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CV: Ishida Akira

Hoshizuki Kotarou (constellation: Libra) is the school nurse. He’s got this bad reputation of being an untidy person and Tsukiko always lectures him about it. Apparently one of his hobbies is sleeping (lol XD), because he’s always found sleeping in the school clinic. He’s also weak to alcohol; one gulp can make him fall asleep!

In the common route, as some student assistant at the school clinic, Tsukiko spend lots of time with Hoshizuki-sensei. Tsukiko always lectures him about cleaning, while Hoshizuki always asks her to make him some tea, despite him always saying that it tastes bad (=゚ω゚)ノ. At one point, Tsukiko actually tried to practice her tea-making, but Hoshizuki says that he already likes the bad taste if her tea so there’s no need to improve it lol XD. The two always engage in these banters about Hoshizuki tidying his stuff and Tsukiko’s making of her usual mazui tea and it’s really cute (๑´ლ`๑). There’s also one time when Tsukiko got sick, she stayed in the school clinic to take a rest and asked Hoshizuki-sensei to hold her hand !! She wakes up with him still holding her hand, and he escorts her to her room (OMG Hoshizuki-sensei such a sweetie ♡). Because Hoshizuki is a pretty guy with his own natural charms, Tsukiko developed feelings for him as they spend time together (and I can’t blame Tsukiko; you just can’t help but fall in love with a guy like Hoshizuki-sensei!).


During the school festival, Hoshizuki invites Tsukiko to the Star Road because he remembered her saying that she wanted to see it. There, Tsukiko was charmed by how good-looking Hoshizuki-sensei is again, and he noticed this, though he bluntly tells her that he shouldn’t fall in love with her. Despite what Hoshizuki-sensei said about her liking him being true, Tsukiko denies that it’s him that she likes, but she asks him the reason why he shouldn’t fall in love with her. Hoshizuki answers that it’s because they’re students and teachers, and he doesn’t have the qualifications of falling in love with anyone… ? The route revolves around the reason behind this but it will be explained later in the story.

It was soon revealed that Hoshizuki-sensei is actually the son of the former board chairman (thus the names: Hoshizuki and Seigetsu!), and at the start of November, he got the position of the board chairman because his sister Koharu, who is currently the board chairperson, is going overseas for some other business. Hoshizuki doesn’t mind bearing the work, because anyways it has always been him doing Koharu’s work, thus the reason why he’s sometimes not in the clinic (there’s a scene from in Spring when Suzuya and Tsukiko went to the clinic and Hoshizuki-sensei isn’t there lol. It’s explained now XD). What makes him sad though is that he loves the school nurse work and being the board chairman will mean less time for that work. But Tsukiko says that he can still have the best of both worlds, since as an assistant at the school clinic, she’ll be glad to help him <3. Anyways, during the school field trip, Tsukiko got sick and she got to ask Hoshizuki-sensei again to hold her hand while she sleeps (✧≖‿ゝ≖). By this time, it seems that Hoshizuki already realized that he also likes Tsukiko because he kisses her in the lips while she’s asleep!! When Tsukiko wakes up, Hoshizuki is already asleep, so it was her that secretly kisses him this time! \(//∇//)\


A few days, after the secret kisses, Tsukiko receives a shocking news that Hoshizuki-sensei had just accepted a marriage interview!!! Haruki and Mizushima-sensei comes to the school clinic to ask Hoshizuki about it, only to find Tsukiko there. They say that it also looks so sudden for them that Hoshizuki accepted an omiai, when they think that he’s going along well with Tsukiko lately and he really looks happy when he’s with Tsukiko. Haruki-sensei even says that and he’ll gladly lend a hand on a forbidden student-teacher love! At this, Tsukiko finally admits to the two teachers that she does like Hoshizuki-sensei, and she braves it up and went directly to Hoshizuki-sensei. But Hoshizuki doesn’t deny the fact he did accept the marriage business, because he says that he’s already at a marriageable age.

Since the broken-hearted Tsukiko won’t just accept that lousy excuse, she decides to confess her love for him. It seems that Hoshizuki-sensei’s avoiding her though, and one day, Mizushima-sensei finally tells Tsukiko about Hoshizuki’s back story. Same as in Mizushima’s story, he has a twin sister named Yui who has a heart sickness, and Yui actually liked Hoshizuki! It was an unreciprocated love though, because Hoshizuki-sensei only sees Yui as a younger sister. Despite knowing this, Yui still wanted to confess her feelings to Hoshizuki-sensei.  Hoshizuki, not wanting to sister-zone Yui, avoided her, and before he finally decides on facing her, Yui died(;_;). Hoshizuki never got to see her in her last moments, because Yui is already dead when he got to the hospital, and he’s been regretting his actions ever since. Because of this, Hoshizuki thinks that he isn’t allowed to love anyone anymore, as his punishment for his crimes or something. Mizushima says that Hoshizuki must have been thinking that he doesn’t want Tsukiko to be hurt like how Yui was hurt, so he ran away from Tsukiko by accepting the omiai.

When Tsukiko sees Hoshizuki-sensei , she finally tells him her feelings but Hoshizuki says that it’s just the usual little confusion of a person her age experiences and she will find another person to love that is the same age as her. Hoshizuki adds that he doesn’t want Tsukiko to be involved with him anymore and rejects her confession. But Tsukiko won’t easily give up so she decides to just ambush him on the day of his marriage interview. Hoshizuki rejects her again though, and he goes to his omiai, while Tsukiko waits for him in the middle of the rain Σ(゚д゚lll). Right when Hoshizuki-sensei finally comes back, she lost consciousness.

Good end: When Tsukiko wakes up, she again tells her feelings for Hoshizuki-sensei. Hoshizuki tears up and Tsukiko hugs him from behind. He explains that doesn’t want to return Tsukiko’s love because he’s afraid that he’ll hurt Tsukiko, like how he had hurt Yui, but Tsukiko answers that in this world, there’s no such thing as love without pain, and she’ll be hurt even more if Hoshizuki runs away from her again. They realize that it’s about time they become kanojo-kareshi, and they kiss. In one occasion, at the school clinic, Hoshizuki wants to kiss Tsukiko but she says that people may see them, so he covered her with his white coat and kissed her \(//∇//)\. They also read a letter that Yui wrote before she died, and in it are her feelings for Hoshizuki, and her wish for him to be happy and to take care of the person he will soon find to love.


In the epilogue, Tsukiko and Hoshizuki started living together when she graduated from university. Although Tsukiko wanted to get married immediately, Hoshizuki says that they should live together first to test the waters because Tsukiko is still young so there’s a tendency that her feelings for him may still change. Tsukiko says that it won’t, and Hoshizuki replies it’s also the same for him, and he likes her even more each day.

Normal end: Same scenarios as in the good end, the difference is in the epilogue. Tsukiko and Hoshizuki continue their relationship while hiding it from the other people.

Bad end: Tsukiko realizes that her feelings for Hoshizuki-sensei hurts him even more, so she decides to just give up on it. It seems that Hoshizuki does like Tsukiko though, because he still watched over her until her graduation… ? During her graduation ceremony, Tsukiko admits to Hoshizuki-sensei that she did very much love him, though it’s already in the past.


– My comments –

OMG I love Hoshizuki-sensei! Aside from the Ishida Akira voice, Hoshizuki-sensei is just this naturally charming older guy that you can’t help but fall in love with  \(//∇//)\. If I were in Tsukiko’s place, I’d also definitely fall in love with him: he’ll be that teacher that I’m fangirling about! It was also fun to read about Tsukiko and Hoshizuki-sensei’s little banters about the mazui ocha and messy room XD

Anything I didn’t like? Hm, nothing, really. I love the guy’s personality, the route story, and the romance development! (So not much comment lol XD)

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥♥

On to the last Autumn guy, Haruki-sensei! Though will prolly play at a slower pace because of some irl stuff m(_ _)m

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