Starry☆Sky ~in Winter~ Portable: Shiranui Kazuki

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CV: Nakamura Yuichi

Shiranui Kazuki (constellation: Aries) is the president of the Seigetsu Academy student council. He may sound intimidating when he speaks during school year opening ceremonies, but he’s actually a nice guy who acts as the “dad” of the student council and he always prioritizes others before his self. As the student council president, he has also done a lot for the school and the students, although this isn’t very obvious, considering that most of the time, he’s just playing around with Tsubasa xD. Kazuki is a third year student in the astrology department, and it is said that he has the strongest powers in this department.

Although his current status is a third year student, rumors has it that Kazuki repeated a year in school. Tsukiko wonders about the reason behind this, but Kazuki won’t tell her why. Tsukiko soon hears from Shirogane the reason, and as it turns out, it was because Kazuki fractured his bone after he saved Shirogane from some school bullies. Because of the bone fracture, Kazuki wasn’t able to attend school for two months, and thus he had to repeat a year.

The main thing with Kazuki is that Tsukiko feels like she had already met him even before she entered the school.  Like during Tsukiko’s first day in school, when Kazuki helped her while she was lost in the campus (and she was forced recruited to the student council), Tsukiko immediately thought that she had already seen the guy before but she doesn’t remember well. As she spends more time with Kazuki, Tsukiko notices that there are lots of instances that are the same as what happened before, she just doesn’t remember it clearly. Moreover, it seems that Kazuki really knows something about this past but he just changes the topic whenever it is brought up.


After the student council president elections (by this part we see Kazuki sleeping on the couch in the student council room and he has his eyeglasses on and he looks so hawt *_*), Kazuki tells Tsukiko that he believes that the student council can now work without him, and he will graduate soon so Tsukiko should also “graduate” from him :O But screw that graduate from me because at this point, Tsukiko realizes that she likes Kazuki!

The days continue with Kazuki being his normal self and bantering with Tsukiko, but Tsukiko, having realized her feelings towards Kazuki, always goes dokidoki whenever she encounters him. Thinking that she wants to know more about Kazuki, Tsukiko consults with Shirogane about this. Shirogane then tells Tsukiko about Kazuki’s past. As you see, Kazuki has the powers to see the future, although he only sees vague visions and he isn’t able to interpret things clearly.  So when his parents died in accident, Kazuki blamed himself for not being able to prevent this even though he had already seen vague visions of this future. Left as an orphan, Kazuki was soon adopted by his uncle who is also the head of the Shiranui shrine. Eventually, Kazuki meets Tsubasa’s grandfather, who urged him to enter Seigetsu Gakuen so he can control and make better use of his powers.

Starry☆Sky冬_0002 (2)

Days later, Kazuki invites Tsukiko to go stargazing at their secret base at the boys’ dormitory rooftop (because he’s the boss in the school student council president, he can sneak in a girl to the boys’ dorms lol xD). There, Tsukiko confesses to him, but Kazuki rejects her, saying that he “only sees her as a little sister and a kouhai”. At this, Tsukiko’s like, “then don’t hug me and get your facetoo close to mine that it seems like you’re going to kiss me” huhuhuhu MY POOR HEART. THIS PART IS SO HEARTBREAKING (´;Д;`). Kazuki says sorry that he can’t return her feelings, and Tsukiko leaves.

The days pass and Kazuki’s acting like no confession happened. During Valentine’s Day, as the student council members are collecting the dummy chocolates they hid at the campus, Kazuki notices that Tsukiko has real chocolates with her and carelessly jokes that those chocolates must have been honmei chocolates. Tsukiko retorts that if it is honmei chocolate, then there’s only one person school whom she’ll give it to…and she asks Kazuki if he’ll receive her chocolates, but Kazuki refuses ;_; Later, Shirogane sees her, and he requests for her chocolates. Since there’s no more use for her chocolates now that the person she intended to give it didn’t accept it, Tsukiko just gave the chocolates to Shirogane.

The next day, Tsukiko doesn’t feel like going to the student council room but Kazuki sees her and was about to tell her something but Tsukiko, who doesn’t want to hear his rejection again, runs away from him until she tripped and Kazuki saves her and accidentally hurts his self in the process. Tsukiko worries about Kazuki, but he says it’s nothing so they go back to the student council room like nothing happened, but there Kazuki collapses. Kazuki was brought to the hospital, where he soon regained consciousness. After this accident, Tsukiko decides that if Kazuki insists on not returning her feelings, then she’ll just have to be contented with being just an imouto.


One night, Tsukiko goes to the reference room to get something for student council work, when the lights suddenly went out and she was locked inside! Tsukiko remembers that something like this has already happened before, which is the reason why she doesn’t like being in dark places, but she just can’t pinpoint what exactly that instance in the past is. Later, Kazuki (who heard from Shiruanui where Tsukiko has gone) goes to save her, saying “I’m late in saving you AGAIN“, which causes Tsukiko to remember that she really has met Kazuki before. Tsukiko loses her consciousness, and later, she dreams about how she met Kazuki years ago. Near her hometown, there’s a shrine operated by the Shiranui family, and it was there where she first met Kazuki, whom she stopped from engaging a fight with some bullies. Since then, she comes to the shrine to play with Kazuki. One time however, the bullies went back again and this time, locked Tsukiko in the shrine storehouse. Kazuki goes to save her, but when he finally saw her in the dark storehouse, Tsukiko was already in trauma and wasn’t able to speak. Thinking that it was him that caused Tsukiko to be put in such a scary situation, Kazuki told Tsukiko that she should just forget about him… and Tsukiko magically forgets everything about Kazuki and I was like, oh wow, does Kazuki also has some powers that erases people’s memories? O_o Anyways, when Tsukiko wakes up, she tells Kazuki that she’s already remembered everything, so how about you tell me your true feelings now? And thus, Kazuki tells her that of course he also likes her, and he’s actually been in love with her since they were children awwwww (๑´ლ`๑).Kazuki also reveals that he wanted to look after her when he saw her lost in the school grounds before her first year opening ceremony thus the reason why he made her enter the student council.

For the next few days, Kazuki’s takes a break from school so he can go visit his parents’ grave because believe it or not, Kazuki has never visited his parents’ grave even once. He used the time to talk to his uncle about his plans after graduation: that he wants to study in university abroad and he wants to see the world first before he settles to take over their shrine. His uncle eventually agreed to support his plans.

When Kazuki goes back to the school, he visits the student council room and announced to everyone that he and Tsukiko are already going out xD. Later that night, Tsukiko and Kazuki were left in the student council room because Kazuki is still sleeping (with his megane on!). When he wakes up, Kazuki asks Tsukiko to take off his eyeglasses, and when she did, he kissed her. On another occasion, as they were stargazing, Tsukiko says that she will really be lonely once Kazuki graduates and leaves the school. Kazuki tells her that he’s also sad, but he needs to do what he has to do to be a better man so they can get married one day \(//∇//)\


Good end: Five years after Tsukiko graduated from Seigetsu Gakuen, and it’s Kazuki and Tsukiko’s wedding day. And guess what. She invited all the guys she dated in the past season! Wow what a way to end the series lool. (Just look at the guys in the above CG. OMG my Starry Sky bias Miyaji is in there too). Anyways during the cake ceremony, Tsukiko fed Kazuki with cake, which left some icing on his cheeks, and he forced her to eat the icing which ended up with Tsukiko kissing Kazuki in the cheeks.

White end: It’s white day, but Tsukiko isn’t expecting anything from Kazuki since he never really accepted the chocolates she meant to give him. To Tsukiko’s surprise, Kazuki goes to the school to see her and gave her a white day gift, a necklace with a moon pendant, as a return gift for her Valentine’s chocolate! As Kazuki explained, Shirogane actually gave the chocolates to Kazuki after the Valentine’s day event.

Normal end: Three months after Kazuki graduated, and despite his busy schedule with university applications, he visits the student council (like what happens in the other normal ends).

Dream end: Tsukiko and Kazuki go on a date before Kazuki enters university. They talk about how they’re worried that the other may get too close with other people while they’re in a long distance relationship. The two kiss in the middle of the street, and Shirogane sees them while at it lol xD

Graduation end: Tsukiko’s graduation. She goes to see Kazuki in front of the school gates after the ceremony. And they kiss. A LOT.


– My comments –

Hands down, this is the best route in the entire Starry Sky game series.

First of all, Kazuki-touchan has the best character design imo; all the more when he’s wearing his megane!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I also love his personality: he knows the right time when to be serious and when to be fun. And that pretty much makes Kazuki get the second place in my list of favorite Starry Sky guys (my first is still Miyaji-kun <3).

The best thing about Kazuki is, as I mentioned, his route. It was so fun to see him bantering with Tsukiko at the first part of his route so it really broke my heart when he rejected Tsukiko, to the point that I didn’t want to hold my PSP for a while because my heart can’t take his rejection lol XD. And then we get to see that Kazuki and Tsukiko do have a past and you know I’m a sucker for characters with sad back story together so after seeing everything fit together, Kazuki’s route immediately became my favorite among the twelve guys. It was also a good thing that I played this for last since it really is meant to be played last! (Oh yeah, I also found Kazuki’s route to be similar with Hoshizuki-sensei’s in some aspect like, Tsukiko always banters with them, she falls in love, confesses, and ends up being rejected, but there’s still something about Kazuki’s route that makes it best. Anyways, next to Kazuki’s, I like Hoshizuki-sensei’s route second best.)

If there’s one thing I didn’t like about Kazuki, it’s definitely his voice. At first I was having a hard time associating Nakamura Yuichi’s voice with Kazuki but I eventually got used to it as I played the game.

Heart meter: ♥♥♥♥♥



Shirogane Oushiro (CV: Suwabe Junichi), the guy with interesting hair styles, also gets his own route in the game! I think this extra route is added to make us love Kazuki even more lol XD (especially in the unrequited love end).

In this route, Tsukiko falls in love with Shirogane as she spends time with him. She even gave him sakura-shaped white chocolates on Valentine’s day which is so cool since it’s the same as Shirogane’s name (SHIROgane OUshiro), and he kissed her on that day. However, Shirogane rejects her after Tsukiko confesses her feelings for him because he knows that his friend Kazuki, has been looking after her for so long now that he thinks that Kazuki is a better man for her. After the confession, Shirogane avoids Tsukiko, until Kazuki helps again (like in the other routes) by telling Shirogane that he should stop holding back because of Kazuki. Shirogane apologizes to Kazuki for taking Kazuki’s precious person away, and Shirogane goes to Tsukiko to say that he likes her too. In the unrequited love end, Shirogane never showed his face to Tsukiko again after she confessed.



– Overall comments –

I’m finally done with the Starry Sky series! Well not really because I’m currently replaying the Spring game to enjoy it in its original Japanese language and there’s still the fandisks… But anyway, I have already officially played all four games and dated all the twelve guys!

Starry Sky in Autumn is still my favorite among the four but Winter follows on second place thanks to Kazuki’s route. Hayato and Tsubasa’s routes have nice plots but I didn’t really like them as how I liked the routes in the Autumn game. There was also a part in the game when the air is too heavy that it made me depressed too so I guess that deducted points for Starry Sky in Winter in my part. But as I said, Kazuki’s route makes up for all of the things I don’t like in the winter game XD

PS. Why five ends per character?? My goodness. They’re all nice ends so why bother making five? :X

My saved data for the completed game for the PSP ^^ | MediaFire

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