Starry☆Sky ~in Summer~ Portable: Miyaji Ryunosuke

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CV: Kamiya Hiroshi

Miyaji Ryunosuke (constellation: Scorpio) is the vice captain of the archery club who is very serious when it comes to archery that the other club members call him “oni” because he’s very strict when it comes to archery practice. Deep inside, however, his Scorpio personalities kick in and he’s actually a bit of a tsundere and an awkward guy who gets shy easily even because of small things! He also has a secret sweet tooth XD

The best thing about Miyaji imo is definitely his undying love for anything sweet XD. He loves sweets so much that those are the only food he eats everyday ww Like during one lunch time, Tsukiko sees him in the school cafeteria eating nothing but a small piece of onigiri and a big special chocolate parfait for lunch! Tsukiko asked him if he actually eats that thing every day because boy it’s bad for your health if you eat nothing but sweets but Miyaji answered of course no, he’s eating that just for that day!… until a cafeteria staff came to them and said, “Ara, you’re eating that today again??” LOOOOL MIYAJI YOU CAN’T HIDE YOUR SWEET TOOTH xDDDDD And when the cafeteria lady told him to look forward for tomorrow because the special green tea parfait will be on sale, Miyaji was like this. Oh gosh he’s such a cutie (//v//)


There’s also one occasion when Tsukiko planned on buying swimsuit, and she bumps into Miyaji at the mall. She asks him to help her choose a swimsuit, but oh gosh you shouldn’t say such things to a tsundere so of course our resident shy baby won’t go… until Tsukiko bribes him with ice cream and he was immediately lured by the taste of strawberry ice cream and agrees! OMG THIS SCENE HAD ME LAUGHING SO MUCH XDD

Since Tsukiko and Miyaji are in the same year level and has been members of the archery club since their first year, they’ve already spent quite a time together (like cleaning the dojo when they were freshies) and thus apparently (like any other guy in the school, I suppose), Miyaji already harbors feelings for Tsukiko. Apparently, they also consider each other as rivals though I don’t see this rivalry thingy as something important. Anyways, only thing is Miyaji is too busy with other stuff (read:archery) so yeah he’s pretty slow. In one occasion, Miyaji is tutoring Tsukiko in the library when Tsukiko asked him about this romance book he is reading. Tsukiko was surprised to hear that he actually reads that kind of stuff, but Miyaji reasoned that he likes someone IRL so he can relate with the story. Too dense to notice that he is actually talking about her, clueless Tsukiko asked Miyaji about the girl he likes because THE TWO OF THEM ARE FRIENDS so of course she has a reason to peek into Miyaji’s love life! Hashtag friendzoned, aren’t we? //facepalm. SEE WHAT I MEAN THIS IS BECAUSE YOU’RE SO SLOW MIYAJI.

On to Miyaji’s main route, more sweet moments ensue like when Tsukiko sprained her ankles (Tsukiko is always clumsy but her clumsiness in this route increased ten-fold I swear ಠ_ಠ) and she tried to hide it from her archery club nakamas because she doesn’t want to worry them. She got past the baka trio without any questions but of course Miyaji immediately noticed has something wrong with her ankle. Too cliché I know but still awwww ♥♥


After winning the archery tournament, a girl asked for Tsukiko’s favor to deliver a love letter for Miyaji. Tsukiko decides to give it to Miyaji at the rooftop later that night, and at the sight of the letter Miyaji was already getting shy and all that he’s actually receiving a love letter from his secret crush Tsukiko until she breaks the mood and says “You’re getting the wrong idea here, this isn’t from me!” and poof I swear Miyaji’s world crashed at this. Of course he is VERY disappointed and tells her to return the letter because whether he reads it or not, his answer will be the same.

The next day, the archery club goes back to practice but Miyaji’s hair fringe is getting in the way of his practice since it has gotten too long because he had not time to get a haircut lol XD. Tsukiko offered to put a hairpin to keep it in place, and as she was doing so, their face were too close to each other that Miyaji, without thinking, kissed Tsukiko in the lips! The scene ended up being really awkward that Miyaji who can’t explain what he’s done quickly went away and started avoiding Tsukiko for the next few days. Tsukiko wants to talk to him regarding that incident because she’s realized that she actually likes him and she wants to know if that kiss means that he also likes her but Miyaji just won’t let her approach him and even said that “Forget about what happened” and I was like wtf??? You kiss me and then tell me to forget about it? Wtf?  Anyways this made Tsukiko really depressed and Miyaji still can’t man it up until Azusa intervenes the next day by saying “Miyaji-senpai is too slow, so I confessed to Tsukiko-senpai and we’re going out now.” At this, Miyaji gets jealous and finally had the guts to patch up things with Tsukiko once and for all. About time, dude. He takes her to the rooftop, tells her about his true feelings, AND FINALLY CONFESSES TO HER. Took you some time Miyaji; I swear I was kind of disappointed by your slowness but good thing you’re still the shy cutie so I forgive you ;) Anyways what I like about the confession scene is Tsukiko’s answer: “You’re late. I’ve been wanting to hear that from you. Good thing I haven’t given up on you yet,” and then she followed it by saying all the things she likes about Miyaji, causing him to blush from all the shyness xDD After that, the two started going out, even hugging at the dojo the next day, until they noticed that the baka trio is sneaking up on them XD


Good end: Four years after they started going out, Tsukiko and Miyaji’s relationship is going stronger, and Miyaji’s parents invited Tsukiko to their house for dinner (aww <3). There Miyaji proposed to Tsukiko, and they plan on a wedding after they graduate from college… where they will surely have a big wedding cake for their sweet tooth XD

Normal end: A year later, Miyaji is now the archery team oni captain and they’re practicing for the year’s tournament. Tsukiko made bentou fot Miyaji, which made Azusa a little jealous XD

After end: During Christmas eve, after the party organized but the student council, Tsukiko and Miyaji sees each other at the rooftop and they exchange Christmas gifts. Tsukiko gave Miyaji a handmade muffler which made him jealous because she asked other guys’ (Suzuya and Koguma) help in making it ww Miyaji on the other hand, gave her lots of Christmas sweets.


– My comments –

Oh gosh Miyaji is a real shy cutie (//v//) I like how he is this strict vice captain but he is still being teased by the club members because he is such an awkward guy when teased XD His love for sweets is also really funny that I was laughing so hard at scenes which focused on his sweet tooth XD The only drawback with him is that… he’s sooo slow when it comes to Tsukiko. Like wow, a kouhai’s interference is still needed before he finally make the move on her. Whatever the case though, he’s still my baby <3

With 8/12 Starry Star guys played, I have to say that Miyaji is my favorite among them in terms of personality :3 (I’m sorry, Hoshizuki-sensei! orz)

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥.5

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