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CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

Aozora Hayato (constellation: Virgo) is a second year student of the Mythology department of Seigetsu Gakuen. He’s the vice president of the student council and the whole student body acknowledges him for his seriousness and efficiency in student council work. He is very girly gentle and polite but you don’t get into bad terms with him because he’s scary when angry – to the point that that he will scratch his nails on the mini chalkboard he always carries to torture the ears of anyone around, which is usually Tsubasa and Kazuki fooling around xD. He’s also a member of the music club.

The thing with Hayato is that he came from a family of famous pianists. However, it seems that he lacks the natural talent to even compare with his genius sister and brother’s abilities, so his parents were disappointed in him and soon disowned him. Thus, when he entered Seigetsu Gakuen, he accepted Kazuki’s offer of a position in the student council thinking that this may be a way to show his worth to his parents.

As the student council prepares for the elections for the next student council officers, Kazuki encourages Hayato to run for student council president since Kazuki will be graduating once the season ends. But thinking that he isn’t worthy of being the next student council president since he initially joined just for his own good, Hayato refused, even pressured to the point that he declared that he will quit the student council. For a couple of days, Hayato didn’t show his face in the student council room, and in his absence, Tsukiko realizes that she has grown to like Hayato (wow, she isn’t as dense as how she usually is!). Tsukiko then goes to see Hayato and tells him that she likes him, only to have Hayato tell her that he pities her for liking him, while Tsukiko replies with “Think whatever you want but I can like whoever I want!” I tell you this verbal argument is AWESOME. Both of them are awesome in this part.

Starry☆Sky冬_0008 (2)

After a few days drama of with his self, Hayato finally realizes that he likes the student council work and the student council officers, and thus he goes back to reconcile with everyone. He tells the student council that he will participate as a candidate in the student council president elections and he’ll stand to this decision. The next day, Hayato’s rival for the student council presidency confronts him, and Hayato delivers an AWESOME speech about him doing his best to win the elections and aiming to continue Kazuki-kaichou’s legacy.

Because the rival had seen Hayato’s potential to be a good student council president, he decided to pull out his candidacy. Naturally, without an opponent, Hayato got the position of the student council president, and right at his acceptance speech, he confessed to Tsukiko — yes, in front of the whole student body! \(//∇//)\ omghdjhjkadka I didn’t expect this from Hayato! Of course he has to announce to everyone right there that Tsukiko is his girlfriend now so they shouldn’t even dare think of getting close to her loooool xDD

The next day, Hayato goes to practice at the music room and Tsukiko watches him. Here, Hayato reveals that he finally agreed to participate in the concert that the other members of the music club have been begging him to join. He also tells her about his past that he actually came from a family of pianists, but he ran away after realizing that he lacks the talent to compare with that of the other family members. Thus he cannot play piano in front of other people, which is also why he usually practices alone. However, he can play in front of people now thanks to Tsukiko.

Starry☆Sky冬_0007 (2)

Anyways, the concert went on smoothly, but a few days later, Hayato’s sister comes to see him to take him home. After the encounter with his sister, Hayato didn’t come to school for a couple of days. As it turns out, his parents learned of his great performance during the concert, and they wanted to welcome him to the family again so he can continue studying the piano. Hayato talks to Tsukiko about this, and he tells her that he will quit Seigetsu Gakuen so he can focus with the piano! Wuuut that was sudden o_o However, Tsukiko sees that quitting school and leaving the student council behind isn’t what Hayato really wants, so when she tries to make Hayato realize this despite his denial, Hayato got angry and broke up with her! ∑(゜Д゜;)

The drama continued on for days until Kazuki, like in Tsubasa’s route, finally confronts Hayato and makes him realize that he can actually shape his own future if he has the courage and will to do so – it’s not that he cannot do it, it’s just that he does not do it. Anyways, to make the story short, Kazuki got Hayato to wake up from his nonsense of dropping from Seigetsu Gakuen. The next day, Hayato’s brother and sister come to pick him up to bring him home but despite his annoying sister’s bitchiness, Hayato straightly tells them that he has already decided that he will remain in the school, to be with Tsukiko and to continue what Kazuki will leave for the student council. He adds that he won’t give up being a musician – he will still pursue it but on his own way.

With the two conflicts now solved, the remaining days of the season were just spent with Hayato and Tsukiko going ichaicha xD One day at the student council, Hayato kisses Tsukiko in front of the student council and Kazuki was like, “T-Tsubasa close your eyes! This isn’t something a child like you should see!” (the irony because Tsubasa kissed Tsukiko A LOT in his route xDD). Tsubasa and Kazuki are disgusted surprised with Hayato’s daring actions and they even thought that it wasn’t the real Hayato until they realize that it’s actually because Hayato has a fever. When Hayato wakes up after he collapsed, it seems that he has no memory of what happened in the student council earlier lol xD

Tsukiko and Hayato also have a date at the rooftop garden, where Hayato says that he’s sometimes worried that he may be separated from Tsukiko. Tsukiko tells him that they won’t, because there’s a red string that ties them together, as how she tied a red string from her muffler to their join their pinky fingers.

Starry☆Sky冬_0006 (2)

Good end: Five years after Tsukiko and Hayato graduated from Seigetsu Academy. Hayato became a composer and Tsukiko continued studying astronomy. They just had their wedding ceremony and they’re at the hotel (so I suppose this is their honeymoon?)

White end: As a return gift for Tsukiko’s Valentine’s day chocolate, Hayato gives Tsukiko different varieties of sweets because he isn’t sure of what she likes.

Normal end: May during the same year, and Kazuki goes to see how the student council is doing during the Golden Week. Kazuki teams up with Tsubasa to tease Hayato by flirting with Tsukiko, but Hayato sees through this and says that he won’t fall through their trap xD

Dream end: At the music room, Tsukiko falls asleep as Hayato plays the piano. When he wakes her up he kisses her. Uh yeah that’s just it in this end :/

Graduation end: It’s been a year since Hayato became the student council president, and they are preparing for the elections for next year’s student council (with Tsubasa as the president they’re rooting for).


– My comments –

With how depressing Tsubasa’s route was, I was expecting more melodrama in this route but it wasn’t exactly all bad – I even liked a couple of moments (like the confession in front of the whole student body!). I was also expecting to end up disliking Hayato as how I was with Tsubasa, but if anything, I actually empathized with him since I can relate to *some* of his problems (maybe because we’re both Virgo? xD). The route plot and the character aren’t something I can say I like but both were fine imo.

Heart meter: ♥♥.5

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