Hakuouki SSL: Common events, extra routes, and overall comments

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This post covers the common events and extra routes (Yamazaki, Nagakura, Sannan, Kaoru, etc.) in Hakuouki SSL. At the latter part of the post is my overall review of the game.

Spoiler fest awaits! ・´∀`・)


(Continued from Story 00)

Story 01


It’s July, and one day, Chizuru bumps into Yamazaki, who looks tired. As it turns out, Yamazaki and Saito have been doing their best studying all night.

On her way to their homeroom, Chizuru sees Heisuke and Souji in the first year corridor. She didn’t go to school together with Heisuke today because he has kendo club practice. Noticing that it’s rare for second year students to be at the first year rooms’ hallway, Chizuru asks why they’re in there. Heisuke didn’t want to tell the reason but Souji nudges him in. They answer that they’re still worried about Chizuru so they came to check on her.

Homeroom starts with Harada-sensei announcing that periodical exams will start in a few weeks. Per Hijikata-sensei’s suggestion, there will be punishments for students that will get low scores, like cleaning the windows, cleaning the hallway, and weeding he school yards (hidoi, oni-sensei!)

Depending on your choices, you will run into the guy of your choice.

A week before the periodical exams, the people are spending their time differently. Harada-sensei tells the students to their best. Kazama seems to be confident about the exams. Saito has been spending his nights studying hard while still doing his disciplinary committee duties at school. Instead of studying, Souji is still taking photos using his smart phone. Heisuke is jogging along the neighborhood so he won’t fall asleep (lol what). And despite being a teacher, it seems that Hijikata-sensei is also in a bad mood because his students, who spend all night studying for the exams, fall asleep in his class! xD

The afternoon after the exam results were posted, at the school yards, Chizuru sees Kondo heading somewhere. Being the curious girl that she is, she decided to follow him. Kondo stopped in front of a dojo, and explains that it’s Shiekan, the very place where Hakuou Gakuen started.

At home, Chizuru receives a mail from Souji, and attached is a photo (or video?) of Nagakura-sensei teaching Saito some math. Saito notices that Nagakura seems to be in a different get-up that day. Nagakura is glad that someone finally notices, and brags about how his jersey shows off his muscles, and how the eyeglasses he is wearing makes him look like more of a math teacher xD

Story 02


It’s summer vacation and Chizuru and her girl friends Sen and Kosuzu go for some shopping. At the station, while waiting for latecomers Sen and Kosuzu, Chizuru bumps into Shiranui. She notes that it’s rare to see Shiranui without Amagiri and Kazama. Shiranui answers that he’s going shopping for some clothes and it’s a bother to have unstylish Amagari and Kazama with him (lol what o_O). There are two choices here, and both are pretty fun so I’ll put the two events: (Choice 1) When Sen and Kosuzu arrives, they mistook Shiranui as some skirt chaser trying to hit on Chizuru and they order him to get away from her xD.  (Choice 2) Amagiri sees Shiranui, and takes him back to the school since it looks like the Student Council has an important meeting that day, and Shiranui’s slacking off lol xD. Anyways, the girls went shopping for the day. While eating lunch at some fastfood, they talk about buying swimsuits, and ended up planning to go to the pool on a Sunday.

On another summer day, Chizuru decides to go to the library to return the book she borrowed and do some homework. Depending on your choices, you can have some time with the guy of your choice (covered in the individual routes).

After studying at the library, Chizuru decides to head home. Not long after she exited the school gates however, she received a mail from Sen saying that she’s excited to go to the pool this Sunday, as what the girls had planned when they went shopping the day before. Suddenly, Chizuru realized that Okita is behind her. Whatever it is though, Chizuru just thought that he’s just seeing her off. What Chizuru didn’t know, is that Souji read Sen’s mail and that night, he sends a mail to EVERYONE about Chizuru’s Sunday pool business!! OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT THIS PART SOUJI YOU MISCHIEF MAKER!!!(≧∇≦)Like, he sent a mail to Kazama saying “Chizuru and I are going to the pool this Sunday” and Kazama’s like “Wtf is this why is this lowly Souji going with her when my most awesome self isn’t invited??” And then a mail to Saito saying “Everyone is going to the pool this Sunday, Hijikata is going too” and Saito’s like “Oh if Hijikata-sensei is going then I’m going to.” I swear this part is so funny I almost died laughing at Souji’s antics xD

And thus, to Chizuru’s surprise, every major character from the school came to the pool — even the teachers. At first the student guys are telling Chizuru that it’s just a big coincidence that they’re all meeting here, until the teachers came and Harada finally mentions that they came here because of Souji’s mail xD. Because not everyone gets along with each other (i.e. Kazama and Hijikata), a fight almost ensues until Sannan decides to stand as referee and tells them to just resolve the issue using the pool’s main attraction: water gun fight! Of course, some people don’t like this idea, but because Sannan is Sannan, he managed to make everyone join through either bribing or blackmail xD. He promises the winning pair free tickets to the poolside bar and time alone for themselves. Hearing this, the guys begin staring at Chizuru like they want her to be their partner. Depending on your previous choices, you will be paired with a guy and have some quality time with him (covered in the individual routes). For the rest of the day, everybody got involved in different activities, like Saito and Harada having a swimming race, Nagakura and Heisuke engaging in ten more consecutive water gun fight, and Souji continuing with taking photos. At the end of the day, everyone had fun.

At home after the pool party, Chizuru receives a mail from Souji and attached is a photo of Hijikata and Sannan-sensei getting serious with the water gun fight xD

Story 03


It’s October, and during homeroom, Harada-sensei announces that the school will be holding its annual cultural festival. He tells the class to do their best, because the class that will hold the best performance in the school fest will be awarded a prize, and for this year, the best class will receive discount coupons for the school cafeteria. Upon hearing this, Ryunosuke gets fired up because hell, discount coupons for the school cafeteria = more food for him! He tells the class that they should win this no matter what and suggests that they hold a maid cafe because their class has a secret weapon that the other classes don’t have: a female student! In the end, the class decided on the maid cafe and had Chizuru as their mascot lol xD.

Later, Chizuru decides to go outside the school building for some fresh air. At the school yard, she sees Ryunosuke being punished and lectured by some oni-looking guy. She goes to help Ryunosuke but before she can, Hijikata stops her. Turns out, the oni-looking guy is Serizawa Kamo, the board chairman, PTA president, and Ryunosuke’s foster father.  Seems like Serizawa just wanted to visit the school to cause some headache for Kondo to have some fun. As Kondo accompanies Serizawa to the school building, Hijikata tells Chizuru to not think much about that guy.

During the preparation for the school festival, Chizuru decides to go for a short break. Depending on your choice, you can go meet any of the guys. After that, as Chizuru is returning to their classroom, he meets Kondo in the hallway. Kondo notices that their class is really doing their best and eyeing for the prize award. He also mentions that it is actually the PTA president Serizawa that sponsors that reward.

At the day of the school festival, Chizuru will go spend the school fest with a guy depending on your previous choices. Later during the school festival clean-up, Chizuru takes their class’ accumulated trash outside. There she meets Yamazaki, and the school janitor Shimada (huhuhu Otomate what have you done to a brave warrior of the Shinsengumi. I thought Gen-san had the worst role as the school cafeteria cook but now Shimada is the school janitor??). From what Chizuru has heard, Shimada is a kind person and is trusted by the teachers. It may also seem not like it, but he is actually very fond of eating sweets. Shimada comments on this year’s school fest. He mentions that he’s been working at Hakuou Gakuen since its founding, but this is the first time he witnessed the school fest to be so grand. A moment later, Hijikata-sensei and Harada-sensei appeared, donning cute aprons! Turns out, as the homeroom teacher, Hijikata helped in cooking at class 2-1’s takoyaki booth xD. They had lots of remaining takoyaki too, which he gave to Nagakura-sensei and Sannan-sensei. Nagakura comments on how tiring the day was, to which Sannan offered to give him the medicine he concocted. Yamazaki tries to stop him though xD (This scene between Nagakura, Sannan, and Yamazaki is similar to one SSL comic strip).

Later that afternoon, they hold the school festival closing ceremony where Serizawa announces the class that had the best performance in the school fest. And that class is… Class 1-1, Chizuru and Ryunosuke’s class!! Yay for school cafeteria discount coupons! Ryunosuke is so happy that he can finally fall in line in the school cafeteria starting tomorrow, but when Serizawa heard this, he was like wtf are you talking about? As it turns out, the prize for the best class isn’t actually school caf discount coupons, but book cards (図書カード)!!!

At home, Chizuru receives a mail from Souji, and attached is a photo of him and Kondo-sensei wearing cat ears ( ^ω^ )=. Kondo suggests that they also take a photo of the other teachers wearing cat ears, and Souji agrees… except for Hijikata, because he doesn’t want to see such a scary sight lol xD

Story 04


It’s December and the season is getting colder. Because Heisuke has morning kendo practice, Chizuru goes to school alone. At the school, she meets Kondo looking very happy. When asked about the reason, Kondo answers that it’s almost Christmas and every year, as per the school’s tradition, he dresses up as Santa Claus and gives the students Christmas presents. The happy mood was broken though, as Hijikata approaches them with “I’ve got bad news” written all over his face.

At the morning assembly, Kondo announces the bad news that Hijikata had earlier. As it turns out, PTA president Serizawa is being his killjoy self again and for whatever reason, decided that the Kondo as Santa event be cancelled Σ(゚д゚lll). In place for this, they will hold a Christmas party instead, with blind gift exchanging, but only select students will be allowed to participate. Upon hearing this, Ryunosuke face turned pale.  Later, while heading to their classroom, Chizuru meets Hijikata and he asks her what she’ll do if she receives an invitation to the party. He also adds that Chizuru is a good student with high grades so there’s no doubt that she will receive an invitation.

The entire day, Serizawa’s party is the talk of the whole student body (And yes, they refer to it as “Serizawa’s party”). For lunch, Chizuru went to the rooftop to eat with Heisuke. Heisuke invited Saito this time, since Souji has been in a bad mood since that morning’s announcement and he’s nowhere to be found. There they also talk about Serizawa’s party. Later after class, Harada-sensei hands Chizuru her invitation to Serizawa’s party.

What happens later will depend upon your previous choices.

A day before Christmas, Chizuru had just finished wrapping up her gift for the blind gift exchange when she received a dying message mail from Ryunosuke asking for help (but yeah Chizuru comments that his massage looks like a dying message xD). He explains that the party will be held at his place and Serizawa ordered him to do the preparations like decorating the place. He asks for Chizuru’s help and she agreed to help him first thing tomorrow morning. During the preparation, Chizuru will be helped by a guy depending on your previous choices.

During the party, almost everyone who attended praised how pretty the decorations were done (why thank you, dear sirs xD). Kondo is also surprised to see that every student in the school is invited in Serizawa’s party! Kondo is happy to see everyone, but not Serizawa because this isn’t what he planned. Turns out, this is all Hijikata’s doing — he gave all the students invitations. Later, during the blind exchange gift, Kondo asks Serizawa to lead the countdown to opening the presents but he refuses because he’s still in a bad mood lol xD. So they asked Chizuru instead to lead the countdown. Before opening the presents, Ryunosuke hoped that what he will get is food, Nagakura prayed for a paid vacation to which Serizawa comments that he won’t get promoted if Nagakura acts like that lol xD, while Kazama said he wants a year to be with his bride Chizuru (lol what xD). After the party, Chizuru will walk with whoever guy she’s pursuing xD.

The next day, Chizuru receives a mail from Souji and attached is a photo of Heisuke and Yamazaki on their part-time job. It seems that Heisuke will use the money he will earn to buy a certain someone a Christmas gift. Yamazaki on the other hand, just hopes that no one they know will see them in their costumes… until they see Souji… and what happens next is probably Souji sending this mail lol xD

Story 04.5


This chapter is Hatsumoude with whoever guy you’re pursuing…

He next day after New Year’s Day, Chizuru receives a mail from Souji, and attached is a photo of Kaoru and Kazama… arguing about which pet is better, a dog or a cat XD

Story 05


It’s February, and one day, Chizuru notices that the people in school are treating her quite differently. When she first stepped on Hakuou Gakuen as the first female student, the people around her did treat her strangely back then, but she got used to it eventually. Unfortunately, the treatment she’s getting now is different from before. Unable to stand the strange attention her classmates are giving her, she decides to eat lunch somewhere quiet… which is the school clinic. There she meets Sannan-sensei and Yamazaki, and tells them how the first half of her day has been. Hearing her story, Sannan concludes that the people are just charmed by her presence. Chizuru doesn’t seem to get what he means though (yeah me too -_-). On her way back to their classroom, Chizuru meets Nagakura-sensei. Chizuru tells him her story too, and Nagakura is like why of course it’s because of Valentine’s Day!! As it turns out, she’s the only person in school that the guys can expect some chocolates from on that special day, so they’ve been trying to be friends with her.

Later that afternoon after class, there seems to be a commotion in the corridor. Chizuru asks Shiranui and Amagiri, who are in the scene, about it. They tell her that there’s a new school policy, and Chizuru reads it. As it says, starting tomorrow until Valentine’s day, the bags of the students will be checked and unnecessary items such as games, manga, and, UNNECESSARY FOOD AND DRINKS will be confiscated. And when they say unnecessary food, they mean chocolate!! Chizuru’s all, what a cruel policy! She thought that it must have been Kazama’s doing, but Amagiri says that Kazama won’t make a policy like this since he’ll definitely be waiting for a chocolate on Valentine’s day lol xD. As it turns out, the guy behind this policy is none other than her siscon Kaoru!! Kaoru is like, “I did this because I don’t want my sister to be chased for giri-choco this Valentine’s day, ain’t I such a good oniichan?” But Chizuru answers with “But how can I give my honmei choco if there’s a policy like this??”, to which Kaoru is so damn shocked to hear because there is no way her precious sister is giving someone a honmei choco!!! And so, because Kaoru is determined to get the best siscon award, he tells her not bring chocolate in school no matter what! ZETTAI NI! When Kaoru finally leaves, Amagari and Shiranui were like, “Welp, that was some drama between you siblings lol” xD

One Sunday before Valentine’s day, Chizuru, Sen, and Kosuzu ask Gen-san to help them with their chocolate-making. They make their chocolates in the Hakuou Gakuen cafeteria. Sen says that she’s jealous because while she is busy preparing chocolates for business purposes, Kosuzu and Chizuru have enough time for their honmei chocolates. Chizuru is surprised to hear Kosuzu making honmei choco, and it turns out that it’s for Ryunosuke  (๑´ლ`๑). While making their chocolates, Sen and Kosuzu notice that there’s something bothering Chizuru, and she tells that it’s because chocolates are prohibited in campus so she doesn’t know how she’ll hand her chocolate to her special person. Hearing this, Sen is so angry that she’s willing to file a complaint for such a policy violating student rights, but Kosuzu says that Chizuru can just give her chocolates outside the school lol. In the end, the two says that it’s up to Chizuru’s decision on how she’ll give her chocolates.

What happens on Valentine’s Day will depend on the route you’re doing. The minigame here is pretty difficult but it’s passable with a little practice, and I actually enjoyed it because I thought that this whole Valentine’s day business in this game is so ridiculous lol xD.

Before the chapter ends, Chizuru receives a mail from Souji and attached is a photo of Ryunosuke trying to draw a Harada-sensei protrait xD. Chizuru comments that Ryunosuke is really good in art class, and she wonders if he will decide to walk on that path after high school.

Story 06


The epilogue for the route you’re doing.



Yamazaki Susumu

Yamazaki is definitely my favorite side character, especially in Souji’s route in the original game, because, well, they didn’t kill him in that route XD. In SSL, he’s in the same class as Saito, and a loyal heath committee member. Yamazaki has this nice senpai vibes in him, and it really makes me go (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).


On New Year’s Eve, Yamazaki and Chizuru got some time alone together because Yamazaki’s classmates betrayed him lol XD. Class 2-2’s supposed to see the first sunset of the year together but in the end, everyone got some weird sickness or business to attend to and they never made it, and poor Yamazaki’s left alone, but good thing he invited Chizuru when he saw her, so yay, we got a CG! They talked about lots of stuff and Chizuru mentioned that she’s wishing for love on the coming year. The two kind of got into a little tiff because of this lol XD; Chizuru wanted Yamazaki to forget what she said about love but Yamazaki’s like, “lol no way (≖‿≖)” so Chizuru pulled Yamazaki’s arms when he tried to run away… and at that same time, Nagakura comes rushing and sees the two of them flirting with each other! Nagakura’s like, “Oops, sorry to disturb you two ♪(v^_^)vBut please flirt in moderation while inside the campus.” LOOOOL XD

On Valentine’s Day, Chizuru wanted to sneak in her giri choco for Yamazaki to school so she asked his help for that. Good thing Yamazaki is still the resident ninja, and he directed Chizuru to a secret passage to school so they got to enter the campus without going through the mochimonokensa of the disciplinary committee. At the backyard, Chizuru hands Yamazaki the chocolates, and Yamazaki, with a serious face, was like, “Leave it to me. So, who am I going to give this chocolates to? Toudou-kun? Saito-kun?” AHAHAHAHHAHAHA Yamazaki! XD Anyways, in the end, Chizuru explained that the chocolates are for him and Yamazaki accepted them.

In the epilogue, Yamazaki and Chizuru are still tada no tomodachi ┐(‘~`;)┌, though they did spend lots of time together since that Valentine’s day. At that time, which is also Valentine’s Day, they visited Ryoujun Medical University because they’re going to see if Yamazaki passed the entrance exam. Yamazaki passed the exam (yay! *\(^o^)/*), and later they go to the Hakuou Gakuen rooftop. Chizuru gives Yamazaki chocolates, and Yamazaki says that he won’t make the same mistake again this year lol XD. Oh, he’s calling Chizuru with her first name by now.

COMMENTS: Yamazaki’s route is cute! It’s better than Souji’s in my opinion lol XD. The epilogue says that they’re still just friends, but I believe they are “getting there”? I mean to a relationship more than just friends? Ah, I wish Yamazaki’s route was longer <3

Nagakura Shinpachi

Nagakura is… the Shinsengumi member with the best body built! (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) In this game, he’s the Math teacher, but he’s always mistaken as the PE teacher because he’s always wearing a jersey lol XD.


On New Year’s Day, as Chizuru leaves her house for Hatsumoude, she sees Nagakura-sensei outside her house, and he seems to be practicing the lines that he’ll say to her lol XD. It looks to me like Nagakura wants to invite Chizuru for some New Year fun that’s why he went to her house. Anyways, Chizuru says that she’s going for Hatsumoude, so Nagakura decides to escort and protect her. At the shrine, Chizuru wanted to put a coin in the offertory box but there are so many people in the place that she can’t approach the offertory box, so she jumps to try to see what’s going. At this, Nagakura decides to just lift Chizuru on his shoulders, much to Chizuru’s embarrassment lol XD

During Valentine’s Day, the students are chasing Chizuru because they wanted to confiscate her chocolates, until Nagakura sees her and helped her escape. Chizuru gives Nagakura the chocolate muffins, until Kazama sees this and he was like, “Seize that man who’s tricking my bride!” XD. Kazama’s minions did seize Nagakura, and the outcome had the chocolate muffin smashed, without Nagakura having a single bite of it (´Д` ). Chizuru cries over this, but Nagakura tells her that it’s the thought that counts and he was happy that she thought of him while making the chocolates.

In the epilogue, Chizuru just graduated from Hakuou Gakuen and she and Nagakura are spending time at the game center. It seems that Chizuru grew to like math, the subject that Nagakura teaches, and she’s going to go walk some math path…? In the end, Nagakura admits that Chizuru is like his little sister, and he asks her permission to call Chizuru with her first name. Chizuru also says that Nagakura is like her oniisan.

COMMENTS: I also like this short route! I love how Chizuru is younger than Nagakura in terms of age but she acts more mature than him lol XD. In story 02, Chizuru really helped Nagakura (with his lunch xD), and since then, he’s been repaying her kindness so they got to spend lots of time together. With this, I actually thought that we have another route where we end up dating a sensei. The Valentine’s story hinted some romance and I thought that the arcade scenario is a date so I was thinking that Chizuru and Nagakura are already going out in the epilogue… until I noticed that they’re still in last name and sensei-seito terms. So yeah, in the end, we have an imouto-oniichan, relationship. Not that I’m complaining though; I think Nagakura is better off as an oniichan ( ̄∀ ̄)

Sannan Keisuke

Sannan… is a real creeper lol XD. He’s in charge of the school clinic, but apparently, the students don’t like visiting the place because he always takes out this weird medicine that he himself concocted… and it’s a medicine that is so much like the ochimizu! He even had that medicine given out during the blind exchange gift on Serizawa’s party, and it was Chizuru who was unlucky enough to get it lol XD.


On New Year’s eve, I don’t really know why, but Sannan called Chizuru because he said that HE WANTED TO HEAR HER VOICE like wtf? It creeped me out tbh XD. Anyways, the two of them went for Hatsumoude together and Sannan showed Chizuru this nice view near the shrine, which is the sunlight passing through trees.

On Valentine’s Day, because Sannan has been a great help during the past year, Chizuru decides to give Sannan giri choco but as she was entering the school clinic, Hijikata and Yamazaki stop her from handing the chocolates because as they say, Sannan isn’t the guy that Chizuru thinks he is. It seems that Sannan just took interest in Chizuru because she’s the only girl in school, thus, she is more prone to stress, and uh, I think, just like in the original game, Sannan wanted to use Chizuru for improving his medicine? Well it wasn’t stated exactly like that but that’s what I think. Chizuru got to give the chocolates in the end, and we get a blushing Sannan sprite… which is, uh… ( ̄△ ̄;)

In the epilogue, Chizuru’s working for the health committee for two years now. Yamazaki passed her the duty of the committee head a year ago (he even gave her a “How to handle Sannan-sensei” manual lol XD) so Chizuru’s always having lunch and doing paperworks after school in the clinic… and of course she’s always with Sannan-sensei. It was hinted that Sannan wants to tell Chizuru “something”, but Sannan says that she’s still too young for it…? Er, I have a feeling that it’s a love confession or wedding proposal, but I’m better off not to think much about it……

COMMENTS: Well it was nice to see references to the original game, which is this “medicine” business, but really, Sannan gives me creeps in some scenes(; ̄ェ ̄). Though I do think that Sannan is a nice person, despite Hijikata and Yamazaki’s claims that he isn’t. Oh, that epilogue CG is creepy as hell.

Nagumo Kaoru

Kaoru is Chizuru’s siscon twin bro. They’re living separately because their parents died when they were young, and two different houses took them in (one is the Nagumo household, the other is Kodou Yukimura). Kaoru is a member of the disciplinary committee, and he is very notorious for deducting points from students here and there lol XD. Like in the cultural festival chapter, Kaoru secretly goes to see Chizuru’s maid cafe to see how she’s doing, and angered by the fact that people made her sister wear a maid outfit, he takes out his handy dandy notebook to write the point deductions for the people involved in that maid cafe — yes, even Harada-sensei XD


But despite being a crazy siscon, Kaoru can be a nice bro too. During Christmas, since Kaoru says that Christmas is a time for the family, he walks Chizuru home and they got some kyoudai time together (´・ω・`). On New Year’s, Kaoru stalks Chizuru to the temple lol XD. When Chizuru clumsily twisted her ankle, Kaoru carries Chizuru on his back so she doesn’t have to walk and hurt her ankle even more.

Kaoru’s best feat is no doubt the Valentine’s story, because he was the very person behind the “no bringing of chocolates” to school scheme. He hadn’t expected that he’ll be the person Chizuru will giving her chocolates though (´・ω・`). In the epilogue, Kaoru moves in to Chizuru’s house.

COMMENTS: Magic word: “Oniichan” lol XD (because yeah, Kaoru calms down whenever he hears the word from Chizuru XD). This route is shorter than the first three extra routes, but it was nice to see Chizuru have a family in Kaoru (*^^*)

The extra extra routes

There are three more endings other than the main guys’ routes and the above four extra routes. One is a normal end where Chizuru didn’t get any of the guys. The other is the girls’ end wherein Kosuzu and Sen transfered to Hakuoi Gakuen on during Chizuru’s second year. The last is the “Everybody end”, which is in my opinion, better called the “Ryunosuke end” because it’s centered on Ryunosuke and his, uh, want to pursue with kendo? I haven’t played Reimeiroku so I have very little idea about this problem Ryunosuke has so well, I didn’t think much about this route.



– Overall comments –


Was it a good game? Well… this isn’t an otoge for the otome gamer who wants an awesome story, but I guess a fan of the Hakuouki series and its milking will enjoy the game. In my case, Hakouki holds a special place in my heart since it’s the first otome game I played, so I felt like I need to pick up this game to see how the characters of a tragic story will interact in a high school setting… and I got what I expected, so it was pretty okay to play.

The story is, well, throw the Hakuouki characters in a modern high school setting! Yeah, that’s pretty much just it. The character interactions, which is probably the game’s strongest point, were fun, but there’s really nothing special with the main story. Even the “only girl in school” plot isn’t anything new (hello Starry Sky XD). As for the individual routes, I’ve already ranted about them in my previous Hakuouki SSL posts so I’ll leave it at that. For route rankings, my favorite is definitely Kazama’s, because it’s so funny and the ending is A+( ´∀`). Harada-sensei is on second place, because I find the plot of his route the best among the six and I’m a sucker for student-teacher relationships XD. My ranking for the rest is Heisuke > Saito > Hijikata > Okita. It sucks that the route I least liked is my Hakuouki bias’ (`⌒´メ), but I’ve gotten over it already so whatever ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

The mini games were so-so. Some were difficult as hell (the first mini game had me going  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻), but some were just piece of cakes. The Valentine’s mini game is pretty difficult but it’s beatable with some practice, moreover, I found myself enjoying them XD. Anyways, once you’ve completed a route, you can just skip over those shit and relax with the story ☆

The art is… uh, I don’t want to talk about it. Aside from the fact that it isn’t by Kazuki Yone anymore, the first time I played the game and saw the sprites and backgrounds, I actually thought that the game I picked up was a doujin game LOL XD. Well to be fair, some CGs were good and some were just plain crap. As for the BGM, it isn’t anything special imo, although I do like the opening and ending themes, which are again sung by Yoshioka Aika.

With my Hakuouki SSL trophy collection already 100% complete, I think I can finally conclude my Hakuou Gakuen adventure. Unless they do more Hakuouki SSL. I may say that I’m done with the Hakuouki milking… but who knows? ┐(‘~`;)┌

For walkthroughs, I used Sushi Geisha’s walkthrough ^_^ You can see them HERE.

And here is my saved data for the completed game for the PS Vita ^^ | MediaFire


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  1. Blushing Sannan? Do you have the CG because I want to see it :3

    • I think it’s just a sprite. I’ll get back to you once I have a print screen of Sannan’s blushing sprite :3

      • So… did you ever find a screenshot of blushing Sannan-sensei? Because I’m curious…! :)

        • There is definitely a blushing Sannan-sensei sprite but I don’t think I can get a screenshot of it again since I already sold my copy of this game ;;;

  2. Thank u sooooooo much for ur hard work!!! >_< U have no idea how happy I was when I came across to your website this morning and saw the characters' summaries! I can't read Japanese so I am waiting PATIENTLY for this game to be localized but my curiosity was KILLING me! You totally saved my life lol!

    I was slightly disappointed in the original Hakuouki game coz there weren't that many sweet moments and I figured in SSL, they might focus more on romance department, heh. So far from what I've read here, it seems to be exactly what Ive been hoping for!!! ^_^ once again, TY!!!! Ur da best!!! <3

    • I’m so glad that the reviews and summaries helped! *\(^o^)/*
      I am not really sure if this is a game worth a localization, because SSL isn’t as good as the original Shinsengumi Kitan, and there are other otoge better than SSL. But since Aksys Games has been releasing lots of Hakuouki lately, then I guess why not! SSL has the nice no tragic ends setting that’s different from the original game, and I’m sure fans of Hakuouki will surely want to play it ^_^ And like you said, it’s all about the romance ♡. The romance development may be too fast for my liking, but the character interactions and lovey-dovey moments won’t disappoint ( ̄▽ ̄)b

  3. Thank you for writing those!! I always thought it was a shame Yamazaki, Shinpachi and Sannan are non-playable guys, because imho their stories would be so much more interesting. Like Shinpachi would have to go over his imouto perception, Yamazaki has that whole ninja dimension to him, and Sannan, well, creepy can be interesting, right? XD (or I’m just too much of a sucker for twisted ends? Ah well, you get my point, it would be a pretty different love story XD). So at least I’m happy they have a sorta-hinted future together in this game. That said, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write every guy, every route, everything, and whatever game you decide to pick next, it’ll be a pleasure to read :D (and of course they’re going to release something else for Hakuouki, Milk it till they die XD).

    • If I’m not mistaken, I think Sannan, Nagakura, and Yamazaki did get their own short routes in Zuisurouku? I wish I can play that game some time so I can check (´・ω・`). And Ahahaha I agree so much with your opinion regarding Sannan! Although I can’t imagine how his twisted end can be XD.
      Regarding the Hakuouki milking, I heard that they already just announced a new game (or series? remake? I’m not yet sure) during Otomate Party 2014! At the moment, I don’t know what to say about it to be honest. I don’t want any more Hakuouki milked game, but knowing me, I may still end up playing it if it does get released LOL XD.
      And thank you so much for the kind words! ヽ(;▽;)ノ I’ll do my best in the next games I’ll play! ☆

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