually hate the subject, he just hates the teacher teaching the subject.

The afternoon before the periodical exams, Chizuru saw someone waving at her from the rooftop. She heads to the rooftop and learns that it’s Souji and he just wanted to show her the beautiful sunset. Upon knowing this, Chizuru lectures Souji that he should be studying and not playing around because tomorrow is the exam. But Souji answers that there’s no law saying that students should be shaking in fear before exams, and also, there’s no law saying that they can’t play around on the day before the exam. There, Souji also mentions that Kondo actually looked after him when he was young so he does his best in kendo and all the subjects (except classic lit of course xD) in the hopes that Kondo will rely on him more. Unfortunately, there’s also someone close to Kondo that takes away Souji’s quality time with Kondo, which is Hijikata, so he doesn’t like that guy. Anyways, Chizuru and Souji take a commemorative picture at the rooftop.


When the test results were posted, Chizuru is happy with her score. She sees Souji and he congratulates her for doing well in the exams. She asked how Souji’s scores are, but he says it’s a secret. Souji wants to give Chizuru a reward for doing well in the exams, and tells her to meet him at he school gate after classes are over.

Story 02

One summer vacation day, Chizuru decides to go to the library to return the book she borrowed and do some homework. At the school grounds, she remembers Heisuke telling her to go see their kendo club practice if she has some free time, so she heads to the dojo first. There she sees how cool Okita-senpai is during practice (lol that’s just my opinion on Souji practicing nvrmnd that xD). At the same time that she got there, Kondo dismissed the students for lunch break so she got to talk to Kondo, Heisuke, and Souji. Heisuke mentions that Chizuru could be the kendo club’s manager. But Souji is definitely not pleased with this idea and tells them that the other members just wanted to brag about having the only girl in school as their club manager. Seeing that what Souji just said is true, Heisuke and Kondo decide to drop the idea. However, Souji, being Souji, followed up with, “Oh, if you can’t be the club manager, then why not be my personal manager instead?” xD. Anyways, that idea is dropped too since Heisuke definitely won’t allow that to happen xD. In the end, Kondo just invited Chizuru to eat lunch with the kendo club and there she got to seat beside Souji (≖ω≖。)♪

At the pool, the Souji-Chizuru group wins the water gun fight so they got free tickets for the poolside bar. There, Chizuru mentions that the two of them together looks like a couple, like the other pairs in the poolside bar, from which Souji answers that there’s no sign that doesn’t allow non-couples in the bar so they’re fine xD. Souji decides to buy their drinks, and to Chizuru’s surprise, he bought only one drink in one glass that has two straws (see CG for reference lol xD) — like what couples drink! Souji is like lol don’t worry, there’s nothing like ‘Drink for couples’ written in the menu so it’s fine(≧∇≦). Of course, Chizuru’s embarrassed to share a drink with Souji in the same glass and moreover they are in public so she doesn’t drink at first, but Souji insists and says that “Oh then if we two are alone together, then you’ll drink?” In the end, Souji wins and she drinks xD. While at it, Souji mentions that it’s no good if he doesn’t win, especially in kendo, because he’s doing his best to get back Kondou’s Shiekan dojo, which was forced to close because of some bad people. But as it turns out, it’s just one of his made-up stories.


Story 03

While their class is preparing for the cultural festival, Chizuru decides to go outside the school building and see how the other classes are preparing at the school courtyard. There she sees Class 2-1, Souji and Heisuke’s class. Chizuru overhears them talking about their preparation for their takoyaki store, with Souji suggesting that they should add Sannan’s weird medicine in their ingredients LOL XD. Of course, Hijikata, their homeroom teacher, is in total opposition to this idea xD. A moment later, Heisuke finally notices Chizuru and calls her in. Heisuke asks her how her class has been doing since he heard that Chizuru’s class is aiming to be awarded the best booth. He also tells Chizuru not to sweat it and enjoy the school fest instead. However, Souji comments that there’s no meaning if you aren’t going to win, like how he is in kendo because he hates losing more than anything else. Chizuru agrees with Souji, and tells them that her class is definitely going to win since they are doing their best. Souji is impressed, and tells her may the best man win xD.

During the school festival, Chizuru is very busy working in their maid cafe. Souji comes to check on her and their cafe and invites her to go around the school later. Chizuru agrees and tells Souji to wait until her break time. After  serving a stampede of guests, Ryunosuke finally allows Chizuru to go for a break. Chizuru is about to go and change from her maid outfit, but Souji tells her that it’s a waste if she changes from maid outfit to casual. Hearing this, Ryunosuke agrees because having their maid walking around the campus is a good publicity that they’re holding a maid cafe xD. Outside the cafe, Souji tells Chizuru to stop calling guests “Goshujinsama” because he’s jealous (≖ω≖。)♪. He also compliments Chizuru for her good work in their class booth while still having fun. When Souji asked where Chizuru wants to go, she requests for a quiet place since she wants to rest during her break time. Souji agrees at first, but instead, he brings her in the school courtyard to enjoy the school fest. He tells her that he thought he wanted to show everyone that he’s got the cute maid for himself during the school fest  (๑´ლ`๑). Also, Souji wanted Chizuru to enjoy the booths in the school fest since this is an event that happens only once a year.


Story 04

After class on the day that Serizawa’s party is announced, Chizuru decides to head to the cafeteria before going home. There she sees Saito, Souji, and Hijikata arguing about Serizawa’s party. Being the Kondo fanboy and Hijikata hater, Souji is so mad at Hijikata because Kondo is feeling down about the Kondo dressing up as Santa business being cancelled. Souji argues that it’s Hijikata’s fault that Kondo is dispirited  ( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・?. He says that it’s Hijikata’s duty to stop Serizawa’s killjoy plans but he didn’t do anything about it. Souji is about to hit Hijikata’s until Chizuru stops him. Angry that his plans of damaging Hijikata’s pretty face got stopped, Souji decides to head out of the cafeteria.

Chizuru followed Souji who went to the school clinic. There they explain the matter to Sannan-sensei. Turns out, Kondo is not involved in any outside affairs of the school because it is Hijikata who handles them. And so, only Hijikata can stop Serizawa’s selfish plans but Hijikata never did anything about it. However, instead of Sannan sympathizing with Souji, Sannan added salt to injury by saying that Souji must have been looking up for Hijikata if he’s relying on him for things regarding Kondo xD. Of course, Souji is not impressed and decides to change the subject by saying that he doesn’t like blind gift exchanges. (As Sannan had mentioned earlier, Souji is part of the select students invited to Serizawa’s party). At this, Chizuru answers that it’s actually fun to open a blind gift from a random person. Souji doesn’t agree though, since for him, the meaning of Christmas is receiving a gift from one special person.

On Christmas day, as Ryunosuke requested, Chizuru decides to help him with the preparations for the party. Since Chizuru thinks that it will be easier if there are more people, she decides to seek the help of a guy… whose name she first saw in her contacts list, which turned out to be Souji xD. She sent him a mail asking for help, but he replied with “No way” xD. Still, Souji calls her a moment later and agreed to help her, after asking why him, when there’s Heisuke or Saito who are definitely willing to help. Chizuru answers that she’s worried about Souji because it seems like he still doesn’t like this Serizawa’s party idea (Chizuru you big liar!! xD).

At Ryunosuke’s place, Souji comments that the people living in the house shouldn’t let their guard dog loose around the garden. Chizuru’s like, huh? what dog? And it turns out that the dog Souji is referring to is Ryunosuke (Serizawa calls him “Inu”=dog) xD. Anyways, Ryunosuke gives them a list of decors to get from the creepy storage room. After getting all the items in the list, Souji notices some dirt on Chizuru’s face and wipes it off. This causes Chizuru to blush all over xD. He also mentions that he isn’t really interested in this party and the decorating wasn’t fun either, but if he can see her face, then it’s fine.

During the party, Chizuru decides to stay in one place so she won’t bother anyone. As Sannan approached her, he noticed something above them (probably a mistletoe) and tells her that if there’s “that thing” above them then it means they should do “that” (O_O). Before Sannan can do anything though, Kaoru and Souji came to Chizuru’s rescue.

After the party, Chizuru and Souji walks home together. Souji says that he is pretty much happy because Kondo seems happy about the party since every student of the school got to attend. Souji does mention that he hated the fact that it’s because of Hijikata’s doing xD. Before going home, Souji invites Chizuru to go somewhere. At the station, he asks her to close her eyes and they walk a bit more. When they stop walking, Chizuru notices something warm touching her cheeks… and she thinks that it must be Souji’s lips… but when she opens her eyes, it’s actually just Souji’s finger lol xD. It turns out that Souji wanted to show her the pretty Christmas lights, and this is his gift for her. He confesses that he actually planned on bringing Chizuru on a Christmas date, but Serizawa’s party ruined it since it’s on the same day. But in any case, the two of them got to spend some precious time together. After escorting Chizuru home, Souji invites her to do the first shrine visit of New Year (Hatsumoude) together with him.


Story 04.5

Since there are many people at the shrine for their Hatsumoude, Chizuru is worried that it may take long before she meets Souji. Souji finds her easily though, and he comments that it must have been the work of the red string of fate tying them together (๑´ლ`๑). Later, they reminisce about the past year. Regarding the rooftop photo moment (from story 01), Souji asks Chizuru why she still went to the rooftop even though she doesn’t know who the person waving at her is. Chizuru answers with “No comment”, although we as the reader know that during that time, Chizuru had the feeling it was Souji beckoning her to come to the rooftop. Regarding the pool event (Story 02), Chizuru comments that it would have been better if Kondo-sensei was invited too, but Souji answers that he didn’t invite him because he knows that Kondo is busy and he doesn’t want to bother him. Regarding the school festival (Story 03), Souji says that he’s expecting that Chizuru’s class will use her as their mascot again for this year’s school festival lol xD. He’s looking forward to her outfit for this year xD. Regarding story 04, we as the players, are hinted that Souji did do something… probably, he DID kiss Chizuru on the cheeks.

After leaving the shrine, Souji confesses that at first, he thought that Chizuru is an idiot for still entering the school even though she knows that she’s the only female student there. However, his view changed as he spent time with her (I didn’t see that coming ಠ_ಠ). When they arrive in front of Chizuru’s house, Chizuru invites Souji to come in for some zouni (a New Year’s dish). Chizuru lives alone in that house since her dad’s still on some business trip but I suppose nothing happens inside other than eating and some chatting lol xD. Later, Souji bids goodbye as he’s going home but Chizuru insists that she escorts him until halfway through his way home. Souji says that it should be a guy’s duty, but he agrees anyway. On the way, there is an awkward silence between the two of them… until that CG below (idk, Chizuru said he kissed her in the cheeks but it doesn’t look really like it… ?). Here, Souji tells Chizuru to go back home since accompanying him in this place with just the two of them is dangerous (lol yeah only the two of you were in her house just a while ago and you’re saying this now?). Before saying goodbye, Souji tells Chizuru one last thing: about what he wished at the shrine. He says that recently, he realized that even though he still wants to be helpful to Kondo, it won’t matter now if he wins or not (prolly in a kendo match). He wished that he be noticed by the person who made him realize that.


Back at home, Chizuru fusses about how she’s feeling something more for her Okita-senpai now. Or something. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Story 05

After that drama with all the guys trying to get close to Chizuru for giri choco and Kaoru banning bringing chocolates to school, Chizuru wakes up with a bad hair day. Although she wanted to pretty up herself more, she can’t because she’s already running late. On the way to school, she meets the person she least wanted to see her in this bad hair day: Okita-senpai! Because she still can’t forget about what happened after their Hatsumoude (and because bad hair day), Chizuru avoids Souji by saying she’s already late (well, she really IS already late…)  and dashed away from him. But Souji easily caught up with her, and bugs her about Valentine’s Day. Souji never seem to got an answer though, since Chizuru still haven’t gathered up her feelings. Meh ┐(‘~`;)┌

On her way to the gym for P.E., Chizuru meets Souji again. He asks her about Valentine’s day again, but AGAIN, she avoids the question and excuses herself saying she still has class. For the entire day, all that Chizuru’s been thinking is Souji and that conversation they had earlier (prolly that question about Valentine’s day). After worrying about it, Chizuru decides to end this drama once and for all and calls Souji, saying that she has something to tell him. Souji answers that if she wants to talk to him, then meet him at the kendo hall.

After their afternoon homeroom, Harada-sensei notices that there’s something bothering Chizuru and asks her about it. Chizuru tells him her story about that kiss in the cheeks during Hatsumoude with Souji. Harada answers that there are different meanings to kisses, like a kiss on the forehead means friendship, and a kiss on the hand means respect. As for the kiss on he cheeks, he tells her that it means deep affection and satisfaction.

As what they talked on the phone, Chizuru goes to the kendo hall to meet Souji. There she finds him alone, and he asks her about her Valentine’s day plans first and foremost. Souji asks if she’s going to give him chocolate on the 14th, and if ever she does, what the meaning of the chocolate is. Chizuru dodges the question though, and asks him about what happened during Hatsumoude. Souji’s like, not so fast, I was the first to ask a question! In the end, Chizuru made Souji promise that once she answers his question, he will answer her question immediately. At this, Souji whispers “I’ll keep my promise” to her ear, a fanservice that is sooo not necessary ¬_¬.

On Valentine’s Day, after getting past the people trying to take away her honmei choco, Chizuru runs into Kaoru while looking for her Okita-senpai. Since Kaoru is still determined to get the best siscon award, he chased after Chizuru to try to prevent her from giving honmei choco to Souji. While trying to get away from Kaoru, someone grabbed her and took her to the library. This person turns out to be Souji, and in the library, he asks Chizuru about the Hatsumoude event. IDK why but at this moment, Chizuru is now embarrassed to talk about that and she tries to run away, but Souji’s like you were bugging me about that thing just some days ago and now you’re avoiding the topic?? and kabe-dons her. Souji says he’s just joking though, and lets her go immediately. Souji then decides to change the subject, and asks Chizuru if she has something to give him. She gives him her honmei choco, and Souji says he THINKS he likes her now and he wants her to stay by his side forever and I was like, uh, yeah right, nice romance development you have there Otomate ಠ_ಠ. Souji was about to eat the chocolate in the library so no one can take it away anymore if it’s already in his stomach lol but Chizuru stops him because one shouldn’t eat inside the library.


In the end, they decided to head to the rooftop so Souji can eat his chocolates without breaking rules. After eating, Souji tells Chizuru that if any other person asks her about chocolates, she should answer back with the truth and say “I have already given the chocolates to Okita-senpai ┐(‘~`;)┌”. Chizuru thinks that Souji’s being possessive and with that it seems like they’re just like a real couple… until Souji finally declares that the two of them are now an official couple! He tells her to call him “Souji” now, but Chizuru doesn’t give in since it’s a bit embarrassing so after a couple of arguments later, they decided that she call him “Souji-senpai.” So yeah basically they became an official couple on Valentine’s day.

A week after the third term of school, Souji joined a kendo tournament and he placed second overall. On the way to school, Chizuru sees him (so he finally decides to go to school early? lol xD) and congratulates him on winning second place. Chizuru was worried that Souji might be feeling down because of his “I should always win” mantra, but it looks he isn’t. Souji even tells that he’s happy as long as he can see Chizuru’s face… although he’s even happier because Kondo, who they meet on the school gate, seems proud of him. Hijikata also appears, and tells that if Souji is really fine with being only second place, then there’s nothing to worry about. When Hijikata and Kondo left, Serizawa comes and tells Souji that he could have won the tournament if he hadn’t held back his attacks (or something… I’m not familiar with kendo terms). He also asks Souji if he’s trying his best in kendo in order to get back Shiekan dojo. Souji says yes, and he’ll get it back using what Shiekan dojo and Kondo taught him… but what they taught him aren’t all kendo and winning, something more. Serizawa is amused to hear this, and tells Souji that he’ll see what Shiekan’s teachings can do. After Serizawa left, Souji thanks Chizuru because if not for her, he wouldn’t have been able to dream the same dream as Kondo-san. He also asks her to support him from now on.

Story 06

March of Chizuru’s 2nd year, the 3rd year students, which include Souji, held their graduation ceremony. After the ceremony, Chizuru sees Souji outside the school building and she decides to follow him. When she caught up to him, Souji says that he’s skipping his last high school homeroom class since Hijikata just says the same thing everyday lol xD. Instead, he wants to see the blooming cherry blossoms of the school. He adds that this may be the last time he may see this scene because he will be leaving the school so he’s taking the opportunity to see it. Chizuru doesn’t agree though, as Souji can still come back here anytime he wants. Then they kiss below the falling cherry blossom petals.


Before the ending credits, Chizuru plans about the future. Souji got a recommendation to a university because of the kendo tournament he joined, so he will be studying in that university. Chizuru hopes to enter the same university when she graduates, and the two of them may also be classmates for some subjects. If that happens, they will sit together in class. In the meantime, she will enjoy her last year in Hakuou Gakuen, while going on dates with Souji during free days.


Daily Story 1:

This is just about why Yamazaki is always avoiding Souji’s gaze when they meet lol xD. Yamazaki also says that Souji should stop being too playful and follow the example of serious people like Hijikata and Saito. Souji comments that Yamazaki should add “that cute kouhai” in the list, to which Yamazaki answers with, “You mean Yukimura-kun?”. At this, Souji teases Yamazaki since he hasn’t even dropped a name yet, he just said “cute”. Souji adds that Yamazaki’s answer only means one thing: Yamazaki thinks that Chizuru is cute xD.

Daily Story 2:

Kaoru is angry at Souji because he bought couple drinks during his time in the pool side bar with Chizuru xD. Souji says that it can’t be helped since that drink wasn’t really his choice, it was the bartender that suggested it. But he is happy that even “oniichan” Kaoru thought that him and Chizuru together looks like a couple. Hearing the word “oniichan” from Souji, Kaoru angrily orders Souji not to call him that because it’s like some bad dream lol xD. Souji says that he doesn’t like it too, as saying the word gives him goosebumps xD. Before leaving, Kaoru says once again that Souji stay away from his sister, or else. Souji sighs as he thinks that Chizuru must have been having a hard time dealing with a siscon older bro lol xD.

Daily Story 3:

The afternoon after the school festival, Sannan approaches Souji because he’s been assigned to look after mischief maker Souji lol xD. Sannan mentions that it’s a shame that Souji kept the cute maid for himself when he also wanted her as his personal assistant (creepy Sannan…). For next year, Sannan wants Chizuru to dress up as a nurse (omg creepy Sannan is creepy o_O) but Souji says that it won’t happen since Chizuru is already his.

Daily Story 4:

While on his way home after the Hatsumoude with Chizuru, Souji bumps into Heisuke, who asks what he’s doing in this place. Souji answers by bragging that he just accompanied Chizuru home. Heisuke seems to be happy to hear about this though, since he says it’s already dangerous for a girl to walk home at night. He also adds more about him and Chizuru being childhood friends, and more about the two of them, until an irritated and jealous Souji hits him in the face lol xD



– My comments rants –

Wow Otomate, thanks for that nice plot I really enjoyed it ಠ_ಠ

I kind of get that the writers wanted the main plot in Souji’s route to be this “winning and kendo and getting back Shiekan dojo”. The story of this route could have been better (not that it’s any good though) if they gave more time to explaining that stuff, but unfortunately, they just decided to throw in some lines regarding that in random places in the game ?? (⊙_◎) Like one chapter, Souji mentions that he doesn’t like losing, and then the next chapter he’s saying that he doesn’t care anymore and it’s thanks to Chizuru that he noticed that?? And for further explanations about the kendo stuff, they just crammed everything in the later part of story 05 ?? Idek and I don’t want to care about it anymore (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Well if they decided to just shit it out with the main plot, I was guessing that they will at least put some effort in the romance category… but it looks like I’m wrong ?? The romance development is so freaking fast… I didn’t feel any romance development, or at least something that will make Souji fall in love with Chizuru. Well I do know that from story 04, Souji mentioned that there’s this person that made him realize that it isn’t all about winning, and that person is Chizuru, as he mumbles in story 05, but what I can’t seem to get is where in the story did Chizuru make him realize that???????? From that single line story 03? Where?? It really surprised me when Souji began saying “I want you to stay by my side always” like, whoa, when did he fall in love with me? I don’t think I (or Chizuru, in this matter) have done anything fall in love-worthy ?? Well I could have bought the idea that they fell in love by spending time together but this brings me back to problem number 1, the “I should always win” crap, and by having that, it means that the writers do have some plot and romance development in mind; it’s just that it seems like they got lazy to polish the story (or they weren’t paid enough by Otomate lol).

But screw it all, I stopped caring about the plot and romance development after story 04.5. What could you expect from a milked game anyway? At least the Hakuouki fangirls can get some raburabu time with the guys. Unfortunately though, even though my favorite Hakuouki guy in the original game Shinsengumi Kitan is Okita Souji, I still never got to enjoy the fanservice in this route ( ´_ゝ`). I’m now kind of thinking that it could have been better if Souji is still sick in this game lol XD

Heart meter: ♥

So yeah, I am so disappointed in Souji’s route. Well at least I now learned my lesson. I’m not expecting plot in the remaining routes, but I will be expecting better fanservice!! Sweet moments please!!


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  1. //Sigh I wish I was Chizuru… I just don’t get WHY all anime girls don’t think their lucky. I mean LOOK! There so lucky that they get a boy like that, that’s so sweet and cute ;D sometimes I wish some boys were like anime’s. Oh well…

    “Life is life, love you Saitou & Souji <3"

  2. […] is going through the routes and translating them! She finished  Okita’s route and here is a direct link to his summary.  Please note these are […]

  3. Awwwww. Ganbatte on finishing this game! I hope the rest of it is not too bad. ^^

    • Thanks! I hope so too! But to be fair, I’m really enjoying the character interactions ^_^ Maybe it just so happened that the first route I played is weakest plot. It’s just kind of sad since Souji is my bias in the original game :((

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