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CV: Kishio Daisuke

Haruki Naoshi (Constellation: Leo) is the homeroom teacher of Tsukiko’s class. Aside from being the adviser of the archery club (in which he doesn’t show his face much lol XD), he also plays soccer with the students and he’s so energetic that Tsukiko’s classmates love playing around with him even during class. During his own high school days, all Haruki did was study so he encourages his students to enjoy their own youth while they still can. Haruki-sensei is probably one of the best homeroom teachers one can ever have; he is this really nice teacher who cares a lot for his students so the students love him back!

During the school festival, Haruki-sensei invites Tsukiko to go see the Star Road, so they can prove that the myth about it — that if you walk along the Star Road with someone, then you’ll have mutual love for each other — isn’t true! There Tsukiko asks why Haruki-sensei is so earnest about negating the myth behind the Star Road, and Haruki-sensei answers that it’s because he thinks that love is a scary thing. Haruki-sensei says that he cannot understand why people will give up everything just for the one they love, particularly in an unrequited love where your feelings are not returned. There’s a sad story behind Haruki’s thinking, and we get the reason for that when Haruki was feeling down after a student transferred schools and he blames himself for not being able to stop it.


To cheer Haruki up, Tsukiko decides to invite him to go observe the stars. There, Haruki-sensei tells Tsukiko his back story. When he was younger, all Haruki-sensei did was study, study, and study. He never participated in any other events, until a friend, Hiroki, told him to enjoy their youth. And thus, from Hiroki, he learned the importance of having fun during your youth because it’s an important phase in life, and we now have the current genki Haruki Naoshi. Also, this Hiroki guy has a girl he likes, although the feeling is one-sided. The girl almost got into a traffic accident, but Hiroki saved her, and while protecting the girl he likes, it was him that was badly hit and hospitalized. Until now, he hasn’t regained his consciousness.

While Tsukiko and Haruki are talking about it, Haruki receives a call from Hiroki’s parents that Hiroki’s condition has worsened, so he and Tsukiko went to see him at the hospital. There they see the girl that Hiroki saved, and Haruki got to talk to her. They talk about uh, stuff, like how Haruki doesn’t understand why Hiroki had sacrificed himself for a girl who doesn’t love him back. More talkings follow, and in the end, Haruki finally sees the real meaning of love, thanks to Hiroki and the girl, and of course, Tsukiko. Because of Tsukiko’s encouraging words and view about love, Haruki-sensei soon developed feelings for Tsukiko. Apparently, by this time, Tsukiko also already likes Haruki-sensei!


In one event, Haruki-sensei actually consulted his students about his love problem XD. The next day, Tsukiko sees Haruki-sensei in the rooftop, and he suddenly asks her if she has someone she likes. Tsukiko straightly answers yes, and Haruki’s like, “wowowow wait a moment I think I’m not ready for this ヽ(;▽;)ノ” because of course he doesn’t want to hear Tsukiko talk about her fondness about another guy! After some of blushing Haruki-sensei’s cute lines, Tsukiko finally tells Haruki that the person she likes is actually him! Haruki says at first that he can’t return Tsukiko’s feelings because they are students and teachers, but he immediately takes back his words and tells her that he likes her too! \(//∇//)\. So they start their kareshi-kanojo relationship, and they actually blush while in the middle of a class when their eyes meet lololol XD. They also have dates in the guise of supplementary lessons (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

The days of cute moments and ichaicha continue, until one day, Tsukiko notices something wrong when Haruki-sensei didn’t call her on a Sunday. When Haruki did call her, he just told her that they shouldn’t meet for a short while. Tsukiko and Haruki don’t meet for a few days, until Haruki tells her to meet him at the rooftop…… where he tells her that they should break up!  Haruki hugs Tsukiko, and leaves immediately without waiting for her answer Σ(゚д゚lll). As it turns out, the reason behind Haruki-sensei wanting to break up is because rumors about him and Tsukiko have been circulating around the school, and it had already reached the school principals and other school heads! So while Haruki-sensei has been going through that, he decided to keep Tsukiko out of it and of course she isn’t pleased about his decision. A short drama later, Tsukiko says that she can be patient until her graduation, and so the two decided that they’ll beak up, and will just return to their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship when Tsukiko graduates.

Before the epilogue, Haruki tells Tsukiko two good news: the first being the student who transferred school is now doing well with his new life, and Hiroki now gained consciousness!


Good end: After Tsukiko’s graduation from university, she and Haruki started living together. They’re on their way to meet Tsukiko’s parents, because Haruki wants to get their permission first before they marry :3

Normal end: Tsukiko and Haruki waited until Tsukiko’s graduation, and they continue with the kanojo-kareshi relationship they had set aside.

Bad end: When Tsukiko tells Haruki that their love can wait until graduation, Haruki answers that it can’t. He says that he loves Tsukiko, but he doesn’t want to lose anything anymore, so he gives up on love. We also get to see flashback of Haruki’s past with his bff Hiroki, about how Hiroki changed him to what he is now. A few years after Tsukiko’s graduation from Seigetsu Gakuen, Haruki is surprised to see her again, now as a student teacher that is under his supervision (just like how Iku was). Haruki is thinking that he should take this chance… probably to continue their love?


– My comments –

Haruki-sensei is sooooo cute! I love his date scenarios with Tsukiko because he’s such a cute boyfriend (๑´ლ`๑). The scenes when he noticed his feelings for Tsukiko were definitely the cutest! It was also fun to see him get jealous when Tsukiko’s getting close with other guys because he’ll just pout while he looks from afar while going, “hngggggh” XD

Haruki’s story is the most branched out from the three because he isn’t connected to Yui but since this game is about sad back stories, of course he his own equally tear-jerking past! Unlike the other two though, Haruki’s past isn’t exactly the conflict in the route because, lol, it was resolved quite easily, so the writers had to add the part when his forbidden relationship with Tsukiko was known around the school. Well that conflict was easily resolved too so meh ┐(‘~`;)┌. The good thing about his route though, is that it has lots of really cute moments with Tsukiko and Haruki going out (๑´ლ`๑).

The good end is very typical of Haruki-sensei so no comments about that, but I have to comment about the bad end. It wasn’t exactly bad imo — I actually liked it too —  because it showed the path Tsukiko wanted to walk and it still hinted a possible continuation of the relationship between Tsukiko and Naoshi despite it being a bad end. It also showed Haruki’s past with Hiroki!

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥.5



– Overall comments –

After hours of tying to get to the reflection end, I’m finally 100% done with Starry Sky in Autumn! (I was an idiot for using a walkthrough for the PC version when I’m actually playing the PSP version lol XD). I wasn’t able to write about the “reflection end” because ahahahaha triggering that end gave me a headache ヽ(;▽;)ノ.

Anyways. I just want to laugh at how all the guys in this game have a sad past, but hey, because of those back stories, each route had a nice plot going on! I go ಠ_ಠ whenever I encounter a route with a poor plot so the back stories were a hit in my opinion. As usual of Starry Sky (I played in Spring before), the interactions between the guys are fun, and most of the romance scenarios had me going (๑´ლ`๑)fufufu, especially in Haruki and Hoshizuki-sensei’s routes!

Starry Sky in Spring was pretty boring imo so I was hesitant to play the other Starry Sky games, but I’m so glad I still picked up in Autumn because it’s so much better than in Spring! My only reason for playing this game is to see more forbidden student-teacher love (✧≖‿ゝ≖), but considering how much I enjoyed the game aside from that fact, I have decided to go on a Starry Sky marathon and play all the games and after stories!

It sucks that I’ll be playing Starry Sky in Summer AFTER playing in Autumn, but ahaha, I can’t do anything about it now, can I? I don’t think that play order matters in this series anyway XD.

My saved data for the completed game for the PSP ^^ | MediaFire

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