Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~: Prologue-Chapter 8

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Code Realize cover

Been so busy the past months that I already forgot I’m actually playing this game! I stopped midway Fran’s route so since I already forgot most of the details, I went through these awesome notes I took while I was playing months ago. And when I mean notes, I mean I actually wrote every detail in the common route?? Did I really do this months ago?? Did I actually foresee that I’ll stop playing midway and I will need review notes that I made all the effort to write this??

Anyways, since I kind of feel bad wasting the effort by just keeping this in my Dropbox, I decided to reread this, edit (a little… or maybe I didn’t at all. I’m lazy.), and finally post here! Tl;dr-worthy blocks of text and spoiler fest await!!


Note: I initially wrote Saint’s name as “San” since it’s サン in katakana. Midway though, I realized that it’s officially written as “Saint”. But since I’m too lazy to change every “San” to “Saint”, I’ll leave everything as is ahahaha (^_^;)



The game starts with a girl questioning her existence. Her father talks to her, and tells her that she’s special and she’s important for the turning point history that will happen once she wakes up. However, she must live her life alone and must not know about love, as it will only cause her unhappiness… because she’s a “monster”.

Six years later, year 1853. At a grassland, two men have been hiding themselves for five days now. They talk about the “treasure of the century” as they wait for their “colleagues”. A little later, guy A (which we know, is Lupin), sees the “colleagues” through his binoculars, but he is surprised that those people aren’t from the “Twilight” group, but rather, from the guards of the royal family. He doesn’t mind this though, and tells guy B (Impey) that they’ll proceed with what’s planned and guy B should wait at their agreed place. Guy A then goes to chase the “colleagues”.

At the side of the royal guards, Leonhard, the leader of the knight group, was assigned by Queen Victoria to capture the “Monster” that was said to be located in the mansion they’re now searching the insides of. Inside the mansion, however, instead of a scary monster they expected to see, they see a beautiful girl (Cardia), and thought she was harmless, until the soldier’s guard dog attacked her and had its flesh dissolve upon contact with the girl’s skin. The dog died and this scares the soldiers, making them start pointing their guns at the girl, but Leonheart told them that the girl doesn’t mean them any harm and asked the girl to come with them. Thinking that there’s no use in resisting, she comes along.


While on the road, however, something started attacking their vehicle, and they see a silhouette standing at the top of some ruins. The man behind the silhouette introduces himself in a VERY flashy way, and says that there’s no need to be surprised because he’s JUST known as the “Handsome gentleman thief” Arsene Lupin (of course. This IS Lupin). One of guards notices the name, and remembers that the guy with the flashy introduction is the “Arsene Lupin”, the infamous thief from Paris. Lupin declares that he has come to “steal” Cardia, and his antics kick in, as he (after pretending to be dead, that is) confuses the guards by mimicking Leonhard’s voice, and he escapes with Cardia.

Back at the woods, Lupin tells Cardia that he’s there to steal her heart (lol xD), but he doesn’t want to cause sadness to a beautiful girl’s heart, so he promises that he will grant one of her wishes. Cardia says that she wants to be able to touch and feel people’s warmth, and Lupin says he’ll grant that wish no matter what.

Chapter 1: London Steam


Cardia dreams about something that happened in the past, when she wakes up one day and her father isn’t by her side anymore. He only left her a note, saying that she should promise that she won’t leave the house no matter what, as he will definitely come back to see her again. However, Cadia broke the promise one day, and went out of the house, only to be hated and called a “monster” by the people. Because of that experience, she hasn’t left the house again since then.

Morning the next day, and Cardia and Lupin eat breakfast. Lupin asks her if she doesn’t have troubles with eating food because of her poison thing, and Cardia answers that she doesn’t, since food is one of the basic needs. The food she eats becomes syrupy as she puts them on her mouth, though. They talk about things over breakfast, like how Lupin knows Cadia’s name because he really is targeting to “steal” her so he investigated her in the English government’s secret documents. Cardia also asks about why the guards from last night tried to kidnap her. Lupin answers that those guys are after the “Horologium”, a jewel that can make vast energy. It is said that in this time in which science still cannot make such a thing, one person was able to create it, and it was Cardia’s father, Isaac Beckford. For reasons unknown, Isaac embedded the Horologium on his daughter’s body, and Cardia proves this as she shows Lupin the jewels embedded on her chest. Isaac is also called the “Prometheus” of the modern time, having contributed a lot for the technology in London. However, he disappeared one day and still hasn’t been found. Cardia doesn’t know any of this until now, since she only remembers things starting when she woke up two years ago.

Lupin tells Cardia that they should go to London, to look for clues about her father and have her checked by a doctor to do something about her poison. A little later, a car arrives, with a goggled guy behind the wheels. After a couple of steam engine malfunctions (lol XD), the goggles guy introduces himself as Impey Barbicane, a genius engineer (but Lupin calls him a quack XD), who will someday go to the moon. The three ride the car, and they set for London, while Cardia and Lupin fill in Impey about what happened.


As they near London, Cardia sees how big and advanced the city is, and Lupin and Impey says that it was thanks to the rule of Queen Victoria that the city became as lively as it is now. Lupin also explains that there’s a wall that separates London into Outer London, where the factories are located, Central London, where the rich people and the royals live, and a Greater London, where Lupin and Impey are currently living.

Lupin leaves for a while to scout the area before they enter London. Cardia is left with Impey, and she asks him about Lupin, much to Impey’s disappointment because he wanted her to ask something about him instead xD. Anyways, Impey answers that Lupin is an “Ally of Justice”. Impey explains that Lupin found out about “Twilight”, a secret military intelligence in England, and this group is planning a large scale terrorism attack. To make this happen, they want the Horologium, thus the reason why they attempted to kidnap Cardia. Lupin then intends to stop “Twlight’s” plans, and realizing that Cardia is the key to this, he went in to save her.

Lupin comes back, and he brings back with him a wanted poster, with a man named Victor Frankenstein, an alchemist wanted for killing twelve people and planning for terrorist attack, on the photo. The three enter London, with Cardia going with Impey. Lupin tells Cardia to be careful, especially that she’s with Impey, and true enough, while the guards are inspecting them at the gate, trouble ensues:

Impey: “We’re just here to go sightseeing, right, Natasha-chan?”
Cardia: “Who are you talking to. I’m not Natasha”
Impey: “It’s ad-lib! ! Ad-lib, Cardia-chan!”
-guard hears this-
Guard: “Cardia? Oy. Then that girl isn’t Natasha??”
Impey: “A–”
Guard: “You two are suspicious! Hey, capture this two!”
-and Lupin’s like, “WTF is that Impey doing” as he watches from behind them lol XD-
-Impey doesn’t intend to lose though, and declares that he has a secret weapon with him, and blabs about what his weapon can do. The guard was like:
Guard: *scared as hell* “ARE FREAKING YOU SERIOUS???”
-cue Impey attack pose-
Impey: “Take this!! Impey Flash!” (Because announcing attack names is cool)
-a couple of painful silence later-
Guard: “Er, so? Is this some kind of a joke?”
Impey: “Eh? Why didn’t anything happen? Did I get the wrong one?”
Cardia: “Nice show, Impey. We’ll really be captured at this rate.”
Guard: “They ARE suspicious! Capture these two!”
Impey: “Aha ha… ha… BUT! I still have one last card on my hand!”
Cardia: “Okay. Show it then.”
Impey: “And that is…………. RUN!!”

So yeah they just run away from the guards. Nice one though, Impey, it made me laugh hard XD. Without noticing it, the two made it to the slums, which means the Outer London.

Lupin: In Lupin’s route, Cardia can choose to go with Lupin in entering the gate. Lupin easily gets them through by showing the guards the Dudley family crest and pretending to be an aristocrat named Guildford Dudley and Cardia as his wife Jane.

A few moments later, Cardia becomes separated from Impey (or Lupin), and she finds herself wandering around the streets alone. A man then approaches her, and said he has actually seen the man she’s looking for, so Cardia, thinking that wow what a nice man he is, follows him. However, the man brings her to an unknown alley, where some pervs try to harass her. One of the pervs tried to touch her, but in the process, ended up burning his skin. Seeing that the girl in front them isn’t normal, the pervs started calling her a monster and try to kill her, until a really handsome voice (OMG KAKKI ♡♡) tells her to close her eyes and block her ears and some weird thing exploded. When Cardia opened her eyes, she sees this really cute guy in front of her who tells her that the pervs are now unconscious and everything’s okay now awwwww (☆´3`) ♡♡.


The kind guy accompanies her to the nearest main road, where they hear people going, “Where did that Victor Frankenstein go??”, and Cardia finally notices that the man is the guy in the wanted posters. The guy tells her to just call him Fran, and he takes her hand to run away again after noticing that she’s also being trailed, by “Twilight”. They reach another alleyway, and someone with a weird bird mask attacks them. The two escaped from the bird mask man thanks to Fran’s bomb-thingy inventions. When finally free from attackers, the two introduces their selves to each other. Fran says that he was only framed for the crimes that the wanted posters say he committed, and Cardia believes him, since the guy already saved her two times. Cardia then tells him about her side. Hearing about her story, Fran took interest to Cardia’s condition, so he asked if he can examine her. As he’s also on the run from the government, Fran asked if he can take refuge in Cardia’s place. They then go to search for the mansion Lupin mentioned, using the map that Lupin gave Cardia.


Cardia and Fran reach the mansion (with both surprised that Lupin actually lives in such a place lol XD), and as they enter, Lupin and Impey restrains Fran. Cardia tries to explain the thing about Fran but Impey and Lupin doesn’t want to listen, until she angrily shouts at the two of them lol XD. After the explanations, Lupin agreed with Fran’s case, since Fran will also get to examine Cardia’s condition while he’s in the mansion. In any case, it’s still up to the master of the mansion, not him, to accept guests.

After eating dinner (cooked by Impey, because apparently, he’s good at cooking), Lupin escorts Cardia to her room. Lupin’s worried that the bed may melt due to Cardia’s poison, since the beddings aren’t the same material as her beddings at home and her dress, but Cardia says she’ll try her best not to melt the bed. A dog with a mechanical foot then appeared, and Lupin says the dog’s name is Shishi, and it was Impey who made the mechanical foot. Shishi immediately became attached to her, and apparently decides to sleep in the same room.


Later that night, as Cardia tries to sleep, Shishi the dog suddenly went out of the room. Cardia follows the dog, and at the dark corridor, she caught a glimpse of a big shadow, which looks like a person wearing an armor. Thinking that it’s the master of the mansion, Cardia decides to greet the person, and she ends up entering a big room with many books. There she sees a beautiful man, who introduces himself as Saint-Germain, an earl from France, and also the master of the mansion. San says that he’s French, but only at the moment. Cardia also asks if a person with an armor actually roams around the house, but San says that he doesn’t know such a person, but as the master of the mansion, he’ll investigate about it. Anyways, as San also haven’t seen Shishi, Cardia decides to go back to her room, and there she sees Shishi sleeping soundly.

Chapter 2: The Strongest Stalker


The next morning, Fran examines Cardia. He’s tried to contact different kinds materials, like gold and platinum, on Cardia’s body, and all materials ended up melting. Fran adds though, that there are things that don’t melt upon contact with Cardia, like her clothes, thus, if they find out what material her clothes are, then they can make more things that Cardia can touch.

Later, Cardia, Lupin, Fran, Impey, and San eat breakfast together, and they review about the objectives of each: Lupin intends to stop a terrorism plan, Impey plans to go to the moon, Fran is seeking refuge since the government, fearing that his knowledge will leak to the other countries, is after him, and San…… says that he just want to have fun watching Lupin et al. Lupin says that San just suddenly approached him and Impey while they were at a bar, and suddenly offered to help them… and just like that they became colleagues lol. As for Impey and Lupin, they just met each other a year ago. Impey went to London to chase after a thief that stole something from him. Thinking that the thief is Lupin, Impey attacked Lupin… until he noticed that Lupin wasn’t the same thief who stole from him ahahaha Impey XD. Impey then teamed up with Lupin so Lupin can help him find the thing that was stolen from him.

For that day, Lupin plans to take Cardia to a doctor, so while San is left at the mansion, Lupin, Impey, Fran, and Cardia go out. On the way, Cardia is worried that the police may be after Fran, but he says that the Scotland Yard has better things to do other than chase him, because the police are still busy looking for a thief that stole some rich person’s treasure. Anyways, they go up a building to see the doctor who resides in a high place so patients won’t know where she is and come rushing to her (lol what a doctor). After the examination however, the doctor says that she, nor any other doctor in England, can’t cure Cardia, because Cardia’s heart doesn’t even beat. Fran adds his hypothesis, that Cardia must already be dead, and only thing that keeps her alive by now is the Horologium.


To lighten the mood, Lupin, using his alias Viscount George Brightman, takes the gang to a some sort of trade fair. After having a little fun, Lupin says that he has another agenda in that place…… and then they hear gun shots… and the next moment, a glasses guy (Van) is already aiming his gun at Lupin! The glasses guy immediately orders Lupin to hand over the “monster”, or he’ll shoot. Fortunately, after some attempts to distract the glasses guy, the gang was able to escape to the forest (with Impey carrying Fran lol xD), but the guy, called Abraham Van Helsing, hero of war with the vampires two years ago who was given military power, as Fran finally remembers, was able to chase them. After much fighting, with Impey being shot by Van’s gun but not ending up being dead and Lupin concluding that Van’s bullets cannot kill people, the two parties finally explain each of their sides. Van intends to use the “monster” and Horologium to transact with “Twilight” and ultimately lure “that person”, but after hearing that Cardia can’t hand him the Horologium since it’s the replacement of her heart, Van asks her to come with him instead. At this, Fran proposed that since they have almost the same objectives, Van should just team up with them. However, Van refused, and aimed his gun at Lupin… only to have the gun in his hands backfire. To Impey, Cardia, and Van’s surprise, Fran actually talked to Van about the proposal to distract Van and buy time for Lupin to do what he needs to do with Van’s shotguns (anyways this is so cool). Defeated, Van accepted Fran’s proposal to cooperate with them.

Chapter 3: Educational Days


The next day, we finally have all the guys! Everyone eats breakfast, and San asks about Van’s objective, which is to expose the crimes of “that person”. Van adds that “that person” is immortal, because “that person was already assassinated and died once but is still alive today. Everyone finds this unbelievable, but Van never said anything about the matter again. As for their plans for the day, Cardia said that she wanted to go out of the mansion to search for her father, and Fran says that it’s a good thing to go out once in a while so her poison won’t linger too long in the mansion, since apparently, “Twilight” can track her blood or something through the use of a device. Lupin adds though, that Cardia shouldn’t go out of the house alone, and she should learn some self defense from them.

Lupin: Lupin and Cardia go outside the mansion and Lupin gives a lecture on the art of escaping.

Van: Van-sensei brings Cardia to the riverside to teach her fighting techniques. One convo went like this:

Van: “Do a kishuu (surprise attack)”
Cardia: “kisshu (quiche)?”
Van: “That’s a pastry from France *blabs about the origin quiche, how it is cooked, etc etc…* A-anyways! We shouldn’t taking about quiche! Do you understand?”
Cardia: “Yes. I understand that you like cooking.”

Fran: Fran and Cardia go outside the mansion, and Fran teaches Cardia about how to use different chemicals and stuff to protect yourself when stuck in a fight.

Impey: Impey brings Cardia to his exclusive workshop in the mansion, and gives her a device that sets an alarm when a bad person is around. They test it to see if it works around bad people like Lupin or Van, but when they turn on the switch, the alarm went off around Impey lol XD. Impey then throws the device to ground to break it, saying that it’s faulty xDD. For the day, Impey taught Cardia how to drive, and they go driving around London, with Cardia on the wheels.

Saint: Saint and Cardia goes to Central London, the heart if England where most of politics, publication, and education is. They also see the famous Tower Bridge, which is said to be reconstructed (?) by Isaac Beckford.

To sum up, Cardia learned various things from the guys:

Lupin – art of escaping in tight situations

Van – hand to hand fighting

Fran – how to make different medicines and chemicals to protect yourself

Impey – how to use steam engines, how to drive a car

San – taught her about geography and other academic stuff

On another morning during breakfast, Fran gave Cardia a new set of clothes. Fran explains that he soaked the fabric used for the clothes on her cultivated blood, so the fabric doesn’t melt from her poison. For that day, Cardia goes on another tutorial session with a guy.

Lupin: Since Lupin had almost taught Cardia everything, they apply what Cardia learned and they play tag: Lupin will try to capture Cardia while she does her best to try to escape, once Lupin catches Cardia, it will be game over. Of course because of the difference in years of training, Lupin ultimately catches Cardia, but not without some difficulty because Cardia is awesome and used the techniques she used from the other guys to catch Lupin off guard. After the day’s practical exam, Lupin promises Cardia that he will train her more on escaping skills once they solve the case about her father.

Van: Cardia and Van go to the riverside again, this time, to test Cardia in actual combat, with Van as the opponent. Van also compliments Cardia for knowing the best time to give up in a fight.

Fran: Since it seems that Fran had already thought Cardia everything, he just told her the history of alchemy.

Impey: The two ride Impey’s ornithopter, and to Cardia’s surprise, Impey reveals that it’s actually the first aviation success in history. Cardia also gets to fly the ornithopter (whoa cool *_*)

Saint: They go to the Tower Bridge again, and Saint takes Cardia to a place with a great view of London. Saint then tells her something about the history of London, including the the golden tome of Isaac Beckford and how he dramatically changed London.

The six people in the mansion and Shishi eat breakfast again, and everything is so lively that Cardia laughed beautifully and everyone’s surprised to see her egao!(≧∇≦)Anyways, it seems that Cardia had already finished her training sessions with the guys, so Lupin announces that……

Chapter 4: Train Snatch


……they are going to abduct the head of Twilight. Everyone is surprised to hear this, but Lupin says that the source for his information is reliable since he got it while he’s disguised as a Twilight person lol xD. From Lupin’s information, the head of Twilight will be riding the ordinary train which will be headed to Waterloo, and the plan is to steal the entire train cabin which the Twilight head will be riding. The group then proceed on their preparations for this plan.

Lupin: Cardia goes to Lupin to try to help him with the preparations, but Lupin had just finished his work when she got there. So instead, they have tea and this helped Cardia calm herself down for tomorrow.

Van: Cardia tries to help Van with his preparation of the ammunitions, but since he never taught her about weapons, Cardia never did any help, but Van says that he isn’t worried about Cardia in this mission since he believes she knows enough self-defense to protect herself.


Impey: Cardia goes to help Impey, who is enhancing the ornithopter. They talk about where Impey got his knowledge with machines, and Impey says that he learned some from an eccentric uncle in their neighborhood.

Saint: Cardia sees Saint having tea, and she joins him. They talk about how Saint trusts everyone’s abilities, and he’s also confident of himself since he has more experience than anyone in the group because of his age (which, we’ll get to know later on).

After the preparations, the group goes to the train station to do everything as planned: Van and Fran will ride the train to watch the head of Twilight, while Impey and Lupin will ride the automobile to go ahead to a branching rail where they will meet up with San, who is currently watching the ornithopter. Impey and Lupin will then ride the ornithopter so they can fly above the train, and Lupin will land on the train to disconnect the car where the head of Twilight is in to separate it from the car with the other guards. Lupin will then fire a signal so Van and Fran will meet with Impey. Or something…. Anyways. From here, Cardia can choose either to ride the train with Fran and Van and face the Twilight birdmen or leave the train station with Lupin, Impey, and Saint to wait for the train to arrive at the branching rail. Either way, Cardia will be ultimately left with Lupin to enter a train box and there they encounter a man who calls himself Herlock Sholmes, the same guy that Lupin accidentally bumped with at the train station.

Sholmes reveals that he’s heard of their plans of abduction, and since he’s a detective, he decided to stop them. Lupin and Sholmes try to outwit each other, but Lupin got caught in Sholmes’ strings; good thing Cardia used her poison to melt the strings. Lupin and Cardia then decide that Lupin will stay at that car to deal with Sholmes, while Cardia will go to the car where Van and Fran are. However, when she reached the car, no one is there… and a man suddenly points his gun at her. Before she knows it, Cardia is already surrounded by the bird-looking guards, and Kaji Yuuki a boy suddenly talks, calling her “Nee-san”… and the boy, whose name is Finis but I’ll refer to him as Kaji Yuuki, reveals that he and Cardia have the same father, and that he is the head of Twilight that Cardia et al wants to abduct!


Kaji Yuuki also knows a lot about Cardia, and says that though Cardia et al planned to trap him, this was actually a plan to trap her, and thus it was actually Twilight themselves that spread the news about him riding that train! At this, it seems that Kaji Yuuki has won, until Van arrives and points his gun at Kaji Yuuki. However, Kaji Yuuki says that Van can’t kill him, and a little later, fireworks start displaying outside, and Lupin calls to Cardia from outside, telling her and Van to escape. Cardia jumps out from the window, and Lupin catches her. They successfully escaped, but Cardia suddenly felt pain on her chest, where the Horologium are embedded.


Chapter 5: Vampire Requiem


Days after the train episode (much to Lupin’s dismay that they were trapped by Twilight and not the other way arounf), the group is eating breakfast again, and Van finally tells the group that it is actually Finnis that he’s after. Anyways, everything is lively again… until Fran, the group’s accountant, reveals that they no longer have enough money to buy even food!

Impey: “SERIOUSLY?? Is someone embezzling the money for his self??”
Fran: “Impey…… Do you remember how much you spent for the ornithopter’s maintenance?” ಠ_ಠ
Impey: “Ah? aha. ha. ha,…” (⌒-⌒; )
Lupin: “Sigh. So it is Impey’s fault after all.”
Fran: “Lupin! The money you spent for your escape plan manufacture is three times more expensive than what you first requested!” ಠ_ಠ
Lupin: “Er… a new idea came in so,,, ha ha. I didn’t notice…”  (⌒-⌒; )
Van: “So a guy who can’t even manage his own expenses is trying to throw off Twilight? Psh. Way too ahead of his self.”
Fran: “I should say that to you, Van! The cost of your bullets is more expensive than Impey’s or Lupin’s!!”  ಠ_ಠ
Van: “HUWAAT??” ( ゚д゚)
Cardia: “So, Fran. You didn’t spend any money?”


Fran: *whisper* “…I spent the most….”
Cardia: “Hm? I didn’t hear what you just said.”
Fran: *whisper* “…I spent the most…”

-LOL Fran still managed to put the blame on the three again though xD. Impey also tries to sweet talk rich earl San into sponsoring them, but San’s like:

San: “No.” *insert sweet but actually angry inside smile here.”
-Impey tries to sweet talk San again-
Impey: “Sa-San-cha… er no… San-SAMA?” (´・ω・`)
Lupin: “Give up on it, Impey. You’ll end up being driven out of the mansion if you continue with your sweet talk.”
San:If man will not work, he shall not eat.” *in English. Yep, your read that right. In English*

In the end, to make some money, the group decided to stop some notorious thieves from stealing the Nosferatu of Sabre pendant or something, which is a pendant belonging to the vampire royalties. The group goes to the auction place where the pendant will be auctioned, and during the start of the auction, the host immediately give a warning to the thieves. The host also added whoever catches the thief will receive the proper reward money, but if the thief is caught alive, then the reward money given will be doubled. Seeing that Cardia is troubled that blood may be shed in this “job”, San offers that he can just lend them money, providing that it’s only for living expenses, and they can just pay him back…… when they catch the thief and get the reward money, lol what was that for, San.

Anyways, during the pendant’s auction, a kid arrives and announced that he has come to take back what belongs to them. A couple of bounty hunters attack him but the kid easily sent them flying. The kid introduces himself as Delacroix II, the successor to the king of vampires Delacroix. After hearing that he is a vampire, the people panic and start to get away from him, and Delacroix takes the pendant. Van chases after Delacroix, and they meet at the woods, where Delacroix notices Van as the man who killed his father. After a little fighting scene, the bounty hunters start coming, and Delacroix disappears, but not after declaring that he will kill every person that is important to Van as his revenge (but we all know what had happened to Van’s family in his route).

The group never got to capture Delacroix II so they go back to the mansion, and decide to sleep first before they plan what to do next. But due to the recent happenings, Cardia can’t sleep so Fran knocks on her room and they talk a little about the war with the vampires two years ago. Later, as Cardia still can’t sleep, she goes outside to look for Van, and he tells her that he will go see Delacroix II tomorrow.


The next day, everyone goes with Van to meet Delacroix II in the Dracula’s (or Delacroix’s. whatever) manor. There a fist fight ensues between Van and Delacroix II, and although Delacroix II has awesome physical strength because he’s a pureblood vampire, Van defeats him, points his gun at him, and tells him not to move or he’ll shoot but of course the kid wants revenge so he moved, and Van fired rock salt bullets at the kid’s body like it’s some kind of bullet punching bag (the poor kid ;_;). Van doesn’t kill Delacroix, but tells him that he will in due time, when he’s finished with other tasks he needs to finish. Delacroix II cries and begs Van to kill him now, but Van says there’s no need to kill him at the moment hoommg don’t cry Delacroix ;_;. Realizing that the child had also lived the past years alone, like her, Cardia asks Delacroix II if he wants to live at San’s mansion with them. Everyone doesn’t like the idea at first, but in the end, Delacroix joins the team.

Scene changes and we see Kaji Yuuki again, with his “loyal” follower Arester saying that they have found the location of the thing they’re searching (which is probably Cardia et al because Kaji Yuuki has some sort of siscon) and the preparations will soon be done. Kaji Yuuki also asks Arester why he didn’t kill Van back in Chapter 4 when he can easily kill Van. Kaji Yuuki asks if it’s because Van was Arester’s student, but Arester didn’t answer him clearly ┐(‘~`;)┌

Chapter 6: Negotiated Solution


Chapter starts with flashback: a kid running away from the “corpse mountain”, a place where no living thing is found, and the kid blames his self that he’s the cause of all of it…… and Fran wakes up from this dream, remembering that he cannot be forgiven……

During breakfast, Dora-chan (Impey’s nickname for Delacroix II because the name is too long lol xD) did not show himself again, which is like how it is since he first started living in the mansion. Lupin isn’t there too, and it seems that he’s been busy with something. To lighten the mood, Impey plans that he’ll cook a feast for the group, but he remembers that they don’t have enough money…… until Lupin comes in and showered the dining table with heaps of money, which he says that it’s just the pay for a job he did lol xD

After breakfast, Cardia brings Dora-chan breakfast to his room, and she finds him playing with Shishi outside (aww Dora-chan is so cute (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ). Lupin also arrives and gives Dora-chan a trunk case which contains all the of Dora-chan’s family’s treasures that were stolen from them. Lupin says that it was fun stealing those treasures from aristocrats (lol xD) and giving them back to Dora-chan.

That afternoon, Cardia goes San to do some shopping, and at the London streets they receive a newspaper, with “Heinous terrorist Frankenstein attempts to blow up a running vehicle”  on the front page. It seems that it was about the incident with Finis Kaji Yuuki at the train, so Cardia and San decide to go back to the mansion and tell the other about this… until San notices that there are people following them. They run towards an alleyway, and our awesome heroine Cardia’s like, “I got this”; she readies the arts and techniques she learned from Lupin and Van, takes the smokescreen bottle she got from Fran, and tells San to get away from the scene to call the others since yo, she’s what those bird guys are after and she knows she can stall them by herself. So cool *_*. San won’t leave the girl alone though, and he faces the bird guys, until boxes were sent flying towards the bird guys, knocking them unconscious lol. The bird guys run away, and the guy who helped them reveals himself: Herlock Sholmes. Sholmes admits that he’s actually following them because he wants to confirm about Lupin’s recent robbery from the aristocrats. Sholmes also offers them some sort of escape plan if their whereabouts were exposed, but San and Cardia declines his offer.

Back at the mansion, the group talks about how different groups are after them, and that their secret base (San’s mansion) will soon be found out. They think of another place to use as secret base, and at this, Fran propose that they negotiate with Queen Victoria to be their ally. Fran says that they can do this easily, because Queen Victoria is actually after some knowledge that only Fran knows (though he doesn’t disclose this even to Cardia et al.), and the group agrees. Later that night, Cardia sees a troubled Fran at the garden, and she talks to him.

The next day over breakfast, Lupin tells everyone the plan he’s laid, and this is so cool omg Lupin is so smart: They will raid the Buckingham palace on the day of the Knight’s ceremony (or something), and Fran as the terrorist will appear and take everyone in the place as hostage, and then talk to the queen about his proposal. So anyways, they prepare for the Knight’s ceremony that will happen after five days.

On the day of the Knight’s ceremony, the group stays at the hotel, and they start to set for their plan until they notice that they’re surrounded — by Leonhard and his 200 men in the hotel. Fran tells them that he’ll sacrifice his self so the others can escape, but everyone opposed to this, so they continue with what is planned… until a tear gas bomb is suddenly thrown into  their room through the window and they’re forced to go out, and they find out that Herlock Sholmes is also pulling the strings behind this! Since he’s the greatest detective and all, through some statistics and deduction he guessed Lupin’s plans, and he’s there to capture Fran as well as a favor from Leonhard. Anyways, so much good action and suspense in the next scenes: Fran throws a bomb so they can escape from Sholmes, they run into some Twilight bird man and San fights them so the others can go forward, they reach the ornithopter but it’s surrounded by Leonhard and his men so Van and Lupin fights them, and then the people left: Cardia, Impey and Fran, ride the ornithopter and head to Buckingham Palace… only to face with the Air Force Army’s airship. Thanks to Impey’s impressive ornithopter manipulation skills, they got past the Air Force, and soon landed on the Buckingham Palace grounds.


Fran then goes terrorist mode and announces to everyone that there’s a bomb planted on the palace grounds, and that he’s holding the detonator switch (which Impey noticed as the paper mache toy he made lol xD). As what Lupin planned, Queen Victoria ordered the soldiers to lower their guns to keep the people safe from Fran’s “bomb”, and Fran talks to her about the negotiation. Fran threatens the queen that if she doesn’t comply with taking back his wanted status and providing the group help, then his accomplices will send the transcription of “that knowledge” to the other countries in Europe. However, the Queen saw that there isn’t any real bomb, so this time Fran takes out a REAL bomb, but Cardia stops him from doing anything bad, and realizing that there really is a threat if “the knowledge” is leaked to other countries, the queen finally complies with Fran’s wishes and announces to the people that Fran is innocent, and anyone who becomes Fran et al’s enemies will also be England’s enemy.

The next day, the group celebrates at the mansion for their victory. Fran also tells the about a clue about Isaac’s whereabouts that he just found out, but before he can get to the details, the mansion’s doorbell rings… and to everyone’s surprise, Sholmes enters. Sholmes says he’s there to tell them good news: that Twilight’s attempt to shoot them reached Queen Victoria, so Twilight is now an enemy of the queen. Anyways, Lupin’s so angry that Sholmes found out about their hideout, and to keep Sholmes from disclosing their hideout, San invites Sholmes to party with them. Sholmes says that he’ll definitely come visit often from now on, and Lupin’s like, “Don’t ever come back here again!” lol xD

Chapter 7: Illegal Race


The next day, due to Shishi’s influence, Dora-chan goes out of room to eat dinner with everyone. That night, as Cardia practices her self defense skills (told you, she’s cool), Fran goes to talk with her, and tells her about the clue he never got say to everyone during breakfast yesterday. Fran says that England has a royal association academy of some sort, and this academy has its own secret laboratory where the Philosopher’s Stone, a material that is supposed to contain lots of energy, is being created. Although this project is sponsored by the queen (thus it has lots of budget), the creation of the Philosopher’s stone failed, and from this failure, a material called Dicterium (ジクテリウム; ugh I have no idea what this is; thank you Erica for the info!) was born. Seeing that there’s no use continuing working it, the researches abandoned the project, except for one: Isaac Beckford. Fran adds that he was able to see this Dicterium, which he says resembles the jewels on Cardia’s chest. Fran hypothesizes that the jewels on Cardia’s chest must have originally came from Dicterium, and thus, the thing they now call Horologium may actually form the Philosopher’s Stone.

During breakfast the next day, Fran tells everyone the same thing he told Cardia. He also says that the clue he’s talking about is Isaac Beckford’s posthumous manuscripts, which will be the prize in the Black Gathering, an airship race that a Mafia group is organizing. At this, Lupin’s like:

Lupin: “Then this will be easy! I’ll just steal the manuscripts from them!” (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
Fran: “I don’t recommend it though. The guy in charge of the manuscript’s security is HERLOCK SHOLMES.”


Lupin: “Well then it’s decided! Let’s join the race fair and square, and win that prize!”


Van: “You surrendered easily? What happened to your big mouth?”
Lupin: “I’m not surrendering! I’m just not in the mood to face that guy again!”

Anyways, the group decides to join the race, but since they need a good airship, Lupin goes out to get them some, like it’s some candy you can buy from the store! LOL WHAT XD. And true enough, next next day, Cardia wakes up to see Lupin bring an airship. Lupin doesn’t reveal where he got it, though he say that he didn’t break any law xD. So to prepare for the race, Impey improves the ship, Lupin, Van, and Fran work to make some money so they can buy ship improvement materials for Impey to use, and San offers to give financial assistance.

Cardia then helps Impey with the airship improvement. One night, she brings him some sandwich as a late-night snack, and they watch the stars as Impey shares about his first experience with seeing a train, and how he started his interest in engines upon seeing that train.

On the day of the race, the group assemble for breakfast, and there, Impey apologizes and reveals that he thought that the race won’t be held until tomorrow, so he hasn’t test ran the engine yet. Since five members of a participating are needed to appear at the venue before the race starts, the group goes on ahead, with Impey left in the house to finish what he needs to do with the airship. However, at the venue, they learned that they need to show their airship before 11am, or else they won’t be able to register and participate. It seems that Impey won’t able to make it, but he did at the last moment, and the group registered their participation. While at it, a group of pirates notices that the airship Impey is driving was once theirs, and Lupin finally admits where he stole the airship xD. The pirates thought that it was Impey who stole the airship though, and they swear to kill him lol xD


As the group set their airship, a really weird man, who introduces himself as mad scientist Nemo, appears and started complimenting the group’s airship saying that it’s real beauty. It appears that Nemo also knows Fran from then royal academy, and Nemo even considers Fran as rival (though it’s one-sided lol xD). Anyways, Impey goes with Nemo to see how Nemo’s ship is, while Cardia and the rest enters the airship, which Impey named as “Impey, the Princess, and the manservants” lol xD, for the preparations.

With Cardia in charge of the altimeter, compass, map, and communications (coz she’s cool \m/) and Impey as the main pilot, the group’s airship started the race well by immediately being on the lead. (The commentator thought that their airship’s name “Impey, the Princess, and the manservants” is too long though, so he just referred to it as “the Princess and manservant” loool xDDDD). The next moment, they’re attacked by the pirates, who even communicated with them through morse, saying that it will be Impey’s body that will be covered in flames next, and Lupin (as Impey) replied with “Ha. Dare to face me if you’re ready to die, you lowlife” HAHHAHAHA XD.


The race continues with Princess and the manservant being on the lead, until all the other airships begin attacking only them, so their airship receives a couple of damage. As Impey thinks of what to do next, Nemo’s ship “Fulton” attacks the other ships attacking Princess and the manservants, and soon heads to attack the Princess and the Manservant. Thinking that it’s finally time to use their secret weapon, Impey clicks a button and a strange device appeared on the airship’s deck. Impey clicks a button and a strange device appeared on the airship’s deck, which, after Van, San, Cardia set, revealed  a cannon. Impey named the cannon “Helsing’s cannon”, since it’s especially made for Van to fire… or rather… be fired lol xD. Living his name as a human weapon, Van was able to invade Fulton, thanks to Impey’s Helsing Cannon lol xD. Van stuns all of Fulton’s crew, and returns back to the Princess and the Manservant through a reel attached to the Helsing cannon. With all the enemies out, it seems that the group is sure to win, until Fran announces that the engine overheat and the airship is falling! But good thing thing they’re nearing the goal, so as their last card, Impey aims for the goal through an emergency landing.

The group wins the race (despite having their airship destroyed and can never be ride on again), and take a commemorative photo.

Chapter 8: Nobody Understand Truth


After winning the race and reading Isaac’s manuscripts, the group decides to go the secret laboratory tomorrow. However, for reasons she can’t understand, Cardia doesn’t seem to be happy about this. Since she can’t sleep thinking about it, she goes to the garden where she sees San. They talk about the thing troubling Cardia, and San says she shouldn’t worry much as she has them by her side. He also asks Cardia to tell him in detail what happened after she woke up two years ago in her mansion in Wales.

Cardia accounts her story, that when she woke up two years ago, she found a letter from her father, telling her to patiently wait for him and not to go out of the house because pain and sadness awaits her outside. However, on that same day, she found children playing outside and she tried to approach them, but the children ran away from her and went back to their village, where Cardia noticed that the grass and plants she had walked on with her bare feet when she followed them had wilted. The people started calling her a monster and throwing stones at her, and a priest then tried to touch her face, but due to Cardia’s poison, his hands melted in the process, and to her shock, Cardia ran away. As she ran back to her mansion, she met a nice lady who introduces herself as Elaine, an expert in medicinal plants. Elaine invited Cardia to come live in her house with her only daughter Eti, and Cardia lived with with them for a month, until the village people, headed by the priest, burned their house, and reasoned that Cardia is the reason for the drought in their village. The village people decide to kill Cardia, but Elaine intervenes and say that Cardia isn’t a monster as what the people think.

At this, the priest proposed a trial: Elaine and Cardia will be shut in a cave, and if after thirteen days, Elaine still lives, then they will believe that Cardia isn’t a monster, but if Elaine dies, then they will kill Cardia. Cardia and Elaine were then shut in the cave, and for the first few days, the two talked about a lot. However, thirteen days without food and water is too much for a normal human’s body, and Elaine soon weakened. Cardia tried to melt the barrier rock with her poison, but Elaine soon tells her last words: that she wants Cardia to hand to Eti a medicinal plants notebook that was hidden in the storehouse below their burned house. However, when Cardia finally melted the rock blocking the cave entrance, Elaine was already dead. Cardia then goes out to the gave to grant Elaine’s final wish, but when she handed Eti the notebook, Eti blamed Cardia for her mom’s death, and said that it could’ve been better of it was Cardia that died, not her mom.

Cardia says that she doesn’t want to remember anything that happened right after that, so she tells Saint that after handing Eti the notebook, she went back to the mansion to be the lifeless doll that she was when Leonhard and his men found her.

The next day, the group heads towards an old cemetery, where Isaac’s lab is said to be located according to the manuscript. Fran explains that the cemetery was used back during the 14th century during the bubonic plague, when people who were thought to have used some poison to cause the disease were mass buried. It seems that Isaac had chosen that place to build a laboratory because he’s intending to kind of forgive the sins that happened on that place and build the thing than man has long desired. Anyways, Lupin soon finds an entrance, and the group explores the inside, where the use of electricity instead of the usual gas for the place’s lights surprised Impey and Fran.

Lupin: When the group reaches a forking path, they decide to search the laboratory separately, and Cardia goes with Lupin. While at it, she asks how Lupin knew about the threat of terror attacks, the secret organization Twilight,  and her being, and why Lupin’s so focused in helping others, but Lupin didn’t get to answer because Impey calls for them to return to group.

Van: When the group reaches a forking path, they decide to search the laboratory separately, and Cardia asks Van if she can go with him. They enter a room filled with books and documents, but with the amount of papers in the room, they never got a clue about anything. Cardia wonders about Van though, as to why he wants to kill Finis.

Fran: When the group reaches a forking path, they decide to search the laboratory separately, and Cardia chose to go with Fran. Upon entering the room filled with books and documents, Fran was overwhelmed by the number of unpublished papers about discoveries in the place. After much searching, he finally found what he is looking for: something about the whereabouts of Dicterium, a material that was used for mass killings during the war with the vampires a year ago. However, before he can find more about it, Lupin calls for them to return to the group.

Impey: When the group reaches a forking path, they decide to search the laboratory separately, and Cardia chose to go with Impey. They enter a room filled with books and documents, and in one document, Cardia finds Nemo’s name and photo, with “Nautilus development” in the description.

Saint: When the group reaches a forking path, they decide to search the laboratory separately, and Cardia chose to go with Saint. They enter a room filled with books and documents to investigate, and in a pile of papers, Saint finds a document with the confirmation of something he is looking for. Cardia wasn’t able to find out what it was though, as Saint immediately returned the document to the pile and he tells Cardia that it isn’t exactly an important thing  ┐(‘~`;)┌

After their finishing their own explorations, the group meets again, and start to discuss what they have found out when Lupin and Van felt the presence of an enemy — most likely Twilight — and the lights suddenly went out. Van, Lupin, Impey, and Fran face the enemy, as Saint and Cardia go to find an exit. However, not long after, Cardia loses sight of Saint, and being the strong heroine that she is, she braves looking for the exit alone, in that dark place. After hours of walking, she finds a door and enters it… and she soon finds herself in front of Kaji Yuuki/Finis, who tells her this is just a trap he set: having Isaac’s manuscripts the prize for the Black Gathering, and ultimately having the group find that place. Cardia then asks the reason why Finis is targeting her, and he started babbling about why their father only loves Cardia and not him o_o. Anyways, Finis shows Cardia the things inside the room: glass tubes containing some sort of weird organisms, and all have jewels in their chests. He explains that those are homunculus that failed to properly hold the Horologium. Thus, Cardia is the only proper homunculus from Isaac’s 666 trial and errors. Creepy Finis adds that his tou-sama entrusted the caretaking of Cardia to him, so she should just live with him from now on…


Lupin: …until Lupin comes to help Cardia in facing with Finis. He says that he’s heard everything Finis said about how Cardia isn’t human and telss Cardia that whether she will go with Finis is up to her. However, Cardia decides to stay with Lupin so Finis just brings out a pendant (which is the key to the completion of the horologium), until unknowingly, he’s stabbed by Saint from nowhere. With Finis dead, it seems that it’s over now but Lupin says there’s still much to investigate.

After Finis’s death, the other Twilight members retreat from the place, and Cardia et al safely goes back to the mansion. The incident with Finis had also made Cardia sick for a few days, so while she stays at the mansion, Lupin and the others go back to the secret laboratory to investigate more, but they weren’t able to find anything as someone had already got ahead of them in getting the important documents.

One night, Cardia packs her things as she’s already decided to leave the mansion. Having known that she isn’t really human, Cardia is scared that everyone may not look at her as how was before; that they may treat her like how the villagers back at Wales treated her, so she leaves the mansion.

Van: …until Van comes and points his gun at Finis. Van asks why Finis didn’t die the other time when he was sure he shot him directly in the head. Finis never got to give Van an answer though, as a knife suddenly pierces Finis’ chest, and holding the knife is Saint! Hoooorriiiii what did just happen did you just kill Kaji Yuuki (╯°□°)╯Saint with his usual smiling face is like, oh Van sorry for killing Finis when you so want to kill him yourself for revenge O_O. Van answers that no it’s fine really because with this Finis is dead anyways so I can finally face that promise with Dela-chan :O

After Finis’s death, the other Twilight members retreat from the place, and Cardia et al safely goes back to the mansion. The incident with Finis had also made Cardia sick for a few days, so while she stays at the mansion, Lupin and the others go back to the secret laboratory to investigate more, but they weren’t able to find anything as someone had already got ahead of them in getting the important documents.

One night, Cardia packs her things as she’s already decided to leave the mansion. Having known that she isn’t really human, Cardia is scared that everyone may not look at her as how was before; that they may treat her like how the villagers back at Wales treated her, so she’ll just run away from the mansion. While leaving the mansion though, she can’t help but think of Van.

Fran: Finis takes out a pendant, that for some reason, causes some weird pain reaction with Cardia’s body. Fran then arrives with a smokescreen and separates Cardia from Finis, but Finis tells him that he has already triggered the creation of the true form of the Horologium with the pendant. Suddenly, as a knife suddenly pierces Finis’ chest, with Saint holding the knife!

After Finis’s death, the other Twilight members retreat from the place, and Cardia et al safely goes back to the mansion. The incident with Finis had also made Cardia sick for a few days, so while she stays at the mansion, Lupin and the others go back to the secret laboratory to investigate more, but they weren’t able to find anything as someone had already got ahead of them in getting the important documents.

One night, Cardia packs her things as she’s already decided to leave the mansion. Having known that she isn’t really human, Cardia is scared that everyone may not look at her as how was before; that they may treat her like how the villagers back at Wales treated her, so she’ll just run away from the mansion. Outside though, Fran sees her leaving, and he tells her that he has always known that she’s homunculus created but Isaac Beckford. However, Fran sees Cardia as a kind ordinary girl, so he asks her not to leave the mansion.

Cardia returns to her room, but during the next days after Fran left that night, Fran didn’t show up in the mansion anymore.

Impey: …until Impey comes and stepped in between Cardia and Finis, and this happens:

*cue fighting scene BGM here*
Impey: “Oy Finis! Don’t you know that the sin of laying even a finger on my girlfriend is… unforgivable?!” ಠ_ಠ
*BGM stops*
Cardia: “I don’t remember being your girlfriend.”  ( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・?
Impey: “Eeeh??”
Finnis: “Sigh……” ¬_¬
Impey: “… a… a….. ehem!”
*BGM plays again*
Impey: “Don’t you know that the sin of laying even a finger on my soon-to-be-girlfriend is… unforgivable?!” ಠ_ಠ
*BGM stops*
Cardia: “I don’t remember agreeing to be your soon-to-be-girlfriend either.”
Finis: “Tsk…” ¬_¬
Impey: “Eh….? Ah… eh…. Ah! That’s right!”
*BGM plays again*
Impey: “D-don’t you know that sin the of laying even a finger on my precious person is… unforgivable?!” ಠ_ಠ
Cardia: “I’m very happy to hear that.” (o^^o)
Impey: “A-anyways! I’ll bring you down with my deadly paawaa (power) so prepare yourself!”
Finis: “Impey… right? You know what, I get irritated just by looking at you” ¬_¬

Cardia and Impey continue being so composed in front of Finis that he got so angry and threatened that this will be the end of them until… a knife pierces Finis’ chest, and holding the knife is Saint! Hoooorriiiii what did just happen did you just kill Kaji Yuuki (╯°□°)╯. So anyways, yeah with his usual smiling face acting like nothing happened, Saint killed Finis. Impey asks Saint why he killed him, and Saint replied that it’s one problem for them gone — with their head dead, Twilight will be less functional now.

After Finis’s death, the other Twilight members retreat from the place, and Cardia et al safely goes back to the mansion. The incident with Finis had also made Cardia sick for a few days, so while she stays at the mansion, Lupin and the others go back to the secret laboratory to investigate more, but they weren’t able to find anything as someone had already got ahead of them in getting the important documents.

One night, Cardia packs her things as she’s already decided to leave the mansion. Having known that she isn’t really human, Cardia is scared that everyone may not look at her as how was before; that they may treat her like how the villagers back at Wales treated her, so she’ll just run away from the mansion. First, she’ll look for Nemo, since his name was written in her father’s documents, so she may know something about her father from him. As Cardia leaves the mansion gates however, she sees Impey, who have heard her saying to herself that she’ll find Nemo. Impey adds that he also wants to look for Nemo since Nemo may know something about that item he’s finding, so he tags along with Cardia to find that mad scientist

Saint: …and Finis touches Cardia cheeks, causing his hands to burn o_o wow this kid never fails to surprise me. Finis urges Cardia to go with him, until a knife pierces Finis’ chest, and holding the knife is Saint! Hoooorriiiii what did just happen did you just kill Kaji Yuuki (╯°□°)╯. So anyways, yeah with his usual smiling face acting like he hadn’t just killed anyone a moment ago, Saint tells Cardia that they should leave the place o_o. Cardia’s kind of scared of Saint now, but Saint just tells her that he did that to protect her. Ooookay.


After Finis’s death, the other Twilight members retreat from the place, and Cardia et al safely goes back to the mansion. The incident with Finis had also made Cardia sick for a few days, so while she stays at the mansion, Lupin and the others go back to the secret laboratory to investigate more, but they weren’t able to find anything as someone had already got ahead of them in getting the important documents.

One night, Cardia packs her things as she’s already decided to leave the mansion. Having known that she isn’t really human, Cardia is scared that everyone may not look at her as how was before; that they may treat her like how the villagers back at Wales treated her, so she’ll just run away from the mansion. At the gates of the mansion though, she’s found out by Saint who came from some kind of meeting with the other noble, and he tells her that even though Finis is already dead, the Twilight group still wants Cardia, as what he heard. Upon knowing that Cardia will leave the mansion, Saint goes with her.


Continued in the individual routes…

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