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CV: Hoshi Souichiro

Kanakubo Homare (constellation: Taurus) is a third year student in Seigetsu Academy Astrology department. He is also the captain of the archery team and the other members often rely on him and consult their archery troubles with him. He is gentle and kind and acts as the “Suzuya” in the game as he is often the referee whenever Azusa and Miyaji start arguing with each other xD

In the middle of Homare’s route, he admitted that he wants to pursue studying western astrology after high school graduation but because he came from a family that runs a tea ceremony school, it’s pretty much his duty to succeed as the head. He adds though, that his family isn’t really demanding him to succeed as the head but family duties kick in first so he decided to pursue the way of the tea after he graduates. However, by watching Tsukiko doing well in astronomy, archery, and other things, he realized that he likes all of astrology, tea ceremony, and archery, so he changes his decision and decides to pursue all three.

Anyways, one of Homare’s flaws is that even though he is good with archery, he can’t handle competition pressure well enough and because of this, the team lost in the previous year’s tournament. He blamed himself for the loss but of course the team won’t let their beloved buchou sulk like that so they encouraged him and thus he is able to win over pressure now.


Throughout the game, Homare poses this gentle and kind exterior but he’s actually manipulative when he wants to, and he gets what he wants… which is usually time with Tsukiko, much to the disappointment of the other members of the club who can’t complain because HE IS THE CAPTAIN  xD You also don’t make him angry because he isn’t as kind as you think – he’ll definitely punish you as he keep a gentle smile on his face xD Like everyone else, he also likes the sole girl in the school so he always gives obvious hints that he likes Tsukiko but of course our heroine is as dense as ever so she doesn’t really get his advances.

One day, Tsukiko goes to the dojo early to show Homare the photos from the training camp… only to accidentally overhear Homare talking on the phone with his *gasp!* girlfriend – or that’s what Tsukiko assumed anyway. Tsukiko becomes sad at this sudden revelation of Homare-buchou having a girlfriend, and welp, she finally realized that she actually likes Homare! The next day Miyaji notices something wrong with Tsukiko because she’s been avoiding Homare all day, so he asks her about it. Tsukiko tells him her worries about Homare having a girlfriend, and Miyaji suggests that she should just directly ask the person to be sure. Later that night, Tsukiko goes to the rooftop garden to get a breeze and there she sees Homare who asks her about the reason why she’s avoiding him. Tsukiko mentions Homare’s “girlfriend” and at this Homare laughed and says “Oh it’s the same as me! Lately you’re getting close with Miyaji so I thought you two must have started going out!” OMG THIS DEVELOPMENT xD. Anyways Homare explained that the person he was talking to the phone with was his younger sister (lol Tsukiko too assuming xD). He adds that although he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he does have someone he likes and he’ll confess to that person once they win the tournament. (Well this person he likes is obviously Tsukiko but she’s dense so yeah.)


The night before the tournament, Tsukiko sees Homare still practicing at the dojo. They talk for a while and Tsukiko remembered the charm that the club talked about before: that it’s good luck if you have the person you like write on your yugake (archer’s glove). As the sole girl in the team, Tsukiko offered to write a charm on Homare’s yugake (not knowing that it’s actually her that he likes (≖ω≖。)♪) and Homare wrote on her glove in exchange. But Homare made a request: that Tsukiko not read what he wrote until the tournament is over.

The team won the tournament, and later Homare asked Tsukiko to meet him at the rooftop. There he tells her that he has decided to succeed their family’s tea ceremony school, but at the same time he won’t give up on astrology and archery. Homare also asks Tsukiko to finally read the message he wrote on her yugake… and he suddenly hugs Tsukiko and confesses that it’s actually her that he likes! Dense Tsukiko was like, “I thought that it was another person that captain likes but it turns out it’s actually me! I didn’t notice!” and Homare was, “Well I’ve been expressing my love for you since long ago but you’re too thick-headed to notice” xD

So yeah the two started going out and a few days later some of Homare’s classmates try to hit on Tsukiko but Homare comes immediately going “She’s off limits because she’s my girlfriend.” In another occasion, Tsukiko was left alone in the dojo when it suddenly rained hard with lightning and thunders and she’s scared but Homare comes out of nowhere to accompany and calm her.


Good end: It’s five years since they started going out and it’s now their wedding day!… er not really but they’re already looking for a nice church where they will get married and they practice for the real wedding that will be happening soon.

Normal end: Homare has retired as the team captain, and one day after Tsukiko’s archery practice, he brings her to the student council room to show her his tea making skills xD

After end: It’s Homare-buchou’s graduation, and the archery club congratulates him… while the baka trio and Tsukiko cry that their beloved captain will leave them soon xD. Azusa comments that everyone in the club is a cry baby and only him and Miyaji aren’t crying…… until he notices that Miyaji has only been holding off he’s tears and he’s about to cry too xD Miyaji answers “Shut up! Look you’re about to cry to cry too!” lol xDD Anyways after the farewell, Tsukiko and Homare sees each other at the dojo and they promise that they will call each other every day now that Homare is no longer in Seigetsu Gakuen.


– My comments –

Like how it is with the other three guys in the game, his route was just meh. Nothing special, really. I actually though that the tea ceremony family will be the conflict in this route but it wasn’t really expounded on. But perhaps in the after stories? As for Homare-buchou himself, he’s an okay character but not really someone that I like. The best thing I like about him is how he can be intimidating even with a gentle smile on his face and he can get what he wants with it xD

Heart meter: ♥♥♥.5


Each of the baka trio also gets their own end:

Inukai: He walks home together with Tsukiko after practice and they talk about this thing called “koi” (love).

Shiratori: He has decided to ask Tsukiko out one autumn day after practice, but he ended up saying, “Please be my friend!” lol xD

Koguma: During one archery practice, Tsukiko accidentally wounded her self so Koguma accompanied her to the clinic and he helped her dress her wound (because as usual, Hoshizuki-sensei isn’t there xD)



– Overall comments –

Yay I’m officially done with my third Starry Sky game! But was it good? Well, considering the character interactions and my husbando Miyaji, the game is fun. But plot-wise, I don’t think it’s a good game. By the start of August I was already looking out for a good plot development but turns out I was expecting for nothing because in every route it was just confess after the tournament –> finally going out –> the end. It’s just your very typical high school romance in which nothing exciting actually happens ┐(‘~`;) Which is too bad because I liked the plot in the Autumn game and I was expecting this game to be at par with Autumn :/

Starry Sky in Summer is actually pretty much the same as in Spring: Azusa = Yoh (the newcomer), Miyaji = Kanata (the guy who despises the newcomer), Homare = Suzuya (the peacemaker). Only difference is that the Summer game is way better when it comes to the character interactions, thanks to the baka trio and Miyaji’s sweet tooth xD

Best part of the game? MIYAJI RYUNOSUKE ftw. HE’S MY BABY. With 9/12 guys in the series I’ve played, he’s already my favorite character. He’s just too cute omggggg (//v//). His route isn’t anything special but his character is omghjdjj adorable ♥

And I just have to add: petition to change the game’s name to “Archery in Summer” lol xD. I’m not really familiar with archery so the abundance of archery terms and talks in the game gave me a headache xDD

Since the games I ordered (Code:Realize, Norn9 Var Commons) still haven’t arrived (thank you PhilPost. It’s been weeks ಠ_ಠ), I’ll be playing Starry Sky in Winter next. I’m pretty excited because all the handsome guys in the series gathered there xD

My saved data for the completed game for the PSP ^^ | MediaFire

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