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I wasn’t really fond of Hijikata and his long route in the original Hakuouki game… and SSL didn’t help with me liking him either lol XD. Posted this review+summary one week late because a strong typhoon hit our area, which cut down our electricity for three days and I had some business to do after, but anyways!! here it is! XD

Spoiler fest awaits! ・´∀`・)


Introduction (from Story 00)

CV: Miki Shinichiro

Hijikata-sensei is the super strict Classical Literature teacher in Hakuou Gakuen, and because of this, he is known as the oni vice principal of the school. He is also the homeroom teacher of class 2-1, Heisuke and Souji’s class.

Story 01

After hearing the announcement that there will be punishment for those who will score low in the periodical exams, Chizuru heads to the cafeteria for lunch. There, she sees Kazama, who tries to hit on her lol XD (more in Kazama’s route). Realizing she can’t win against Kazama, Chizuru is already in the verge of tears… until Hijikata-sensei appears to ward off Kazama!

Hijikata asks Kazama what the hell he’s doing in the middle of the cafeteria trying to catch some lady and making her cry. But Kazama’s all oh she just can’t contain her emotions because I just told her an awesome proposal ┐(‘~`;)┌. Hijikata doesn’t buy this though, and adds that Kazama is at fault for causing a commotion at the cafeteria at this busy hour. Anyways it turns out it’s known in the entire school that Kazama and Hijikata don’t really get along well so they always engage in this kind of verbal fight lol xD. Chizuru tries to to stop the fight, but the two guys seem to be so absorbed in their babble that they fail to notice Chizuru. Unable to take the fact that those two guys are ignoring her and still continuing with their fight, Chizuru finally raises her voice and forcefully pulls the two out of the cafeteria xD. Outside the cafeteria, Chizuru tells the two that they are bothering the other students, and Hijikata approaches Chizuru and says that he really was at fault too. Seeing the really short distance between Hijikata and Chizuru, Kazama orders Hijikata not to get to close to his bride. When Hijikata steps off, Kazama is satisfied that Hijikata finally understands what he wanted, and he can finally eat lunch with his bride at peace xD. Some moments pass and Hijikata still hasn’t opened his mouth, and Kazama is already proclaiming his win (lol xD)…. until Hijikata goes “temee…” and at this, Chizuru knows that Hijikata really is angry now and is about to explode!

Before Hijikata explodes though, Chizuru goes “Sir! I have a question!”, continues with her best ad-lib and asks Hijikata about Genji Monogatari. Hijikata tells her to just read the book, but the best part is Kazama’s like Are you forgetting that I’m still here??? and in frustration, leaves Hijikata and Chizuru to talk about classic literature lol XD. When Kazama left, Hijikata thanks Chizuru for going through her way to stop Kazama. Hijikata admits that he and Kazama go way way back, but up to now he still can’t understand what he’s thinking (er, I realized I kinda unintentionally made that sound like some BL scene lol sorry XD). He asks Chizuru if she likes classic literature, and she enthusiastically says yes. Hijikata is happy to hear this, and tells her to look forward to their next lessons. Before leaving, Hijikata tells Chizuru to study hard for the exams.

The day before the periodical exams, Chizuru goes to the library to study. There she studies about classic literature, but she can’t seem to understand one part, so Chizuru goes to the books section to get the reference book that Hijikata recommended. Chizuru sees the book on the uppermost shelf, and she tries her best to reach it… until she catches a scent of smoke behind her, which turns out to be Hijikata-sensei, getting the book for her! (I kinda like that CG but, Hijikata smokes? o_O). Hijikata is impressed that Chizuru remembers the reference book he recommended, since as he says, the students seem to just forget about these details. Hijikata adds though, that Chizuru should just consult him if she has any questions, and to this, Chizuru answers that Hijikata-sensei looks pretty tired lately, so she doesn’t want to bother him. Hijikata also says that Chizuru should do her best studying, because if she scores low, they won’t lighten her punishment only because she’s a girl. Chizuru confidently answers that she’ll be fine, and they don’t need to take her lightly because it’s unfair to everyone if they do! Hijikata’s kind of surprised to hear this coming from her, but he compliments Chizuru for her guts (yeah you go girl!). Before leaving, Hijikata admits that he was the person who thought about the harsh punishments, to which Chizuru says that she doesn’t think that the punishments are harsh because Hijikata must have a reason for implementing those rules. Again, Hijikata is impressed with what Chizuru said, and tells her to do her best tomorrow.


When the exam results were posted, Chizuru is happy to see her score, and Hijikata comes to congratulate her. Chizuru thanks Hijikata-sensei because it was what he said in the library made her do her best, but Hijikata says that she doesn’t need to thank him since her high score is because of her own efforts. Before leaving, Hijikata tells Chizuru to not hesitate to consult with him next time if she has any questions with the lesson.

Story 02

One summer vacation day, Chizuru decides to go to the library to return the book she borrowed and do some homework. At the school grounds, she remembers Heisuke telling her to go see their kendo club practice if she has some free time, so she heads to the dojo first. On the way, she sees Hijikata-sensei coming from the kendo hall, since he had just changed shifts with Kondo in supervising the students (Kondo is the adviser coach of the Kendo club, but apparently, Hijikata also supervises the club when Kondo is busy). Chizuru asks where he’s heading, and Hijikata answers that he’ll be helping Gen-san prepare lunch for the kendo club members who are doing their best in summer practice. Since she wants to help the kendo club members too, Chizuru decides to accompany Hijikata to the cafeteria.

At the cafeteria, Gen-san asks about how Hijikata’s family and their medicine manufacturing business has been (Ooooh just like the historical Hijikata Toshizo!! His family also manufactures medicine in this game! Nice one! ^^), and Hijikata answers that kind of left the business to his sister and parents. Anyways, Chizuru notices that Nagakura-senpai is also in the cafeteria, and apparently, he doesn’t have enough money to buy lunch, so he’s waiting for the food for the kendo club members so he can get free food lol XD. Hijikata is about to get angry at him again, since Nagakura has a habit of spending all his money in gambling in horse races, but before Hijikata can lecture him, Nagakura starts his heart-warming story, of how he met a lost old woman, paid for the her taxi ride back to her home, and refused to accept her return payment since the old woman doesn’t have any family. They are about to brush off the matter, until Hijikata says that it was just payday the other day, so Nagakura won’t lose all his money with just paying for a taxi ride. As it turns out, Nagakura doesn’t have any money at the moment, because he really lost all his salary pay in horse racing yesterda!! XD Oni Hijikata of course doesn’t want to help Nagakura since lol it’s the consequences of his actions, and Chizuru agrees with him. But since Chizuru has a kind heart, she instead tells Nagakura that 働かざる者食うべからず! (kind of like, “He who does not work, does not have the right to eat”), so he should help with the lunch preparations if he wants free lunch! Nagakura is very happy to hear this, and says that with that, he won’t die of starvation lol xD. When Nagakura and Gen-san left for the kitchen, Chizuru apologizes to Hijikata for doing whatever she wants. But Hijikata thanks Chizuru instead, and says that she did well in handling the matter, as Hijikata admits that he doesn’t really know the right thing to say and do in the previous situation.

At the pool, Chizuru asks Hijikata-sensei to be her partner in the water gun fight. After winning, Hijikata gives Chizuru the poolside bar tickets, and tells her to invite someone to go with her. But Chizuru’s like, but I want to go to the poolside bar with sensei because we won these tickets together! Hijikata is surprised to hear this, but since Chizuru has a point, he accompanied her. At the poolside bar, an awkward silence fills the two and Chizuru apologizes to Hijikata for tugging him along. Hijikata says that she doesn’t need to say sorry though, it’s just that it’s kind of weird for them, a student and her teacher, to be in this place. At this, Chizuru notices that the bar is indeed filled with grown-up couples, and she apologizes again. Finally, after feeling the pressure of the place lol, Hijikata says that they really may be mistaken as other than students and teachers in this place, so he tells Chizuru that they leave the bar and go somewhere. He takes her to a quiet poolside, and they watch the battle of the water gun fight losers lol XD. A little later, Chizuru remembers how Hijikata had a smiling face of a kid when they were playing the water gun fight, and Hijikata admits that he was called ガキ大将 (“gaki taishou”, er, kind of like the boss of the kids in the neighborhood. something like that) back at his home. The topic kind of went to Hijikata’s family and how he’s supposed to inherit their family business or something, but the topic was soon dropped, with Hijikata saying that Chizuru’s swimsuit looks good on her (✧≖‿ゝ≖) .


Story 03

While their class is preparing for the cultural festival, Chizuru decides to go outside the school building and see how the other classes are preparing at the school courtyard. There she sees Class 2-1, Souji and Heisuke’s class. Chizuru overhears them talking about their preparation for their takoyaki store, with Souji suggesting that they should add Sannan’s weird medicine in their ingredients LOL XD. Of course, Hijikata, their homeroom teacher, is in total opposition to this idea xD. A moment later, Heisuke finally notices Chizuru and calls her in. Heisuke asks her how her class has been doing since he heard that Chizuru’s class is aiming to be awarded the best booth. He also tells Chizuru not to sweat it and enjoy the school fest instead, but Souji disagrees and says that there’s no point if you aren’t going to win. At this, Chizuru says that winning and having fun are important, and their class is aiming to do both. Souji warns her though, and recites 二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず (it’s the idiomatic expression “If you run after two hares, you will catch neither”), but Hijikata-sensei just smiles and says that he will look forward to seeing how Chizuru’s class will do both.

During the school festival, while Chizuru is very busy working in their maid cafe, Hijikata-sensei suddenly enters their class with a serious look on his face! Chizuru suddenly panics  at the sight of Hijikata, because who knows what the oni teacher might do with their class? Hijikata sees Chizuru’s expression, and tells her not to worry because he’s just observing each class booth. As he is still in the middle of doing his rounds, Hijikata starts to leave the cafe, but Chizuru invites him to try their cafe’s menu a try first. Because Chizuru says that their class put their effort in thinking about the menu and cooking them, Hijikata decides to accept the invitation and rest for a while in the cafe. After serving a stampede of guests, Chizuru finally had some time to breathe and Hijikata compliments her for her job well done, while Chizuru thinks to herself that it’s because Hijikata-sensei is there (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Chizuru asks Hijikata why he came to check on their class, and Hijikata answers “Of course it’s because—–“, but stops right there, and instead says that as a teacher, it’s his duty to check on the how the cultural fest is going, as you can’t be sure when trouble will arise ┐(‘~`;)┌ (I got to say it’s because he wanted to see Chizuru in a maid outfit lol but I guess Hijikata won’t admit that straightly). At this, Hijikata notices that he’s been hanging around the cafe longer than he planned, so he excuses himself and goes back to doing his “teacher duties” doing the rounds.

A little later, Ryunosuke finally allows Chizuru to take a break so she can also enjoy the school festival, though he adds that Chizuru not to change her maid outfit since it’s good publicity for their maid cafe. At the corridor, Chizuru seems to be still thinking about Hijikata-sensei, so she decides to find him. While at it though, a couple of students from another school decides to hit on her! They pull maid Chizuru to show them around Hakuou Gakuen, but because Chizuru isn’t your damsel in distress, she tells them that she’s on break, and sarcastically adds that if they want someone to serve them, then they should go to their class’ cafe, because surely, her classmates will show them some hospitality! The outsiders were dumbfounded at this, and a moment later, Hijikata-sensei comes and wards them off. Hijikata tells Chizuru that she shouldn’t wear that maid outfit in public, and pulls her to “safety”. He takes her to the rooftop (whoaaa a sensei taking me to the rooftop sounds creepy but then Hijikata is hot so meh XD). Chizuru’s like, uhm, sensei?, until Hijikata smiles and laughs like a kid! (see CG below!). Hijikata says that he’s impressed at how Chizuru handled the matter with the outsiders earlier, and tells her that he’s seeing that she really isn’t just some ordinary woman. At this, Chizuru goes dokidoki because holy shit Hijikata-sensei looks so handsome with that smile! \(//∇//)\ Chizuru wished that the other students will see that side of him too… But anyways, at this point, Hijikata now sees what Chizuru meant with doing both “winning and having fun”, because as Chizuru had said, their class is doing their best to get the overall best booth award, and she already enjoyed the school earlier on her break time. Hijikata tells Chizuru to relax for a little while there on the rooftop, and Chizuru asks him if he’s going back to do his rounds… but it turns out he can’t leave a student alone in an off-limits place so he’ll stay with her! Chizuru goes dokidoki again, and thinks that this day must have one of the happiest day of her life, since she got to spend some time alone with Hijikata-sensei (≖ω≖。)♪


Story 04

After class on the day that Serizawa’s party is announced, Chizuru decides to head to the cafeteria before going home. There she sees Saito, Souji, and Hijikata arguing about Serizawa’s party. Being the Kondo fanboy and Hijikata hater, Souji is so mad at Hijikata because Kondo is feeling down about the Kondo dressing up as Santa business being cancelled. Souji argues that it’s Hijikata’s fault that Kondo is dispirited  ( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・?. He says that it’s Hijikata’s duty to stop Serizawa’s killjoy plans but he didn’t do anything about it. Souji is about to hit Hijikata’s handsome face, until Chizuru calls on the three’s attention. Chizuru tells Souji that she also understands Kondo-sensei’s feelings of wanting the students to have fun on Christmas, and to this, Souji answers that it’s the very reason why he hated the fact that Kondo’s plan was cancelled. But, Chizuru adds that because of that, Kondo definitely doesn’t want to see them fighting, most especially if the reason is him. Hearing this, Souji finally shuts up and leaves them. Chizuru wants to follow him, but Saito says that she should just leave the rest to him, and he follows Souji instead. When Saito left, Gen-san comes to hand Hijikata some onigiri. It turns out that Hijikata doesn’t have time to eat lunch at the cafeteria because he’s running errands in preparation for Serizawa’s party. At that same time, a lively Nagakura-sensei arrives to get some late lunch too. He says he’s been doing some paperworks thus the late lunch, but it seems that it isn’t as busy as Hijikata’s work, so Chizuru asks Hijikata if she can help with anything. Hijikata thanks her for the thought, but he says that he’s doing stuff like checking exam papers, so a first year student like Chizuru can’t be allowed to help. A little later after some moment of silence lol, Hijikata changes the topic and asks what Nagakura will do after. Thinking that Hijikata is asking for his help, Nagakura’s like, “No way I can help, Hijikata! I’m having my LUNCH. LUNCH!” (pronounced as “rrrranchi”, yes, you have to rrrroll that rrrr lol xD). Anyways, before leaving, Hijikata says that if he’s worrying a student like Chizuru, then he has to work even harder.

On Christmas day, as Ryunosuke requested, Chizuru wakes up early to help him with the preparations for the party. Unexpectedly, she receives a call from Hijikata-sensei, who wants to ask about her attendance to Serizawa’s party. It seems that Serizawa doesn’t pardon people that get on his nerves, not even women, so Hijikata wants Chizuru to not attend the party and make up an excuse for it. But Chizuru says that she’ll be fine, and reminds Hijikata of what he said in the library before (in story 01), that even though she’s a girl, they can’t give her extra treatment, so she’ll be on the same boat as everyone else. Chizuru also adds that she promised Ryunosuke to help with the party preparations, and to this, Hijikata’s like “HAAAAAA?? You’re going to Serizawa’s place alone??” After a long silence of thinking about it, Hijikata finally decides to just go and accompany Chizuru, much to her surprise.

In Ryunosuke’s place, after getting all the items in the list, Hijikata and Chizuru start decorating the party room. While on a ladder, Chizuru is hanging a bell on some high place, and Hijikata tells her to just move the ladder so as to make this whole hanging business easier. Chizuru doesn’t listen though, and insists that she can reach it… until her foot slips on the ladder and she falls…! Good thing Hijikata is quick to respond, and he catches her in his arms. They say “Sorry” and “I told you, you don’t need to say sorry!” for like, 16x? lol XD, until Chizuru finally notices that it’s kinda embarrassing to be carried by sensei. Hijikata notices this too, so he quickly releases her, and he’s like “A-anyways!”… Oh well that’s supposed to be a sweet scene but I didn’t really find it as such? Too cliched for me, I guess? ┐(‘~`;)┌

During the party, Chizuru sees Hijikata and Amagiri talking at a corner of the party hall. It seems that Hijikata wants Kazama and his “guardian” Amagiri to wear the school uniform properly, but Amagiri replies that it doesn’t look good on them…… ? While thinking about it, Chizuru is greeted by Kondo-sensei and she asks him about the uniform business. It turns out that those two already made it possible that they can wear whatever they want in school through some legal documents… or something?

After the party, Hijikata walks Chizuru home. There he admits that he was the one responsible for inviting all Hakuou students to Serizawa’s party, but he tells Chizuru to keep it a secret. The conversation went to Serizawa-san, and how he always gets angry easily, and then to the pulling down of the Shiekan dojo. Hijikata reminisce about Shiekan dojo, the dojo where those who have passion for kendo, like Souji, Heisuke, Saito, Harada, and Shinpachi gathered. From that dojo came Kondo’s dreams of building a school, and although other people laughed at the idea at first, Hijikata empathized with Kondo and he became a teacher for the school. Serizawa also pretty much helped, as he was the financier of building the school, but in return for that, he wanted Shiekan dojo to be demolished, thus the reason  for the dojo’s current shutdown. It seems that they can only reopen Shiekan dojo if Hakuou Gakuen becomes a famous school. At this, Chizuru asks if it’s the reason why Hijikata acts as an “oni teacher” towards the students, as compared to Kondo’s lukewarm teaching methods. Hijikata nods at this, and  adds that it’s also his duty as teacher to ready the students for what’s next after high school (like university).

A little later, Hijikata changes the subject by asking what Chizuru got on the exchange gift, and she answers that she got… cup ramen (wtf. cup ramen as a Christmas present?!). Seeing that cup ramen is a shitty gift to receive lol, Hijikata gives Chizuru a present he saw by chance and bought with the initial intention of giving in the party’s exchange gift (but he decided not use it there because, well…). The gift turns out to be perfect for Chizuru though…… it’s a necklace with a pink stone pendant! Chizuru notices that the pendant also smells of cherry blossoms, and Hijikata says that the pendant is actually a locket, and inside is cherry blossom perfume. He adds that cherry blossoms brings out the beauty of the heart (he’s probably referring to the flower language: cherry blossom flowers mean “beautiful heart”), so it’s really perfect for Chizuru (๑´ლ`๑). Chizuru thanks Hijikata for the wonderful gift, but Hijikata says there’s no need because it’s embarrassing lol XD (just look at his face in the CG xD). In front of Chizuru’s house, Hijikata invites Chizuru for Hatsumoude, as he says that Chizuru’s father Kodou-san (first time his name was mentioned, I think) asked him to take care of Chizuru during the start of the school year.


Story 04.5

It’s New Year’s Day, and Chizuru, who still can’t believe that she’ll have this year’s Hatsumoude with Hijikata-sensei, arrives at the shrine earlier than their promised time. She receives a call from Hijikata-sensei, but it turns out he’s already behind her, and Hijikata regrets that even though he already went out earlier than he planned, Chizuru still arrived earlier than him lol. Later, they reminisce about the past year. Hijikata mentions how he was surprised when a female student did have the guts to enter Hakuou Gakuen, and how he doubted that she will last three years in the school, but he adds that he will be really proud if Chizuru does make it to graduation. Chizuru says that she did good on her first year so she asks Hijikata if he already acknowledges her, but Hijikata answers that she still has two more remaining years so  she should just ask him the question on her graduation. The next part is just the usual let’s-summarize-what-happened-in-the-previous-chapters-talk and I think there wasn’t really anything new about it so I’m skipping that part ┐(‘~`;)┌. Chizuru did ask more about Hijikata’s connection to Serizawa, but Hijikata just tells her to keep out of that business as there are lots of things he can’t say as a teacher. Chizuru is also wearing the necklace Hijikata gave her on Christmas, and she adds that she will always wear it on special occasions with Hijikata-sensei…

After saying their prayers, Chizuru asks Hijikata what he wished and he says that he wished that the students will finish all their schoolworks lol xD. Later, Chizuru buys a hamaya. When she gets back to Hijikata, Hijikata is surprised that Chizuru bought a good health charm, and asks her if she’s feeling unwell…… but he’s even more surprised when Chizuru gives it to him! Chizuru explains that Hijikata’s always busy so he doesn’t have much time for himself so the good health charm could be helpful, and it’s also her return gift for the necklace he gave her. Hijikata says that receiving something from a student doesn’t make him look good, but he accepts it anyway. Before they go home, Chizuru asks Hijikata where he bought the necklace he gave her, as she thinks that it’s really pretty. Since it’s a free day, Hijikata decides to just accompany Chizuru and show her the exact shop.

When they arrive at the station though, it seems that lots of shops are doing their New Year’s mystery bag sale so there are tons of people making the best out of this great deal in the area. Hijikata suggests that Chizuru can just check out the shop’s website, print a detailed map, and just check out the shop next time, but I dunno, Chizuru decided to act like some selfish kid even for just this time, and says that she really wants to go WITH Hijikata-sensei so of course he obliges ┐(‘~`;)┌. On the way though, Chizuru bumps into almost everyone lol, so Hijikata has no choice but… to do that (see CG below). At this, Chizuru realizes the effects of her selfishness so she apologizes to Hijikata for like, uh, 5 times? until Hijikata finally opens his mouth and says “I’m not angry yo, so just shut up okay” ┐(‘~`;)┌. Hijikata also adds that they may get separated if he lets go of her, so yeah, continue with the CG. Chizuru thinks that the CG is kind of embarrassing, but deep inside she’s actually enjoying it lol xD, so she’s actually kind of happy that the shop is still pretty far so Hijikata-sensei will keep his arms on her shoulders even longer (Chizuru youー! xD). Anyways, other than that scene not being that sweet, that CG looks so much like this CG from Zuisurouku so I am so disappointed (≖_≖.). And Hijikata, you don’t have to open your mouth that wide since you aren’t really shouting. Again, the fault in the CG.


As it’s a holiday, the accessory shop is closed so they weren’t really able to go inside the store. Chizuru wonders though, how Hijikata saw that necklace “by chance” when the accessory shop is a place that’s hard to find… In front of Chizuru’s house, Hijikata tells Chizuru to take care of herself as she might catch a cold and school may start without her noticing it, but Chizuru answers that she doesn’t mind if school starts right away because she can see Hijikata-sensei again if it does. At this, Chizuru is worried that she may not see Hijikata-sensei in school again because there’s a chance that he will go back to his family home and take over their family business, but Hijikata denies this, and says that while he didn’t refuse to inherit their family business, he will still continue to teach as it’s a promise between him and Kondo-san. Before leaving, Hijikata tells Chizuru that he’ll be at the school doing paper works, so Chizuru can go visit if she wants to study and do her assignments in school. (And Chizuru goes dokidoki because sensei invited her!)

Story 05

One morning before Valentine’s Day, Chizuru is greeted by Kondo-sensei. He asks her about the person she’s going to make Valentine’s Day chocolate for, and of course, the pretty face of Hijikata-sensei is the first to come to her mind. Chizuru doesn’t admit this though, and instead says that she wants to give chocolates to everyone who took good care of her. As Kondo reminisces how his past Valentine’s days have been, Chizuru comments that he must have received lots of chocolates, and Kondo answers that he did, though they’re all giri choco lol xD. But if it’s about honmei choco, then Kondo says that Hijikata is given lots, though he doesn’t accept them. Chizuru is of course shocked to hear this, because this just means that she will have lots of rivals on Valentine’s Day!

During their classic literature class, Chizuru is still thinking about Valentine’s Day and whether Hijikata-sensei will receive her chocolates, so she hasn’t really paid attention to Hijikata’s lecture about the Tale of the Bamboo-cutter. After class, Hijikata approaches Chizuru and tells her that he has something to say to her. Surprisingly, Hijikata brings Chizuru to the rooftop (er, it’s an off-limits place right? why not to the faulty room instead?) and asks what’s wrong with her. He adds that Chizuru is a good student so it must be just because she isn’t feeling well, but then it may also be about Valentine’s day… and if it is, then it’s a problem. It seems that Hijikata doesn’t want commotion on Valentine’s Day so he doesn’t want Chizuru giving chocolates to a special person on that day. Chizuru’s sad to hear this, but she just tells Hijikata that she isn’t really planning of something special for Valentines Day.

On Valentine’s Day while going to school, Chizuru thinks that she wanted to give the chocolate in school, as she agrees with what Sen said: it will have more meaning if you give it first thing at school. However, she doesn’t like the idea of Hijikata-sensei being sad when he knows that she bought chocolates to school, so she didn’t bring the chocolates she made for him. At the school gates, she is greeted by disciplinary committee member Saito, who notices that Chizuru is looking gloomy today. He checks her bag but found no prohibited item, since Chizuru did leave the chocolates at home. Chizuru also meets siscon Kaoru at the corridor, who tells her that she’s being too close to Hijikata-sensei lately so he’s doubting that Chizuru didn’t bring any chocolate, since of course she would want to hand chocolates to Hijikata. Kaoru wants to inspect Chizuru’s bag more thoroughly, but before he can, Chizuru’s like I’ve had enough of this doubting shit and runs away! As Chizuru runs away from the disciplinary committee, the other students begin to crowd as they think that the reason why Chizuru is running is because she’s carrying chocolates. They’re thinking that whoever catches Chizuru will get her chocolates (stupid idea, I know), but Kaoru soon catches up with Chizuru and tells the other students to stfu. However, as Chizuru sees that even disciplinary committee Kaoru’s words won’t settle the students down, she begins her heart-breaking speech, that she actually wanted to give everyone in school a piece of her chocolate because they did help in her many ways, but that stupid new school regulation doesn’t allow her too. Chizuru adds though, that those chocolates she could have given them are just giri choco, because only one person can receive her special chocolates with her feelings. At this, Kaoru asks if that one person is Hijikata, but before Chizuru can answer, teachers Hijikata and Harada come to settle the students down and tell that homeroom time is about to start. Because it’s obviously Chizuru’s fault that the commotion happened, Hijikata tells Harada to leave Chizuru’s case to him. (I dunno, but imo it has to be Harada that’s got to talk with Chizuru because he’s her homeroom teacher … ? but meh, this is Hijikata’s route so of course…).

Inside the faculty office with only the two of them, Hijikata tells Chizuru that he wasn’t wrong to believe in her, as she’s a model student who doesn’t break the rules, and at that point, he declares that Chizuru is his student who he is very proud of. At this, Chizuru again realizes that Hijikata-sensei really is her daisuki na hito, and thinking that it’s now or never, she decides to tell him her honest feelings that she so carefully thought about…… But the melodrama starts here so yeah. Chizuru’s already “私、先生のことがーー”, but Hijikata stops her before she can complete her sentence. He turned his back to her (see CG) and tells her to not say any more than that, as there are things that a teacher mustn’t hear from his student. Hijikata says that Chizuru is a wise woman, so he believes that she knows that the continuation of her words will all be foolishness. Chizuru doesn’t give up though, and tells him that she still can’t understand why he won’t hear her feelings. But Hijikata just says that even if he hears her out, he can’t answer her feelings given the current situation the two of them are in. After much thinking and realizing that this current Hijikata is doing his best for the school, Chizuru decides to stop with her selfishness and face the matter with a smile. Chizuru says that at the moment, she doesn’t have her feelings (=the honmei chocolate) at hand, so she won’t ask Hijikata anymore, but adds that she’ll hand them again on another time. Hijikata answers that when that time comes, he will gladly accept her feelings. Chizuru nods at this, and tells him that she will hold on to her feelings for Hijikata-sensei for the next two years, and those feelings will never change.


Story 06

Before the third term of the school year ends, Serizawa visits the school. Chizuru asks Ryunosuke about it, and it turns out the the dojo at the back of the school is going to be demolished! Chizuru hurries to the faculty office to tell Hijikata about, and there she sees Serizawa and all the teachers gathered. Serizawa says that he’s been postponing the demolition of Shiekan Dojo, and up to now, he is still not satisfied with the performance of Hakuou Gakuen. This said, he now wants the immediate demolition of Shiekan dojo, as what was promised if Hakuou Gakuen doesn’t become a famous school. Serizawa continues to bully Shiekan, until Kondo finally stands up and tell him to stfu that in place of the demolition of Shiekan dojo, he will just resign as the school principal (where is Okita Souji in all these ಠ_ಠ). Kondo adds that it’s the teachings of Shiekan that are guiding the students of Hakuou Gakuen, so he wants Shiekan dojo to remain as it is. At this, Hijikata interferes, and says that no no no no Kondo, what the students need is you, not my oni type of teaching, so I will resign instead! Serizawa just laughs at this, and ask if one reason why Hijikata doesn’t mind resigning is because he has a family’s business to go back to, but Hijikata answers firmly that he will continue to teach, though on a different school, as what he and Kondo promised to each other. Hijikata’s near to bowing down in front of Serizawa, and Chizuru’s all dame dame dame! in her mind (wow I forgot that we already have Chizuru on the scene lol xD), until Heisuke, Saito, and Souji appears to tell Hijikata that he shouldn’t bear all the responsibilities! Serizawa is about to drive away the meddling students, but Harada-sensei, Nagakura-sensei, and Sannan-sensei steps in too and say that they’re also at fault for the not-so-good performance of the school, so they will resign too. And if that isn’t enough, Saito and Heisuke says that if Hijikata isn’t around, then one of their kendo instructors will be gone, so it also means bye bye kendo club of Hakuou Gakuen that places in national tournaments! They can’t live without kendo, but good thing another high school famous for their kendo had already invited them, so of course they can transfer schools anytime. But Serizawa won’t allow himself to be shaken in with these blackmailings, so he challenges them to even transfer schools, because he’ll use all his powers and connections to not allow them to transfer rawr! Souji happily tells Serizawa to continue saying his shit though, because as it turned out, he’s been video recording the scene with his smart phone so everything that Serizawa said was recorded! HAHAHAHAHA that’s my Okita Souji!! XD Saito approves of Souji’s idea, and tells him that it’s enough evidence if another school doesn’t allow them to transfer lol xD

If you think that all the guys are already there, then you are so wrong because ha! Kazama-sama shouldn’t be forgotten! Kazama says that he just came to laugh at Hijikata’s pitiful face, but after hearing from Hijikata that the reason why he is bowing down is because he is staying true to his beliefs, he turned to Serizawa, and says, “Oi, board chairman. Let Hijikata remain in this school. If not, then I’ll have the Kazama family stop supporting this school.” (sasuga rich kid Kazama-sama XD). Because he can no longer take all these threats and blackmails lol xD, Serizawa finally gives in and tells them none of Hijikata, Kondo, and the Shiekan dojo will have to go. In place for that, Serizawa made Hijikata promise that the kendo club should always make it to the national tournaments. When Serizawa finally leaves, everyone celebrates because everything will remain as usual (and thus, the story could still progress even without this whole scene. But yeah, it was enjoyable to read nonetheless).

Five years have passed, and Chizuru had already studied for three years in university when she visits Hakuou Gakuen again. She goes to see the blooming cherry blossoms at the school backyard, and there she sees Hijikata. It seems that he was told that a visitor will be there, but he got there a little early so he watches the cherry blossoms first, reminiscing about how Kondo first said that he wanted to build a school in that place with the cherry blossom tree. Hijikata also adds that it’s impressive that the sakura is always in bloom whenever new students come and older students graduate, and at this, Chizuru agrees and she shows herself. Hijikata is of course so damn surprised to see her, until Chizuru finally hands him some documents and he’s even more surprised when he read it! It turns out that Chizuru is applying to be a student teacher and she’s choosing Hakuou Gakuen for this training. Hijikata is surprised that Chizuru chose the path he also chose, and she replies that that it’s because she wanted to be just like Hijikata, who guided her, and the other students, through high school. In her mind, Chizuru also adds that she still holds in heart the words she said during that Valentine’s Day, and she still haven’t given up on Hijikata. Hijikata tells Chizuru to not call him Hijikata-SENSEI anymore, as they are now standing on the same level as teachers, so Chizuru calls him “Hijikata-san”…… and Hijikata hugs her! Chizuru says that she’s also carrying the words she wasn’t able to say and chocolates she wasn’t able to give on that Valentine’s Day, so now, she’s giving them to him and she wanted Hijikata’s answer. Instead of words for an answer though, Hijikata kisses her (๑´ლ`๑). Hijikata says that though he wanted to treat the studetns equally, Chizuru has always been special since she entered the school, and Chizuru wonders if it’s the reason behind the necklace and the invitation to Hatsumoude. In the end, as Chizuru says that she wanted to hear the words from Hijikata, he asks her if she can be his lover ♥



Daily Story 01:

While Kondo is enjoying the coming summer feeling, Hijikata sees him and tells him that it’s still too early for long breaks. Kondo answers though, that Hijikata should take even a short break, because it seems that he’s working a lot again. Hijikata says that he needs to do that for the students, though he could have less work if the students are like “that person”, which turns out to be Chizuru. Kondo says that as she’s the only girl in school, they should look after her always, but Hijikata (being a promoter of gender equality lol xD) says that they should look after ALL the students.

Daily Story 2:

Later during the pool party, Hijikata’s sighing at how the young students still have enough energy for more pool activities, when Nagakura sees him and tells him that he shouldn’t act like an old man lol XD. Nagakura adds that Hijikata should at least smile when on a date, as he pities poor Chizuru who got on a date with a man with a sour face. The sour face aside, Hijikata insists that they weren’t on a date, moreover since Chizuru is a student and she’s still a kid. At this, Nagakura quotes something from Harada, and says that “The students may be more adult than we think”, before leaving Hijikata for another dip in the pool. When Nagakura left, Hijikata is bothered about what Nagakura said regarding Chizuru going on a date with a man with a sour face XD

Daily Story 3:

After the school festival, Hijikata is still working late when Harada returns to the faculty office to get something he forgot. They talk a little about the school festival, and Harada apologizes for the commotion that one of his homeroom students, Chizuru, had ran into with the students from the other schools, while he thanks Hijikata for saving her. Hijikata replies though, that Chizuru will still be able to get out of the situation even if he hadn’t interrupted. At this, Harada says that it’s so much for Hijikata’s “student equality” principle, and we see a blushing Hijikata sprite. (Wait, there is blushing Hijikata sprite?? I don’t think I encountered this in his main route…?)

Daily Story 4:

Before New Year’s, Sannan and Hijikata are still working at the faculty office. Sannan asks Hijikata what he’ll pray for the New Year, and as for him, he’s praying for the good health of the students. Hijikata answers that he’ll be praying for the goof grades of the students, and Sannan says it must be tough for them teachers to be praying for the being of others rather than themselves. Sannan also wonders how the students will react when they see the kind side of their oni vice principal, and who the person going with Hijikata on Hatsumoude is…



– My comments –

It wasn’t good… but it wasn’t bad, I think?

The story is just another meh, and it reminds me of Souji’s route because the facts are scattered in different parts so it was kind of hard to judge if a certain idea is important to the story. If in Souji’s route, the deal is the winning vs losing crap, here, I think it’s about the Hijikata family business and saving Shiekan dojo thingy. I agree that it was an interesting idea, but it suffered the same fate as in Souji’s route and it was just demoted to sub-plot that isn’t really necessary, as the characters only sprout some stuff about it in a couple of scenes. Like in Souji’s, they just decided to further that sub-plot in a part of Story 06, but really, we could still be good even without that bulky part of story 06.

The romance development is… er? I believe Chizuru started to like Hijikata because he is her teacher in one of her favorite subjects (and he’s hot — admit it, it’s true irl! XD), but I can’t see how Hijikata fell in love with Chizuru? Though maybe it’s just like in Harada’s route, that Chizuru is a model student and she-ain’t-your-ordinary-woman? The romance development is again too fast for me. No surprises there though, since it’s common with all the three route I first played.

In the original game, the thing I don’t really like about Hijikata is that he’s too engrossed with his work thus there wasn’t much romantic scenes with him. This was still the same in SSL, as he is still too busy with his teacher duties. It also doesn’t help his supposed to be sweet scenes weren’t sweet for me, so yeah, I didn’t like Hijikata… again. I also didn’t like his ending, because I seriously would have wanted a tryst between a student and her teacher! (lol XD) But really, I can’t get how they became lovers in a matter of minutes after three years of not seeing each other? I swear Chizuru could have gotten some boyfriend in university, and she isn’t exactly sure if Hijikata is waiting for her since she never really got an answer from him, but I guess she loves Hijikata that much that she waited for five years? Ah, waiting… one of those love story plots I can never understand ^_^;

Heart meter: ♥♥

On to Heisuke’s route! Got to prepare my ears for Hiroyuki Yoshino yelling LOL XD


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  1. Maybe Hijikata smoking is kinda made headcanon now due to Gintama’s Hijikata Toushirou.. XDD

  2. I mean, I guess he fell in love with her because she’s a good student and always shows interest in class, but I don’t know lol. I do wish they showed more romantic development too.

    • But if you’ve been teaching for years, you will definitely meet a couple of students who have interest in your class, and surely, Chizuru isn’t the first in Hijikata’s case. Then again, there’s the fact that she’s the only female student in school, thus the first female student he encountered that has interest in his class, so I guess that played the best part? :/

      And yeah, I agree that they should have added more romance development. I always have this ( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・? moment in some routes (*cough*Okita *cough*Souji*cough) whenever the guy becomes sweet to you all of a sudden and I’m like “so they’re already in love?” lol XD

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