Starry☆Sky ~in Autumn~ Portable: Mizushima Iku

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Starry Sky Mizushima Iku

CV: Yusa Kouji

At the start of the season, Mizushima Iku (Constellation: Gemini) is introduced as a trainee teacher under the care of Haruki Naoshi. Much to Naoshi-sensei’s headache though, Iku likes to get away from his trainee teacher duties and he usually goes to the school clinic to hide from him. Iku is also a smooth talker who knows the best words to say to women, but he’s got these issues about love being just a silly thing, so that’s what his route revolves around.

The thing with Iku is that he thinks that love is just a silly game and apparently, it’s his way of killing time so he goes around from girlfriend to girlfriend and he doesn’t take relationships easily. So during the school festival, when Iku brings Tsukiko to the Star Road (the most famous attraction of the Seigetsu Gakuen school festival, said that walking along it with your beloved person will make your love turn out well), they got into some difference in view about love disagreement. To decide who among them is right, they engage in this “game” that Iku suggested: they will act that they are lovers for a month; if Tsukiko wins, Iku will believe that love isn’t just a game, but if he wins, Tsukiko will throw away her stupid illusions about love. So for a month, they go on after school dates at the rooftop, and they uh, do girlfriend-boyfriend stuff like holding hands lol ╮(─▽─)╭.

One day, Tsukiko was left alone in the school clinic with Iku. While changing the bed sheets, Iku suddenly pins Tsukiko to the bed, much to her surprise. Iku says that they are lovers so what will happen next is natural, so Tsukiko, who is so into their “game” despite being afraid, tells him to continue (◎_◎;). Though, Iku didn’t continue, Tsukiko was scared as hell so she runs away from the room. Days later of not seeing Mizushima-sensei, Tsukiko decides to gather her courage and confront him in the rooftop. There Tsukiko tells Iku that she won’t run away from him again, because Tsukiko noticed that Iku always looks so hurt about something, so she wants to know about the reason behind it. Iku says that it’s just Tsukiko’s imagination, but seeing that she’s already decided on it, he agrees to continue with their game.


Nothing much happened for the next days (except for a couple of ‘love isn’t just a game’ lines by Tsukiko, and holding hands during dates XD), and the night after the school field trip, they officially end their game with a kiss so after, they’re back to the ordinary student-teacher relationship. None of them really won the game, but at this point, Tsukiko already loves Iku and she wants to continue their lovers relationship but she just can’t say that easily to him so she really can’t do anything about it. A few days later of not talking with Iku, Tsukiko is called to the school clinic by Haruki and Hoshizuki-sensei. They wanted to ask her about Iku since it seems that he’s been feeling down ever since the school field trip ended. At this, Hoshizuki-sensei finally reveals Iku’s sad back story. Hoshizuki says that because their mothers know each other, he’s acquainted with Iku so he’s sometimes taking care of him and his twin sister named Yui. Unfortunately, Yui is this gal who has a heart disease and is always bedridden, despite being a genki-looking girl. Aside from Iku having a twin sister, Hoshizuki also reveals that Iku also sang for a band! Hearing this Tsukiko’s like, やっぱり!, because there’s this now-dissolved band that she used to like and she’s been having feelings that Iku was a member of it. With that, she’s now sure that the vocalist of the band she liked is Iku. However, when Yui, the source of his strength, died, Iku overworked himself with the band, and in the end, his throat failed and he has to quit singing. So to get him back to his feet, Hoshizuki called him to train as a teacher in Sengetsu Gakuen as per Yui’s dream of being a teacher. With Iku feeling down lately, Hoshizuki-sensei and Haruki-sensei wanted Tsukiko to talk to him, since they say that Tsukiko resembles Yui in terms of their positive attitude.


Later, Tsukiko goes to the rooftop and she finally meets Iku there. After getting a call from a previous bandmate however, Iku throws a fit about how people just live to use each other. As it turns out, Iku had lots of friends while he’s still in the music biz, but when he quit due to his throat disease, those “friends” abandoned him because he’s no longer famous. Because of that, Iku developed trust issues and vowed not to believe in anyone again. And thus, we have the current Mizushima Iku who likes getting the girls but ditches them the moment he’s tired of them. But of course, fangirl Tsukiko won’t just give up on Iku because now that she heard his story, she loves him even more and he’s the vocalist of her beloved band. Hearing this, Iku hugs Tsukiko, and tells her to meet him at the rooftop again after two days. Howver, being the bastard with issues that he is, instead of showing up himself, Iku conspired with a student who likes Tsukiko so it was this student that Tsukiko met in the rooftop on their promised time ಠ_ಠ. Despite this, Tsukiko decides to stay in the rooftop to wait for Iku, and he came at night.

Good end: After some drama of Iku opposing his real feelings towards Tsukiko, he finally makes up his mind and tells her his most hated words: “I love you”. They continue on their after school dates in the rooftop while Iku is still a trainee teacher until the end of the season. In the epilogue, five years have passed since that autumn, and Iku and Tsukiko are arranging stuff since they’ll be living together from now on. Tsukiko just graduated from university and Iku had already proposed to her.


Normal end: Same rooftop scenario as in the good end. Weeks later after the change of seasons, Iku comes back to Seigetsu Gakuen to get some official papers. He didn’t say anything to Tsukiko about him coming back, but Hoshizuki and Haruki-sensei managed to set them some time together at the school clinic, and they ichaicha because they haven’t seen each other for long.

Bad end: Tsukiko realized that Iku’s just playing with her, so she finally gave up on him, though she admits that she did love him. Iku still continued on his decision to be a teacher, and when he came back one day at Sengetsu Gakuen, Hoshizuki noticed that he’s changed. Iku thinks that the reason for his change is Tsukiko, since it was with her that he experienced his first broken heart.


– My comments –

I chose to play Iku’s route first because Yusa Kouji yeah \m/.

I thought at first Mizushima-sensei is just another trainee teacher who loves dodging responsibilities and slacking off… but I was so wrong because he has this sadist side that is just so ಠ_ಠ. There’s this scene in September 17 where Iku kabe-dons Tsukiko IN FRONT OF OTHER STUDENTS to show them how getting on with the girls is properly done and it had me going WTF (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. I don’t really mind scenes like that, but not in front of other people gaddammit. But anyways, I guess his issues do make sense when you finally discover his past… ? Iku is an interesting character, but I’m not really fond of him and his slightly do-S side (he was pretty sweet near the ending though). And speaking of Iku’s past, his back story is sad but it’s so well-written; I love it! I was all “This is good. THIS STORY IS GOOD!” as I was reading through that part XD. If there’s one thing that I really like about this route, it’s his back story.

How Tsukiko fell in love with Iku had me thinking because he never did anything special (in a good way, not some do-S stuff), but I realized that Iku is a part of the band that Tsukiko really liked (she actually noticed it immediately though Iku denied it at first), so I guess I can say that Tsukiko is just another fangirl and she fell when her beloved singer noticed her? Lol just guessing here XD.

Heart meter: ♥♥♥

I’m playing Hoshizuki-sensei’s route next, though prolly at a slower pace because of some irl stuff m(_ _)m

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