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CV: Suzumura Kenichi

Amaha Tsubasa (constellation: Aquarius) is a first year student of the Space department in Seigetsu Gakuen. He loves inventing different kind of stuff but his inventions usually end up as failures that blow up in his laboratory at the student council room xD. He’s known in the student council for his “nuhahaha” laugh and bad sense when naming his inventions. He is the treasurer of the student council, but he always just uses the council budget for funding his own inventions, much to the anger of Hayato and Kazuki xDD

Like Hayato and Tsukiko, Tsubasa was just forced by Kazuki to be part of the student council. Tsubasa doesn’t want to be part of the council at first, saying that it’s just a waste of time but he joined anyway after hearing that his inventions will greatly contribute to the council and that he can have his own lab in the student council room.

When together with the other student council members, Tsubasa is a genki childish guy who laughs with “nuhahaha” (which really annoys me tbh) and calls Hayato as “sorasora” and Kazuki as “nuinui”. However, his genki personality is actually just a front and his emo side took over when they began talking about the elections for the next student council since Kazuki will be graduating before the winter season ends. The thought of Kazuki leaving the school made Tsubasa all depressed, and things get worse when Hayato asked for permission to resign from the council (more about Hayato’s reason in his route). Because of all the miserable things that are happening in the group, Tsubasa thought of quitting the student council too :O Tsubasa tells Tsukiko that although it’s fun being part of the student council, he knows for sure that the fun times will eventually end and he is afraid of being lonely again so he says that it’s better to just live alone.


For the next few days only Kazuki and Tsukiko go to the student council room. Around this time Kazuki tells Tsukiko about Tsubasa’s childhood and the reason behind Tsubasa’s loneliness complex. As Kazuki explains, Tsubasa’s parents got divorced and baby Tsubasa was handed to his grandparents on the mother side. Tsubasa was brought up only by his grandmother and grandfather so he never really saw his parents’ faces. However, his grandfather who Tsubasa really looks up to, died when he was in middle school. Later, his grandma, who he never really gets along with, insisted that he enter Seigetsu Gakuen so he can live away from her o_O (thus the reason why Tsubasa doesn’t want to return to their house even during the New Year’s). It also appears that Kazuki knows Tsubasa’s grandfather, who is an alumnus and former teacher of Seigetsu Gakuen, and he invited Kazuki to enter the school during the time that Kazuki does not know what to do with his life. Thus, when Kazuki saw that Tsubasa isn’t as genki as his grandfather (and of course because Tsubasa is his sensei’s grandson), he arranged that Tsubasa be part of the student council.

The depressing times continue until Hayato and Kazuki finally tells Tsubasa (who kept on saying he wanted to be alone) that he should be more greedy and say what he wants. At this Tsubasa says that he wants Tsukiko (oh gosh he’s such a child) and Hayato and Kazuki cheer the two on. Later Hayato and Kazuki tell Tsubasa to take care of his girlfriend So apparently that’s it; they’re going out?? Meh. Anyways the two began dating and Tsubasa is a really clingy boyfriend ~_~; On the day of Tsubasa’s birthday, Hayato, Kazuki, and Tsukiko arranged a surprise party for him. Later Tsukiko and Tsubasa were left in the student council room and with Tsukiko not having any gift for Tsubasa, Tsubasa requested that they kiss in exchange. Uhm yeah. When they go back to the dorms Tsubasa was sad that his grandmother didn’t even contact him for his birthday.

There was also a part when Tsubasa finally made friends. Tsubasa actually doesn’t have any friends in his class (except his cousin Azusa) because people think he’s really weird. So when Tsubasa was invited by his classmates to play soccer with them, Tsukiko cheered him on so he finally got the chance to hang out and have fun with his classmates.

After a few days, Tsubasa is feeling down again, because his teacher told him that his grandmother had collapsed and was brought to the hospital. Worried, Tsubasa immediately called his grandmother over the phone but the old lady just told him not to visit her because she’s fine and then cut off the call. The call with his grandmother made Tsubasa really depressed for the next days, although only he and Tsukiko knows about the case with his grandmother because Tsubasa does not want to worry the others. When Tsukiko finally tells Tsubasa to rely on her more because she’s his girlfriend, Tsubasa says that when his grandfather died, he had sworn that he will protect his grandmother, but his grandmother doesn’t seem to want his help and even sent him away to Seigetsu Gakuen. Thus he feels sad that he isn’t able to protect his grandma when she collapsed.


The days of Tsubasa’s depression continues, until Kazuki finally had enough of Tsubasa’s emo sht and pulls him to the rooftop and there tells him to stop being a brat grow up and take on his problems face on. Kazuki says that If Tsubasa doesn’t want to be abandoned again, then he should just say so, especially now that he has friends and a girlfriend he can rely on. And just like that, Kazuki’s words apparently got through Tsubasa and the emo brat is finally genki again  ( ´_ゝ`). Tsubasa goes to the see Tsukiko, they kiss, and he tells her that he’ll visit his grandma even though he’s scared of her sending him away again.

The next day, Tsubasa shows Tsukiko his grandfather’s invention notebook. He says he plans on completing his grandfather’s ultimate invention which Tsubasa wasn’t able to do before because he doesn’t have the important material to make the invention – which is the inventor’s precious people (meaning Tsukiko and the whole student council). While reading the notebook, Tsubasa sees the page that he is to read once he found the most important material to make the invention, and in it is his grandfather’s very touching letter for him (which will make you cry ;_;). Anyways, the ultimate invention turns out to be simply taking photos with your important people, so the student council along with Shirogane take photos in the rooftop. Later, Tsubasa goes to visit his grandmother in the hospital, and he brings with him the photos they took.

After seeing his grandmother, Tsubasa tells Tsukiko how his visit went. Tsubasa had finally reconciled with his grandma after he tells her how he felt. It turns out that his grandmother insisted that he study at the academy because she knows that Tsubasa is very interested in cosmology, like how his grandfather was. However, when the grandfather died, Tsubasa swore to protect his grandma so he gave up on dreaming about studying cosmology in Seigetsu Gakuen and the grandma doesn’t want Tsubasa giving up on his dreams. So yeah it’s not like the grandma threw Tsubasa away, she just wants him to pursue his dreams.

Tsukiko sees Taubasa at the corridor the next day, and she’s glad to see that he’s making friends with his classmates. That night, the two meet at the rooftop garden, and Tsubasa gives Tsukiko a ring he got from his grandmother. Tsubasa keeps a matching ring on the necklace he’s wearing, and Tsukiko wears hers on her finger (which is very inconsistent with what happened in the Summer game, where Tsukiko and Azusa mention that they can’t wear rings on their fingers because they do archery).


Good end: Happened five years later. As what was mentioned in Azusa’s good end in the summer game, Tsubasa went to America to continue studying cosmology. Tsukiko stayed in Japan to continue astronomy, but halfway through her studies Tsubasa proposed to her  ( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・? and she went with him to live in America (where they also met Yoh again). Anyways, it’s now their wedding day, and they returned to Japan to have the ceremony.

White end: Or white day end. At the rooftop, Tsubasa gives konpeito to Tsukiko, as his white day return gift for Tsukiko’s Valentine’s day chocolates.

Normal end: May during the same year, and Kazuki goes to see how the student council is doing during the Golden Week. Tsubasa has been clinging on to Tsukiko since Kazuki came so Kazuki decided to tease Tsubasa by flirting with Tsukiko xD (yes please, I’d rather pick Kazuki-kaichou instead of Tsubasa orz). Jealous Tsubasa takes Tsukiko away to the classroom, where he asks if Tsukiko likes Kazuki. Sigh. Anyways Tsukiko explained that she likes Kazuki but it’s different with how she likes Tsubasa, her boyfriend.

Dream end: They talk about their dreams. Tsubasa says that he plans to study in America after graduation, along with Azusa because when they entered Siegetsu Gakuen, they promised that Tsubasa will create a space ship while Azusa will be the pilot of the ship. Ugh yeah.

Graduation end: After Hayato and Tsukiko graduated, he became the student council president. On Tsubasa’s graduation day, Tsukiko, Hayato, and Kazuki goes to see him since Tsubasa will be going to America to study cosmology after.


– My comments –


Moreover, I never really liked Tsubasa so it was a pain to go through all five ends orz. At first I thought that I will like Tsubasa because he’s so genki and all but right after things became so depressing and he showed his emo side (which is around the start of January in the game), I began to… dislike him. I know his sad back story pretty much justifies his personality but seeing him switch from genki guy to emo guy didn’t help me in liking him. He so wants to keep his loneliness to himself (reminds me of Azusa) and I didn’t know what to do with him ~_~;

There is a well-written story going on thanks to Tsubasa’s back story but I didn’t get to enjoy this plot because lol how can you enjoy this when the ATMOSPHERE THROUGHOUT THE ROUTE WAS TOO HEAVY. There wasn’t also enough (was there even any?) romanchiku moments for me since I just see Tsubasa a very childish guy. I think the only thing I enjoyed in this route was finding out that Tsubasa is actually a megane xD

I thought I’ll prefer Tsubasa over his cousin Azusa but looks like I was wrong. Oh well.

Heart meter: ♥♥.5

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