Throwback Thursday: 2014 Gaming Summary

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Starry Sky New Year


Another year has passed and we’re on to another year! As a New Year’s post and throwback Thursday, I decided on writing this 2014 gaming “diary” which is a record of my gaming progress during the year 2014. I haven’t played much but I thought it was fun to write about how my gaming went on as months went by during the previous year ^_^



Dark month. No gaming. Pure uni stuff.


Persona3Portable female

A friend suggested that I play Persona 3 Portable because playing as the female protagonist will take you to some nice social links which are at par with otoge routes. So I played the game… and fell in love not only with the otome-like social links but with the dungeon crawling, battles, and story as well! Unfortunately though, at halfway through the story, uni stuff came in and I have to pause playing the game for weeks until…

Highlights: Started on Persona 3 Portable using the female protagonist



I bought a PS Vita on March 1! Also got Persona 4 Golden as my starter game since I loved P3P. I managed to play some P4G during the first two weeks of the month despite all the school stuff needed to be finished. And thus, before the month ended, I finished the game! IT WAS A GREAT GAME. The story is good and the characters are hilarious. Pure awesomeness of a game. Played only one playthrough but that was enough for me ^_^

Highlights: Bought a PS Vita, Started and finished playing Persona 4 Golden


P3P Male

I was so addicted with P4G that I only remembered my unfinished business with P3P after I was done with P4G xD. I should’ve just continued with the female protagonist’s story but I thought it will be better if I go for the original story (which is the male protagonist’s story)…so I started on a new game using the male protagonist. Also got my copy of Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC 2 around this time so I switch between the two games depending on my mood. By the end of the month, I was able to finish UtaPri MUSIC 2 by clearing all songs and unlocking everything.

Highlights: Started on Persona 3 Portable using the male protagonist, Started and finished Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC 2


NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0073

I was about to finish P3P (since it’s already January in the game) but a new otome game (Norn9) came in the middle of the month and OMGAJKDJakjLA I haven’t played an otome game for months! SO YEAH LET’S PAUSE P3P AND START ON THIS OTOME GAME. And gosh I immediately fell in love with Norn9. The characters, the art, the BGM… everything. And my baby Akito Syukuri of course <3

Highlights: Paused playing Persona 3 Portable (again orz), Started playing Nor9



I finished Norn9 in the middle of the month and I was already too lazy to play an RPG (Persona 3 Portable? What’s that? Can I eat that?) so HAHAHAHA more otome games please! Got Snow Bound Land so played the game. It was a mediocre game tbh except the art is pretty and Aje and Ivan’s route are ♥. Was also able to finish the game during the month.

Highlights: Finished Norn9, Started and finished Snow Bound Land



THE MONTH OF HAKUOUKI SWEET SCHOOL LIFE. I played nothing but Hakuouki SSL my gosh. Art is bad, story is copycat crap, and the mini games are hell. Only Kazama and Harada’s route are worth playing. (But Kazama’s route was so hilarious xD). Hakuouki SSL is not worth your time if you want a good otoge but Hakuouki fans may be able to sit through the game (like me).




I’M SO GLAD HAKUOUKI SSL IS OUT OF LIFE NOW LOL XD. The game however, left me craving for more forbidden studentxteacher love so I went on and played Starry Sky in Autumn, the otome game I’ve been eyeing for years now because yeaaah studentxteacher FTW  \m/. StaSka Autumn is 1000000x better than the Spring game so I’m glad I played it! All the routes have good plots, Yusa Kouji and Ishida Akira voices FTW, Hoshizuki-sensei is my charming school nurse, and Haruki-sensei is my cutie pie homeroom teacher. Great game I say. Finishing the Autumn game drove me to play all the other Starry Sky games there is so I started on playing Starry Sky in Summer too.

Highlights: Started and finished Starry Sky in Autumn, Started Starry Sky in Summer


Uni stuff came in again and I was able to play Starry Sky in Autumn only during very short free times. Never made it out of the common route.

Highligts: Nothing.


Another dark month. No time for otoge. Except that I got addicted to playing Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade near the university xD

Highligts: Nothing.



More Dance Dance Revolution (for exercise xD). Can’t play DDR at home so when I wanted to play more rhythm games, I bought Project Diva f 2nd and started torturing my thumbs xD.

Highlights: Started playing Project Diva f 2nd



Spent three weeks playing nothing but Project Diva f 2nd lol XD. Cleared every song in Normal and Hard mode and collected 76% of the trophies. On Christmas day however, I realized that I still have Starry Sky in Summer to finish so I stopped playing Project Diva and continued with StaSka Summer! And yes, I just finished the game yesterday and I’m now starting on Starry Sky in Winter! (o^_^o)

Highlights: Collected 76% of trophies in Project Diva f 2nd, Finished Starry Sky in Summer


And that’s the summary of my gaming in 2014! I was able to finish five otome games (Norn9, Snow Bound Land, Hakuouki SSL, Starry Sky in Autumn, Starry Sky in Summer), two rhythm games (Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC 2, Project Diva f 2nd), and one RPG (Persona 4 Golden). Not that many, really. And yeah I still left Persona 3 Portable unfinished but ahahaha I’m not really sure when I’ll get to finish that game xD

I won’t set a gaming goal for this year but I’ll try to play as many otome games as possible (and clear my backlog…… hello Jewelic Nightmare xD). For the first day of the year, I’m now starting on Starry Sky in Winter!

Again, Happy new year and cheers for a better year! ( ^_^)o旦旦o(^_^ )


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  1. Congrats on the finished gaming!~~

    I did the trial for Project Diva F2, the star scratch thing is seriously ANNOYING (((( ´,,_ゝ`)))) Comparatively, Utapri music 2 is great! The next rhythm game I have my eyes on is Root Rexx, but I don’t think I’m gonna buy it since the scenarios look pretty bland :/

    Happy New Year, have a great gaming year! :)

    • I agree with the star scratch! I had a hard time going from the buttons to the screens orz
      Oh never knew that Root Rexx has rhythm games in the system! But then I’m still not interested in it because I don’t like the art :/

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