[Unboxing] Norn9 Last Era

July 30, 2015 at 2:26 am | Posted in Unboxing | 6 Comments

Last Era 3

My previous game order took a month to arrive (because seriously, customs ಠ_ಠ) so I was expecting this to arrive late too but to my surprise, this delivery only took THREE DAYS!! I kind of wished for it to be delivered a little later since I’m still finishing Var Commons but not that I’m complaining for PhilPost’s fast service!

This was released last April but since I was too busy back then, I wasn’t able to pre-order ;_; I was actually planning on ordering from Animate since the rubber straps were really cute and I wanted the Kakeru-Natsuhiko-Akito drama CD but oh well. I’m just lucky that HMV still has copies of the pre-order drama CD bonus so I ordered from them and not from my usual CDJapan.

The limited edition box is the same size as the Var Commons’ so it’s really neat to display them adjacent to each other on a shelf  (`・ω・´)ゞ I also love the box cover art since we now have all the guys in it, as compared to the Var Commons box in which they split one image into two.

The limited edition set includes a drama CD (which I won’t be listening to until after I finish the game) and a booklet. The booklet has the usual pages for the official art and character profiles, but the best part of it is in extras. The couple shuffle scenario was really funny! They shuffled the usual pairings into something new like, AkitoxMikoto, and in the end they concluded that there won’t be any happy end at all if the pairings were changed XD. My favorites were KakeruxNanami (they won’t be able to make a continuous conversation), SenrixNanami (has only two lines but it’s really funny! XD), and AkitoxMikoto (they’ll end up fighting). There’s also a 4koma manga part, in which the characters organize a party for the release of Last Era. They play Fruits Basket and everybody ends up sitting because Koharu and Heishi gave Senri, who is tired of constantly being the “it”, a chair (ノ>▽<。)ノ

In any case, I’m still replaying Norn9 (Var Commons) so Last Era will have to wait (´・ω・`)


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  1. Where do you used to buy games from? I really want to buy a ps vita and play Otome games, but I’m not so good at Japanese to understand every word… >o<

    • I usually buy at CDJapan! You can see the “Where to buy games” widget and click on the photos to get to the site >w<

  2. Unfortunately I can’t buy the limited edition :(

    I wait Norn9 in english in November and after I hope that Askys bring Last Era :’(
    Well, I hadn’t twitter …………but NOW YES! I made one just for this! XD
    I am @radiceslady

    • Oh, have you already played the game or are you still waiting for the English localization?
      I took photos of the booklet and mentioned you in twitter! Please check your twitter :D

  3. I want to know the conversation with every change couple X’D

    • You should buy the limited edition! Or do you have a twitter account? I can mention you along with photos from the booklet :D

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