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Fran Cover

CV: Kakihara Tetsuya

Victor Frankenstein is the doctor-alchemist in the group. I didn’t notice it at first but he’s actually wearing a lab coat and that headphone thing on his neck is actually a stethoscope! Cardia first met him while he was on the run from government police because he’s been wanted criminal ever since he was accused of stirring up terror attacks in London. He then joined Lupin’s group to seek refuge and at the same time study Cardia’s body poison.

Chapter 9: Wanted Criminal

Days after Fran went missing, Cardia continues to worry about him. During their afternoon tea, Saint notices that there’s now more to how Cardia sees Fran. Cardia admits that she may have seen Fran differently now as she recalls that she feels different when she’s Fran. Well, that, girl, is what you call being in love. Later that afternoon, Van arrives to tell the group Queen Victoria has already withdrawn her protection for Fran, and thus to all the people in the group, because apparently Fran did some poison gas terror attack at the Buckingham palace. Of course the group doesn’t believe that Fran will do something like that, so they talk about what to do next, until Cardia experiences a sudden pain on her chest due to the Horologium.

Cardia rests at her room, and that night, while the others are away, she goes to Fran’s room to learn more about him. There she sees Fran’s journal, and written on the latest entry is one sentence: “It was me who had created Cardia.” This bothers Cardia, as she’s having thoughts that Fran may have been Isaac Beackford, thus, her father. Moments later, a note was thrown to her room from the outside. On the note is Fran’s handwriting, telling Cardia that there’s a traitor among their group so he wants to see her immediately at the Tower Bridge. Cardia goes to the Tower Bridge to meet Fran, only to be ambushed by Arester and his Twilight bird guys, because it was actually Arester who wrote the note (and he was good at imitating Fran’s handwriting I guess). They corner Cardia, until Fran the knight in shining armor arrives! Fran carried Cardia bridal-style, and they jumped off the bridge into the water, ignoring the gun fires of the bird guys behind them.


The two swam as far away as possible from the Tower Bridge and hid in the nearby forest where Cardia dressed Fran’s wounds. Fran then explains that he’s been missing because he investigated the case about the poison gas terror attack at the palace. He tells Cardia to go back to the mansion to report to the others while he go by himself again and try to directly talk to Queen Victoria. However, Lupin arrives in the middle of the conversation, thanks to a note that Cardia left at the mansion before she went to the Tower Bridge. The rest of the gang soon appears, and Fran finally decides to talk to them.


Chapter 10: British Queen

The group goes to one of Lupin’s secret bases, where Fran tells them that the Twilight group definitely needs the Dicterium for the terror attack they are planning. Anyways, Fran plans to go see the queen again to talk to her about it, so the gang decides to help him infiltrate the palace again.

Later, Cardia asks Fran for another physical examination since she’s been feeling occasional sudden pain in her chest ever since Finis showed her the red pendant. Because Fran had forgotten his PE stuff in Saint’s mansion, they go back there first with Van as their bodyguard. During the PE, Fran asks Cardia to loosen the top part of her dress so he can properly examine the Horologium jewels on her chest but Cardia’s like, “Uh, it’s kinda embarrassing now,” to which Fran answered, “Oh uhm I’m a doctor you know so uhm I won’t think of anything bad!” Unfortunately though this already caused him to be conscious of that fact and their faces go red during the entire PE as they blame each other for triggering the awkward atmosphere (´・ω・`). Fran didn’t find any change in the horologium, but he tells Cardia to always stay by his side so he can immediately attend to her in case something happens.


During the infiltration several days later, Cardia and Fran (as voted by everyone because an intelligent scientist and a girl) sneak into the mansion through the underground waterways. When they finally got to the palace grounds, Fran takes out a communications device to contact the others but since that device is made by Impey… guess what. Before they can even use it, the device blowed up and made sound very loud to alert the guards! Oh gosh Impey ~_~; Eventually, they got caught by Leonhard and were brought to the underground prison in the palace.

Leonhard visits Cardia at her prison cell, and tells her to trust in the queen. He added talks about his past, that he was actually from one of the poorest parts in London who does little crimes to make a living. During the inauguration parade of Queen Victoria, Leonhard was caught pickpocketing, but the queen saved him before the guards can do something to him. Thus the reason why Leonhard stays loyal to the queen as her royal guard. Whatever Leonhard says though, Cardia and gang are set on to do what they planned, so when Leonhard left the underground prison, Cardia started on melting the prison bars with her poison. She goes to Fran to free him too, after making four prison guards unconscious with her awesome fighting skills.

Cardia and Fran go to the royal throne, since this is the time of the day when the queen is alone to think about stuff, as told by Lupin. When they get there however, no one is around, and soon they get surrounded by Leonhard and the guards. As it turns out, the queen having her own alone time of the day is the start of her plan as bait for Fran and the group. Anyways, Fran explains what he knows about the Twilight group’s terror plan of using the Dicterium, and asks the queen to do something about this to save the country. However, the queen says no, since it was actually her who sponsored that terror attack plan! Victoria admitted to planning the dicterium attack at the mansion days ago, and even to the war with the vampires years ago. She reasoned that England needs to show the world that she is powerful, thus the need for that “performance” of what they can do with the dicterium, making the other countries cower in fear. For this, she will need Fran, the creator of the Dicterium. Of course Fran wouldn’t want to have his creation to be used to kill innocent people so he refuses. Victoria then gives Cardia a pocket watch, with thirty hours left on the clock. Victoria and Fran explains that ever since Finis awakened the Horologium in Cardia, the clock has been counting down the time left before Cardia becomes a creature that can kill the whole of London with her poison gas. Victoria promises Cardia that she won’t let her poison harm other people if Cardia teams up with her, but Fran refuses this again and says that he will find a cure for Cardia.

Cardia and Fran then escape from the palace, with a few help from Lupin and Impey from the outside. Fran tells Cardia that he will save her as how she has saved him many times. He promises that he will tell her everything when they get back with the others, but Cardia loses consciousness due to Horologium.

Chapter 11: Secret of Alchemist

With nine hours left on the clock, Cardia finally woke up. While she was asleep, Fran and the others had been looking for the location of the dicterium. Since Cardia has been thinking about the sentence written in Fran’s journal, this time she finally asked him to explain it to her, and Fran tells her about his past.


As a young scientist, Fran was offered a big amount of money to work with Isaac Beckford and be part of the Philospher Stone project. As we know Fran wasn’t able to create the Philospher’s stone, but he got to create the dicterium, which is a material needed to create the Philosopher’s stone. Fran believed that the project was for the benefit of humanity but he soon learned that Victoria is using the dicterium for terror attacks, killing innocent people. Because of this, Fran left the project and run away, only to learn that the dicterium was again used to eliminate the vampires during the war with the vampires. From then on he’s been blaming his self because if not because of his creation that wouldn’t have happened. This also goes the same with Cardia because Fran knows from the moment he saw the jewels on her chest that she’s the horologium that Isaac Beckford was working on and without the dicterium, Isaac wouldn’t have been able to create the Horologium. Thus another of his reasons for wanting to cure Cardia is to atone for his sins. Cardia doesn’t blame him though, and instead hugs Fran and thanks him for creating the dicterium because if not for that she wouldn’t be present there with him. Awwww (๑´ლ`๑)


Eight hours left on the clock. Van and the others go to the place where the dicterium may have been kept, only to find the corpse of a man who committed suicide, and a journal. After reading the journal, Van realizes that Victoria’s next terror attack target is the slum area in London, the very place where Fran and Cardia are in!

True enough, dicterium gas is released in the slums and caused the people in the area to panic. Since the gas is poisonous, Fran tells Cardia to escape while he help the other people to escape but of course Cardia stays by his side and together they tell the people to get away from the area unless they want to die from poison intake. After the gas has subsided, Cardia noticed that somehow her health has gotten better and this caused Fran to finally realize the way to stop Cardia’s horologium to full completion. He started scribbling chemical equations and says that the very medicine to Cardia’s poison is dicterium itself! With only seven hours left on the clock, Fran doesn’t have enough time to create dicterium now but they can find the dictum that Finis hid and use that to cure Cardia. Unfortunately, the happy moments of scientific breakthrough didn’t last as Twilight bird guys appeared to kill the mood.


Chapter 12: Calamity

Six hours left on the clock. As Fran and Cardia run away from the Twilight bird men, Fran tells her that he’ll act as a decoy so Cardia should find Lupin and the others. However, Cardia says that she has already decided to be always by his side so she won’t do what Fran says, and even adds that if she’s with him during the time of the completion of the horologium then she’ll just kill herself so her poison won’t harm anyone. Cardia says that more than anything, she wants to be with Fran and that she’s happy when he’s happy and sad when he’s sad… now what could that feeling be? Awww my Cardia is growing up (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). Fran blushes and answers that it must be love (/ω\) so now Cardia realizes her feelings and tells Fran that she loves him.


However Arester comes to ruin the mood and tells them that he’s taking Cardia as hostage so Fran better find the dicterium for him or else they will kill Cardia when her time is up. Cardia tells Fran not to worry about her so he shouldn’t give Arester the dicterium because who knows what that Arester will do when he gets his hands on it but Fran insists that he finds it for her.

Five hours left. Fran sees Van, and Van explains that Impey actually went to search for them right after the incident in the slums while Lupin and Saint went to the location of the dicterium. After further explanations, Fran and Van soon hurry to the location of the dicterium: at the basement of the Buckingham palace,

Four hours left. Arester visits Cardia at the room where she is held captive, and babbles that Fran and the group had finally pinpointed the place where the dicterium is. However, he adds that there are already Twilight bird guys in that place, and they’re on to attack Fran and company anytime. Well look at that you big liar. When Arester finally left, Cardia tries to escape, but discovered that her poison touch had gotten weaker so she just recalled the art of escaping Lupin taught her to escape from Arester. After an hour of trying, she finally got to set her hands free, break a window with a stand lamp, jump through it, and skillfully land to the ground from the second floor. THAT’S MY AWESOME GIRL. Twilight bird guys soon arrive and surround her, but good thing Impey, riding his ornithopter, appears to save Cardia.

Meanwhile at the undergrounds, Fran and Van finally meet with Lupin and Saint, who have been searching the place but still haven’t found anything but a strange door they can’t open. Unfortunately for them, Twilight bird guys started attacking them until Fran takes out the communications device to blackmail Arester. Fran says that the dicterium is hidden in a locked room and only he knows how to open that room so if Arester wants to see it open, he must bring Cardia safe to that place. Arester being the careful man he is, says no to this but Cardia soon arrives with Impey and the group has a mini reunion. Now that Arester’s hostage Cardia is with them, the group announce that it’s his loss so he better not mess up with them again. To add salt to the wound, police troops are now surrounding Arester’s hideout so Arester says that the Twilight group is done for and goes to kill the bird guy who reported that bad news o_O

With one hour left on the clock, Leonhard and his troop shows up to fight off the Twilight bird guys, but it’s another problem for Cardia and the group. Queen Victoria soon arrives, and tells them her plans of destroying London with the dicterium (and even having her self die along with it) for the sake of England. Uh what’s wrong with this woman? She says that with this, the people will think it’s some other country’s terror attack so they will join the army, and soon, England will have a strong army. Uh okay. So anyways Victoria opens the locked door using the pendant from Finis and tells Cardia to choose: it’s either she goes to the dicterium and save no one but herself only, or she does nothing but stay there with everyone and have the guards kill them all. Of course Cardia decides to stay with group, and the queen’s like, “Well if that’s what you want then so be it; I actually want you to cooperate with me but seeing you don’t want to then I’ll just have a dangerous creature like you be killed!” and left to enter the room.

Fran however, has already set his mind that he is going to save Cardia and stop Queen Victoria. Because the four other guys also urged them on, Fran and Cardia enter the room while the others buy them time and fight off with the royal guards.

Chapter 13: Knight of Princess

Thirty minutes left. As Cardia and Fran chases for the queen, it came to Cardia’s mind again that people will die again because of her, and she most especially don’t want that to happen to Fran, as how it had happened before with Elaine. Fran however, tells her that if she isn’t around, then there’s no point to his life anymore. Moreover, Fran adds that he understands her since both of them have experienced the same thing: of people dying in front of them because of the poison they created. Whatever the case, Fran wants Cardia to believe in him, and she promises she will. Fran then takes off his gloves and touches Cardia’s checks, and surprisingly, nothing happened to his hands even after touching. Fran explains that when the dicterium is transforming, there’s short time in between when the poison disappears. He had figured out that it may be the same with the horologium, and it turns out he’s right. We get a really cute CG and they share a moment together with Fran finally expressing his feelings of love towards Cardia (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ. Of course with the little time left, they have to continue on walking, with both of them disappointed that they have to stop the sweet moment XD


Twenty minutes left. At the end of the room they finally see the beautiful tree-like thing which turns out to be a dicterium-scattering machine that Isaac Beckford created to mass kill the people in London. Since Fran studied under Isaac, he knows how to operate Isaac’s machines so Fran intends to stop the tree machine, but not until he fights with Leonhard, who was under Victoria’s orders of killing him. However, Fran puts down all his weapons and had Leonhard beat him off and Leonhard’s like, “Why don’t you pick up your weapon and face me, kid! If this goes on then you will really die!”. Fran, being the ally of justice that he is, tells off Leonhard that if he really is a true knight then he knows better to protect the people of England and the queen who has threaded the wrong way, than to kill people like him and Cardia. This finally got into Leonhard and he faces the queen and says that as a knight he definitely cannot take the life of an innocent girl and the companion who is protecting her. This rages the queen but she’s like, “Well I still have Cardia and her deadly poison!” but Leonhard has had enough so he stops her from getting in the way of Fran and Cardia.

With the queen out of the way, Fran was finally able to stop the operation of the scattering device. This upsets the queen to the point that she’s like almost out of her mind that she even stabs Leonhard when he forced her to leave the place with him! Good thing it doesn’t kill Leonhard so he just knocked the queen off and carried her away. When Victoria wakes up, she asks Leonhard to kill her but Leonhard answers that he won’t do it because England needs its queen.

Back at the tree, Cardia and Fran have a few minutes left to have Cardia drink the dicterium before the completion of the horologium and the self-destruction of the scattering machine. They wait until the clock ticks zero so the dicterium is in its liquid phase but unfortunately, Cardia can no longer control her body.

True end: Cardia decides to believe in Fran and so right after the zero mark, Fran gives her the liquid dicterium to drink but she can’t swallow it thanks to her now uncontrollable body. At this, Fran forces her to drink it by kissing her!! OMG FRAN (*≧艸≦). It was a risk on Fran’s part but nevertheless they got through it.


In the epilogue, the group just had a farewell party last night because they will be going separate ways from now on. Lupin and Impey went to travel together to look for something, Van left with Dora-chan to see if he can do anything for the vampires, and Saint returned to France. Fran and Cardia are left in the mansion to live together. Fran suggests why not they sleep together from now on, but followed with a disclaimer that when he said that he didn’t think of anything bad XD. Ohohoho Fran you’re so cute ( ̄∀ ̄). Cardia refuses though, because there’s still poison in her body and she doesn’t want to get Fran injured with her poison. However, Fran says that he will keep his promise of curing Cardia, so this time he gives her a medicine, and kisses her!!! (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Did I mention that Fran has the best CGs? (*≧艸≦) Anyways the medicine is something to control the poison in Cardia’s body so for now they won’t have to worry about it after she drinks it… meaning they can finally sleep together!


Normal end: Didn’t bother to get this because I really love Fran’s true ending that I don’t want any depressing end to ruin it for me XD


Fran’s route is really cute! I’ve now played all guys but Lupin and Fran’s definitely my favorite ♥♥ He’s got all the cute CGs (and two of those are kiss CGs!) and I really love Kakki’s refreshing voice.

From the moment I saw Fran’s character design and sample CGs way back when Code:Realize still wasn’t released, I knew that Fran’s going to be one of my favorite guys in the game. And I wasn’t mistaken! When I met him in the London slums (when I was watching the sample plays Idea Factory uploaded in youtube, because I was really looking forward to this game), I fell in love with his gentle voice.

Anyways, now that I remember, a few months back, it took me only one sitting to play through Fran’s route from chapter 9 to start of chapter 13 because Fran is just too cute I can’t get enough of him. I would have really wanted to finish it immediately back then but all hail my undergrad thesis that I have to postpone playing for like, FOUR MONTHS? So now that I had the time, of course I started from chapter 9 again and my cute Fran still did not disappoint.

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