Starry☆Sky ~in Summer~ Portable: Kinose Azusa

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CV: Fukuyama Jun

Kinose Azusa (constellation: Sagittarius) is a first year student in the cosmology department. At the start of the game, he joined the archery club, and immediately started hitting on Tsukiko XD

Throughout the common route Azusa is this straightforward kouhai and new member of the archery club that does nothing but hit on his senpai Tsukiko (pretty much like Yoh from in Spring). Because of his personality (of always hitting on Tsukiko, no less), he’s always annoying vice-captain Miyaji up to the point that they had this very childish competition of cleaning the archery dojo floors XD.


The main thing with Azusa is that he’s an archery prodigy. People say that he’s a heaven-sent child of archery, because of his name “Azusa” and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, the Archer. Moreover, there’s this “When you say archery, it has to be Kinose. If you say archery, it has to be Kinose” going on around.

At the start of his route, for some reason, Azusa began missing his archery shots and this worries the other club members. This goes on until their training camp, where Azusa opened up a little to Tsukiko and told her that he’s actually worried about his lack of unique archery form and that he can’t be as passionate in archery as how Tsukiko and the others are. When they returned to the school after the training camp, Azusa is still depressed as ever and can’t hit his targets so he asked Homare to remove him from the contestants for the tournament and I was like whuuts wrong with you kid withdrawing all of a sudden??? Of course Homare doesn’t allow this.


The next day, Azusa still didn’t get back to his usual prodigy self and this time, his bow snapped during practice. Tsukiko goes to help him but Azusa himself had snapped and went out of the dojo. Tsukiko goes to follow him, and Azusa finally vents out all his cause of depression. The thing is he is already tired of people always connecting him with archery (? Pretty lame reason if you ask me). At this Tsukiko tells him to not forget doing archery for fun. She also revealed that she had already met Azusa even before he was a student of the school. It was when Tsukiko was practicing, and Azusa saw her and told her that there’s a “light” in her archery form. Since then, those words have been pushing her to do better in archery. Anyways, what made Azusa back to his usual self is, when Tsukiko said that one can’t be fixated to only one thing. Azusa realizes that archery isn’t the only thing that he can be attached to, and so the next day, he came back to his self, no longer missing his shots and going all sweet with Tsukiko again.

With the archery prodigy Azusa back, the team won the national tournament. Right after that, Azusa invited Tsukiko to the rooftop and there asked her to be his girlfriend. And yeah that’s pretty much it happily ever after like whaat that was fast ಠ_ಠ. Anyways, the two started going out and the next day, Azusa daringly kissed Tsukiko in front of the whole archery club, to tell them that Tsukiko is already his girlfriend! (Why this kid——!) They also go on a date after, and they see rings being sold in the park. The two wanted to buy a matching pair that they can wear, but gave it up upon remembering that they can’t wear rings while doing archery. So instead Azusa bought matching necklace with moon pendant.


Good end: Several years have passed and Azusa is currently a space development intern in America. Tsukiko sees Azusa in the airport before he leaves for America again. They go lovey dovey and Azusa proposed to Tsukiko.

After end: The two continue dating, and in this end, it’s already graduation. Azusa and Tsukiko go lovey dovey under the blooming Sakura.

Normal end: Happens a year after that summer. Tsukiko is going to graduate from the school in half a year, so Azusa make her promise that she won’t go out with anyone else other than him once she’s in university.


– My comments –

Well that was… fast. I was expecting more plot twists when the two started going out but I guess it has to end there. I love how Azusa is this flirty kouhai who knows the best things to say in a certain situation but his route was just meh. It’s as if they just pushed in a “plot” just for the sake of actually having a plot in the route. It also annoyed me that one day he’s being flirty and right when you get to his main route, Azusa suddenly becomes all depressed and I don’t know what to do with him! He kept his insecurities to himself but then one word and boom he’s back to his old self. I don’t even know  ( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・?

But yeah, I like Azusa when he’s being flirty XD

Heart meter: ♥♥♥.5

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