[Unboxing] Code:Realize and Norn9 Var Commons

January 16, 2015 at 7:48 pm | Posted in Unboxing | 7 Comments


So after 9999 years one month of being detained in customs, I finally got my package that contains the limited edition of Code:Realize and Norn9 Var Commons!

Why did it take a month before the package reached me? Oh hell I don’t even know what happened to Philpost and the Customs office during the past month. I see from the news that there are more people ranting about how fast Philpost and Bureau of Customs’ service is. Yep, packages are sent via EMS but take a month (or more!) to arrive. Pay for EMS shipping and have your package treated as ordinary mail. Sasuga, Philpost and Customs ಠ_ಠ. The only good thing is that it arrived to me safely. After one month, that is.


Oh just look at that. The parcel arrived in the customs office by December 15 but was only released a month later!! *claps*

By January 12, I was already getting impatient and worried that they must have lost my package so I followed-up the package by sending EMS Philippines an email. I wasn’t expecting them to reply but they did! I don’t know if they finally processed my package because I sent them an email or that it really takes them a month to “inspect” the package.

EMS Philppines email

I’m also used to not having my packages delivered right at our doorstep (apparently, our town’s post office doesn’t have a mailman?) so by January 15, after tracking my package and seeing the “Retention” status, I personally went to the post office and guess what. They’re closed! Oh wow it’s not even a holiday what happened ಠ_ಠ The next day, however, I received a text message from the town post office that I claim my package and finally, I got my games!

I should have finished both games by now had they arrived on time, but well, that’s Philpost and Customs for you! Anyways. Moving on. Photo dump coming up!


I pre-ordered both games from CDJapan, so there’s the drama CD pre-order bonus. There’s also the store bonus: four postcards for Norn9 Var Commons (and Akito isn’t in any of them sigh), and two 2L-sized photos for Code:Realize. As usual, both limited editions contain one drama CD each. Code:Realize also contains a very small booklet, while Norn9 contains a B3-sized cloth poster… which I still don’t know where to put orz. I was actually pretty disappointed with how the Norn9 cloth poster turned out to be. I’m thinking, maybe it should be better if they hadn’t used cloth? Because the colors aren’t as vibrant as how I expected them to be. (The booklet from the Norn9 PSP limited edition is still better).

As for the box, I was also disappointed with the box art and game case for Norn9 Var Commons. Putting only four guys on the box art and five guys on the game case? Really? I was hoping that they’ll have a new art for the box but I guess they aren’t going to spend that much money for a port XD. Good I love what they did with the way you open the box! (I think the Senjou no Waltz limited edition is also like this. I don’t intend to buy the limited edition for that game though.)

The Code:Realize limited edition box, on the other hand, has pretty art but it’s too small. Like wow, look at its difference with the Norn9 Var Commons box.

Photo 1-16-15, 6 36 36 PM

I’ll be starting on Code:Realize now!


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  1. Ouch for the lengthy delivery time. I have always used EMS for my deliveries and somewhat knew when they were coming. BTW how much in customs duties did you pay for these?

    • BTW since it came during the Christmas season and since it’ll go to the province do not ever be surprised if mail via EMS is slower than usual. I have learned my lesson in the past and have read a lot of things about this.

      • I kind of expected the package to arrive later than usual because of the busy season and then they will have to forward it to our provincial office but one month is too much :/ I can forgive them if it’s just a week or two, but no, it’s a month, and it’s just being detained in the customs office. Anyways, good thing is I didn’t pay any expensive customs tax. Just the usual local delivery fee.

  2. I find that cloth posters are really shitty! After getting 2 of them I’ll be sure to avoid any Tokutens that have them. I’d prefer a paper one to be honest! Also I Have no idea what to use to safely wash them. Hand soap? _?

    • Right! I was thinking of putting them up as wall display but when I thought that it may get dirty so I just decided on putting them back in the plastic and box. Ugh I don’t really know what to do with it :/ If only it had been a paper poster I already have the Norn9 guys in my wall.
      I guess it’ll be better not to even consider washing it? I’m afraid that the colors will fade upon contact with water :/

  3. Hellooo Yssa!

    I had no idea you stayed in Phillipines! Hurray for Asia :p I hope your mail system gets better though, when my delivery gets delayed for a day I already panic, so I can’t imagine how you felt.

    (・_・;) I didn’t like Code:Realize so I really wanna read your review! I think you’ll enjoy it though, it’s probably just me disliking Cardia……

    And I see you got Var Commons! Have you played the PSP version before? Norn9 is still one of my favourite games, hope you really enjoy that!

    • This is the first time this happened to me — I usually get my packages 2-3 days after dispatch from Japan. But then I didn’t really panic because I’ve been hearing stories about packages being delayed for a month, or even a year! They aren’t actually lost, I suppose, the people at customs/local post office are just too lazy to process the package for clearance sigh ;;

      I’m only at my second route in Code:Realize (because university takes so much of my otome time ugggh), but I say I like the main story but the romance is lacking…? Maybe this is because I’ve only done Impey and halfway through Saint’s so I won’t conclude this early XD I want to read your review of the game too but I’m avoiding spoilers atm so I’m refraining with reading reviews (⌒-⌒; ) but I definitely will once I’m done with the game!

      As for Norn9, I played the PSP version and I realy love it that I still bought limited ed of Var Commons! :DD I thought it will be nice to see the new additions and replay the whole game before the release of Last Era, to refresh my memory. Having the Norn9 gang on the vita screen is really cool because higher quality graphics and the characters’ mouths move and they blink! <3

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