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Impey Cover

CV: Morikubo Shoutaro

Impey Barbicane is the genius engineer in the group. He’s an expert when it comes to machines, automotives and steam engines. He went to London to chase the thief that stole an important thing from him. Apparently, Impey initially thought that the thief was Lupin so he attacked Lupin at first. Well since it isn’t really Lupin who stole from him, Impey eventually teamed up with Lupin so Lupin can help him find the thing that was stolen from him.

Chapter 9: Steam Punk

After leaving Saint’s mansion, Cardia and Impey ride the automobile and head to see the head of the Mafia boss to buy information regarding Nemo’s whereabouts. They soon go to Nemo’s place, but while at it, they spotted the airship of the pirates that threatened Impey during the airship race, and the next moment, they see smoke coming from Nemo’s place. They hurry towards Nemo (who lives in a cave, btw), who’s almost crying that the pirates stole a very important thing from him. After listeeeeeniiiiinggggg toooooo Neeemoooo taaalkkk liiiiikeee thiiis, Impey and Cardia decide to help him by sneaking to the pirate’s den and then take back what was stolen.

Cardia and Impey sneak into the pirate’s den and wait for the best chance to take back Nemo’s treasure, but in the middle of it, Nemo himself appears and attacks the place. And when we thought Nemo comes to help Cardia and Impey, he’s actually there to make things more difficult when he blurts out that he has two accomplices that had already snuck in the place *face palm*. Stupid genius scientist Nemo takes out some bombs, only to have them explode in his own hands *face palm part 2*, leaving Impey to carry both Cardia and unconscious Nemo as they escape from the place. Outside, they get surrounded by the bad guys, but thanks to a fog-creating chemical from Fran that Cardia has, and Impey’s impressive strength, Impey was able to beat all the bad guys. Cardia then observes that Impey has strength that doesn’t seem human, which she remembers is the same as Dora-chan, so she asks if he’s a vampire, and Impey answers that well he tried to hide the fact but looks like he’s found out now. So yep, Impey is a vampire. Impey is a vampire. Wait. WHAAAAAAT?? o_o Where did this development come from??


Impey, Cardia, and Nemo go to Nemo’s house (which is full of equipment and stuff and is surprisingly big inside, as compared to the small cave opening where they entered), and the two ask Nemo about Isaac Beckford. Nemo is actually Isaac’s student, and this is why he knows about the homunculus and why Isaac put poison in his created homunculus: so people won’t get their hands on the horologium easily. Nemo adds that removing the poison from the homunculus isn’t impossible, but it’s a very difficult thing to do.

For the night, Cardia and Impey stay at different rooms in Nemo’s house, and when Cardia goes for a walk in Nemo’s workplace, she finds Nemo together with some of Twilight’s bird men! Cardia goes to Impey to wake him up but the next moment, the two of them are already locked in room, and sleeping gas starts to fill the room, causing the two of them to fall asleep.

Chapter 10: Be arrested

Cardia wakes up in a different place, with her hands and feet chained, and a fragment from the jewels on her chest missing. Cardia then sees Nemo talks to his self that he got one of the jewels and he’s so proud that he can finally do the ultimate experiment, and while he’s in his own world, Cardia melts the chains binding her with her poison, and the moment Nemo realizes it, Cardia knocks him down. Cardia then goes past the Twilight bird men and reaches Impey’s room. Too happy that Cardia came to save him, Impey was so moved that he shouted words of love and the bird men hear him. Cardia tries to melt the door that locks Impey in, only to find out that her poison can’t melt the doors.

Good thing Impey has a little steam engine with him, and he used the pressure inside the knock out the door and the bird men. More bird men appear, but they outwit them, and soon they reach a weird-looking door… which actually leads to nothing, as they’re in the sky already. Nemo appears, and explains that they’re riding the Nautilus, a huge battle airship he created himself. Impey soon notices that the airship is actually using the thing that was stolen from him: the gravity relieving device that he invented. Nemo then invites Impey to be part of his awesome air ship staff, but upon knowing that Nemo took a fragment of the horologium from Cardia’s chest to provide the energy for the ship to keep moving, Impey swore to get back to Nemo later and take back his gravity relieving device, and he jumps out of the airship with Cardia.


Cardia and Impey share a moment as they fall from the sky; with Cardia saying that Impey should have just let her die and he chase his dreams of going to the moon, but Impey says that he’s fallen in love the first time he saw her and and even more as he spent time with her, and now, he’ll be 1000x lonelier if Cardia is sad and 1000x happier if Cardia is happy awwww ♡♡. After the exchange of love words, Lupin, riding the ornithopter, appears, and saves them. Impey explains that when they left the mansion, he left a letter with a communications device in case emergency situations arise, like how it is a moment ago. Anyways, they ride the ornithopter, but Cardia suddenly felt pain on her chest and lost consciousness.

Chapter 11: Criminal Declaration

Back at mansion, Fran examines Cardia, and says that with a missing horologium piece, Cardia’s life span shortens and she may die soon. However, they can get her back to normal if the horologium fragment is returned to her. Fran also adds that with a horologium fragment missing, there may be certain times that Cardia’s poison will vanish… and to this, Impey holds Cardia’s hand, and she felt the warmth of human hands for the first time.


The next day, everyone in the mansion gathers, and Cardia and Impey tell them everything that happened, and they all decide to get back Cardia’s horologium fragment from Nemo. Impey also tells them there’s now a mutual love between him and Cardia, but no one believes this lol xD. The next moment, Dora-chan notices a big weird thing in the skies, and to everyone’s surprise, it’s the Nautilus itself, and it came to roam over the London skies. From inside the Nautilus, Nemo announces to all of London that he has in his hands the greatest power in the world. He adds that he wants the people to capture a girl named Cardia and bring her to him; whoever can do this will get a reward from him. But if after three days, no one is able to do this, he will turn London into a sea of fire. Seeing that Saint’s mansion is no longer a safe place for Cardia to stay in, everyone moves to another secret base.

Later, Cardia and Impey go for a walk along the London streets, and they see that all everyone’s talking about is Nemo’s threat and the girl he is looking for. Cardia asks if it really is better if she hides from Nemo, and Impey answers that Nemo may do worse things if he gets his hands on the horologium. More awwww moment follows when Cardia asks why Impey would go that far for her, and Impey answers that it’s because he loves her, and Cardia realizes that he’s the guy that thought her the warmth of love. Ok. They then go back to the new base, and on the way, they meet with the others. Upon returning, however, Lupin raged again when they find Sholmes inside lol (*≧▽≦)ノシ)). As it turns out, Leonhard is also there because Queen Victoria wants to see them, so the group goes with Leonhard to the Buckingham palace.

At the palace, the group tells their story to the queen, and she decides that it is for the best that they stop crazy Nemo. While they are talking however, Nemo took another step and bombed the factory capital in London. This caused Victoria to order an emergency deployment of the air force troop of England to attack Nemo’s Nautilus, and have the people in London be evacuated since the city will become a battlefield.

Chapter 12: Grandest Dream

The Nautilus vs. England’s Air troop ended with the air troop being severely defeated, and two days later, the group prepares for the last plan: have Cardia as decoy with Saint and Fran as her bodyguard, and Lupin, Van, and Impey will look for an opportunity to sneak inside Nautilus and destroy the ship. That night, Cardia and Impey go for a walk around London, which is now in ruins due to the battle the past day. Impey shares that he actually regrets meeting with Nemo, because if he hadn’t, Cardia’s life won’t be in danger and the air battle couldn’t have happened, and he’s also angry that Nemo used his invention for something bad. To change the topic, Impey says that Dora-chan have already found out that he’s also a vampire, and the kid invited him to join a plan for revenge, but Impey declined this, saying that he has something else he wants to do: to go to the moon. Cardia then asks Impey to talk more about his past and he shares his story…


Impey’s parents died when he was young, and with none of his relatives wanted to take him in, Impey lived alone. He had no friends, but there is one thing he really likes: the moon, which he loves looking to every night. Same as what he told Cardia before, after seeing a train, he got hit by inspiration and wanted to create something like that too, so he created mini models of steam engine. A grandpa from the vampire village saw Impey’s works, and he took the time to teach young Impey how to properly create steam engines. The two made a team which they called “Cannon Club”, because their goal is to reach the moon by using a cannon (the grandpa wanted people to get to the moon because this is impossible at that time: so if they do something impossible, people will look up to science even more). However, the grandpa died during the war with the humans, when poison gas was thrown into their village. Impey, who went out of the village that day, was saved, and when he went back to the grandpa’s house, he was left with the gravity relieving device, and the grandpa’s note to him that he will be waiting for Impey at the moon.

Thus, Impey believes that science is not something to be used in bad ways like war (the poison gas during the war with the vampires, and how Nemo used it), but for better things. As for Cardia, Impey believes that she’s a child of science and a product of a human’s wishes. And since they’ll be fighting Nemo tomorrow, Impey saw that it’s the best time to tell Cardia his true feelings, so he “proposes” to her (๑´ლ`๑). But Cardia answers no, since she doesn’t want tomorrow to be their last day–she wants to be with him forever…… and they kiss ♡♡♡♡ I love that CG btw. Impey then asks Cardia if she will go with him to the moon, and Cardia answers by kissing him (๑´ლ`๑).


They look at the moon for a little longer, and while at it, Cardia mentions something “damage”, and at this, Impey got a flash of idea to defeat Nautilus, so they head back to Saint’s mansion to prepare.

Chapter 13: Take me to the moon

The next day, Cardia wakes up after falling asleep at Impey’s workplace. Impey shows her the device he worked on all night: a cylindrical tool that can pinpont the Nautilus’ weak point.

The group assembles at the palace, and Impey talks to the queen about his plans of defeating the Nautilus. He tells them that he wants the Nautilus to fly higher up: into cosmos. He shows them the device that can do this: a cylindrical device that has strong magnetism capabilities which can disrupt the order of the gravity relieving device that makes the Nautilus float. All they have to do is launch the device inside the Nautilus, and it’s win-win for them. Victoria gives Impey the permission to head on with his plan, and some aid to help him. She also offers him the title of a Knight if he’s successful with his plan, but Impey says that he doesn’t need that for he has lots of titles already, like the World’s number 1 genius engineer, president of the Cannon Club, and Cardia’s own knight.

Cardia’s also kind of sad that the gravity relieving device that the grandpa left to Impey will be broken, but Impey tells her not to worry because he can always make another one, and the grandpa left him more non-material things other than that device. A little later, Cardia felt a pain in her chest and she lose consciousness. When Cardia wakes up, Fran tells her and Impey that they need to get the horologium fragment back to Cardia soon or else she will really turn into a mere doll. Impey positively says that they will get it back, so they both go to the Nautilus.

At Nautilus, Nemo reminisce about his past, and he laughs triumphantly at how people doesn’t acknowledge his genius blah blah. When they see the queen with a girl standing in the middle of  the Buckingham Palace gardens, they thought the government has finally decided to grant their wishes, and they station the ship near the garden. At the garden, however, the girl the queen is with is not Cardia, and it’s just a plan to buy Impey some time. The queen’s troops attack the Nautilus, and another battle starts.

On the side of the group, everyone take their own positions in their airship, like how it was during the airship race. They fly towards the Nautilus, and after evading a couple of attacks, Impey tells Lupin to take control of their airship while he and Cardia jumps out of their airship and breach into the Nautilus. Inside the battleship, Impey activates his newly invented circular device, but nothing happens… and he deduces that it must have been broken with the impact they had when they landed onto the Nautilus lol what. When the Twilight bird men appear, they abandon the first plan and proceed to plan B. Cardia and Impey look for the location of the horologium fragment and gravity relieving device, but when they find it, Nemo with a bunch of Twilight bird men are in the room, and Nemo says that strong magnets won’t affect the gravity relieving device since Nautilus is surrounded with anti-magnet equipments.


Anyways, Nemo also asks Impey why Impey can’t acknowledge his objectives when both have them have similar pasts; that they grew up in similar environments and were ostracized by others because of their peculiarities. At this, Impey answers that they are different, in a way that he has his grandpa inventor, a group of friends he can rely on, and a person he loves by his side, so Nemo will never understand him. Impey then activates the cylindrical device once again, and this time, with the the gravity relieving device near, it worked and Nautilus started ascending into the skies even more. Impey explains that the cylindrical device is actually a switch, and scattered around Nautilus is blah blah…

Shaking with rage, Nemo orders the Twilight bird men to point their guns at Cardia, but Impey protected her and he was shot instead. Luckily, Impey is wearing a bulletproof vest he got from Lupin, so when Nemo began his drama with how he lived alone, how everyone does not approve of him etc, and takes Cardia as hostage, Impey shuts him off by kicking him hard, sending him flying across the room. Impey then takes the horologium fragment (comes with a CG showing how cool Impey is while doing it), and returns it to Cardia. Nemo, who went 9999x crazier upon hitting his head on the wall after Impey’s kick, on the other hand, decides that he doesn’t want to lose, so he aims Nautilus towards Buckingham Palace and intends have the ship crash there (and die while doing it). To keep that from happening, Impey orders Cardia to escape from the ship using an emergency boat, while he will direct the ship to crash at another location.

True end: Cardia reminds Impey of their promise that they won’t separate again, and Cardia decides to stay by Impey’s side. Impey then tries to stop the ship from crashing, so he changes the ship’s control into manual mode and they pull the lever as they pray that the ship stops…… and it did. Cardia and Impey go out of the ship and face the dawn. Before Cardia’s poison completely goes back again, Cardia and Impey hug and kiss (no kiss CG though).


In the epilogue, it’s one year after the battle with Nautilus. Everyone has gone on threading their own paths. Saint went back to France and left the mansion to Cardia and Impey. Van becomes Dora-chan’s retainer, and they also left the mansion. Fran started a clinic in a poorer place in London, where he offers cheaper medical services (aww that’s my Fran ♡). Lupin, who thinks that Nemo isn’t that affiliated with Twilight, continues his pursuit of the group, and, as unbelievable as it may seem, he also sought for Sholme’s help regarding the matter. So after a year, they arrange a party so everyone can gather again. Impey, however, instead of preparing for the party, is at his workplace, working on his cannon that will launch a cannon ball that will reach the moon (From the Earth to the Moon references). When Cardia goes to Impey after hearing an explosion, he shows her the cannon, and they test launch it for London too see. Since the launch is successful, Impey proposed to Cardia and she agrees to marry him (even though they can’t even kiss because of her poison awww).

Normal end: Cardia does as what Impey told her and she left him. As he directs Nautilus towards the Thames river so no other people from London will get hurt, Impey waits for his last moments.

A year later, the group (except for Saint who returned to France), sees Cardia off as she departs for America (to continue the legacy of the Cannon Club?). As for Impey, he was left inside the Nautilus when it crashed to the Thames river, but his body (dead or alive) wasn’t found after that.


Impey’s route was pretty fun considering how many cracks there are thanks to Impey’s personality. That didn’t make me enjoy the route though… ? Maybe because of Impey himself? I didn’t like him that much ahaha (I bet the others who played the game think so too, since Cardia even got more votes than him in the popularity polls). And the love at first sight also got me “??”

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