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It’s the resident childhood friend! Here’s a detailed summary of events that happen exclusively in Toudou Heisuke’s route. My review for this route is at the latter part of the post.

Spoiler fest awaits! ・´∀`・)


Introduction (from Story 00)

CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Heisuke is Chizuru’s childhood friend and neighbor. He loves playing games, and he always sleeps in late because of it… thus, he’s always running late in the morning.

Story 01

On her way to their homeroom, Chizuru sees Heisuke and Souji in the first year corridor. She didn’t go to school together with Heisuke today because he has kendo club practice. Noticing that it’s rare for second year students to be at the first year rooms’ hallway, Chizuru asks why they’re in there. Heisuke didn’t want to tell the reason but Souji nudges him in. They answer that they’re still worried about Chizuru so they came to check on her.

After hearing the announcement that there will be punishment for those who will score low in the periodical exams, Chizuru heads to the cafeteria for lunch. There, a babble fight ensues between Hijikata-sensei and Kazama-senpai, but Chizuru decides to leave the two be and eat with Heisuke and Souji. While eating lunch, they talk about the kendo club morning practice and how Heisuke wasn’t able to got to school together with Chizuru because of it. They also talk about the punishments for the exam, and Chizuru asks if the exams in Hakuou Gakuen are really difficult as the rumors say. Heisuke says that it isn’t easy, but he assures Chizuru that she’ll do fine compared to him… because… much to Heisuke’s appeal, Souji reveals to Chizuru that Heisuke actually got a terrible score in one of their Classic Literature class short exam. Souji adds that Hijikata was so angry that time, and he wished Chizuru could have seen a really furious Hijikata lol XD, but Heisuke argues that half of it is because of Souji’s actions (I wonder what Souji did? Something naughty again? xD). Anyways, as it turns out, if Heisuke gets a score lower than 50% in their classic lit exam, then Hijikata will suspend Heisuke on kendo club practice. This dispirits Heisuke because he loves kendo so much, yet he’s already preparing for his suspension because he knows he won’t do good in Hijikata’s exam.

The day before the periodical exams, after class, Chizuru sees Heisuke swinging right and left while walking at the corridor. Worried about Heisuke, Chizuru follows him to his class’ homeroom. As it turns out, Heisuke doesn’t have enough sleep because of studying, and Chizuru tells him to sleep a little so he can focus more. But Heisuke answers that he doesn’t want to, because if he sleeps, surely, he’ll sleep in until morning and he won’t have time to study anymore (ahahahaha this is me on nights before exams when I really need to study lol xD). At this, Chizuru tells him that she’ll wake him up so he won’t sleep in, while she studies while he sleeps. Heisuke accepted the offer… but it seems that the favor of waking him up isn’t enough, because Heisuke asked Chizuru if he can use her lap as a pillow and I was like wtf?? how am I supposed to focus on studying when someone’s using my lap as pillow?? Anyways, it seems that Chizuru doesn’t mind, and they reminisce how they always do this hizamakura when they were kids. Chizuru also asks Heisuke the reason why he’s doing his best and studying, and he answers that he doesn’t want to be suspended on their kendo club practice, because he loves kendo soooo much and the inter-school tournament is fast approaching. A little later, Heisuke falls asleep, and he finally had the energy to study more when he woke up.


When the list of students that will be punished because of their low scores was listed, Chizuru is glad that she didn’t find her name in the list. As she’s also worried about Heisuke, she immediately goes to the next floor to see the second years’ list, and she meets Heisuke on the way, who happily asks her how she did on the exams. It turns out that he made it, and he won’t be suspended on his club practice! *\(^o^)/* Heisuke was like, “I studied so damn hard so now I’m going to indulge myself in games!!” (LOL Heisuke, are you me?? XD). As thanks for the hizamakura, Heisuke invites Chizuru to go home together with him, and he’ll treat her with something on the way.

Story 02

One summer vacation day, Chizuru decides to go to the library to return the book she borrowed and do some homework. At the school grounds, she remembers Heisuke telling her to go see their kendo club practice if she has some free time, so she heads to the dojo first. There she sees how cool Okita-senpai’s serious face when practicing kendo, and Heisuke is still as genki as ever. Right when Heisuke finally notices Chizuru (and he’s soooo happy to see her), Kondo dismisses the kendo club for lunch. Kondo, Heisuke, and Souji greet Chizuru, and Kondo comments that Chizuru has grown beautiful during the summer break. At this, Souji’s like, “lol Kondo-san, a teacher shouldn’t make advances towards a student; Hijikata will boil with rage if he hears you saying that” XD. As he’s in an awkward situation lol, Kondo changes the topic and says that the kendo club members are doing their best even in this summer heat, and Heisuke mentions that it can help their club if Chizuru becomes their club manager. Chizuru replies that she’ll think about it, but it seems that Heisuke and Kondo thought it was a yes, so the other members begin to flock around Chizuru and they try to hit on her! Heisuke’s like wtf is with you everyone?? and to this Souji explains that the other club members are like starving lions so they will prey on a young sheep of they’re released. Realizing the situation they had put his osananajimi in, Heisuke goes yelling mode and shoos the flocking lions away, telling them that Chizuru will definitely not be their club manager! In the end, that ‘be our manager business’ was abandoned.

At the pool, because of Heisuke’s enthusiasm (his water gun emits fire, not water! XD) and their pair’s, deadly combination, Heisuke and Chizuru won the water gun fight. It seems that since they were kids, ChizuruxHeisuke has always been an unbeatable combo in battles like that, and their strategy, with Heisuke acting as the bait while Chizuru attacks, always wins. They go to the poolside bar, and to make the most out of the free tickets they won, Heisuke, without Chizuru’s consent, orders the biggest food on the menu: Oni mori frappe bomber!! Chizuru is worried that they may not be able to finish the shaved ice snack, but Heisuke explains that it’s ice so it will just melt in their stomach lol XD. To prevent more of the shaved ice from melting, Heisuke kept on shoving the ice snack in his mouth, until he got brain freeze! When Chizuru notices this, she tells Heisuke that he shouldn’t eat so fast, because if he does, then their victory party will end so soon and they won’t enjoy the time that much. Heisuke realizes that what Chizuru said is right, so he began eating at a normal pace. In the end, they never got to eat everything because some of the ice melted, but Chizuru and Heisuke both agree that they had fun eating the shaved ice. (Among the five routes I have played so far, Heisuke’s story 02 is my favorite because it’s just plain fun ^^ I’d love to go to the pool side bar with genki Heisuke!).


Story 03

While their class is preparing for the cultural festival, Chizuru decides to go outside the school building and see how the other classes are preparing at the school courtyard. There she sees Class 2-1, Souji and Heisuke’s class. Chizuru overhears them talking about their preparation for their takoyaki store, with Souji suggesting that they should make random takoyaki, and add squid, red bean paste, or Sannan’s weird medicine in their ingredients LOL XD. Of course, Hijikata, their homeroom teacher, is in total opposition to this idea xD. A moment later, Heisuke finally notices Chizuru and calls her in. Heisuke asks her how her class has been doing since he heard that Chizuru’s class is aiming to be awarded the best booth. He also tells Chizuru not to sweat it and enjoy the school fest instead, but Souji disagrees and says that there’s no point if you aren’t going to win. In the end, Chizuru agrees with Heisuke, that having fun should be the priority, since it’s the school festival after all, and Heisuke tells Chizuru to do her best in having fun.

During the school festival, while Chizuru is very busy working in their maid cafe, Heisuke comes to see how she’s doing, and he’s so dumbfounded to see her in maid outfit. After seconds of “……………………….”, Heisuke finally goes “You look good in that outfit!!”, and Chizuru is happy to hear this, as she was worried that such a cute outfit won’t look good on her. As per Chizuru’s recommendation, Heisuke orders omelet rice (I didn’t see any omurice in the mini game though LOL XD), and Chizuru goes maid mode (“Goshujinsama!”), which made Heisuke’s face red like a tomato (๑´ლ`๑). After finishing his order, Heisuke notices that things in the cafe are getting busy, as more people are poring in, so he offers to help. Chizuru declines his offer, but Ryunosuke hears this and is like “You don’t have to be so modest! We need help!”. After serving a stampede of guests, Heisuke says that it wa nice to see Chizuru serving guests in her maid outfit, but still, he finds it more fun if he can work alongside her (๑´ლ`๑).

After the lunch peak, Ryunosuke finally allows Chizuru to take a break, but he wanted Chizuru to keep wearing her maid outfit outside, as advertisement for their cafe. Thus, Chizuru and Heisuke goes out of the cafe to see more of the cultural fest booths. At the corridor though, Heisuke receives a mail from a Souji which changed his expression. Chizuru asks about this, but Heisuke replies that it’s nothing and they should just make the most out of Chizuru’s break time. Since she got a feeling that the mail has something to do with Heisuke’s class’ booth, Chizuru tells Heisuke that it isn’t right if he doesn’t help his class, so although he wanted to spend time with Chizuru, Heisuke finally admits that there are lots of costumers in their takoyaki stand. Heisuke apologizes to Chizuru and he immediately heads to their booth. Chizuru decides to see how Heisuke’s class is doing, so she also heads to class 2-1’s takoyaki stand. There she sees that there really is a long line of people who wanted to buy from the takoyaki stand, and she sees Heisuke, who looks so cool while cooking delicious-looking takoyaki, that Chizuru falls in love with him lol xD (but seriously, Heisuke does look cool!). Chizuru also remembers that Heisuke has always been doing his best in anything he does since they were little, so it’s no surprise to see that sight. When Heisuke sees Chizuru, he thanks her for seeing his class’ booth, and tells her that he’ll join her when he finishes his job. The queue in the takoyaki stand never disappeared though, as the talk about how their takoyaki is delicious quickly spread over the festival. At this, Chizuru decides to help Heisuke as thanks for his help earlier. In the end, although, Heisuke finally had his break, it was soon time for Chizuru to head back to their cafe, so to make up for not going around the festival together, they just ate some takoyaki that Heisuke cooked.


Story 04

After class on the day that Serizawa’s party is announced, while heading home, Chizuru hears people arguing at the school courtyard. The two people turned out to be Kazama and Heisuke, and they are arguing as to who Chizuru will spend her Christmas with. Kazama says that his bride will of course will choose him, but Heisuke argues that he and Chizuru have been spending Christmas together since they were kids, so it has to be him that Chizuru will choose. When Kazama noticed Chizuru, he calls her and asks her the problem directly: Will she spend her Christmas with the great him who will be her companion in the future, or the self-proclaimed childhood friend Heisuke? Chizuru doesn’t answer the question though, and says that she was invited to Serizawa’s party so either way, she will still go to Serizawa’s party. Upon hearing this, Kazama walks away without saying the reason. When Kazama left, Harada-sensei appears, and asks Chizuru and Heisuke to help him with something. Chizuru agrees, and they help him arrange first years’ books for the next semester.

At the staff room, Harada asks about what they were talking about in the courtyard, and Heisuke answers that he knows that Chizuru will be alone on Christmas, so they’re thinking of ways to cheer her up. Harada agrees to this, because Christmas is about having fun after all, so it should be a lively mood. But Chizuru notices that Heisuke’s feeling down, so she asks him about it. Heisuke answers that he wanted to go to Serizawa’s party with Chizuru, but with the class grades he has, he says that he has no chance of being invited. Harada tells him though, that that he saw Heisuke on the invited list, so he’s sure that Heisuke’s invited, and hearing this, Hesiuke goes yatta!!!~ and he’s back to his genki self again. While finishing the task Harada asked them to do, Heisuke wonders why he was invited to the party, and Chizuru says that it must be because of his kendo club activities. Turns out, Heisuke actually placed third during he Fall inter-school match. He also mentioned that Saito and Souji must have been invited too, since it was Saito that won second place (because he beat Heisuke), and Souji who first place (he beat Saito). Heisuke adds that those rankings don’t prove who the strongest among them is though, and he reasons that he lost to Saito because he was at a disadvantage with Saito’s left handedness and Saito lost to Souji because he was already tired from his match with Heisuke (I know, I know Heisuke. You’re being too defensive XD). Anyways, Chizuru just goes “……..” at this, as she thinks that it’s just another of those friendly rivalries between guys.

On Christmas day, as Ryunosuke requested, Chizuru wakes up early to help him with the preparations for the party. Before she heads out of her house, Heisuke calls on her from the outside, because he is going to return the shoujo manga he borrowed from Chizuru (a guy that reads shoujo manga! <3). After talking little about that manga, Heisuke notices that Chizuru is dressed to go out, and she explains that she’ll be helping in the party preparations, so Heisuke decides to help too. When they arrive at Serizawa’s place, Ryunosuke is so happy that Chizuru brought Heisuke too, a valuable war ally lol XD. Chizuru and Heisuke get the ornaments from the basement, and soon start decorating the venue. They finish the decoration early, because of their nice teamwork, and Heisuke comments that it’s as if Chizuru knows what he is thinking that’s why always handed him the decor he wanted to place. Chizuru says that it must be because they’re childhood friends, and Heisuke asked her to read what he is thinking at that moment… but Chizuru answered it wrong… and this disappoints Heisuke ┐(‘~`;)┌

During the party, Chizuru decides to go around the mansion. She bumps into Heisuke and he asks her if he can explore the mansion together with her. Ryunosuke hears this though, and with his face all red, tells them not to go around the mansion because it’s dangerous lol xD. Harada arrives, and asks Ryunosuke about the room with the “Puppy’s room” plate. Startled with this question, he quickly answers that it isn’t his room xD.

After the party, since they are neighbors, Chizuru and Heisuke go home together, although their walking pace is pretty slow because Heisuke ate a lot and he can’t walk properly lol xD. On the way, they talk about the party, mentioning that everyone looks so happy, even oni Hijikata and Serizawa. Chizuru thinks though, that the person with the best smiling face was Heisuke, and that made her really happy… and Heisuke said the same thing she was thinking: that her smiling face really is what made him happy! But Chizuru did not mention her thoughts anymore, because she thinks that it’s embarrassing that they are thinking of the same thing.

When they arrive in front of Chizuru’s house, they say their good nights, but Heisuke asks her first for a moment as he goes to enter his house. When he came back, Heisuke’s carrying a big dog stuffed toy — his Christmas present  Chizuru! (well I kind of anticipated that Heisuke’s going to give her a stuffed toy; it’s just do him lol xD. But the stuffed toy is cute anyways <3). Chizuru notices that she had already seen that stuffed toy somewhere… and it turns out that it’s the same toy she really wanted when they were young! zit waas already around Christmas time, and Chizuru’s dad isn’t at home so Heisuke and his family looked after her. They went to the department store and she saw that stuffed toy, but of course she can’t whine about it on Heisuke’s parents so she gave just gave up on that toy, although she did cry about it later. Until recently, when Heisuke found the exact same stuffed toy, he decided to buy it for Chizuru and give it as a Christmas present (๑´ლ`๑). Awww Heisuke why so cute <3. After, they promised that they will go for Hatsumoude together.


Story 04.5

After going to the shrine for Hatsumoude, Chizuru and Heisuke walk home together. While at, it, Chizuru asks what Heisuke wished, and he answered that of course he wished that the winter vacations be extended! (lol Heisuke xD) and he also wished that he grow taller XD. When they arrive in front of their houses, Chizuru asks Heisuke what his plans for the rest of winter vacation are, and he answers that his parents will go see see his grandparents, while he’s left to take care of the house as he still has club activities… which means that he’ll have their house for himself… which further means that he can play games all day yeah!! *\(^o^)/* (omg Heisuke really is me HAHAHAHA XD). Chizuru warns him to not sleep late again though, but it seems that Heisuke didn’t hear her…

The next day, after the sun has set, Chizuru returns home after going out with with Sen and Kosuzu, and she sees a feeling down Heisuke in front of their house entrance. As it turns out, Heisuke lost his house key when he went out to go to club practice, so he can’t enter his own house! He had already asked the police about it, but they still can’t find his key… so with his parents out for a couple of days, he also have no house to return to (wtf this is the worst! If I was him I’ll just break the door lol xD). Chizuru offers him that he can stay at her house, but Heisuke doesn’t like the idea of Chizuru having guys in her house when her father is away, so he decides to ask his other friends… but all seem to have other businesses to attend to, like Souji, who is at his grandparents’ house (er I thought they have kendo club? Why is he away? :/), and Saito, who can’t be reached… so this left Heisuke no choice but to camp out! Lol no, in the end, they decided to go with the first plan, that he will stay at Chizuru’s house.

After eating dinner, Heisuke and Chizuru reminisce about the past year. Regarding story 01, Heisuke reveals that there’s another reason why he studied hard for the exam. Other than he didn’t want the punishment, he says that he didn’t want Chizuru’s help for him go to waste so he strived to get a good score. Regarding story 02, Heisuke says that eating the shaved ice snack was fun but he definitely won’t order it again lol xD. Nothing new regarding story 03. Regarding story 04, Chizuru says that she’s been hugging the stuffed toy Heisuke gave her while she sleeps (✧≖‿ゝ≖). A little later, they decided that they should sleep soon… but where will Heisuke sleep? Chizuru tells him that there’s another futon in her bed so Heisuke should just sleep in her room, but Heisuke’s like “da-dadada DAME! zettai dame!” XD. Good thing Heisuke remembers about Kodou-ojisan’s room, so they decided that he sleep there.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Chizuru can’t sleep… until she hears a sound of a door opening so she goes to check it out. It turns out to be just Heisuke stargazing. Heisuke apologizes for waking up Chizuru, but she answers that she was already awake when she heard him move, because she can’t sleep. Heisuke says that it’s just natural that she can’t sleep since there’s a strange man on her house, and Chizuru’s like, “I told you, you aren’t just some strange guy!” to which Heisuke answers, “oh yeah, osananajimi, right? </3”. Anyways, as Chizuru wanted to stargaze more with Heisuke, she gets a blanket and some hot chocolate to warm them up while they stargaze Scorpius on the winter skies lol XD. While at it, Chizuru comments that stargazing like that is just like when they were young, but Heisuke says that it isn’t the same, as there is something different about his feelings now compared to before. He asks Chizuru if her feelings now are still the same as when they were kids… but of course that was a sudden question so Chizuru wasn’t able to answer. In the end, Heisuke tells her not think much about that question, and they go back to sleep after drinking their hot chocolate.


Story 05

One week before Valentine’s Day, Chizuru had a dream about her asking Heisuke what chocolate he wants for this year’s Valentine’s Day. In that dream, Heisuke answers that Chizuru should make whatever she wants, any chocolate she makes is sure to be delicious. Anyways I think this just means that Chizuru gives Heisuke chocolates every year… but they’re prolly giri choco </3. Chizuru wakes up and thinks about asking Heisuke again of what chocolates he wants for this year… although she thinks about the meaning of the words Heisuke told her in story 04, about if her feelings now are still the same as when they were kids. An hour later, like usual, Chizuru and Heisuke rushes towards school because they’ll be late lol xD. They stop for a moment, and Chizuru asks about the chocolates… and to this, Heisuke answers that if she’s going to give him the same chocolates she gives every year, then he won’t accept it… because he likes her! Chizuru says that she likes him too, but Heisuke’s like, “no Chizuru, my ‘like’ isn’t the same ‘like’ you’re talking about; I’m tired of this osananajimi crap!”. After that, they walked without saying another word, until they reached the school gates where Kazama sees Chizuru and he goes with his “Waga yome. It must be fate to meet you here” business, and asks her about her Valentine’s chocolates for him lol XD (omg Kazama this isn’t your route; stop getting too much spotlight XD).

After class, Chizuru is left in their homeroom, and Harada-sensei asks her about her problem, since he noticed that she wasn’t her usual self during class. Chizuru tells him about the case with Heisuke, and Harada answers that it’s because Chizuru doesn’t know the difference between “like” and “love”. To help her think thing easier, Harada asks Chizuru what she will feel if Heisuke is with another girl. He says that if she feels nothing, then it’s only friendship that she’s feeling towards Heisuke, but if she doesn’t like the idea, then it must be jealousy. In the end, Harada advices her to hand the chocolates in a flashy fashion for more drama lol.

On Valentine’s Day, after getting past through the people trying confiscate her chocolates, Chizuru hurries towards the second year room’s corridor. There she sees Heisuke, and she hands him her chocolates — right in the middle of a crowd! Heisuke just laughs at the chocolate and says that it must be the yearly giri choco, but Chizuru’s like, “no! This is isn’t the same as last year; it’s honmei choco, and in it are my feelings of like towards you, with me as a girl <3”. Heisuke is of course so dumbfounded to her this… and a moment later they notice that their audience is getting larger, so Heisuke decides to change venues and they rush towards the rooftop!

At the rooftop, Heisuke says that what happened a moment ago was a really embarrassing thing, though Chizuru notices that he looks rather happy lol (≖ω≖。)♪. Anyways, Heisuke says that he understands that the meaning of this year’s chocolates really is different from the past year, so he starts saying his answer to that “love confession” a while ago… until the bell for the start of Homeroom rings! Chizuru says that they should continue with the business later lol, and starts to walk away, but Heisuke hugs her from behind (see CG below!) and tells her that he still hasn’t gave her his answer! So they decide to just skip on their homeroom class, and instead, talk about… stuff lol XD. Heisuke says that it’s been almost a year since he realized that his feelings for Chizuru has changed. He adds that he watched as Chizuru did her best as the only girl in school, and she became the center of attention, that he’s worried that some other guy may take his place by her side. With this, Heisuke says the usual childhood friend line, that he doesn’t want to be a tada no osananajimi, because he likes Chizuru as woman. And…… that’s it? On to Story 06 already? Why do I feel that his Valentine’s story was too short? :/


Story 06

Days have passed since that Valentine’s Day incident with Chizuru handing her chocolates to Heisuke in front of everyone, and everyone in school knows that the two of them are going out now. Things however, still haven’t changed, because Heisuke still sleeps in late so they are still running late to school again (lol Heisuke XD). They run holding hands… but Souji just have to appear and take their picture of holding hands! Heisuke runs after Souji, but he never caught up, so yeah   ┐(‘~`;)┌. At the school gate, Heisuke says sorry to Chizuru and tells her that she should just leave him in the morning since she’s only late because of her, but Chizuru says she wants to see him first thing in the morning so she will still wait for him. At this, Heisuke says that he’ll try to wake up early tomorrow, and he pats her head… but siscon Kaoru just have to appear to deduct points from Heisuke because of touching his sister lol what. During lunch, Chizuru and Heisuke eat lunch at the rooftop, and Heisuke asks Chizuru to spoon- er… chopstick-feed him. Chizuru thinks it’s embarrassing, but since no other person is around, she obliges, but as she was giving him the food… Harada-sensei and Hijikata-sensei arrives (at the freaking rooftop wtf) to tell them that such impure actions are prohibited. Another lol what XD

After class at the school backyard, Heisuke complains that they must have been under surveillance because people always appear to bother them with their ichaicha time lol XD. He also says that nothing really has changed since they started going out, because they also go to school together, eat lunch together, and talk about stuff, even before, when they were just friends. At this, Chizuru kisses Heisuke in the cheeks, and tells him that she knows his feelings, but they ARE lovers, so he shouldn’t be impatient. The mood calls for Heisuke to kiss Chizuru in the lips… and he was about to… but the idiot trio–Kazama, Shiranui, and Amagiri–just have to appear at that very moment and I literally ROFL at this part because HAHAHAHAHAHA poor Heisuke XDDDD. Kazama goes again with his usual “What a coincidence meeting you here, waga yome”, and he tells off self-proclaimed boyfriend (whaaat) Heisuke… but Shiranui just have to mention that he knows that Chizuru and Heisuke were going ichaicha just some moment ago, and hearing this, Kazama’s like, “Nandato kisamaaaaaaaaaaa……”. Knowing what will happen next, Heisuke and Chizuru run away from Kazama’s wrath HAHAHAHA XD


Before the ending credits, Chizuru mention that she and Heisuke still have one more year to spend in Hakuou Gakuen together… and, er, that’s all of the epilogue? :/


Daily Story 01:

It’s the day of the exams, and Heisuke tells Souji to hurry up because they’ll be having their exam next in the music room. Souji says though, that they still have three minutes so there’s no need to worry (uh, what? three minutes?? xD), and he shows Heisuke an interesting picture… which is Heisuke sleeping on Chizuru’s lap! Souji says that it’s expected of Chizuru to lend her lap to Heisuke who lacks sleep, so he too wants to ask Chizuru for hizamakura. Heisuke’s like “dame! I’m an osananajimi so it’s fine with me, but if it’s you who likes to scheme then dame!” XD

Daily Story 02:

During kendo club practice break, Kondo and Heisuke talks about what happened in the pool. Kondo also tells Heisuke that he’s glad that Chizuru immediately got used to the Hakuou Gakuen life, thanks to Heisuke, who is her childhood friend. Kondo adds that childhood friends are blessings, like Toshi to him, so yeah. Nothing much in this extra story.

Daily Story 03:

Heisuke is taking a break from cultural fest cleaning up, and Shinpatsu-sensei sees him and tells him not slack off… although it turns out that Nagakura is also slacking off from the duties lol XD. Nagakura tells Heisuke that it was nice to see him with Chizuru during the festival, and it seems that the two are siblings. And Heisuke’s like, “Uh yeah. Siblings huh.”

Daily Story 04:

At the shopping district, Heisuke sees Kaoru, who seems to be shopping for a Christmas gift for Chizuru (though Heisuke doesn’t seem to notice this because he asks if it’s women’s clothes that Kaoru likes lol xD). Anyways, Heisuke sees a pair of gloves, and mumbles that it suits Chizuru, but then she says that she had bought a pair just recently so maybe a muffler will be better… and Kaoru hears this and he’s like, “Why do you know about that stuff?? Her bond with her brother should be stronger than with a childhood friend!” and walks away ┐(‘~`;)┌.



– My comments –

Welp, Heisuke is the childhood friend so the story is the typical osananajimi stuff: They’ve been spending time together since they were kids and recently, Heisuke noticed that he actually likes Chizuru as something more than a friend… and so it goes. The conflict is nothing special, really; you can find it in any childhood friend story out there. Although, the good thing in this plot is, since Heisuke and Chizuru already have a solid back story, the romance development doesn’t seem too fast as in the other routes. The writers just have to put the magic words “kodomo no koro” in the lines, and tada! we have two characters who have been spending time together even before the game started so romance development in the game = not really needed.

The plot aside, the thing I really liked about this route are the scenarios! I found them really cute! Heisuke’s poolside-bar scene was just so fun; and it was nice to get a different air in that scene since Chizuru’s always put in an awkward situation in that scene on the previous routes I played. But really, all the other scenarios were cute and fun to read too ^_^. I remember I wasn’t really fond of Heisuke and his route in the original game, but I did find him cute… and he still is in this game!

The only downside I can name is… probably the length of the route? Heisuke’s Valentine’s day story was short, and his route’s epilogue was even shorter. Story 06 was fun, yes, but I kind of wanted more cute scenes before they end the story… like a kiss! On the lips! Poor Heisuke never got a kiss in the lip CG. But I guess there isn’t really any more necessary additional fact to mention, so maybe the length is just right.

Oh, I just have to add that I wasn’t exactly annoyed at Yoshino Hiroyuki’s voice this time lol XD. I’m not exactly sure, but maybe it’s because I found Heisuke really cute (his personality, not his character design XD).

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥

Next will be the last capturable guy, the ever-so-serious Saito-senpai!

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