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This route is so much better than the previous one! (And Yusa Kouji voice too! xD). Anyways, here’s a detailed summary of events that happen exclusively in Harada Sanosuke’s route. My review for this route is at the latter part of the post.

Spoiler fest awaits! ・´∀`・)


Introduction (from Story 00)

CV: Yusa Kouji

Harada-sensei is the school’s PE teacher and Chizuru’s homeroom teacher. He is a really kind teacher that gives off an older brother vibe towards the students. He is also good friends with the Math teacher Nagakura-sensei because they practiced kendo at the same dojo.

Story 01

The day Harada-sensei announced that there will be punishment for those who will score low in the periodical exams, Chizuru got called by Nagakura-sensei and Harada-sensei at the corridor. There, Nagakura asks what Chizuru thinks: which class will have the highest average score in the periodical exams, class 2-1 or class 2-2? Harada-sensei explains that while drinking, Nagkura-sensei got into an argument with Hijikata-sensei. Nagakura told Hijikata that the cute students of his class 2-2 will score higher than Hijikata’s class 2-1 in the exams, and he’s willing to bet one lunch meal for that matter xD. But Chizuru answers that it doesn’t really matter who scores highest, as what you learn is what’s important. Harada is impressed to hear this, and agrees. Harada also tells Nagakura to focus more in his teaching if he doesn’t want to be lectured by Hijikata again. As it turns out, the average score of all the students in the subject that Nagakura teaches, which is Math, is pretty much lower than the other subjects. Nagakura defends that it can’t be helped because high school math is difficult, but Harada says that if it’s the average score that is low, then it’s the fault of the teacher. Feeling betrayed by his friend, Nagakura runs away crying xD. As Nagakura left, Harada comments that this school has extreme teachers: Hijikata who is super strict, and Nagakura who so happy-go-lucky that the students learn little from him xD. Curious, Chizuru asks how Harada’s teaching style is, and he replies with “carrot and stick approach.” Like for Chizuru’s case, he says he just wants to pamper her because she is a good student (๑´ლ`๑). After saying this, Harada leaves while Chizuru thinks about the meaning of what he said (๑´ლ`๑).

The day before the exam, as she’s heading home, Chizuru runs into Harada-sensei at the school gate. He tells her that he just bought food in the nearby convenience store because he’s accompanying Nagakura-sensei for overtime work. Chizuru comments that he must be busy, but Harada replies that he should be the one telling that to her since she has periodical exams tomorrow. Just then, Harada tells Chizuru to close her eyes, and she obliged (I swear I’ll be creeped out if a teacher does this to me but well, Sano is hot so I don’t really mind in this game lol xD). When Chizuru opens her eyes, that CG below happens xD. Harada says that chocolate is brain food, and tells her to do her best tomorrow. Though he adds, that she should keep that CG a secret from the other teachers (coz he will be fired if they did know about it lol xD). After Chizuru eats the chocolate, Harada confesses that he doesn’t really know how to handle female students, as he’s been teaching only male students until now. Chizuru asks if it’s tricky handling female students. Harada answers that it really isn’t, but since Chizuru is the only girl in school, he’s worried that he may give her extra special treatment (๑´ლ`๑). Before Chizuru heads home, Harada, as her homeroom teacher, tells her to consult him if she ever face any problem in school.


When the test results were posted, Chizuru is happy that she got a high score. Harada-sensei congratulates her and comments that only a few more correct answers and she could have been the topnotcher of their year level. Chizuru thanks him and adds that the high score is because of Harada’s chocolates. Harada says that it’s expected, since he did put his prayers in that chocolate lucky food xD. Hearing this, Chizuru’s like, then let’s give your chocolates to the other students too! lol xD. But Harada reminds her that the chocolate CG is just a secret between the two of them (๑´ლ`๑).

Story 02

One summer vacation day, Chizuru decides to go to the library to return the book she borrowed and do some homework. On the way to the library, she bumps into Harada-sensei and Sannan-sensei who seem to be still busy even though it’s summer vacation. They say that clubs have practice during vacation, so the club advisers have to be present too. As for Sannan-sensei’s case, he keeps the school clinic open just in case some practicing student might get injured or heatstroke. The teachers ask Chizuru what she’s doing in school on summer vacation, and they are surprised to hear that she’s going to the library to do her homework (coz yeah who does that during summer vacation?? xD). Impressed of her hard work, Sannan invites Chizuru to the clinic for some tea. In the clinic, Chizuru asks the sensei-tachi how they spend their summer vacation when they were just students. Harada says that he usually spend it playing around with friends, like going to the river, just sitting around the family restaurant, and sneaking inside the school pool. He also adds that he usually just cram doing his summer homeworks during the last week of vacation. Sannan remembers that Harada really was a problem student when he was kid, and his grades aren’t also that impressive, so it’s kind of a surprise to see him as a teacher now lol xD. When Sannan turned his back to get some snacks, Harada moves close to Chizuru and whispers that she should also enjoy the summer vacation with other activities other than studying. Sannan sees this though, and was like “Oya Harada-sensei, that’s not how a teacher should treat a student” (≖ω≖。)♪

At the pool, the Chizuru and Harada’s group wins the water gun fight so they got free tickets for the poolside bar. While looking for vacant seats, Chizuru is worried that she, a young girl, together with Harada-sensei, a guy older than her, might have been a strange couple. Not paying attention to the things around her while worrying, Chizuru almost clumsily bumps into a table until Harada stops her (you know, the typical plot device…). They to go an empty table, with their shoulders rubbing with each other (≖ω≖。). Harada orders Cinderella cocktails for the two of them. Chizuru says that she isn’t old enough for that drink, but Harada answers that it’s non-alcoholic so it’s fine. Chizuru thinks that she feels grown-up while drinking the cocktail ( ̄。 ̄)~


Story 03

Because she hasn’t seen Harada-sensei since their class began preparing for the cultural festival, Chizuru decides to go to the faculty room to see what Harada-sensei has been doing. There she sees Sannan-sensei and Harada-sensei. Sannan notices that Harada hasn’t really been helping his class, while Nagakura-sensei and Hijikata-sensei are busy with theirs. Harada answers that the cultural festival is for the students to do their best, and he’ll just be a bother if he helps them. He also adds that he believes in his students, but if they will need his help, then he’ll be more than willing to lend them a hand (awww Harada-sensei <3). Besides, he really can’t blame Nagakura-sensei because it’s natural for him to help his kawaii students, and  Hijikata-sensei isn’t really helping his class, all he’s doing is giving orders to his students lol xD. Hearing this, Chizuru answers that if Harada-sensei believes in them, then there’s no need to worry because they will definitely do their best *\(^o^)/*

During the school festival, Chizuru is very busy working in their maid cafe. Harada-sensei goes to check on their class, and decides to serve the cafe guests butler-style (oooohhh yeaaah Yusa Kouji and butler lines \(//∇//)\). He also tells something to Chizuru at a distance, and while Chizuru didn’t hear it, she read the movement of his lips, which said “Do your best, Chizuru” \(//∇//)\. Anyways, Harada-sensei’s appearance boosts the class’ fighting spirit, and Chizuru decides to continue working even though Ryunosuke already gave her permission to take a break. Not long after though, Chizuru’s maid skirt got hooked in a chair, and she stumbled, much to everybody’s panic! The most worried is of course Harada-sensei, and he carries her out of the classroom princess-style, even though Chizuru insists that she can walk (´・ω・`). On the way to the clinic, they see Sannan-sensei who is in an errand because some students got into a quarrel and there are some that got injured. He checks on Chizuru, and says that she just got her ankle sprained. Sannan gives Harada-sensei the key to the clinic, and tells him to take care of Chizuru in the mean time. At the clinic, Harada tends to Chizuru’s sprain. Chizuru apologizes to Harada-sensei, because she became a bother… and because she’s heavy xD. But Harada answers that she isn’t heavy at all, and even tells that he can still carry her back to their homeroom (princess-style again of course! xD). For the rest of the afternoon, Chizuru stayed at the clinic resting.


Story 04

After class on the day that Serizawa’s party is announced, while heading home, Chizuru hears people arguing at the school courtyard. The two people turned out to be Kazama and Heisuke, and they are arguing as to who Chizuru will spend her Christmas with. When Kazama noticed Chizuru, he calls her and asks her the problem directly: Will she spend her Christmas with the great him who will be her companion in the future, or the self-proclaimed childhood friend Heisuke? xD. Chizuru doesn’t answer the question though, and says that she was invited to Serizawa’s party so either way, she will still go to Serizawa’s party. Upon hearing this, Kazama walks away without saying the reason. When Kazama left, Harada-sensei appears, and asks Chizuru and Heisuke to help him with something. Chizuru agrees, and they help him arrange first years’ books for the next semester. While at it, Chizuru asks Harada-sensei about his Christmas plans. He answers that as a part of the faculty, he’s invited to Serizawa’s party. Heisuke notices that he doesn’t look too happy about it though. Harada says that it’s because it’s a party sponsored by Serizawa, and it could have been better if he was younger, like Heisuke, waiting excitedly for Santa’s present o_O. Harada then asks Chizuru if she believes in Santa Claus. Chizuru answers that she believes in Santa Claus, although not as form that everybody knows, but as something more than that. Harada is impressed to hear this, and comments that Chizuru really is a kind girl.

On Christmas day, as Ryunosuke requested, Chizuru goes to help him with the preparations for the party. Before she heads out of her house though, she receives a mail from Harada-sensei asking her to help him choose a present for the exchange gift since a girl’s opinion could be helpful. Although she feels bad (because she obviously wanted a Christmas date with Harada-sensei lol xD), Chizuru replies that she can’t as she already promised to help Ryunosuke with the preparations for the party. Harada calls a moment later, and tells her that he’ll help them since he is their homeroom teacher. He also adds that he’ll just buy a gift on the way before meeting her.

After getting all the items in the list (or rather, after finishing that mini game), Chizuru sews a torn table cloth. As Harada watches her, he mentions that Chizuru will definitely be a good wife since she can cook (because she lives alone), sew, and she also has a good personality (≖ω≖。). After realizing what he just said, Harada goes “Oh never mind what I said, you’re just a first year high school kid after all”. Hearing the word “kid”, Chizuru kind of rages and says “I’m already 16 years old, and according to the law, a girl can already marry if she’s 16!” Yeah you tell him, Chizuru!(≧∇≦). Harada is kind of shocked to hear this, but in the end, mumbles that she may be a kid, but she doesn’t act one at all  (๑´ლ`๑).

During the party, Chizuru decides to go around the mansion. She bumps into Heisuke and he asks her if he can explore the mansion together with her. Ryunosuke hears this though, and with his face all red, tells them not to go around the mansion because it’s dangerous lol xD. Harada arrives, and asks Ryunosuke about the room with the “Puppy’s room” plate. Startled with this question, he quickly answers that it isn’t his room xD.

After the party, Harada-sensei escorts Chizuru home. While walking, they talk about the presents they received at the blind gift exchange. Harada received a cat food plate/container (lol what xD) while Chizuru is happy to receive cute animal-shaped cookies. Harada comments that a good kid receives good gifts, and Chizuru notices the word “kid” again but she lets it go this time. Before going home, Harada invites Chizuru to go somewhere. He takes her to a high ground, with a nice view of the night sky and town lights. Harada also bought Chizuru some hot chocolate, and he talks about how that place is very special to him, and he considers it his secret base. Noticing that Chizuru went silent with the word “secret base”, Harada asked Chizuru if it sounded childish, to which Chizuru answered “a little”. But deep inside, Chizuru is happy that despite the age gap between them, Harada-sensei still showed her his special place. A little later, Harada tells Chizuru that that view is his Christmas gift for the cute and studious first year student. Chizuru comments that he must be Santa Claus then, and Harada says that she should look forward to next year’s gift, because like Santa, he will sneak inside her room and put the present beside her pillow. Chizuru answers that her house doesn’t have a chimney though, but at this part I went (≖ω≖。)♪ because lololol Harada-sensei you sneaky teacher! xD. Anyways, Harada escorts Chizuru home, and asks her to go to the first shrine visit of New Year (Hatsumoude) together with him.


Story 04.5

At the shrine, Harada-sensei asked Chizuru what she wished for New Year’s. Chizuru answered that most of what she wished are for another fun year at Hakuou Gakuen. She admits that at first, her classmates were a bit distant with her because she’s the only girl, but she soon got closer to them as the days pass. She’s also thankful that Harada-sensei is her homeroom teacher. Harada says that for the coming school year, there won’t be any shifting of class assignments of the teachers, so there’s a high chance that he’ll be handling Chizuru’s class again. Chizuru is of course, very happy to hear about this. Later, they reminisce about the past year. Regarding Harada’s chocolate (from story 01), Chizuru thanks him again for the chocolate, and mentions that she’s been thinking a lot about Harada-sensei since that day (hurhur (≖ω≖。)♪). Regarding the pool event (Story 02), Harada says that when they get the chance, he’ll teach Chizuru more about non-alcoholic cocktails, and maybe, when she’ already allowed to, some alcoholic cocktails too (hurhur (≖ω≖。)♪ part 2 xD). Regarding the school festival (Story 03), Chizuru apologizes again for being a bother, and mentions that she’s been thinking about what happened… and to this, Harada asks if she’s worried about having been a bother because of spraining her ankles, or being carried princess-style (hurhur (≖ω≖。)♪ part 3 xD). As for last week’s Christmas gift, Chizuru mentions that she’s already excited for this year’s Christmas gift from Harada-sensei, and he suggests that he give her a hint xD.

Before leaving the shrine, Harada-sensei mentions that as Chizuru’s HOMEROOM TEACHER, it was nice to see her change and face the challenges of being the only female student in school. Hearing this, Chizuru became kind of sad since of course, after all the events they have been together, she wants to get out of their student-teacher relationship and be more than that! Well good thing Harada-SENSEI noticed Chizuru’s reaction, and added that the time he spent with Chizuru are great memories, and recently, he’s been noticing how important Chizuru’s existence his to him (getting there, SENSEI! xD). And Chizuru’s like, “Me too, sensei!” xD

When they arrive in front of Chizuru’s house, Harada-sensei bids farewell but Chizuru wants to prolong her time with him so she asks him about the deadline of their winter break homeworks. Harada answers her question, and says goodbye for the second time but Chizuru remains quiet because of course she wants more time with sensei! (≖ω≖。). Harada notices this and recalls that she’s alone at home even on New Year’s because her father is still on a business trip, so he invites Chizuru to go anywhere she wants *\(^o^)/*. Chizuru answers that she wants to go somewhere far, and to her surprise, Harada-sensei obliges! Harada brings Chizuru to the sea, and on their way home at the train, Chizuru falls asleep on Harada-sensei’s shoulder! (๑´ლ`๑). The next part is Harada-sensei’s monologue on how he thinks of Chizuru, and I am soooo overwhelmed with fluffy feels in this part (+ Yusa Kouji voice huhuhu) because \(//∇//)\. Anyways, the gist is, now, Harada-sensei admits that he doesn’t think of Chizuru as just some student. He even says her first name at this part, and says that he wish that she will understand his position as a teacher (◉◞౪◟◉`).


After Chizuru’s 100x apology for sleeping on Harada’s shoulders when they got off the train, they arrive in front of Chizuru’s house. They say their goodbye greetings, but Chizuru notices that Harada-sensei is still not walking away. At this, Harada says that he won’t return home until Chizuru enters her house, because he knows that seeing someone off and looking at their back from afar will make her feel lonely. (OMG Harada-sensei, even the smallest details <3 <3).

Story 05

The Friday before Valentine’s Day, Chizuru is still worried about what she’ll do on that special day of the year. After Hijikata-sensei’s class, she heads to the cafeteria for lunch, and on the way, she sees Harada-sensei and Sannan-sensei talking about something serious. She asks them about it, but the teachers just say that it’s just the usual things teachers worry about ┐(‘~`;)┌. At the cafeteria, Heisuke invites Chizuru to sit with him, and they talk about the next school year, since they will be go up another year level. When Heisuke changes the topic, he asks Chizuru about her plans for Valentine’s Day. Hearing this, the guys in the cafeteria immediately had their ears in Heisuke and Chizuru’s conversation, while Nagakura tells Chizuru that he’ll be happy to accept her giri choco lol xD

After class, Chizuru still hadn’t gone home because she’s assigned for the cleaning duties of that day. Just then, Harada-sensei asks her to come to the faculty room. At the the faculty room, (with only the two of them inside… hurhur), Harada-sensei asks Chizuru if she wants to be part of the committee that will take care of the preparations for the graduation ceremony. She gladly accepts the offer and tells that she’s very willing to help, especially for the graduating senpais who did their best, to which Harada is impressed to hear. Harada asks her a question about the coming school year though, what will Chizuru feel if he’s no longer in charge of her class? Chizuru answers that it’s okay, since she will still meet Harada-sensei in school. But she adds that even though Harada is not her homeroom teacher, she will still consult him for her career orientation since she trusts him more than anyone. As Chizuru leaves the faculty room, she notices that Harada-sensei looks kind of weary, but wonders if it’s just because of the setting sun outside.

Outside the faculty room, she meets Nagakura-sensei who didn’t notice her as he quickly dashed towards the faculty room. Chizuru easily hears Nagakura-sensei’s worries, as he startingly asks Harada-sensei if it’s true that he will transfer schools next school year!  ∑(゜Д゜;) Chizuru is of course shocked to hear this, and she goes to their homeroom, where she spent a year with Harada-sensei, to contemplate. But being a strong heroine in this route (not like some rock in Souji’s route arghhh), she decides not fuss about it, because she says that the school year isn’t over yet and she has more time to spend with him. Also, there is still Valentine’s day, and Chizuru decides to properly tell her feelings for sensei on that day (๑´ლ`๑)

On Valentine’s Day, after getting past the people trying to check her bag to take away her honmei choco, Chizuru finally reaches her homeroom. Homeroom class with Harada-sensei had already started, and her classmates are eyeing at her bag when she entered, because they are suspecting that she brought chocolates to school. But Harada-sensei was so angry at this, and tells the class that checking girl’s bag against her will is bad manners ┐(‘~`;)┌. And besides, a model student like Chizuru won’t ever dare unfollow the school rules. Anyways, Harada-sensei starts homeroom by saying that Itou-sensei is sick (wow they finally mention that guy. I thought they never will xD) so their music class will be self-study time.   At this, Chizuru thinks that she can’t possibly hand give her honmei chocolate to Harada-sensei now since he’s a teacher doing his job, so she decides to just give the chocolates after class.

After their homeroom before going home, Chizuru tells Harada-sensei to come back at their homeroom after thirty minutes since she has something to tell him. Chizuru can’t give her chocolates now as there are still some students in the room. Also, she thinks that she can’t go outside because the disciplinary committee are still checking bags, plus, she wants to give the chocolates in this room because their homeroom is a special place for her and Harada-sensei. When Harada-sensei comes back, before handing her chocolate, Chizuru asks Harada if he really will stop teaching at Hakuou Gakuen and transfer to another school. Harada doesn’t deny this, but says that the school he will be transferring to is just near that place. It’s an exclusive for boys school affiliated with Serizawa, and they don’t have much teachers so Serizawa asked Harada for his help. He also adds that Kondo and co. says that he’s an important part of Hakuou Gakuen faculty, but Harada assures that he will be back teaching in the school after a few years. Of course, Chizuru is very very very very sad to hear this news, and can’t collect her words until Harada says her first name and tells her to be selfish at least once, and voice out what she wants to say. But Chizuru admits that she wants to be the good girl she always was in front of Harada-sensei so she doesn’t want to say such things… until Harada-sensei finally kisses her!!!! After, Harada says that he isn’t the perfect teacher Chizuru thought he was, and the kiss is the proof of that, so he tells Chizuru to say everything what she wants say. Overwhelmed with feels, Chizuru finally says that she doesn’t want Harada-sensei to change schools, she wants him to be by her side always, and she wants him to be her homeroom teacher always. But Harada says that it’s actually better if they’re in different schools. Because if that’s the case, then they can avoid the suspicious eyes of the students and teachers (≖ω≖。)♪. Her heart beating fast because of the sudden confession, Chizuru’s like, wait sensei, waddya mean by that??? And Harada answers that it’s because the two of them are lovers! He tells her that she shouldn’t forget that even though he is no longer her homeroom teacher, he will always be hers. ooooohhhyeeeeeaaaah.


That night, Chizuru still can’t believe about what happened earlier. She was thinking that it must only be a dream, until her phone rings because Harada-sensei is calling her. When she picks up, he tells her that her chocolates were delicious. Also, Harada says that until the end of the school year, they should remain in a mere student-teacher relationship to avoid being talked about. He tells her to hang in there until the end of the school year (lol xD) and never forget what he said in the homeroom earlier (≖ω≖。)♪.

One year has passed since that Valentine’s Day, and Harada and Chizuru have been secretly dating. They go to places far from Hakuou Gakuen so they won’t be seen by other teachers or students. One day, after a date, Harada wanted to walk Chizuru home because it’s almost nighttime but Chizuru declines as there are many Hakuou Gakuen students in that place and Heisuke lives next to hers (apparently, no one other than the two of them knows that they are dating). They already said their parting aisatsu but lo and behold PTA president Serizawa sees the two of them like Oho? What could a student and teacher be doing here together? Now talk and don’t even think of lying to me! Chizuru and Harada were like omigosh we were caught in the act!! (I swear this part has so much unnecessary drama it looks like one of those melodramatic soap opera lol xD). Chizuru is afraid that Harada-sensei might lose his job (and she might be expelled from school, although she’s more worried about Harada) but Harada braved it up  and admits that what Serizawa just witnessed isn’t a student-teacher consultation, but rather, a promised date between lovers! He adds though, that he will bear all the responsibilities for their actions and politely asks Serizawa to leave Chizuru alone. Chizuru won’t lose though, and bows her head too and says that Sano (yes, she’s already calling him “Sanosuke-san” by this time) is a really good teacher so he shouldn’t be fired. Harada is happy to hear this from Chizuru, but says that it’s a man’s duty to bear all sanctions at circumstances like this (reminds you of the original Hakuouki game when Sano’s all “women should be protected by men”?) so she should leave the rest to him. Harada tells Serizawa that for a man’s last request, he wanted Chizuru to graduate from Hakuou Gakuen. Impressed by Harada’s manly actions (er what?), Serizawa decides to just overlook what he had just witnessed, and before leaving, tells Harada to take care of Chizuru on her last year of being a student of Hakuou Gakuen.

Story 06

A year has passed since that Serizawa scandal (lol xD) and it’s Chizuru’s graduation day. Chizuru and Harada kept their promise to Serizawa, and he kept his by concealing their secret so no one aside from them knew that they are dating. During homeroom, Nagakura-sensei, who is Chizuru’s homeroom teacher for this year, congratulates her for doing her best as the only girl in school for three years (like shit, no other girl ever entered the school aside from her??). After the ceremony, she meets Harada-sensei at the corridor (much to her classmates’ excitement because they haven’t seen Harada-sensei for a long time) but he tells her to wait until her last high school homeroom class is over. When they finally meet at the school courtyard (after Harada-sensei being barraged by the students lol), Harada-sensei tells Chizuru that this time of the year is a pretty busy time for the teachers, but he made sure to see her since it’s a special day for her. Since she wants a date with him lol, Chizuru asks Harada if he has any plans later, and he answers that he has, although he says that this is a special day for Chizuru so she can be a bad girl if she wants to (≖ω≖。)♪.

Later that afternoon, Chizuru thinks that it’s still kind of sad to be alone at home (since amazingly, her dad is still at a deserted island lol xD)… but she never imagined this kind of development because… Harada is in her room!! \(//∇//)\. They only agreed to eat dinner at her house, but it seems that Harada insisted to see her “study room”, which turned out to be her bedroom(≧∇≦). There, they look at Chizuru’s photo album, but since Chizuru is still not ready for what is about to happen lol, she excused herself to start preparing dinner. Harada won’t let her though, and we have that CG below xD. He asks Chizuru if she still remembers what he said on the Valentine’s Day when they started dating, and Chizuru nodded… And then we have Yusa Kouji saying 「今夜はーーおまえの全てを、俺のものにしたい」\(//∇//)\… Well you know what happens next (≖ω≖。)♪.


Before the ending credits, Chizuru mentions that the day after her graduation ceremony (meaning, the day after THAT night lol xD), Harada-sensei proposed to her! Yay!


Daily Story 1:

At the faculty office, a hungry Nagakura-sensei curses because Harada-sensei won’t give him some of his bentou. Nagakura bugs Harada about the things they have gone through together as good friends, but Harada had already decided not to give him some of his lunch as Nagakura’s punishment for betting his money (I think?) on horse raising. At this, Nagakura says that he wished he has a girl in his class too, like Harada, so he can ask her to make him some bentou lol xD. Harada lectures Nagakura not to ask things from students, but admits that he does want to eat a bentou made by Chizuru (๑´ლ`๑).

Daily Story 2:

At the pool, while busy fending off the kids (Ryunosuke, Heisuke) not to bother the other people with their actions, Harada-sensei was approached by Sannan-sensei, who asked him about what happened in the poolside bar with Chizuru, because it seems that Chizuru’s face is all red xD. Harada answers that nothing special happened, but Sannan insists that there was (lol Sannan! xD). Sannan says that he saw them drinking cocktails, so it must be the reason why Chizuru’s face is red, but Harada denies this and tells him that it’s a non-alcoholic drink. Sannan is assured to hear this, but wonders what the reason behind Chizuru’s face is. Harada says that it must be because of the abundance of couples in the bar, and Chizuru is still too young for that thing. Anyways, in the end, Harada tries to ask Sannan where he got the tickets to the poolside bar, but before he can, Sannan hastily excused himself xD. (Yeah I also wonder how Sannan got those tickets?)

Daily Story 3:

The afternoon after the cultural festival, Kondo asks Harada about Chizuru’s injury. Anyways, the gist in this daily story is that, sasuga, Kondo-sensei, he not only looks after the students in case they get injured during the school festival, but he also mentions that this is a special event to ready the students for the world after high school.

Daily Story 4:

It’s winter break, and while at the faculty room, Harada receives a call from Yamazaki that he’ll drop by the school. When Yamazaki came, it turns out that he wants to consult about the Ryoujun Medical University (probably a reference to Matsumoto Ryoujun. I love these history references they still carefully put into this modern setting!) entrance exams since he wants to enter that university when he graduates, and to this, Harada gives him contacts to the senpais who already took the exam. When Yamazaki left, Harada says to himself that the students are growing up so fast, and he remembers what Chizuru said (in Story 04), about that she can already marry because she’s already 16 years old(≧∇≦)



– My comments –

Well that is sooooo much better than Souji’s route, thank you.

For one, this route has a plot. It may be the usual studentXteacher story, but at least it has a plot. It’s pretty much Harada-sensei trying to restrain his feelings towards Chizuru, since he’s a teacher and she is his student. As for Chizuru’s side, it’s the frustration of being acknowledged only as a kid and wanting to have a relationship with Harada-sensei that is more than that of a student and her homeroom teacher. It was really nice to see how these two slowly crossed the line between students and teachers, and I really enjoyed reading this through route. My only worry is, Hijikata’s route may have the same plot since it’s also a student-teacher story, but I’ll just see when I get to it.

The romance development between the two is, like Souji’s, still kind of fast for my taste, probably because the writers pretty much prioritized the interaction with the other characters. Although the good thing in this route is I see why Harada fell in love with Chizuru. In Harada’s side, Chizuru is a very kind girl and he admires how hardworking and dedicated she is. And maybe also because Chizuru is a strong heroine in this route: when she decides on something, she sticks to it, and she knows her feelings very well. (Kind of the opposite in the the original game, because I think Chizuru is the weakest in Harada’s route in Shinsegumi Kitan).

For my fluffy otome feels, I had quite a lot in this route because Harada-sensei is such a sweet teacher (๑´ლ`๑). Well maybe Yusa Kouji’s voice added some bits to those feels, but the point is, I had fluffy feels! xD. The only drawback is that badly-drawn art, especially the kiss CG in Story 05. Before the CG, when the screen was still pitch black (except for the dialogue box of course) I was already going \(//∇//). But man, when they showed me the CG I was like ಠ_ಠ wtf was that?? It totally ruined the mood ಠ_ಠ. But well, whatever. I bet everyone already knows that the art is the worst thing about this game. (Which is sad when you see the original art by Kazuki Yone because those are damn pretty).

Heart meter: ♥♥♥.5

Well, I guess that wraps up the first of the sensei routes that I was looking forward to (because senseiXseito stories FTW XD). I’ll be playing Kazama’s route next. I also have high expectations for that route, since I have a feeling that it’s going to be ridiculously fun xD


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  1. Mai Gad!! Harada!! he’s smexy!!
    〃 ◇ 〃

    • Ikr! And his route is sweet too ♡

  2. […] going through the routes and translating them! She finished Sano’s route and here is a direct link to his summary.  Please note these are […]

  3. Thank you so much for this! My Sano didn’t disappoint!! I wish I could get some of those audio files with a translation too (him my butler!!!??)! This was wonderful to read! <3

    • I’m so glad your bias Sano had a decent route! (While I cry because my favorite Souji’s is just meh :( )
      And yeah the Yusa Kouji butler line! I would really love it if I can use it as message alert tone for my phone \(//∇//). But I guess we’ll just have to be satisfied with the replay function in the meantime, since we can’t hack vita games at the moment xD.

      • Yea it is sad about Souji’s route, and like I said before so strange since he is a very popular character. It’s sad to think that his story could only possibly be his sickness. What other ideas do you think they could have done for his route?

        • I guess it could have been better if they delved more into Souji’s mantra of “I should always win”. I think this “always win” business is the main theme of Souji’s route. He never fails to mention it on every chapter, but due to his antic personality, it’s always brushed off as just some minor joke. But later, in the latter part of story 05 (which is already the last chapter prior to the epilogue), it suddenly became a big detail when Souji just got 2nd place in the kendo tournament, and he’s all, “I don’t really care about winning now, and it’s thanks to you, Chizuru, that I realized the most important thing.” Σ(゚д゚lll). The most confusing thing is, I didn’t really follow how Chizuru made him realize that, and this part is a really important detail of how Souji fell in love in Chizuru… but we never got to see that.

          So yeah, Souji’s route already has a basic plot. Some better explanations on things (not just scattering them in random parts of the route) and maybe a couple of scenes of how Chizuru did make Souji realize the fault in his “principles” could have been useful in making the plot more solid.

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