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Saint Cover

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

Saint-Germain is a count from France who seems to have taken an interest in Lupin and the gang’s adventures so he offered to help them by allowing them to stay at his mansion. He’s just a quiet guy who smiles at any given situation, but it looks like there’s more to him than just being a generous count…

Chapter 9: Twilight

After leaving the mansion, Cardia and Saint travel to reach Saint’s secret hideout. On the way, Saint mentions something about a mistake he committed in the past and he’s been regretting that action ever since, but he doesn’t tell more about the matter. When they get to the secret base, Cardia is surprised that it looks like Saint’s mansion back in London, but well turns out it isn’t. Before entering, Saint warns Cardia that once she’s inside the mansion, she can no longer go back to the other one but Cardia says she doesn’t mind this since she has Saint be her side so she enters the mansion… and true enough, during dinner, Saint’s eyes open (!! you don’t want that to happen!) and he mentions that he lied about Twilight still targeting Cardia and he just said it so that he can have Cardia or something o_o Cardia then gets dizzy because of something Saint put in her food, and Saint carries her to a room.


When Cardia wakes up, Saint enters her room with a knife, and declares that he’s going to shut her off with it o_o But Cardia fights Saint off and caused him to drop the knife, so he just strangled her, saying that he actually just wanted her to die without experiencing but too bad because she resisted. Little by little, Cardia loses her consciousness.

Chapter 10: Seeker

The next day, Cardia wakes up to find out that she’s still alive, only that Saint has locked her in the room and the doors, windows, and walls of the room are made of materials that her poison cannot melt so she cannot escape. Saint tells her that he will kill her for sure next time, but in the mean time, he brings her food in the room during meal times. One dinner time, Cardia tells Saint that she still believes in him and she asks him if he’s actually being ordered by someone to kill her, but Saint answers that he’s doing this at his own will and dodges further questions about the topic. Cardia rages at this coz why tf wouldn’t Saint tell her his side of the story, but Saint just says that she should just hate him. Well then. Late that night, Cardia tries to escape, but every attempt was all in vain so she soon falls asleep from tiredness.

The next morning, Cardia wakes up only to see Saint’s face close to her o_o creepiest part I swear. For some reason Saint begins tying her up and saying some yandere lines like wow o_o. When Saint left the room, because Cardia is awesome, she recalls the escape techniques she learned from Lupin and she was able free herself from the rope after some hours of trying, and later, she was even able to pick through the door’s lock using a wire and finally got out of the room. Cardia gets to the mansion’s main door and picks the lock, and right when the door is opened, Saint sees her so she hurries outside. Cardia makes it to Saint’s mansion in London (which, to her surprise, isn’t actually that far from the “secret base”), until a heavily armored “knight”, which remembers seeing the silhouette of during her first night at Saint’s mansion, attacks her. Right at that moment though, Van and Fran appears, so while Van fights with the armored knight, Fran and Cardia run towards the forest.

Later, Van was finally able to follow Cardia and Fran, though he was injured in the foot and wasn’t able to defeat the armored knight so he just escaped. For the night, the three stayed at the hotel where Lupin told them to gather.

Chapter 11: Saint-Germain

The next morning, the whole gang meets up and Cardia tells them everything that happened right after she and Saint left the mansion. While she apologized that she can no longer help them with investigating the mystery behind her father since her current goal is to know more about the real Saint and help him if possible, everyone insisted on helping her because Saint is still a part of their team. They talk about finding clues about Saint, and at this, Fran mentions that he actually saw Saint’s names in some alchemy books… which were written about 200 years ago! Although they believe that it’s just another person with the same name, Fran says that the handwriting is very similar to the current Saint’s handwriting…

The next days, the group tries to look for Saint but they never found him. Cardia and Van also tried looking for the mansion where Cardia was held captive by Saint, by they also never found the mansion. After another meeting when Cardia remembered Saint’s words regarding some “Idea” when he killed Finis, the group concluded that Saint must have something to do with Isaac Beckford so this time, they investigate Saint and Isaac. They decide to go back to the underground laboratory to look for more clues.

Before going down the underground laboratory, Lupin asks Cardia regarding what made her fall in love with Saint or something, but before Lupin can tell her more about it, they were interrupted by Fran so Lupin just left it as is and they go towards the laboratory again. They investigate the place, and at the exact place where Finis was killed by Saint, Cardia sees a pendant, and lights suddenly beams from her body as she picks up and touches the pendant. Fran arrives, had Cardia let go of the pendant, and tells her that it must be the key item to the completion of the Philosopher’s stone. Later, Lupin calls everyone to have them see the memo where the “Idea” was written. They read the memo which tells about some “managers” of history, and they look for other clues, until the armored knight shows up again so the group is forced to split up with Van, Impey, and Fran fighting the knight and Cardia and Lupin escaping outside. As Cardia and Lupin nears the exit however, the armored knight appears again and attacks Lupin, until, to Cardia and Lupin’s surprise, Saint appears and intervenes with the knight’s attack.


Upon seeing Saint, the armored knight, with the voice of a woman, talks and tells Saint that it seems that Saint isn’t carrying out the order of killing Cardia and he’s protecting her instead, so she (the armored knight) was sent by Omnibus to kill Cardia in Saint’s place. A fight ensues between the armored knight and Saint, with Saint being stabbed by the armored knight, whose name is Genevia by the way, in some vital place. But Saint isn’t someone who dies easily so with his body covered in his own blood, he flashes his usual smile and tells Cardia and co. to leave the place while he takes care of Genevia.

Back in London, Cardia is still worried about Saint so she decides to sneak out and go back to the underground laboratory, but it seems that Lupin knows what she’s thinking so he stops her. So instead, Cardia just went out to the streets for some air, and Lupin accompanies her. However, the people around Cardia suddenly disappeared and an old woman in a wheelchair approaches her, and introduces herself as Omnibus, the leader of the organization called Idea! :O Omnibus tells Cardia about the organization Idea, that it’s a group in which the managers of history gather, and they watch over mankind and keep them from sins or something. Saint is also a part of this group and he’s actually been alive for thousands of years now… or rather, he’s been a living dead for years now since he died long ago, it’s just that it seems that he’s still alive and can still move because of some black magic.


Because the Idea group thinks that Isaac is defying the law of god with his inventions and such, they had him killed. Saint’s duty is to take care of the rest, so after gathering people who are looking for Isaac (Lupin, Fran, Impey, and Van), Saint was easily able to look for clues about Isaac, and he was even able to kill Finis. Now, the Idea group’s only problem is Cardia, and Omnibus is actually surprised that Saint hasn’t killed her yet when Saint’s greatly regretting an action he did before: when he was ordered to wipe out all the people in an entire village with an epidemic, he saved a single child, and this child caused the wider spread of the disease called the bubonic plague and more people died. And so, Omnibus asks Cardia to prepare herself to be killed by Saint, because if Saint doesn’t kill Cardia, Omnibus will be forced to take Saint’s immortality away and this will kill him. Omnibus gives Cardia a key, and tells her to go to the tower bridge tomorrow once she’s prepared to die.

Chapter 12: Time for Decision

As what Omnibus had said, Cardia goes to the Tower Bridge at 12mn where she meets with Saint. However, since he has no intentions of killing Cardia because he loves her, Saint stopped his blade aimed at Cardia at the last moment. Instead, Saint had Cardia’s bare hands touch his face so he can feel her warmth — yeah that’s warm because her poison is melting your skin o_o. Good thing Saint is an immortal so the burns where healed in no time. Saint has decided to save Cardia so he tells her his plans of killing Omnibus’s other 12 disciples, and soon Omnibus herself. Saint also says that even if Omnibus takes back his immortality, he will still have enough time to take down the enemies before his body collapse completely. As Cardia opposes Saint’s plan, he forcefully gives her some medicine that caused her whole body to be numb and he left.


Next scene shows Omnibus and Guinevere in a quiet country house, with Omnibus saying that she has taken back Saint’s immortality. Omnibus orders Guinevere to kill “the two”.

Chapter 13: Promise

Guinevere, as how she is in the Arthurian legends, believes that she committed a sin when she fell in love with Sir Lancelot even though she’s King Arthur’s wife and thus caused a war, so when she was approached by Saint under orders of Omnibus to be part of the Idea group, Guinevere joins the Idea group as atonement for her sins. Now she faces Saint, who has already killed four of Omnibus’ disciples, and the two battle with each other.

The next morning, the effects of the medicine finally wore off so Cardia hurries to find Saint, but realizing he won’t be anywhere in the city, she goes back to the inn to talk with everyone about what had happened. The group decides to help Cardia find and save Saint, so they search for Omnibus’ hiding place, but days pass and they never found her. A few days later, Fran talks to Cardia about things he found out about the pendant they got in the underground laboratory: that it must really be the key item for the completion of the Philosopher’s stone. Upon hearing this, Cardia thought of an idea to negotiate with Omnibus so she asks Fran to lend her the pendant. Lupin then arrives from investigating Cardia’s mansion in Wales to tell them that he’s found where Omnibus’ headquarters is. With everyone gathered, Cardia tells them about her plan of negotiating with Omnibus, so they head towards Omnibus’s headquarters.

At Idea’s forest, however, Cardia gets separated from the group due to the mist (a.k.a. Omnibus’s magic) so she heads over Omnibus’s country house alone. Omnibus tells her that up to now, Saint is still fighting with Guinevere and the remaining immortality in him is about to run out so he will die soon. At this, Cardia brings out the pendant and started threatening Omnibus. What the Idea group doesn’t want is the completion of the Philosopher’s stone (because what the Philosopher’s stone can do is against the will of god or something), so Cardia says that if Omnibus doesn’t stop her intentions of killing Saint and Cardia, Cardia will have no choice but to fuse her Horologium with the pendant and become the Philosopher’s stone. (Well take that, Omnibus!) Seeing that Cardia is wiling to give even her life for Saint’s sake, Omnibus agrees with Cardia’s wishes under two conditions: Saint must first defeat Guinevere, and after that, Cardia will have to destroy the Horologium on her chest herself. Omnibus, who’s confident that she will win this bet since she predicted that Saint will lose and die in the battle with Guinevere, sends Cardia to the Tower Bridge, where Saint, who is covered in blood from fighting with Guinevere, is, and Cardia tells Saint about her negotiations with Omnibus. When Guinevere appeared, Saint engage in a fight with her again.


True end: Saint was able to win against Guinevere, and is about to completely take away Guinevere’s life, but Cardia stops him, telling him that it’s impossible for her and Saint to be able to live together, since there’s still the condition with Omnibus that Cardia will have to destroy the horologium on her chest so she’ll die anyway :O

Omnibus soon arrives with some other members of the Idea group and gives Cardia the knife so she can destroy the horologium on her chest herself, but as Cardia is about to pierce her chest, Saint took the stab. The other Idea members gather around Cardia so they will kill her instead, but Saint begs to Omnibus not to take Cardia away from him now that he has finally found his reason to live. Guinevere also asks this from Omnibus, reasoning that Omnibus should make an exception of Cardia, the only person so far that negated Omnibus’s predictions. With requests coming from two of her other disciples, Omnibus finally lets Cardia go, and tells her to live and look for a method to remove the horologium from herself, because if Cardia does not find a way, then Omnibus will hunt her again and kill her.


Omnibus and her disciples then leave, while Cardia and Saint watch the sun rise for a peaceful morning at the Tower Bridge.

In the epilogue, it’s half a year after the battle with Guinevere. Lupin and Impey team up to look for something (probably the thing Impey was looking for in his route xD), Fran opened a clinic in a poor street in London, and Van and Dela-chan are now looking for the remaining living vampires. Cardia and Saint, on the other hand, are now traveling together and looking for more clues about the horologium. However, recently, Cardia’s been talking about the other guys and nothing else, so jealous Saint kissed her in the lips!… but only for a second since Cardia still has the poison (and Saint complained that his lips sting a little lol xD). The two then look forward for the years to come.


Normal end: As what Omnibus had predicted, Saint loses the fight with Guinevere, and dies. Omnibus soon arrives and tells Cardia that she has one more path she can thread: that Cardia can become a member of the Idea group. Cardia agrees to this, and years later, she’s already gotten used to the doing the missions assigned by Omnibus. However, after she became part of Idea, she never got to meet Lupin and the rest again.


This route is sad. SAAAD. Oh gosh I feel so bad for Saint ;_; At first I thought he was the yandere character but it turns out he has reasons for doing so! And add Hirakawa Daisuke voice acting at that! <3

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