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Van Cover

CV: Suwabe Junichi

Abraham Van Helsing is a former vampire hunter and the hero during the war with the vampires. Being a skilled warrior, he’s usually the one fighting off with the bad guys the group encounters. He’s a very serious megane so you don’t want to mess up with him unless you want to be killed right on the spot!

Chapter 9: Serial Killer

After leaving Saint’s mansion, Cardia tries to go back to her mansion in Wales but she’s missed the last train when she got to the station so since the next train will arrive the next morning, she decides to kill time in Whitechapel. Whoa nicest place to spend time especially when there have been news of Jack the Ripper’s serial killings in the newspaper o_o So yeah as she’s strolling around the place, Cardia gets kidnapped by none other than Jack Blackman a.k.a. Jack the Ripper, who is also the same guy at the train station who warned her about Jack the Ripper! Cardia gains consciousness three days later because of a woman’s scream, but fortunately when she meets face to face with Jack the Ripper he says he won’t “purify” Cardia like what he did with the other women since he wants to hand her without any scratch to “that person”.

Cardia, as awesome as usual, tries to escape using the skills she learned from the guys, but upon discovering that the door leading outside is locked, she ends up in “hell”, the place where Jack kills his victims. Jack corners her and is about to cut her feet for real but Van comes to rescue her at the right moment and he shoots Jack down. As it turns out, after discovering that Cardia’s left the mansion, the group used Impey’s Horologium-detecting device to track her.


Anyways it seems that Jack can’t be beaten easily, as he was able to stand up even after receiving a deadly bullet. At this Van explains that Jack actually has “Hidden Strenght”, which was something experimented on to people during the war with the vampires. People are subjected to trauma to awaken the hidden strength, so the Hidden Strength people already have twisted mentality. He adds that these hidden strength people should have been caught long ago but thanks to the Twilight group, Jack was able to escape.

Even after being shot by Van loads of times, since he has a hidden strength, Jack was still able to run towards “that person’s” voice when he heard it. Van and Cardia chase after him and stumble upon “Azoth” written in blood on a wall. Azoth’s voice began talking, and tells them that incidents will happen in London soon unless they hand over Cardia :O A moment later they hear something ticking and upon realizing it’s a bomb, they run away from that place.

Chapter 10: Vampire

After the underground explosion, Van and Cardia were being questioned by the Scotland Yard regarding the incident when Leonhard comes to see them as an ally under orders from the queen. They talk about the matter about how Jack was able to escape back then when he was being guarded and watched strictly and Van says that he’ll cooperate with them if they will also share their information (except that Van and Cardia didn’t disclose that it’s actually Cardia that Azoth wants). The two parties make an agreement that they will exchange any information.

Later that night, as they are walking along the streets, Van tells Cardia that he needs her…… because Finis is still alive and Finis is definitely targeting again so Van can use Cardia to find Finis (╯°□°)╯. Okay welp after saying that he’s just using Cardia and co. so he can reach his goals easier and he doesn’t really see them as comrades, Van leaves her o_o. Cardia returns to the mansion alone and is greeted by Dela-chan and Shishi at gates, and Dela-chan tells Cardia not to be too close with Van because he doesn’t want her to be lonely once he kills Van. Inside the mansion, the group discuss about the recent event with Cardia, and Fran says that “Azoth” is actually what alchemists call mercury, which can also mean “beginning and end”.


The next morning, Van is already in the mansion. The group reads from the newspaper about a murder that happened just last night, and near the corpse is “Azoth” written with blood, so they go to investigate the place. As the guys investigate the inside of murdered Viscount Brundle’s mansion, Cardia, who is left outside, sees bloody footprints so she followed it and ended up at the exact bloody crime scene where “Azoth” is written on the one of the tree trunks. She also sees the guys there, and Van notices that the handwriting for “Azoth” this time is different than what they saw last time. Later, Van, Cardia, and Dela-chan go to see Sholmes in Baker Street while the rest continue investigating the place.

On the way however, Dela and Van notice that someone is following so they run and do their fighting stance until Van sees that the person following them is actually an ally: Jimmy A. Arester, the same guy with Finis during the train snatch incident. Van explains that he and Arester are actually sworn friends, that he had the opportunity to study under Professor Arester, and it was actually thanks to Arester that he found Cardia and the others a few chapters back. It seems that Arester joined the Twilight group to investigate more about the group. Anyways, Arester just wants to tell Van about Finis, about how he saw him marching about when he’s supposed to be already dead o_o. Even if Finis is alive though, Arester says that Finis is still publicly known as dead so Arester is currently in command of  the Twilight group, meaning they’re Van et al’s allies at the moment.

At Sholme’s place, Van asks for Sholme’s detective skills regarding the Azoth case:

Sholmes: “My detective services are expensive you know.”

Van: “Don’t worry. Lupin will pay for that.”

-ahahahahaha A thief’s money to pay a detective xD

Anyways upon much sleuthing for clues, Sholmes finds an interesting connection between the recent cases: that the people involved in the cases are all those who rendered their services during the War with the Vampires. Apparently the killer is following a list of those army people and he’s killing them according to their order in the list. Sholmes says more of his theories regarding Azoth’s true identity but Van’s like, “Azoth is Finis, period,” because of Azoth’s very Finis line during their first encounter with him. Whatever the case, Sholmes and Dela are sure that the person who killed Viscount Brundle is no doubt a vampire.

Back at the mansion, Dela says that the killer in the recent case is definitely the vampire Neuntoter, one of his father’s retainer, so later that night, the group fights with Neuntoter at the London streets before Neuntoter can kill a guy named Mauchly. Of course since this is Van’s route, it’s Van who gets to fight Neuntoter by himself, but since Neuntoter had his hidden strength awakened (by Azoth, probably), Van gets seriously injured until Dela-chan arrives to try and talk with Neuntoter. Neuntoter doesn’t want peace talks though, and he attacks Dela-chan for siding with the humans :O. And all seems to be ending bad for Van until some weird dokidoki thingy happens to Van and he defeats Neuntoter with a few gun shots. With the hidden strength seemingly out if Neuntoter’s body now, Dela-chan asks Neuntoter to to join him now as a retainer but hidden strength strikes Neuntoter again and Van gets severely injured by Neuntoter when he saved Dela from Neuntoter’s attack!! Holyyyyyy– o_o And what’s frustrating is that Neuntoter finally dies for real right after that one last attack.

Good thing Fran arrives immediately at the scene and he was able to perform first aid to Van so Van is still alive thank goodness. When Van wakes up, Cardia is by her side and he thanks her for telling him not to die a while back aww. Dela also comes to see Van to tell him why he would go as far as saving someone who will eventually kill him one day anyways and Van’s like, “oh yeah I did that so as not to break the promise that it will be you who will kill me.”


Chapter 11: Doll Face

After the Neuntoter incident, Van has been going out by himself without telling the others what he’s been up to. One day, Van brings Arester to the mansion and says that the thing with Azoth and Finis being alive is a very dangerous matter so the group should just leave that to him and find other ways to look for Isaac clues. Without another word, Van leaves the mansion with Arester but Cardia won’t allow this and is like, “no shit Van I don’t want to see you suffering again so I’ll come with you ಠ_ಠ, because Van のことが……” (which is obviously “because I like Van!” but anyways) until Leonhard comes hurrying towards them since something big just came up and he needs the group’s assistance.

Leonhard explains everything to he group, and turns out something came up at the palace when some soldiers with weird abilities (//Hidden Strenght) shouted “Finis-sama banzai!” and committed suicide bombing. What’s more, they left a box with “Azoth” written in blood on it and inside the box is a challenge letter about the start of a game and some talk about destruction. The group then decides to investigate this, so Cardia, Van, and Dela visits Sholmes to ask him about it while Lupin and the others go with Leonhard to see the exact place where the incident happened.

When Cardia et al sees Sholmes, he seems to be in a hurry so they go with him to the mansion of Marquis Renfield, the head of an anti-Finis group. Before getting there however, they hear a scream of a woman and a man jumped from a window in the third floor of the mansion, and Cardia, Van, and Dela chases after him, only to be greeted by Twilight birdmen and… Finis himself!! Holyyyyyyy he really is alive! Finis says that he just wanted to see them for a little while to give them encouragement, so after giving a vague answer if he really is Azoth, he walks away again. As Dela deals with the birdmen, Van and Cardia chases after Finis and it all came to the point when Finis is behind Cardia and Van is at lost in whether to shoot Finis but risk shooting Cardia in the process. Finis tells Van that this current circumstance is the same as two years ago when Van’s family was killed (??!!). Suddenly though, they hear an explosion coming from the direction of the Buckingham Palace so while Van and Cardia are surprised, Finis takes this opportunity to leave.

In Dela’s side, Dela was able to to defeat the birdmen but somebody comes and Dela’s like, “Why are you here?” until he was stabbed (°ロ°)?? WHO IS THIS TRAITOR??

Chapter 12: Waking Evil

The explosion from the other night was really from Buckingham Palace, and although the queen is safe, many important people died. Dela-chan has also been missing since that night. As for Van, he’s been doing stuff by himself again but one night he sees Cardia to say that he’ll walk his own path alone from now on so he came to say goodbye. whaat o_o. But Cardia doesn’t want this and she finally reached the point where she can’t take Van keeping things to himself so she yells at him saying that she cannot understand him because he doesn’t say anything! At this Van finally tells his past. Van was actually a member of the Twilight group and he was tasked to spy on the royal family of the vampires and kill them while at it. However, from his own spying, Van saw that there’s no good reason to eradicate the vampires since they’re nice people and they did nothing wrong, so he planned to withdraw from his task but Finis won’t allow this so he kidnapped Van’s mom and lil bro and threatened Van that he will kill his hostages if Van doesn’t continue his task. Because he loves his family more than anything else, Van did as he was told and killed lots of vampires but in the end Finis broke his promise and still killed Van’s family. Such evil o_o.

Van says goodbye to Cardia for real and leaves the mansion. Van meets with Arester who tells him that Finis is at the St. Paul cathedral so they head to the place. While at it, Van thinks in detail about his past. Van initially went to London to be part of the military and thus help his mom and lil bro with the living expenses. Later, Van was taken in and tutored by Professor Arester when he saw Van’s talent. Van became a member of the Twilight group, and he got really close with Prof Arester especially after the two got out alive from a deadly battle with the Hidden Strength people. After the war with the vampires, Van returned to his family home, only to find the dead body of his mom and lil bro so from then on he swore that he won’t stop until he get his revenge on Finis. He spent his time searching for Finis with the help of information from Arester, and the latest was the information about a girl (Cardia) called a monster by the people.


At the mansion, Cardia calls for everyone and asked them to help her save Van, and the guys are more than willing to lend their princess in love a hand.  They followed Shishi as the dog traces Van’s scent, and they reached the front of St. Paul’s Cathedral where they hear a gunshot. Twilight birdmen appear so Saint and Fran, and later, Impey and Lupin too, take on the enemies as Cardia goes straight to the heart of the cathedral, where Van, Finis, and Arester, surrounded by Twilight birdmen and even the royal soldiers, are. Cardia tells Van that she loves him, but Finis’ like, do whatever you want lovebirds, and orders Van to kill him now. Van shoots Finis n times but the kid cannot be killed no matter how many times he is shot and to everyone’s surprise another Finis appears! The new Finis says that he is Finis and so is the bloody one SOOOO what is happening here o_o Finis then says that it’s his turn now so he orders the soldiers to point their guns at Van but suddenly a weird sound starts ringing and after Arester says that it’s a signal that means it’s over for Finis, all the soldiers shoot Finis instead! Bloody Finis is like, “WTF does this mean, Arester, a.k.a. AZOTH??” to which Arester calmly replies with “oh whoops I’ve been out. Anyways, you’re dead for real this time, Finis, because I found out your secret!”

With Finis now dead, the main thing now is Arester = AZOTH and ARESTER FINALLY SHOWS HIS TRUE COLORS. Turns out Arester is actually a do-S guy who takes joy in seeing people suffer and GUESS WHAT two years ago, Finis never even took Van’s mom and otouto as hostages — yep it was all Arester’s big lie, moreover IT WAS ARESTER HIMSELF WHO KILLED VAN’S FAMILY AFTER THE WAR. HOLYYYYYYY!! So it was Arester who killed Van’s family and told Van that yo it was Finis who killed them so Van will take his revenge on Finis. And when did Arester start manipulating Van’s surroundings? EVER SINCE HE MET VAN WTF poor Van ;_;

Of course if one learns he’s been living a lie then he’ll definitely rage with anger so Van aims his gun at Arester but one guard shoots him first. And if the new information wasn’t enough, Arester also adds that he’s now got his own army of hidden strength people dressed as royal guards and Twilight bird guys that will obey his every order! As poor Van fights off the hidden strength army, Arester takes his leave after telling Van to meet him at the Tower bridge once Van is done with his business there.

Chapter 13: Stand by Me

Outside the cathedral, Van and Cardia regroup with the rest of the team. It seems that something had stirred up London, and true enough, the Scotland Yard and Leonhard’s troops have been very busy, considering that AZOTH had just let criminals and prisoners run wild along the London streets. One hidden strength person also attacks the group, but Van easily beats him up with one hit and Saint noticed that Van’s kind of different with that very strong blow. Anyways, Van tells the group not to follow him as he goes his own way again (to Arester, no less). Of course Cardia doesn’t listen to this so she, accompanied by Saint, follows Van, just after Impey gives her a device that keeps track of Van’s whereabouts.

On the other hand, Lupin and the rest meets with Leonhard to inform him that AZOTH = Arester. Leonhard wanted to go capture Arester right that moment but the group, and even Sholmes, tell him there’s no need to because Van and Cardia will take care of that Arester and the power of love will surely prevail XD. Anyways, Sholmes says that according to his investigations, Arester’s main target is the Buckingham palace although as to what Arester’s reasons are, Sholme’s doesn’t know. Whatever the case, the group then helps the Leonhard and the Yard with the current turmoil in the city.

Meanwhile, as Saint and Cardia are going to Van’s location, the armored knight (more info on who this is in Saint’s route) who Cardia saw at Saint’s mansion during her night there appeared. Saint tells Cardia that he’ll take it from there, so Cardia continues on.

As the skies grow heavier, Cardia finally sees Van, but he tells her to go away because he’s fine alone. He doesn’t want to concern himself with her anymore. He doesn’t need her. Van even threatened Cardia that he’ll kill her if she doesn’t leave him alone but Cardia’s already decided on not leaving precious Van anymore and making him lonely so she’ll stay by his side as is, no matter what he says. At this Van snaps and pins her in the wall and was, “You’re very important to me that’s why I don’t want you to be involved in this!” but Cardia’s like, “I don’t care how dangerous it is so I will stay by your side because I love you!” The word “love” made Van happy so he thanks Cardia but he still doesn’t want to get her involved so he knocks her unconscious.


At the Tower Bridge, Van finally faces Arester, but Arester has another opponent for Van: a brainwashed Dela-chan!! Arester then leaves again for the cathedral (lol why did you even leave the place if you’re going back there anyways). Back to Dela and Van, Van was able bring Dela back to his mind (after much fighting I guess) and Dela asks Van to just kill because he’s already tired of life and wants to see his parents soon :((. Van doesn’t kill him though, and instead just left him there and goes back to the cathedral to chase Arester. Later, Cardia arrives at the Tower Bridge, and Dela tells her to save Van who has gone to the cathedral. Dela also asks Cardia to deliver his message to Van: that there’s no need for them to seek each other’s revenge.

Cardia soon arrives at the cathedral much to Van’s surprise. Van says he’s tired of Cardia messing up with his feelings so he just wants her to disappear from his sight :O. To this, Arester’s like, “Well, why don’t we kill that girl for reals?”. Anyways, saving that for later, Arester then explains why Van is strong and thus called the human weapon: it’s because he also has the hidden strength! Moreover, Van is actually Arester’s ultimate work of art and thus the reason why Arester’s been making Van’s life miserable is to  bring out the hidden strength inside him. The incident during the war with the vampires was the trigger for Van’s hidden strength because it subjected Van to trauma, so he’s been getting stronger since then, and now is the very day of its completion. True enough, as much as Van wants to shoot Arester down, he’s can’t because his body tells him not to hurt Arester because now the hidden strength in Van is complete!

With Van now brainwashed and under the influence of the hidden strength, Arester begins telling Van that it was Cardia who caused Van’s misery, and this lie caused brainwashed Van to attack Cardia. Cardia however won’t give up without a fight so she grabs Arester’s neck with her bare hands and threatens that she will melt his neck if he doesn’t remove the hidden strength in Van. Arester doesn’t mind dying right that moment though, because he says that he was actually lonely and all ever since his family was killed by a crazy murderer right in front of him. But now that Van has experienced more misery than him, Arester says he’s already satisfied with his revenge and he stabs himself in the chest! ARESTER YOU—-!!!! DON’T MAKE OTHERS MISERABLE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE!!


Before his last breath, Arester tells Van his last order: kill Cardia. Hidden strength Van goes after Cardia and grabs her by the neck and blames her for all his sufferings. Seeing that Van may really have been better if she’s gone, Cardia voluntarily points his gun at her at says that if it’ll that will make Van better then he just shoot her. Van comes back to his senses though, and drops his gun. He then stabs himself to completely snap off from the hidden strength.

True end: Van doesn’t move and doesn’t answer so Cardia goes panic mode like, “Wake up Van! Lupin and the others will arrive soon and Fran will treat you so so you better not die on me!”. Van kept silent and we’re made to believe that he’s dead until:

Van: “Uh Cardia you don’t have to shout, I can hear you properly.”
Cardia: “…
VAN!!!” (–>she’s obviously happy that he’s alive XD)
Van: “WHAT?”
Cardia: “You’re alive!!”
Van: “Of course I am! Don’t just go killing people off!”


Van says that he really was about to die there a moment ago but thanks to Cardia not shutting her mouth off, he didn’t XD. He’s finally found the will to live, and says he wants to stay by Cardia’s side, because he loves her.

One month later, Van and Cardia are now the only people living in Saint’s mansion. Fran and Impey had gone to search for something, Lupin helps the in the search while he’s still pursuing the terror case, Saint went back to France, and Dela-chan’s continuing his vampire head duties. Anyways, there’s a party on Van’s work at the palace that day and Cardia wants to go so she’ll see him wearing ceremonial clothes but Van doesn’t want to bring her because he doesn’t want his coworkers see her beauty lol XD. But Van has a better surprise for her: he gives her a party dress that he asked Fran to make and they sneak out of the party to go see the city from the top of the palace. Van says that he’ll wait until In the mean time, they make use of the moment and dance together.


Normal end: Van already had enough suffering; I don’t want to add any more to it by getting this end lol XD


If Saint’s route is sad, then Van’s is even sadder considering the emotional and physical pain he’s gone through. Arester’s one crazy man and I seriously won’t forgive him for the things he’s done to make Van’s life more miserable than his ಠ_ಠ. Nevertheless, I love the sweet scenes especially that encounter in the rain (with the CG) and the true end.

But why no kiss CG? :(( If Fran gets two, why not at least give one for Van?


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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for your summary of all the game routes and in particular this one, and the translation of the main theme. Reading these really got me hooked in the game prior to finally coming out in English. Van became an instant favorite along with Cardia and their story did not disappoint. I’m far more partial to Van & Cardia than Lupin, even if that’s the main/cannon story. I just hope Van does finally get his deserved kiss CG in the fan disk. If you do get it I hope you’re able to review as well since it’s too early to tell if the FD will ever get localized in the U.S.

    Also I’ll add, like you, I just can’t bring myself to the Normal end. I know what it is but I don’t want to see it. It’s just sad enough as it is!

    • I’m so glad my review got you into Code: Realize! ^_^=
      I can totally feel you about Lupin. It’s too obvious that the game is biased to him so it’s sad that the other characters were outshined. My favorite is Fran and I can’t help but feel jealous of Lupin fans because his route is perfect ;w; I do hope we get more of our favorites in the fan disk! Everyone wants a Van kiss CG so there’s no way that there won’t be one ww I’ll be pre-ordering the game once they start taking orders (the question is, when? ;;) so I’ll definitely make a review!

      • I haven’t played all the routes but overall seems that Van got the short end of the stick on the kiss CG. Victor’s is cute and although not my fave can’t help but love him (XD although I’ll flat out admit I’m on Team VanCardia), heh heh.

        I’m planning on importing the FD too even if I can’t understand Japanese, at least having played the original I’ll have more than enough background to get around. I keep looking at all the “options” that were available when the original Code: Realize released in Japanese *o* if they do this for the fan disk it’ll be a hard choice to pick what I want, all depending what online shops offer so I can order through a third party. Hopefully if I get too confused I can ask you for some pointers later on.

        The game is way too biased towards Lupin, but I can see why though from the devs point of view: If the game didn’t do too well, then at least everything closes and wraps up with Lupin. If the gamd DID do well (as it did) then they’ve got plenty of cliff hangers to go make a follow up fan disk. I find it hard to think of “Lupin & Cardia” are cannon even if they are on the cover, it’s just to me feels like saying the other guys are like “fillers”.

        After Lupin, I feel Van & Victor are “second” cannon or at least the makers wanted these two to be more popular (even though Victor does find a solution for Cardia).

        In any case, I’m glad for once we got an otome in English from a newer franchise XD; it’s nicer to enjoy the fandom ride as it happens. Thanks again!

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