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So finally, a decent route for this self-important guy who calls Chizuru “Waga yome” XD Here’s a detailed summary of events that happen exclusively in Kazama Chikage’s route. My review for this route is at the latter part of the post.

Spoiler fest awaits! ・´∀`・)


Introduction (from Story 00)

CV: Tsuda Kenjiro

Kazama is the president of the student council of Hakuou Gakuen. He is a self-important third year student who seems to have taken a liking to calling Chizuru his bride.

Story 01

During lunch break on the day Harada-sensei announced that there will be punishment for those who will score low in the periodical exams, Chizuru heads to the cafeteria. There seems to be a commotion among the students buying food. Buying food in the school cafeteria is pretty popular among the students since the food is fairly priced and delicious. Anyways, there she bumps into the idiot trio again — Amagari, Shiranui, and Kazama Chikage (with his grand entrance of course xD). Seeing Chizuru, Kazama mentions that meeting Chizuru at the cafeteria must have been the work of a strong fate between the two of them. But Shiranui’s like, lol dude you study at the same school so of course you’ll meet her often! So yeah Kazama’s all well whatever I’m feeling extra generous so I’ll pay for your meal Chizuru! He even tells her that if Chizuru wants everything in the menu, then no problem, he’ll buy them for her ┐(‘~`;)┌. Of course Chizuru doesn’t want to be indebted to this self-important guy so she tells him she doesn’t need a treat but before she does she notices they’re cutting the line of the people buying Gen-san’s food and it’s getting longer by the minute, and the students are getting impatient. Realizing she can’t win against Kazama, Chizuru is already in the verge of tears… until Hijikata-sensei appears to ward off Kazama!

Hijikata asks Kazama what the hell he’s doing in the middle of the cafeteria trying to catch some lady and making her cry. But Kazama’s all oh she just can’t contain her emotions because I just told her an awesome proposal ┐(‘~`;)┌. Hijikata doesn’t buy this though, and adds that Kazama is at fault for causing a commotion at the cafeteria at this busy hour. Anyways it turns out it’s known in the entire school that Kazama and Hijikata don’t really get along well so they always engage in this kind of verbal fight lol xD. Chizuru tries to to stop the fight, but the moment she started to talk, Kazama’s like “Look at that, Hijikata, you’re bothering my bride. Instead of sticking your nose into other people’s romance, why not hurry up and just eat your lunch?”, to which Hijikata answers “Bride? What nonsense are you babbling?” Unable to take the fact that those two guys are ignoring her and still continuing with their fight, Chizuru finally raises her voice and forcefully pulls the two out of the cafeteria xD.

Outside the cafeteria, Chizuru tells the two that they are bothering the other students, and Hijikata approaches Chizuru and says that he really was at fault too. Seeing the really short distance between Hijikata and Chizuru, Kazama orders Hijikata not to get to close to his bride. When Hijikata steps off, Kazama is satisfied that Hijikata finally understands what he wanted, and he can finally eat lunch with his bride at peace xD. At this, Amagiri is like, “Sasuga Kazama-sama, what a way to bring up again the problem that was already solved”, and Shiranui’s like, “Huh? What’s so sasuga about that?? (ーー;)”. Some moments pass and Hijikata still hasn’t opened his mouth, and Kazama is already proclaiming his win (lol xD)…. until Hijikata goes “temee…” and at this, Shiranui, Amagiri, and Chizuru knows that Hijikata really is angry now and is about to explode!

Before Hijikata explodes though, Chizuru finally tells Kazama that she’ll just see him NEXT TIME, k thnx bye! But of course, Kazama being Kazama, interpreted Chizuru’s words to his liking and laughs triumphantly saying that Chizuru shouldn’t break her words or else. Seeing that there’s no need for him in this development, Hijikata decides to leave everything to Chizuru and gets away from the scene xD. But Chizuru’s like huh? wtf is happening? to which Kazama answers that he is looking forward to Chizuru’s “next time”, and asks her when this “next time” is. To this, Shiranui tells Kazama that he shouldn’t be impatient with Chizuru’s answer to the date because a girl has lots of things to think about and it’s always a guy’s duty to wait for a girl’s answer. Amagiri agrees with Shiranui, and in the end, Kazama tells Chizuru to just let him know if she already has decided on a date and time.

The day before the periodical exams, Chizuru runs into Kazama in the corridor, who asks her again about the promised date. Chizuru starts to say that Kazama had misinterpreted what she said the other day, but before she can finish her sentence, Kazama put on his best sad face and tells Chizuru that if what she said the other day was just a lie so she can get out of the scene, then it can’t be helped. With a really sad face, Kazama says that he’ll just invite her next time :(. Seeing Kazama’s reaction, Chizuru felt so bad for him and tells him that what she said isn’t a lie! Hearing this, Kazama immediately tugs Chizuru along despite her protests that she will still have to study for tomorrow’s exam. Kazama adds that as his bride, Chizuru shouldn’t worry about trivial things such as exams. Kazama brings Chizuru to the student council room, so no one will bother them with their quality time xD (but as Chizuru noticed, the reason might be because this place is more quiet than the library, so less distractions). Although Chizuru is conscious about the distance between her and Kazama, the two of them managed to study quite a lot (like translating English sentences to Japanese!). To thank Kazama for helping her understand her lessons, Chizuru made them some tea, to which Kazama replied, “Of course. Now have your love for me rekindled?” xD. Chizuru thinks that she saw the kind side of Kazama that day, although he could be better person if he could just lessen his arrogance lol xD. She then asks Kazama if he’s okay with tomorrow’s exams, as she hadn’t really seen him studying at all. She adds though, that if he’s the student council president, then he must have good grades, so she wonders how he studies. Kazama answers that high school lessons are too easy for him so there’s really no need for him to study ┐(‘~`;)┌. Chizuru replies that Kazama shouldn’t be too confident, as he doesn’t really know what will happen. Kazama says that she sounded like Amagiri lecturing him (lol xD), though he’s impressed that she really is a good bride that worries about her future husband xD. After studying, Kazama says that he will send her home as thanks for spending time with him.


After the exam results were posted, Chizuru quickly goes to the student council room to say the good news to Kazama-senpai. She says that she got a good score, and Kazama’s like “Of course. Now who helped you again? (≖ω≖。)”. Chizuru thanks him with all her heart, and Amagiri and Shiranui, who are also inside the room, are so dumbfounded because of course they don’t want to believe in this development! xD Amagiri asks Chizuru if Kazama has been threatening her, and Shiranui says that if Kazama really is threatening her, she should say the truth to the two of them so they can help her against Kazama lololol xD. Of course, Kazama is angry because his loyal followers are betraying him, but he lets it go and asks Chizuru again about that lunch date promise. Since Kazama did help her with the exam, and Kazama’s patience is impressive, Chizuru decides to agree on a date with Kazama. Hearing this, Amagiri and Shiranui were like “WTF are you saying?? Take back your words immediately!!” xD

Story 02

One summer vacation day, Chizuru decides to go to the library to return the book she borrowed and do some homework. At the school grounds, she remembers Heisuke telling her to go see their kendo club practice if she has some free time, so she heads to the dojo first. But on the way, Chizuru sees a black cat who seems to want to show her something, so she decides to follow it. The cat leads her to the courtyard, and at Chizuru’s place, she sees bickering (again //sigh) Kazama and Kaoru approaching. It seems that Kaoru is irritated because Kazama is following him, though in Kazama’s case, it’s just that he saw his bride so he is going in the same direction (lol xD). When they see Chizuru, Kaoru is surprised to see her in school during vacation, but Kazama just merely ordered Chizuru to let go of the cat and come with him. Seeing this, Kaoru grinned and concluded that Kazama must be afraid of cats since he won’t get near Chizuru with the her holding cat, but Kazama denies Kaoru’s stupid thought and says that he just prefers dogs. A bicker and glaring fight (complete with sound effects lol xD) ensues between the two, until they decided to ask Chizuru about the pet she prefers. Chizuru answers that she likes cats AND dogs, but apparently, the two guys thought she gave more emphasis on “dog” so Kazama laughs triumphantly and says that of course, husband and wife have same preferences xD. Feeling betrayed by her sister, siscon Kaoru tells Chizuru that she’ll regret her choices and angrily leaves the scene o_O, with the black cat following him. Happy that Chizuru chose him, Kazama insists that he gives Chizuru a reward, and he remembers a newly opened ice cream shop in front of the station so he decides on buying her some ice cream. Chizuru won’t give in easily though, and tells Kazama that she’s going to the kendo hall, which Kazama says that a girl as pretty as her doesn’t fit in that smelly place. She also tells him that she already planned on studying in the library, but Kazama’s like, well then I’ll help you study after we buy the ice cream xD. In the end, they go to the station to buy the ice cream and Chizuru never got the chance to visit the kendo hall, although she mentions that she had a fun time with Kazama-senpai since he knows a lot so they had a lot to talk about.

At the pool, the Kazama-Chizuru group wins the water gun fight so they got free tickets for the poolside bar. There, Kazama orders a summer fruit parfait, which surprises Chizuru, because she didn’t expect that Kazama likes sweets. Kazama just brushes it off though, and tells her that it depends upon the situation. While waiting for their order, Chizuru’s having a bad feeling about the next things about to happen, although she isn’t sure why it is… until they receive the parfait and Kazama orders her to spoon feed him!! Kazama temeeeeee!! XD Chizuru doesn’t want to, but Kazama tells that she should do it as her thanks for him helping her win the water gun fight. Since Kazama did help her, Chizuru can’t do anything but to oblige, and after one spoon, she sees Kazama looking at the other side of the people, where the water gun fight losers are. Kazama tells Chizuru to never mind those losers clench their teeth because of jealousy, as the two of them enjoy their tryst. Chizuru thought that one spoon is enough, but then, Kazama orders her to feed him again, this time, saying “ah~” before feeding!! holy shit Kazama I can’t even–!! xD In the end, Chizuru spoon fed Kazama until none is left of the parfait. After, Kazama asks Chizuru if she likes sweet things. Worried that Kazama may take the turn to spoon feed her if she says yes, Chizuru shakes her head. Kazama sees through her lie though, but surprisingly, he consents when Chizuru said that she’ll just eat the rest on her own xD.


Story 03

While their class is preparing for the cultural festival, Chizuru decides to go to the gymnasium because she’s curious of the class using that school facility for the festival. On the way, she bumps into Kaoru, who is doing his rounds as disciplinary member committee. Chizuru asks him about the class using the gymnasium, and it turns out to be class 3-3… Kazama’s class!! Kazama sees them, and tells Chizuru that she must be longing for him so she went to see him, though he adds that Chizuru should be patient before their the appointed day of their marriage (whaaaat xD). Anyways, like in story 02, Chizuru kind of unintentionally chose Kazama again over Kaoru so a pissed Kaoru walks away again. Before leaving for their class’ preparation, Kazama says that he’s excited to see Chizuru in a maid outfit, and tells Chizuru to do her best in her “maid training” xD.

During the school festival, Chizuru is very busy working in their maid cafe and greeting every guest with “Okaerinasaemase, Goshujin-sama!”… until Kazama came to see her. Not pleased with how Chizuru called him “Goshujin-sama”, Kazama tells her that as his bride, he wants her to be herself as a woman, not a housekeeper, and to this, Chizuru notices that he is sincere with what he said (๑´ლ`๑). He invites Chizuru to see their class’ performance and adds that he reserved a special seat for her, but Chizuru still has maid cafe duties so she declines. Kazama won’t take no for an answer though, and helps her with serving the guests so she’ll finish faster. When Ryunosuke finally allows Chizuru to take a break, Kazama takes Chizuru out of their room immediately that she never had the time to change from her maid outfit xD. As they arrive in front of the gymnasium, they see Amagiri and Shiranui trying to arrange the long line of people who wanted to see their class performance (apparently their performance is popular). Upon noticing Chizuru, Amagiri and Shiranui were like “What?? You really came???” with sympathetic looks in their faces lol xD. Anyways because he still needs to prepare for the performance, Kazama leaves Chizuru to Amagiri and Shiranui, after telling her to come to the kamiza (kind of like ‘seat of honor’) when she sees him inside. Turns out, class 3-3 is holding a tea ceremony performance, and it will be Kazama who will be hosting it! Since Chizuru isn’t really knowledgeable of tea ceremony manners and she will be in the kamiza beside Kazama, Amagiri teaches her some basic pointers before the ceremony starts.

During the tea ceremony, Chizuru notices that Kazama-senpai is so cool and elegant with heading the tea ceremony!! As it is, Chizuru remembers hearing about Kazama being the heir to the head of a family famous for their tea ceremony school. Welp, son of a big time family confirmed!! After the tea ceremony, outside the gymnasium, Kazama asks Chizuru about how she enjoyed the tea ceremony. Chizuru wanted to say “Kazama-senpai looks so cool!”, but she didn’t because lol who knows what arrogant Kazama may say again xD. Anyways, after saying lines that only high class people will say (sasuga Kazama-sama!) Kazama invites her to his house, and there he will show her a better refined tea ceremony, to which Chizuru is glad to accept. Satisfied with Chizuru’s answer, Kazama says that Chizuru really is the perfect wife for him, and she’s now suited to be part of the Kazama family xD.


Story 04

After class on the day that Serizawa’s party is announced, while heading home, Chizuru hears people arguing at the school courtyard. The two people turned out to be Kazama and Heisuke, and they are arguing as to who Chizuru will spend her Christmas with. When Kazama noticed Chizuru, he calls her and asks her the problem directly: Will she spend her Christmas with the great him who will be her companion in the future, or the self-proclaimed childhood friend Heisuke? Chizuru doesn’t answer the question though, and says that she was invited to Serizawa’s party so either way, she will still go to Serizawa’s party. Upon hearing this, Kazama walks away without saying the reason. When Kazama left, Harada-sensei appears, and asks Chizuru and Heisuke to help him with something. Chizuru is worried about Kazama though, so she apologizes to Harada-sensei and follows Kazama to the student council room.

At the student council room, Chizuru meets Kaoru. Surprised that her sister is now going to the student council room, siscon Kaoru lectures Chizuru that she shouldn’t just go casually in Kazama’s lair. As usual, Kazama is all “Of course, can’t you see that my bride came to see me ┐(‘~`;)┌”, but Amagiri disagrees and says that it’s all nonsense lol xD. Shiranui also agrees with Kaoru, and says that Chizuru must have been an idiot for coming there. When they finally ask what Chizuru’s business is, she tells the truth that she followed Kazama because she’s worried about him, and Kazama’s like “Muhahaha! I told you so!” XD. Kaoru doesn’t believe this, and another argument between Kaoru and Kazama starts, while Chizuru enjoys her tea served by Amagiri lol xD. A little later, Amagiri finally brings up again the first reason of the argument: why did Chizuru go to the student council room? Chizuru answers the question again with what she said earlier, and Amagiri says that he still can’t connect the facts (lol xD), until Kazama finally says that his most brilliant self will surely be invited to Serizawa’s party, and so is Chizuru, so he can’t have a date with her on that day for lovers, that’s why he was kind of feeling down earlier. Thus, he wants Chizuru to decline the party to go on a date with him (or something. kinda forgot this part….). Seeing there’s no arguing with Kazama anymore, siscon Kaoru pulls Chizuru out of Kazama’s lair xD

On Christmas day, as Ryunosuke requested, Chizuru wakes up early to help him with the preparations for the party. Still, she’s worrying that she might not finish the task in time alone, so she thinks of asking another person for help… and Kazama’s face floats into her mind. Chizuru shakes off the thought because she’s scared of what will happen next (lol xD), until she receives a call from Kazama himself. Turns out, rather than not going to Serizawa’s party, Kazama plans to have a date with Chizuru on the free time they have before the party. Chizuru answers that she doesn’t have free time though, and explains her case about helping with the party preparations to Kazama. Upon hearing this, Kazama became angry because why would the host ask their invited guest to help with the party preparations?? Anyways, Kazama decides to just brush it off and help Chizuru with the preparations. After doing the decorations, Kazama seems to be in a bad mood. He says that at their current pace, they may only be able to finish the task just right after the party, and they won’t have enough time for the date he planned. To fasten the preparations, Kazama calls Amgiri, and orders him to send the maid force of the Kazama house!! (OMG Kazama and his rich kid antics!! Laughed so hard at this part XD). Of course, knowing that Serizawa will get angry, Chizuru stops him, and tells him that if it’s time with only the two of them that Kazama wants, then it’s actually happening at the moment, since they are already together! Hearing this, Kazama’s like, “Souka. Then that means you’re happy to be alone with me?”, and to go along with the flow, Chizuru can’t say anything but yes. Kazama goes “Muahahahaha! Today really is a commemorative day!” XD (Just to add, Kazama called Shiranui too after Chizuru’s yes xD. It seems that Kazama did prepare a Christmas date, since on the phone, he told Shiranui to suspend the operations on his side ASAP.)

During the party, Chizuru goes to get some drinks. There she sees Saito-senpai, and she filled his glass with a second helping. A few distance away, they hear Serizawa and Kazama talking. It seems that Kazama was also the student council president last year, and Serizawa asks why it is so. Being his arrogant self, Kazama answers that it’s natural since the student council president is always the most popular guy, and that person is none other than him XD. Chizuru asks Saito about it, but he recommends that she should just stay out of that matter.

After the party, Kazama walks Chizuru home. Chizuru notices that Kazama, her self-important senpai who had the liking of calling her his bride, had been quiet since after the party. She asks about it, and answers that he’s just thinking of the memories he made with her that day. She also wonders where loyal followers Amagiri and Shiranui are, but Kazama just said that they have some business to attend to. A little later, Kazama asks Chizuru if she also thinks that their romance is a blessing from heaven, because at that moment, it seems that it will snow in a little while, like the sky will bless them with confetti. Chizuru disagrees though, since the weather forecast said that it won’t, and it is kind of warm that day so even if did, it snow will turn to rain as it reach the ground. At this, Kazama proposed a bet: if it snows before they reach her house, then surely, they are a match made in heaven. If it didn’t, he will accept it as a man, and he won’t bother Chizuru anymore. Chizuru is shocked to hear this, but Kazama refuses to take back his words. 100 meters before her house, Chizuru is worried that she may no longer have any connection with her Kazama-senpai after this but suddenly, like some miracle… it snows! A happy Chizuru really can’t believe it, because it’s snowing, even though the weather forecast said it won’t! The scene is getting sweeter and sweeter by the moment (๑´ლ`๑)… and Kazama opens the topic of engagement, but Chizuru stops him because she’s hearing an unusual sound… and it turns out that a helicopter, with Shiranui and Amagiri inside, is above them, and it’s showering them with fake snow!!! Kazama you cheater!!! XD Chizuru is angry of course, because Kazama broke the rules, but Kazama’s like “Rules? Ha. We never agreed on rules!” XD.


When they reach Chizuru’s house, Kazama asks Chizuru if she liked his Christmas present for her. (So it is his Christmas present!!). Kazama says that he actually wanted to give her an engagement ring, but he thought that Chizuru might not accept an expensive gift, so he opted for that snow performance. (Not that getting a helicopter showering snow is any cheaper than a ring though, as Chizuru also thinks xD). Chizuru asks Kazama if he wanted a gift in return for what he gave her, and he asks her to accompany him for Hatsumoude.

Story 04.5

At the shrine (after getting Chizuru from her house with his elegant black car xD), Kazama is complaining about the crowd and he wants to clear the people out of the way lol XD. Chizuru stops him though, and Kazama is impressed by how Chizuru thinks of other people other than herself (but really, that’s just the proper thing to do, right?). Later, they reminisce about the past year. Since Chizuru got good grades on the exam when Kazama helped her study (from Story 01), Kazama says that if ever she needs help again for the coming exams after New Year’s, she shouldn’t hesitate to come to the student council room and he will help her study again. As for the parfait scenario from story 02, Kazama says that when they have the opportunity again, they should just share on one parfait and take turns spoon feeding each other (whaaat). Regarding class 3-3’s tea ceremony (story 03), Chizuru finally compliments Kazama’s efforts on making their class performance a success, to which Kazama is shocked to hear because lol his bride complimented him! xD Regrading the helicopter incident from story 04, Kazama says that he did it for Chizuru’s sake, and if she has any wishes, he will be glad to fulfill them for her. For the next three months of Chizuru’s first year high school life, Kazama tells Chizuru that she go to him if ever she face any problems. At this, Chizuru remembers that Kazama is already a third year student, and he will graduate in the coming spring. Chizuru becomes sad at this thought, and Kazama notices this, but he just tugged her to get their omikuji (fortune slip)

Chizuru got medium luck and on the marriage column, something like “A good match. No need to hurry, it will surely come at the right time” is written, and after reading, she immediately folded her fortune, in case Kazama sees the marriage part lol xD. Kazama got excellent luck, but he doesn’t seem to be happy about it, and Chizuru asks him why. Turns out, “Just wait. It will come true, but it will take a long time” is written XD. Kazama says that he already waited for a year, and he’s going to wait more?? But Chizuru’s like, you don’t have to be so impatient, besides, you haven’t seen my dad, and I still want to focus on my studies… until she noticed that she said too much!! But too late for Chizuru, because Kazama is already planning for the future, and says that he isn’t the type of man who will confine his wife at home, and if Chizuru wants it, she can even attend university even if they are already married! (Kazama, I will be really glad to be your wife you know!(≧∇≦)).

While tying their omikuji, Chizuru notices that a lot of girls turn their heads towards Kazama when they see him (because yeah he IS one handsome guy! XD). At this, Chizuru notes that not only is Kazama handsome, but he’s also a good guy when you get to know him (๑´ლ`๑). A little later, they witness a wedding in the shrine. Kazama asks Chizuru if she also longs for a wedding ceremony one day, and Chizuru answers that she isn’t really sure. Hearing this, he takes her to a nearby chapel. At the chapel, he tells Chizuru that it will be easier for Chizuru to imagine herself wearing a wedding gown in that place, but Chizuru answers that if the two of them really will hold a wedding ceremony, then it’s more thinkable that it will be held in a shrine rather a chapel, since Kazama is from a family who likes traditional stuff (tea ceremony and such) after all. To this, Kazama says let’s have two ceremonies then! One with just the two of us, then the other with the family relatives. Then later, they will have a grand reception at luxurious hotel. Before Chizuru can realize that wtf she’s been going along with Kazama’s dreams lol xD, Kazama kisses her hand (CG below!) and starts to recite a wedding vow (๑´ლ`๑) (TsudaKen and wedding vows. Yes please! xD)


In front of Chizuru’s house, Kazama confesses that he went a bit too far that day (no you didn’t! It’s just a mock wedding anyway!). He also mentions about how he’s taken the liking to calling Chizuru his bride and says that there’s a deeper reason why he’s calling her that. Chizuru tries to ask him more about why it is, but Kazama decides not to expound more on that, though he says that he believes that Chizuru doesn’t hate him for his actions. Chizuru answers that she won’t go to the Hatsumoude with him if she hates him, and to this, Kazama asks if she likes him. Since it seems that Chizuru still can’t find her feelings, Kazama says that he doesn’t mind when she’ll answer his question; his omikuji did say that he has to wait anyway. Before leaving with his elegant black car, Kazama tells Chizuru to visit the student council room again when school starts.

Story 05

One morning before Valentine’s Day, Chizuru thinks about giving chocolates to Kazama, though she’s worried that he might interpret it as a “yes” to his wedding proposal lol xD. When she arrives at the school gate, Chizuru sees Kazama himself, talking to the phone, and he seems to be in a bad mood. His face lit up when he sees Chizuru though, and again, Kazama says his usual line of “it must be the work of the strong bond of fate between us” xD. But before they can talk further, Kazama’s phone rings again, and although he wants to talk more to bis bride, he regretfully excuses himself from Chizuru. Chizuru thinks that something must be going on with Kazama, while I see a usual dating a rich guy plot device coming (≖_≖。)

During lunch while looking for a vacant seat at the cafeteria, Chizuru sees Shiranui and Amagari, and they have good news for her! They are happy for Chizuru because from now on she won’t be bothered by Kazama again. It turns out that… Kazama got called in an arranged marriage with some ojousama of another family known with their tea ceremony school!! Σ(゚д゚lll). Amagiri also reveals that Kazama is interested in Chizuru because he learned that Chizuru’s mom has some lineage to a distinguished family known for their tea ceremony school, but since he’s now involved with another ojousama, he may not bother Chizuru anymore.

After hearing the bad news, Chizuru wasn’t able to eat half of her lunch, and she returns to her homeroom. On the way, she sees a troubled Kazama, and she follows him. When she finally called him, Kazama says that there’s something going on at his house so he’s pretty busy, but Chizuru asks him for a moment for a question. Chizuru wanted to ask about the arranged marriage rumor, but she doesn’t have the courage to do so, so she asked Kazama about what he thinks of Valentine’s Day. Kazama answers that it’s just another popular event for the masses, but for teenage girls, it’s an event when they can confess their love for the guys they like. The scene is getting more serious by the minute… until Kazama does his signature triumphant laugh again and Chizuru’s like uh, senpai? Kazama doesn’t need to answer though, because from Kazama’s expression alone, Chizuru knows that she had dug her grave deeper xD. Before leaving, Kazama says that because of some matters, he won’t be coming to school that much, but he will definitely go to school on the 14th of February xD

On Valentine’s Day, after getting past the people trying to check her bag to take away her honmei choco, Chizuru heads to the student council room. On the way, she got stopped by disciplinary committee member Saito, but Amagiri and Shiranui came to her rescue, so she got past Saito quickly. She dashed towards to the student council room to hand her chocolates to Kazama, because she still doesn’t want to believe that he’s been arranged for marriage! Upon seeing Chizuru enter the room, Kazama’s like “Chizuru! You came!” and he looks so much like some happy kid xD. Chizuru is of course happy to see him too, and she gives him her chocolates. Chizuru asks about the arranged marriage rumor, and Kazama answered that he refused to accept it, since he doesn’t want to be married just for form’s sake (awww Kazama! <3). Chizuru is relieved to hear this, and she collects her thoughts. She says that at first, she thought that Kazama is just some pushy senpai who likes to get his ways. A little later, she learned that he’s unexpectedly knowledgeable on many things, and he actually has a kind side. Up to now, Chizuru says she still can’t understand why he calls her his bride. Kazama is still the arrogant manipulative guy, but in the long run, Chizuru admits that she was charmed by Kazama’s personality (๑´ლ`๑). To this, Kazama finally confesses why he’s been calling Chizuru his bride since he first met her. He says it’s true that he heard that Chizuru has a lineage to family famous for their tea ceremony, but as he mentioned before, he won’t marry someone just for their family background. The very reason is… Chizuru’s smile captured Kazama’s heart the very first time they met… which means it really is love at first sight! Kazama doesn’t even know why that is, though he does believe that emotions lack logic  (๑´ლ`๑) (I won’t write every detail here, but Kazama’s love confession deserves an A+!). Kazama asks Chizuru to brew him some tea to go with the chocolates she gave him, and though Chizuru says that she’ll be late for her homeroom class, Kazama just says that she shouldn’t bother on such things and besides, today is a day to celebrate. Chizuru obliges, and after having his tea, Kazama pushes her to the sofa!! (ichaicha time, yes?). Kazama asks Chizuru if she likes him, and adds that her answer will be for a lifetime, since it will mean that they’re engaged! Chizuru still can’t collect her thoughts, and Kazama declares his love again. (TsudaKen voice! <3 ). They are about to kiss… until Shiranui and Amagiri enters the student council room and Kazama is cockblocked 100% HAHAHAHAHAHA! Amagiri and Shiranui’s expression is priceless OMG I can’t stop laughing XD. And as if cockblocking isn’t enough, Amagiri and Shiranui thought that Kazama is forcing Chizuru against her will, and they pull Kazama from Chizuru! XD. Kazama angrily says that it isn’t attempted rape (lol xD), but rather a mutual understanding between them, and Chizuru tries to explain too, but Amagiri and Shiranui won’t take explanations and tells Chizuru to let them deal with Kazama xD


Story 06

It’s several days after Chizuru’s graduation ceremony at Hakuou Gakuen, and she thinks of what had happened since that Valentine’s Day. She got a recommendation to her university of choice, and Kazama wanted to go to the same university, but due to the situation with his family, he gave up the idea and has to pursue the way of the tea. Chizuru also doesn’t know why, but it seems that she and Kazama graduated from Hakuou Gakuen on the same year? Apparently, Kazama already have a college degree, and Hijikata seems to know about this, but there wasn’t really any more explanation about it. (Yeah, I’m confused too :/. Maybe I need to finish Hijikata’s route first before I can connect the details?).

ANYWAYS. It’s a very important day for Chizuru, and even her father who is always busy, came all the way from the deserted island just for this day… Chizuru and Kazama’s wedding day!! ಥ⌣ಥ In front of the altar, Chizuru still calls Kazama as “Kazama-senpai”, and he tells her to change how she calls him, since they are now husband and wife. Chizuru doesn’t want to, since Kazama will always be her Kazama-senpai, but she realized that she will be Kazama Chizuru from now on, so she finally calls him “Chikage-san” (๑´ლ`๑). After exchanging their vows, they kiss in front of the altar.


Before the ending credits, Chizuru says that she’s looking forward to the days from now. She’ll be entering university, but at the same time, as Chikage’s wife, she will help in the Kazama family business. She still has a lot to learn regarding tea ceremonies, but she promises to do her best.


Daily Story 1:

After that “secret date” in the student council room, Kazama is already planning for his next move to capture Chizuru’s heart. He thinks that for this time there should be an element of “SURPRISE” (pronounced as “sahpuraizu” by TsudaKen lol XD), and the idea of a wedding dress pops into his mind (because as he thinks, girls love trying on wedding dresses). Kazama orders Amagiri to start with the preparations, as things will get busy in the next few days. Kazama also tells him to make a list visitors (lol what is this, a wedding ceremony already? xD). When Kazama left the student council room, Amagiri makes a call… and orders to get the “stop Kazama-sama’s antics” force ready as usual XD

Daily Story 2:

At the student council room, Kazama tells his poolside bar story to Shiranui. He says that he got Chizuru to spoon feed him his parfait, but Shiranui doesn’t believe this, and tells him that he should rehydrate himself since he seems to be deluding things lol XD. Shiranui also adds that if really is true, then Kazama must have insisted Chizuru to do it. Bull’s-eye XD

Daily Story 3:

After the school festival, Kaoru and Kazama meet at the corridor and a babbling fight ensues again. Kazama brags that Chizuru sat with him at the kamiza during their tea ceremony, but Kaoru says that Chizuru’s just being the kind girl that she is to oblige with Kazama’s wishes ┐(‘~`;)┌

Daily Story 4:

At the station, after the phone call for the helicopter reservation for Chizuru’s Christmas present, Kazama bumps into Nagakura. Nagakura says that he’s shopping for Serizawa’a party’s exchange gift, but Kazama cuts him immediately and says that he doesn’t care about Nagakura (how rude). Kazama mumbles about his plans, and says “Wait for my awesome Christmas present, my bride!” before leaving. Nagakura notices that Kazama’s fighting spirit seems to be top-notch recently ┐(‘~`;)┌



– My comments –

As expected, Kazama’s is one fun route (´∇`*)ノ

The plot and romance development aren’t that impressive (because milked game lol xD) but they’re okay. The development is pretty much just like how things went in Shinsengemi Kitan, the only difference is that in this game, the length of Kazama’s route is the same as with the other guys. The main idea is that Kazama was initially interested in Chizuru because she’s from a family known for their tea ceremony schools, just like him. But when Kazama laid his eyes on her, it’s love at first sight XD. Thus, it means that falling in love part will be on Chizuru’s side, and I just have to agree that you will really fall in love with someone as persistent, and in certain times, sweet, as Kazama.

In my opinion, the strongest point of this route is the comedy lmao XD. Like one moment, things are so serious and then the next, I can no longer stop laughing XD. Kazama’s ore-sama personality plus his ridiculous lines are just so fun to read (and listen to). His crazy rich kid antics are so hilarious, and to top it all, he has Shiranui and Amagiri loyally following him around, so we have one hell of a comedy XD. I just noticed that the Daily Stories aren’t as funny as the other guys’, but then I’ve had enough laughs in the main route so I don’t really mind ┐(‘~`;)┌

But really, despite being his usual self-important self, Kazama can be sweet at the right moment. And despite his share of ridiculous lines, his love confessions will definitely make any girl fall in love (๑´ლ`๑).

To sum up, I guess if we are going to name the moral of the story, it’s got to be “Try and try until you succeed” XD. Just take Kazama as an example: he kept on persisting with his “Waga yome” antics and he got a wedding end! (*≧▽≦)

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥

I really enjoyed the route so no complains from me XD. I’ll be playing Hijikata’s next. I actually planned on doing Heisuke’s route next, but I want answers to my questions regarding Kazama’s, and I’m guessing they’re on Hijikata’s route, so Hijikata it is.


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  1. OMG! I’ve been waiting for almost 3 years for this game to get an english version, and up until now I’m still hoping and praying. They should also make a PSP version of this, Hakuouki is my life since I was in High School.

    • I doubt that they will ever make a PSP version though, since the PSP is long dead. In any case, there’s still chance for an English localzation since I think a lot of fans has been requesting for it ?

  2. I’m so happy these are here! Especially since I’m still hoping they’ll localize SSL but it hasn’t happened yet… Thank you.

    • I’m glad my summary reviews helped ^_^

  3. This is really awesome thank you so much for typing this all out and letting us without the opportunity to play the game get to enjoy it :) I really appreciate it!!

    • Glad you like it! (Though I cringe whenever I see my writing from years ago ww). There are efforts and plans to make an English localization of the game, so we can hope for an English translation too.

  4. Wahahaha. That sounds so FUNNY. LOLOLOLOL Shiranui and bocchan!! Pfffft. Oh my… I think they did a good job on making this route a comedy route. xDD

    • The comedy is what makes this route worth playing XD. Ever since Kazama, Shiranui, and Amagari’s appearance in the prologue, I have always been looking forward to their scenes because I know for sure that I’m going to tear up laughing again LOL XD
      And Kazama. They really made the best out of his personality in this game. His actions and thoughts are so ridiculous but they’re so funny and you just can’t help but be charmed by it ・´∀`・

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