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Lupin Cover

CV: Maeno Tomoaki

Arsene Lupin is the “gentleman thief”, as he calls himself. He’s an infamous thief from Paris but he came to London to investigate and try to stop a certain terror attack plan.

Lupin’s route is unlocked only after you’ve done all the other routes so his route is obviously where every info comes together.

Chapter 9: いつかの許し

After leaving the mansion, Cardia heads to her mansion in Wales to search for more clues about herself. As she investigates her room, she finds a letter written by her father Isaac, but before she can read it, she hears glass breaking from the outside. The villagers are out to get her, so fearing she may kill someone again with her poison, Cardia runs away from the mansion, but losing one of her gloves in the process. With all the panic she’s in, all the things Lupin had taught her seems to have escaped from Cardia’s mind, and she gets cornered by the villagers. The priest comes and says that whoever will kill the monster will be spared from hell (lol whut) so the villagers try to attack Cardia, until knight in shining armor Lupin comes to save her (of course, with matching Lupin introductions like, “I’m just a humble thief who has come to save this beautiful lady from you ugly people” ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.*). Awesome Lupin tells the people off not blame the famine and drought in their village to one girl (and, “If you want to see a real monster why not go back home and look into a mirror” XD).


Lupin and Cardia then escapes to a safer place away from the villagers, and Lupin explains that the group has been finding Cardia since she left. Knowing that Cardia is afraid that he’s thinking that she really is a monster, Lupin cheers Cardia up by saying that when he first heard of her existence, a girl that can melt things with her poison, Lupin initially thought that she is a monster. But right after he met her up to now, Lupin said that the thought never crossed his mind again because he only sees a kind girl in Cardia. (Ah such a smooth talker Lupin is…). A little later, Eti appears to tell Cardia that she still hasn’t forgiven her after what has happened to her mother. However, Eti says that she believes in her mom and to what was written on the book she left (which has lots of entries about kind Cardia). Before leaving, Eti says that she doesn’t think of Cardia as a monster.

Cardia and Lupin soon reads the letter that Isaac left. On one part of the letter, Lupin deciphers a code that tells about how Isaac has been on the guard against an organization called Idea, the managers of history (more about them from Saint’s route). On! another part, Isaac addresses Cardia and tells her that because god hasn’t been kind to him, Isaac planned on breaking the laws of god and this will start on Cardia. Isaac says that the answer to her questions lies on the basement of St. Paul cathedral. Everything is for the sake of a plan: “Code:Realize”.

Cardia freezes at this because she’s already heard the words “Code:Realize” and they’re important to her. And what a coincidence that is because the very international terror plan that Lupin’s trying to stop is also called “Code:Realize”!

Meanwhile, in London, Finis laughs away as the city becomes a war zone.

Chapter 10: 戦火 (War)

Cardia and Lupin go back to London by train, only to find out that London is under martial law because apparently there has been a rebellion that caused disorder in the city. With the train prohibited to enter the city, Lupin and Cardia continued their way by riding a coach. On the way, they ask a soldier who has escaped from the city about the current situation, and true enough, Queen Victoria’s been held at the palace with her guards fighting off some Twilight bird guys. What’s more is that the current HQ of the rebellion troops is at the St. Paul Cathedral, so they won’t be able to get to the basement of the cathedral and retrieve Isaac’s secret until they shoo away the enemy troops in that area. To do this, Lupin and Cardia decide to save the queen first, and ask her to have her soldiers fight the enemy at the cathedral.

Lupin and Cardia then enter the city and sneak into the palace via the underground waterways. At the palace, they hear Leonhard calling for the queen so they go after him, and soon Lupin helps him fight off some Twilight bird guys by throwing out sleeping gas that got all the enemies AND Leonhard to sleep LOL XD. Anyways after waking up, Leonhard accepts Lupin’s offer to help so they plan that while Lupin acts as a decoy to lure the enemies away from the queen’s room, Leonhard and Cardia will go save the queen. Cardia and Leonhard successfully rescue the queen out of the throne room and into the palace garden where they’ll meet up Lupin. Unfortunately, Lupin hasn’t arrived yet and what’s worse is they’re now surrounded by the coup d’etat guards, and the head of the rebellion: FINIS! (Who didn’t die! Of course from Van’s route, we know he didn’t die).

Finis insists Cardia to cooperate with him and the Code:Realize plan, which is a plan to create a new god for the world. Finis explains that he and Cardia should do what they were created for: which is to revive Isaac Beckford! He adds that he and Cardia were created just for this, with Finis’s body used as a vessel and Cardia’s heart (horologium) needed to revive Isaac. Upon hearing that she actually has a use in life, Cardia’s almost brainwashed to go with Finis until the queen intervenes and Cardia’s snapped back to reality. Of course Cardia won’t let Finis get his way so she buys more time until Lupin arrives… in an airship, no less! Much to Finis’s rage, Cardia, Leonhard, and the queen escapes with the airship.

At the airship, Lupin tells the queen that he’s after something that is hidden in the basement of St. Paul Cathedral, so he asks her to call on her emergency soldiers to fight off the enemy HQ guarding the cathedral. The queen agrees to this, as she’s planning on fighting with the rebels anyways.

Chapter 11: 正義の味方 (Ally of Justice)

At Omnibus’ country home, Guinevere reports the recent happenings in London. Omnibus tells her to call all the apostles, since it’s time for them to make a big move to turn history back to the right path.

Meanwhile, as Leonhard and Queen Victoria sleeps, Lupin continues to pilot the airship while Cardia stays awake to keep him company. Cardia tells Lupin that she’s really worried about him because he’s been going through all the dangerous incidents for the sake of other people. Lupin doesn’t say anything to this, but instead, he kisses Cardia’s cap (´ε` )♡.


The next morning, the airship finally landed so Leonhard and the queen, together with Cardia and Lupin (who promised that they’ll help the queen in fighting against the rebels) go back to London to gather the remaining loyal soldiers. The queen then announce to the public that she’s now declaring England to be under provisional government. After the cheers, Leonhard introduces Lupin to Sholmes, who will also be part of the military tactics team from now on, much to Lupin’s opposition. A little later, Fran, Saint, Van, and Impey appear and the group has a mini reunion.

For their convenience for that civil war, the group goes to a new hideout, and Cardia tells them about her adventures since she left the mansion. Lupin then tells about the St. Paul Cathedral plans, in which Queen Victoria and her soldiers will assault the enemy HQ in the chapel, and the group will sneak into the basement during the confusion. Although this is a very risky operation, everyone tells Cardia that they’re always there at her service.

That night, as Cardia’s getting some fresh air outside, Saint tells her that there’s someone who wants to meet her so she follows him. On the way, Saint reveals that he’s actually a member of Idea, an organization that watches over humanity and tries to lead the history to the right path (this, we already know from Saint’s route). The group has been watching over Cardia since she’s the key to Code:Realize, the very thing that will turn history to the wrong path. Suddenly, an old woman, Omnibus, the head of Idea, appears and says she came there to kill Cardia! Saint defends Cardia though, because he believes that Cardia won’t thread that wrong path. Because of this, Omnibus just resorted to a “less violent” way of killing Cardia by giving her poison that she can choose to drink when the “right time” comes. Cardia accepts the poison, though she tells Saint that she’s just accepting it and she won’t drink it.

With what Finis and Omnibus had said though, Cardia isn’t able to sleep, so she goes outside for a walk. Lupin sees her strolling around, and Cardia asks again why Lupin is helping her when it’s his life on the line. And this time, she’s serious and won’t take “Because I’m the ally of justice!” as an answer. Seeing that Cardia’s serious, Lupin answers that he has two reasons.

First, is because he’s doing it for his sensei. (And Cardia’s like, “Oh yeah I don’t know Lupin’s past!”). When he was a kid, Lupin was an orphan that roams around pickpocketing in Paris. He says he’s a natural born genius so he was never caught, except for one time, which is when he was trying to pickpocket his soon to be sensei. This sensei noticed Lupin’s talent, so he taught Lupin the art of stealing. Since then, Lupin has always been looking up to this sensei because he’s a chivalrous thief that gives the things he stole to the poor. Years later however, sensei had stopped being the chivalrous thief and even used the money Lupin stole to fund some crime syndicate. Thus, Lupin tried to bring down the organization by stealing their stuff and returning them back to their rightful owners, and making the police aware of the organization. However, the members of the organization betrayed each other and sensei was caught in the process, and soon Lupin found him ragged and lying in an alleyway, about to die, but still smiled at Lupin before he does. So after his sensei’s funeral, as his sensei’s son, Lupin went through the sensei’s belongings and found a note. As it turns out, sensei is actually a spy of the Twilight intelligence organization. However, when sensei found out about Isaac’s plan “Code:Realize”, he escaped from the organization, but he soon regretted this action because he should have done something to stop that plan. With the sensei now dead, Lupin goes to London to find out more about this Twilight and do what his sensei was not able to do.


The second is because he’s doing it for the one person in the world that he loves, to the point that he’s willing to give up everything for this person. At this, Cardia felt envious for the person because she’s also starting to realize her feelings for Lupin. Lupin then starts describing this person (which is obviously Cardia), and says he doesn’t really know when he started to like her but his feelings are true (*≧艸≦). Cardia then says that whoever that person is, she’s very lucky because Lupin is very sincere.


Later, the group readies to depart for the cathedral, and with Dora-chan joining them too. When they get to the cathedral however, they find that it’s a hard battle going on so it’ll be difficult to sneak in. Thus, the group decided to just fight their way in to the front entrance, with Dora-chan volunteering to fight off the guards at the gates while Cardia and the rest continue inside. After a couple of action and fighting with enemies, Lupin opens a secret passage and the group descends to the basement.

At the basement they meet Finis, and Van shoots him dead, but as we know he doesn’t die that simply so another Finis, without any injury appears, so Van shoots him again, but another Finis appears, and another, and another, and another… until the room’s filled with Finis clones! The Finis clones attack them, so while the rest try to hold off the clones, Lupin and Cardia continue deeper into the basement, and they soon reached a big room with a celestial globe in the middle.


Another Finis appears, and right in front of Cardia and Lupin, he shoots himself on the forehead and drops dead on the floor. Finis voice started to talk, and then we get a big revelation that the celestial globe in the middle is actually Finis’s true form! It’s basically a machine that makes Finis clones whenever the old one is destroyed. What’s more is that all of Isaac’s knowledge and memories are stored inside that machine, thus, his brain. With a body that doesn’t die and rot (Finis the machine), a mind that knows all (Isaac’s brain), and energy of the horologium (Cardia) — Isaac plans to make a god.

Suddenly though, the room started moving and Finis says that it’s finally time. As the room continues moving, they hear Nemo’s voice laughing in victory over the awesomeness of the gravity-relieving device and that he’s finally doing what his Isaac-sensei’s wants. Some cables then start to move and grab Cardia and lift her up! Lupin tries to get her back but he can’t reach her since a hole on the floor keeps sucking his body down. As the distance between them widens, Lupin tells Cardia to believe in him because he will surely get her back again, and Cardia says she’ll wait for him and believe in him, because she loves him.


Meanwhile, on Leonhard’s side, a weird airship (the Nautilus, from Impey’s route), started floating above London, and dropping a weird shiny stuff, which, as Leonhard sees, is the same as the Dicterium that the queen has been keeping an eye on (from Fran’s route).

Chapter 12: Code:Realize

When Cardia gains consciousness, she’s already been held captive as the source of power for the Nautilus’s gravity-relieving device. Finis then goes to see her, brings out the red pendant, and brings it close to the Cardia’s chest to awaken the horologium in her and start the formation of the Philosopher’s Stone (like in Fran’s and Van’s route). The pendant was broken in the process, but everything begins from there when Finis suddenly goes wild and poof! He’s now Isaac Beckford! Isaac’s soul invades Finis’s body and he talks to Cardia saying that he’s missed her but, he actually doesn’t love her! The one Isaac loves is the real Cardia that was his daughter, who died on a fire. The heartbroken Isaac collected the DNA in her daughter’s toasted remains and he used that to create the Cardia that we know now. In short, the Cardia now is just a tool to grant Isaac’s ultimate wish. When Isaac’s soul left Finis’s body, Finis rages again at why it’s always Cardia that Isaac loves and not him. Uh yeah, Finis, even though Isaac just said that he doesn’t love the doll Cardia but the real Cardia o_O.


Anyways, on Lupin’s side, everyone’s on a meeting for the next plan of action. The queen was successful in conquering the cathedral, but taking back the castle will still take time because of the Nautilus floating above the London skies, so she gives everyone five days to prepare. Lupin, however, won’t wait that long to save Cardia so he goes to Saint’s mansion and planned on using the ornithopter that’s parked there, until Van comes and Lupin thought Van followed him to stop him so he’s like, “My beloved Cardia is in danger and I’ll rescue her NOW so don’t even think of stopping me!,” but Van’s like, “Whoa whoa calm down I came here to lend you a hand!” Impey and Fran then follows, saying they’ll help too, considering that the gravity-relieving device and the dicterium are being used for bad purposes. Of course, Saint won’t want to be left behind, and he even brings Guinevere and Omnibus too because they said they want to help. They talk to Queen Victoria and Omnibus demand that the queen’s troops attack tomorrow night, and added that they, the Idea group, will protect the troops from the Nautilus’s attacks using magic. With that, everyone prepares for the plan.

As promised, the queen gathered all the troops and started attacking the Nautilus. Lupin’s group on the other hand, also aims to sneak into the Nautilus as they ride the airship. Before they fly though, Dela-chan sees them off while Sholmes appears and says he wants to go with them too because he has some business to do inside the Nautilus. Anyways, the group goes for the Nautilus, until the enemy started attacking them so they had no choice but to hit their airship into the Nautilus.

On Cardia’s side, the impact from Lupin’s airship caused the door in her locked room to open so being the awesome heroine that she is, Cardia escapes from the room and tries to investigate the Nautilus. However, Finis catches her (and even had a bird guy stab her leg! — ugh that must have hurt o_O) and brings her back to to the globe room. Finis beats Cardia up and tells her again that she’ll soon be the monster of destruction and all that. Because of this Cardia almost drinks the poison that Omnibus gave her but changed her mind and tells Finis that all she wants is to live with Lupin. At this, siscon Finis rages and uses some liquid medicine that hastens the completion of the Horologium. Soon, Isaac Beckford takes over Finis’s body (and this is creepy as hell) and demands that Cardia give her heart (horologium) so he’ll be complete. Cardia calls out for help and just in time… Lupin appears! (And the BGM, which is named “Code:Realize” by the way, is so beautiful at this part omg I’m crying ;;)


Chapter 13: ぬくもり (Warmth)

True end: Cardia and Lupin escape from Isaac but as they run, Cardia decided that she’s got to tell him about her being a monster soon so she tells him about it and bades goodbye. However, Lupin’s like, “I’m Lupin-sama so I’ll save the girl I love no matter what!” until Finis appears (AGAIN!!), shoots Lupin down, and laughs like crazy o_O

Meanwhile, the others fight off with their respective enemies like how it is in their routes. Impey and Fran face Nemo as they try to take back the dicterium and the gravity-relieving device. Saint fights with Guinevere, because as it turns out, Omnibus just helped them because she’s betting that they’ll die in battle eventually. Van faces Arester, learns about the truth, but decides not to kill him, so disappointed Arester just walks away… until Sholmes appears in front of Arester, and we get the big reveal: Arester = James Moriarty!! (Who’d have thought that it’s going to be Azoth = Arester = Moriarty. I also kind of thought that Arester is pretty much like Moriarty when I first heard that Arester’s a professor and turns out like I was right about it!). In any case, Sholmes is still Sherlock Holmes because he just changed his name when he got back to London to investigate a certain underground organization named Twilight which he feels is being handled by his nemesis Moriarty. (So I’m guessing that these happened after the Reichenbach falls incident in which Holmes and Moriarty apparently died in the books? Ah I talk too much when it comes to Sherlock Holmes). Realizing that there’s actually someone who’s the same as him after Sholmes said that London would have been a boring place if Moriarty isn’t around, Arester willingly had Sholmes kill him with single gunshot.

Back at the globe room, the horologium is finally complete, turning into Philosopher’s stone, and turning Cardia’s hair white. Finis’s all, “Now that Code:Realize has started, love me now tou-sama!” but Isaac just calmly takes over Finis’s body and doesn’t even bother about Finis’s efforts. (Okay Finis is crazy and all that, but that’s most probably because he didn’t get enough love from Isaac :( ). Anyways, Cardia’s poison still won’t leak out since there are still preparations needed to do, as Isaac explains. Isaac tries to get Cardia’s “heart” and she’s taken by the weird cables again. While at it, Cardia sees some of Isaac’s past. Before, Isaac was a young genius scientist who does research in London for the benefits of humanity. After getting a group of other scientists who will continue his research, Isaac decides to return to his small village to get married and he and his wife soon had twins named Cardia and Finis. He settled in there as a doctor and things were all fine and happy in his family until the village was struck with famine and the villagers began blaming Isaac for it o_O. Of course, Isaac tries to help so he goes back to London to do more research about it but when he returned to village, his family was burned by the villagers. Isaac begs them to lend him a horse so he can at least get them some medical treatment but the villagers just ignored him and even threw rocks at him. Because of that, his family died and since then, he swore that he’ll recreate the world to free it from the evil that killed his family.

After seeing this, Cardia “wakes up” from her dream, but decides to sleep again to end everything there once and for all. However, she hears Lupin’s voice saying, “Aho, didn’t I already tell you that I’ll save you no matter what,” and to this Cardia finally says that she wishes to see Lupin, and the next moment, Lupin’s already pulling her from the globe device. Of course Lupin has to be alive!


Lupin explains that he’s alive thanks to the bullet proof vest he got from Impey. They face Isaac who says what can they possibly do since it’s already that late, but Lupin’s like, “Ha, think again tou-sama,” and the globe device suddenly blows up. As it turns out, Lupin had already set that up so now that Isaac’s device is destroyed, Isaac also starts to die, saying that he did all that because he just wanted to be happy with his family again. Now that Isaac’s dead, the power of the Philosopher’s stone he completely absorbed from Cardia (thus, Cardia doesn’t have any more poison in her body) doesn’t have anywhere to go and it starts to scatter and destroy the Nautilus.

What’s more is that the Nautilus itself is self-destructing, and it’s starting to crash. Finis also makes it alive but because of the instability of the Nautilus, he almost falls down into a hole in the ship but Cardia goes to grab him in the arm and try to save him. Cardia wanted him to live because she says he’s her only family left now but Finis answers that he’s always hated her so he can’t do that. Finis then shook off Cardia’s hands and he falls down.


Lupin and Cardia then try to leave that wrecking room but a rubble from a destroyed wall blocks their way out. Cardia tells Lupin that if it’s just him, then he can make it out so he should just leave Cardia there, but Lupin says the shot from Finis a while ago still stings so he can’t leave anyways lol XD. Lupin then apologizes to Cardia because he wasn’t able to keep his promise that he’ll let her feel people’s warmth but Cardia says that she’s already felt it because of Lupin. But Lupin still insists on granting her wish so he touches Cardia’s hair and this burned his gloves. As it turns out, that poison is the last from Cardia’s body so now that Cardia’s free from the poison, the two of them kiss.


In the epilogue, it’s explained that after the Nautilus blows up and Cardia and Lupin accepts their fate by falling down the ship, they get rescued by the other guys thanks to an airship provided by Queen Victoria. Half a year later, everyone’s threaded their own paths. Saint betrayed the Idea organization but since Isaac’s plans were stopped anyways, Omnibus forgave him. He was punished though, which is his life span is now limited to 100 years. Fran returned to the research organization in the palace to continue studying the dicterium. Impey plans to go to America to prepare for his dream to go the moon. Van is now the representative for diplomatic arrangements with the vampires, while Dela-chan leads the rest of the vampires. Despite their own plans though, everyone attended Cardia and Lupin’s happy wedding (# ̄ω ̄).


Normal end: Ever since the Nautilus blew up, Cardia and Lupin were never seen again. One month later, the rest of the guys had gone their own separate ways. Meanwhile, Saint stays at his mansion to live the remaining fifty years of his life waiting, in case Lupin and Cardia return ; w ;


-Overall comments-

One of the best (if not the best) games I have played! I wasn’t wrong in deciding to get this game the moment I saw the art and the opening movie! The story is just awesome, I seriously didn’t want to stop reading once I started it. What makes it cooler is that everything comes together in Lupin’s route and every second I was just, like, “Oooooh now I get it!” There isn’t any detail in one route that doesn’t match with another route so no plot holes, meaning everything is just plain coherent and I find that awesome. There wasn’t that much romance but whatever because the story makes up for it. The story, guys, the story. The story is just so good and well-thought!

As for the guys, Impey is so-so, I love Saint’s backstory, my favorite is Van’s rain scene, Lupin’s a real gentleman and I love his lines, and FRAN IS MY CUTE BABY. Yep, Fran is definitely my best guy in this game (´ε` )♡. Which is why I kind of dislike the fact that the game is very partial with Lupin since he got the best end. But then when I think about just how everything came together in Lupin’s route, I’ll just overlook that fact XD.

The art is also really pretty — which is why I picked this game up anyways lol XD. (If you know me, I tend to play games with pretty art and nice opening theme). There’s also some in the cast worth mentioning, like Maeono and Kakki. At first I thought Maeno as Lupin was a miscast but I was proven wrong because he’s the perfect Lupin! On the other hand, Kakki as Fran is ♥!! And of course, we shouldn’t forget: Kaji Yuuki! Awesome voice acting as usual; Kaji makes the best Finis I swear.

All in all, Code:Realize is a really good game! Kudos to Aksys Games for their wise decision in picking this game up. I’m so glad my friends who love otome games but can’t play most of them (because language barrier) can finally enjoy this game too, thanks to your localization. (By the way, please don’t listen to those people who say that they want Hakuouki SSL to be localized because they don’t know how bad that game is).

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