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Norn9 Var Commons

I already played and finished Norn9 for PSP last year but since I really love the game especially the characters, I decided to get the vita version too after learning that it contains extras not included in the PSP version \(• ◡ •)/ I also recently got the fandisk Norn9 Last Era so I thought replaying the game will help me refresh the story. In this post I’ll be talking about the Vita extras and the basic Norn9 story ・´∀`・)

The Vita Extras

Other than seeing the Norn9 characters on the better vita screen, Var Commons have additional contents found on the “Extra Contents” section. As for the main story, it’s basically the same, although I feel that they added some extra lines and scenes at some parts, typically before or after the ending credits. I’m not sure about this though, so I still need to recheck with the PSP version.

Still touch


Some selected CGs have still touch wherein you’ll tap the screen and the characters will talk about how they think or feel about that scene. Listening to what the characters think about a particular scene was fun but for me it got boring when it’s not my favorite character not talking orz And also it got me thinking what the western localization will do about this feature? I mean, how are they supposed to put a translation when this is a listening and not a reading feature?

Short stories

This is definitely the best addition in the vita version. I mean, I wouldn’t be getting this port if it didn’t have extra stories with added CGs! You can get these stories buy “buying” them at the Norn9 store using points you earned with finishing a route or with rewards from the Norn Quest. There’s a short story per guy and the stories are mostly funny and sweet (´ε` )♡ My favorite are Akito’s (because lol my Norn9 bias) and Natsuhiko’s! Depending on the character, the stories occur in either during the Norn journey or after the epilogue. Some of the extra CGs are cute (especially Itsuki’s!) but I think most are pretty bland, like how it was for Nanami’s three boys. In any case, all the short stories were fun to read!


Extra illustrations, 4koma, BGM, and HYK

Aside from the short stories, you can also buy extra illustrations, 4koma, and the BGM set at Norn9 store. The extra illustrations are just wacky images they put up using the available backgrounds and sprites. Some illustrations are really funny though XD. There are also four sets of 4koma, with the characters mostly talking about the extra contents in the vita version. And you can now also see the Hiyoko Channel episodes compiled in one section!

Norn9 Quest


The Norn9 quest was a disappointment for me, because I really thought I’ll be playing some hardcore pixelated RPG using the Norn9 characters! Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case because you’ll just be reading some interactions between your chosen character and his/her “opponent”. I guess I got my hopes too high? What’s more is that there are only about two scenes per character so if you’re playing the quest to get 5000 points (which is a requirement to get one of the trophies), you’ll be seeing the same scenes again and again. It’s also frustrating that you can’t control how much points you get per game because it’s the system who decides on your opponent. Imagine trying to collect 5000 points and then at one game you’ll be given a negative score!


The Story

Everything from here is the same as in the PSP version except for the “Var Commons short story” part!

The game starts with a boy named Suzuhara Sorata. He’s on a class field trip at some big research lab until he hears someone singing that apparently only he can hear. Suddenly, he’s transported back (well, not really, but more on that later) to year 1919, and along the Taisho Era streets he meets a weird girl who cannot remember her name and can create fire. Since he’s lost in time and he doesn’t know what to do, Sorata goes along with the girl and later a big spherical ship (Norn) comes to pick them up. Inside the ship Sorata meets more weird people each with their own special ability, like Kakeru who can grow and control plants and Mikoto who can set up barriers. Soon, Sorata learns that they’re on a journey under the orders of “The World”.

Basically, this trip is just a way to get the ability users be familiar with each other, because once they reach their destination, they will have to do some group deliberation regarding “Reset”. “Reset” is, resetting world history back to zero. In the year 2060, there was a big world war and the people thought there will no longer be peace on earth until they realized that they can actually do reset. So in year 2085, they programmed Aion to be the ultimate reset tool and we have the first world reset. Unfortunately, history repeats itself so despite the wiping off of civilization, world wars happen again so now that it’s the year 8075, there’s been three resets already. What’s more is that Yuiga Shirou’s been mass selling guns and other weapons so another world war is just around corner. To prevent this from happening, the island people scientists who are in charge of Aion’s maintenance, gather the ability users so they can return their abilities to Aion for another reset. Basically, there are nine ability users (although this time, we have ten because Akito and Senri): fire to wipe out the civilization, barrier to protect the people from the fire, dreams, telepathy, and memory-erasing abilities to mass erase the memories of people, water and plants to restore the green earth. There’s also the ability to see the past and future so the Norn people can look into it first before deciding if a reset is the right thing to do.

One of the unique things in this game is the presence of three heroines. Each heroine has her own personality and character so it was kind of like, getting three games XD Koharu (for Kakeru, Senri, and Masamune) is Sorata’s sister figure whose ability is fire. She had a rough childhood because the people call her a monster for her fire ability (´・ω・`) Because of this she forgot her real name and she’s afraid of using her ability. She’s really cute though, especially her airheadedness XD Next is Mikoto (for Natsuhiko, Sakuya, and Itsuki), the girl who takes too much pride on her barrier-casting ability. She’s from distinguished family and she has this “I need to protect people with my barrier!” going on with her. She’s definitely my least favorite heroine. Third is Nanami (for Akito, Ron, and Heishi), my favorite heroine! She hates her ability which is to erase people’s memories, because of a thing that happened in the past with Akito. Nanami, being a girl from a ninja clan, is really cool because she can just whip out her kunai every time she gets pissed off XD

Yuiga Kakeru (CV: Kaji Yuuki)


Kakeru is pretty much the “main guy” in Koharu’s group although he’s my least favorite among the three ヽ(´ー`)┌. Kakeru was the one who proposed that everyone in the ship form pairs after that intruder attack so they can observe each other more closely. He tells Koharu that it isn’t the only reason why he proposed that though, because he also wanted to make people go along with each other, starting with the pairs (later on though, we learn that there’s more that proposition). In any case, Kakeru acts like some sort of leader in the ship (along with Masamune, who does all the contacting with the “World”) although he’s actually a big liar and bully who loves making fun of people, most especially my poor Senri. In his route, Kakeru does this to Koharu too, like when he joked that he’s actually a girl and Koharu called him “Kakeru-chan”, and during a time when he tried to scare Koharu by saying he likes carnivorous plants. Unfortunately for Kakeru, Koharu’s a very pure and innocent girl so his antics can’t get through her, so he’s kind of left with some guilt every time he tries tricking Koharu. This was probably what made Kakeru fall in love Koharu, because as he says, they’re total opposites since Koharu is this very innocent girl while he’s just a big liar.

Although he’s a bully and some people in the ship actually don’t like him (i.e. Mikoto), Kakeru is very important because his ability is growing plants and this is very helpful especially regarding growing fruits and vegetables in the ship’s fields. Because of his plant-growing abilities, Koharu praises him a lot but Kakeru says his ability isn’t really that awesome since growing plants is something anyone can do. And so Kakeru helps Koharu grow some strawberry but Koharu’s too excited to have the strawberry bear fruit so she overwatered the plant so of course the plant drowned. Kakeru then tells her how to properly take care of a plant and soon the strawberry grew a flower, and by this time, Kakeru realizes his feelings for Koharu so he hugs her and tells her that she won’t be alone anymore. Koharu’s pretty dense though, and answers, “Yes! I won’t be alone anymore because I now have that strawberry plant with me!” loooool ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.* Kakeru’s like, (°ロ°), and to make matters worse, Itsuki and Heishi witness the scene and Itsuki teased Kakeru for “losing to a plant” XD

The next days they start working on the field and Koharu notices that there’s mud on Kakeru’s earring so she tries to wipe it off, but before she can, Kakeru slaps her hand away! ( ゚д゚) Later, Kakeru explains that he’s pretty sensitive when it comes to people trying to touch his earring because it’s the only momento his murdered father has left behind. Unfortunately Kakeru doesn’t know that the earring is actually a device his “dead” father Yuiga Shirou uses to brainwash him. When Kakeru catches a cold, Ron steals this earring (as per Natsuhiko’s order because he knows what Yuiga Shirou is up to) so when Kakeru gets back to his normal self and realizes that his earring his gone, he gets all sad. After days of futile attempts of finding the earring, Kakeru starts acting “normal” so the other people in the ship don’t have to worry about him. Koharu knows him well though, so she goes and faces Kakeru telling him that he should stop faking it because she isn’t buying it. In the dream scenario, Koharu is Snow White while Kakeru is the poison apple. Kakeru goes all emo saying that his character fits him because all he does is deceive people anyways. He then tries to stab himself with a branch but Koharu stops him and kisses him instead.

After the dream, Koharu finds out that it was Ron who stole Kakeru’s earring so she gets it back from him by threatening that she’ll toast Ron to a crisp if he doesn’t return it. The next day, (after Senri said that he feels so grossed out with Koharu and Kakeru flirting in front of him lol XD) Koharu and Kakeru go to the library were they kind of make out repeat what they did in the dream so they kiss again. They soon find Kakeru’s earring (which accidentally fell off from Koharu’s pocket) but Kakeru says he won’t wear it anymore since he already has Koharu by his side anyways. Unfortunately, as soon as they realize that they’re in love with each other, Masamune announces that they will soon reach their destination which means everyone will be separated soon.  What’s worse is that when all the other guys except Koharu and Ron are out of the ship and eating out at the town, Yuiga Shirou’s robot army goes to attack the ship. Kakeru then hurries back to save Koharu from the robot creeps but Koharu toasted all the enemies instead with just one flick of her fire powers.

Seeing that everyone has seen her offensive fire abilities, Koharu locks herself in her room because she’s afraid that the group may hate her like how the people in the town called her a monster. Kakeru then goes to cheer her up and we get an implied night scene! Did they do it? Did they not?? I’m guessing they did because look what’s on top of the bedside table (✧≖‿)  Anyways, the next day, Ron reveals to Kakeru that he knows what Kakeru and his father Shirou is up to so he better stop it or else. Just then Yuiga Shirou himself shows up to fetch Koharu but Natsuhiko comes too and intervenes saying that it’ll be the end of the world if Yuiga Shirou gets his hands on Koharu. So then Masamune stops Koharu from getting close to Shirou while Kakeru still can’t believe that his father is still alive. Realizing that he can’t take Koharu at the moment, Shirou just went for Kakeru and takes him away. Koharu tries to follow them because her beloved Kakeru is being taken away but Masamune stops her saying that Kakeru is their enemy because he’s actually Shirou’s spy.

The group then goes to the island to meet Aion the World. Unfortunately, they can’t do the reset because the ability users aren’t complete thanks to Kakeru being with Shirou. Since there’s nothing else to do Koharu asks Aion’s help to save Kakeru but Aion and Masamune are against this idea since they know very well that if Koharu’s brought to Shirou then it’ll be success for Shirou’s evil plans. Aion also adds that Kakeru is just Shirou’s puppet to get Koharu’s side and ultimately bring her to him. However, Heishi says that Kakeru’s feelings towards Koharu are true and it isn’t just brainwashing so Aion finally decides to help… but before she can say what they can do to save Kakeru, Yuiga Shirou’s army attacks and destroys Aion! Oh what perfect timing! Good thing Natsuhiko and Ron arrive so they go fight off with Shirou’s robot army. Akito (after taking all of Senri’s abilities) also goes with them saying that only Koharu can save Kakeru so he’ll act as backup in case Koharu’s fire goes wild (awww yeah that’s my Akito baby!!). So then they face brainwashed Kakeru who starts attacking Ron but then Nanami goes between them in an attempt to save Ron.

True end: Before Kakeru can hurt Nanami, Koharu stops Kakeru by hugging him and sprouting some cool fiery wings. By the power of love, the fire magically doesn’t hurt anyone and Kakeru is snapped back to normal. Later, Natsuhiko announces that they already found Shirou’s dead body. After all that incident in the island, Koharu and Kakeru settle in a small house near the fields.  Natsuhiko and Masamune had told them to leave the island ASAP because the island scientists don’t want Koharu’s fire around. Natsuhiko also makes them an alarm that they can use to inform him and Masamune if anything bad happens to them. Anyways, they’re currently living peacefully (and all raburabu) while Kakeru’s recovering. In the meantime, Akito (who currently lives in a nearby village with his bro Senri and Heishi) visits them from time to time. Before the ending credits, someone knocks at Koharu and Kakeru’s their door and the next moment, an alarm is going off at the island. (Oh what could this be? Something that will be answered in Last Era, perhaps?) Bad end: Nanami gets hurt by Kakeru so Ron tries to get back and attack Kakeru. Koharu’s like, NOOOOO! and then next scene we see Kakeru handing Koharu to Yuiga Shirou (゚ロ゚屮) Var Commons short story: After hearing from some children that finding a four-leaf clover will bring people happiness, Koharu decides to find one in the ship. She doesn’t say this to the other people though because she knows they will voluntarily help her in such a difficult task and she doesn’t to bother them. Kakeru notices this though, so later Koharu admits her plan and soon they find a four-leaf clover together. However, days pass and Koharu gets worried that she may be wasting Kakeru’s time so she tries even harder in searching. One day, Kakeru suprises her with a four-leaf clover he found after a whole night of searching (`・ω・´)

Ichinose Senri (CV: Shimono Hiro)


Senri is the hikikomori in the group and my best guy in Koharu’s team not only because hikikomori Shimono Hiro but also because he’s just so moe and he’s my husbando’s lil bro  (´ε` ). He doesn’t like being with people and getting along with them because he doesn’t want them expecting something from him and be disappointed of him in the end. Because of this he just locks himself in his room to the point that he doesn’t even go out to eat. After the door of his room was wrecked off by Akito in chapter 1, Senri had no more safe haven so Kakeru bullied him even more by forcing him to join Heishi and co.’s 24-hour endurance card playing. This is too much for Senri’s poor body so when Koharu notices that playing with Heishi (for 24 hours!) isn’t good for Senri’s health, she saves him by keeping him in her room away from Kakeru. Koharu also makes Senri some cookies thanks to bro Akito’s help (aww the brotherly love (´`)). They then fall asleep together and the next day bully Kakeru’s like I know what you did last night (≖ω≖。)♪. So then the next day karma strikes and Kakeru catches a cold while Masamune takes care of him so Koharu and Senri are left to work in the field. Senri uses his ability, which is water, to get the job done faster but using his water ability takes so much toll on Senri’s weak body (plus it’s only half of an ability – more about this on Akito’s route).

Later, Senri and Koharu fix Senri’s broken door with some bit of help from bro Akito. Senri’s also pretty good with his hands because he does wood carving so he promises Koharu that he’ll make her a wooden rabbit when he gets free time. Anyways Kakeru finally approves them fixing Senri’s door as long as Koharu keeps a spare key so Senri won’t go hikikomori mode again. Masamune then pats Koharu on the head and praises her for their good job in the field but Senri gets jealous and immediately pulls Koharu away from Masamune (# ̄ω ̄). Because of this Senri asks Koharu if there’s someone she likes but dense Koharu answers, “I like everyone on this ship!” Me: (°□°) ┻━┻ Poor Senri’s like, ◉_◉ and locks himself in his room again. *sigh*

In the dream scenario, Itsuki helps Koharu and Senri realize their feelings and say what they want to say so he gives them a taste of what it’s like to not be able to speak. Koharu’s ability to speak was taken away while Senri becomes a blue hiyoko that can only say, “pi pi pi!” Koharu soon notices that the blue hiyoko is pretty similar to Senri so then Senri was finally able to show his true dream scenario form to her which an angel. Senri takes Koharu to the skies and they finally say their feelings to each other. The next day, things get awkward with Koharu towards Senri. What’s more is that Koharu’s worried that she’s being a bad person because she doesn’t like it when Senri talks to other people i.e. Mikoto. Well girl, there’s one word for that: JEALOUSY. Koharu doesn’t realize this though so she starts avoiding Senri instead. Of course Senri insists for an explanation from her and when Koharu doesn’t seem to understand Senri’s “I like only you and no one else!”, Senri’s like If I can’t explain it with words then maybe a kiss will do! Senri’s feelings finally get through Koharu and Koharu obviously likes him back but she doesn’t give him an answer yet because she’s afraid he may hate her when he knows about her abilities.

The ship then arrives near this village where there’s a war going on between the national army and a liberal army. When the group goes to the village (and fight off some enemies), Koharu is left at the ship but then Traveller-san a.k.a. Yuiga Shirou a.k.a. Saga a.k.a. Eir (and a.k.a. Thor in Masamune’s route. Seriously how many aliases does this man have?) takes Koharu and had her use her fiery powers against some army, making Koharu believe that she’s doing the right thing. What Koharu doesn’t know is that she actually used her powers against the national army which is Aion’s (The World) ally. So when Koharu realizes that she just attacked the army which them Norn9 borders are on the side of, Koharu gets confused as to what the right thing to do actually is. Yuiga Shirou then uses this opportunity to take Koharu and use her for his own weapon business, ordering her to burn villages down. With Koharu missing, Senri and the Norn group try to find her when Natsuhiko appears and is like, chill guys, I have already made a plan to defeat Yuiga Shirou. Unfortunately, Natsuhiko doesn’t have anything that is at par with Koharu’s fire attacks so he asks for the help of the water user in the group to which Senri braves up. Natsuhiko isn’t satisfied that a puny kid like Senri can actually fight but then bro Akito finally gives half of Senri’s water powers back to him so they’re now all set.

True end: When Koharu goes to the country she was told to burn down, she’s faced with Senri who extinguishes all of her attempts of using her fire abilities. When Senri saw an opening, he hugs Koharu and never let her go. He tells her that they shouldn’t use their abilities in war and they kiss. Or maybe they did not because their lips never touched in that CG ಠ_ಠ. After Natsuhiko defeats Yuiga Shirou’s army, everyone goes back to their peaceful lives in the ship and one day Koharu goes to Senri’s room to wake him up. Senri then gives Koharu the wood carving of a rabbit family he promised her a few chapters ago. They also agree on taking turns waking each other up every morning, and Koharu invites Senri to go stargazing later that night. Bad end: Koharu has already started on burning down the country when Senri arrives. Senri then tries to attack Yuiga Shirou but Koharu protects Traveller-san. Seeing that there’s no chance of taking Koharu back, Senri just goes with them and he and Koharu end up in a cage as Yuiga Shirou’s “weapons”. Var Commons short story: The short story happens after saving Koharu from the war and before the rabbit family epilogue. Senri’s been swimming a lot so Koharu thought she wants to learn how to swim too so she can swim along with Senri. She plans to surprise Senri so she asks terror swimming instructor Natsuhiko and Masamune to teach her swimming. However poor Senri thought that Koharu’s getting bored being with him that’s why she’s been spending time with other people. Senri then confronts Koharu about it and in the end they conduct swimming lessons at the Norn lake. After the lesson, Senri uses his water powers to create a pretty waterfall to surround them. Lmao this short story is really funny because scary swimming instructor Natsuhiko XD We also get to meet the sixth member of the Iwatobi High swim club which is half naked Senri.

Toya Masamune (CV: Satou Takuya)


Masamune is the reliable oniichan in the group. He’s always keeping peace and order in the ship, like whenever Nanami’s group causes havoc in the kitchen, Kakeru bullies Senri, or conflict ensues in Mikoto’s glove triangle. As someone who lived in the island, he’s also responsible for contacting Aion and the other island people regarding the happenings in the ship. These make Masamune very busy so Koharu tries to help him but always ends up troubling him even more like when Koharu enters the boys’ bath and end up seeing the guys bathing ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.*. Since Koharu’s really clueless about life, Masamune conducts lessons for her in the library, to which Koharu can only stare and go (◎ヮ◎) because hell yeah megane Masamune  (´ε` ) When Kakeru gets sick, Masamune takes care of him so Koharu bakes Masamune some cookies as something for his hard work. Unfortunately Masamune GETS DRUNK WITH SUGAR whuuuut so when he ate the cookies he got so horny that he kisses Koharu! The next day Masamune’s like, wtf did I just do to Koharu last night( ;´Д`)while Koharu’s really confused so she has some girl talk with Nanami and Mikoto regarding the meaning of a kiss IRL. The girls agree that a kiss is “something special you do with someone special” so this got Koharu’s hopes up thinking that she’s someone special to Masamune. When she talks with Masamune about this though, Masamune apologizes, asks her to forget about what happened, and tells that it’ll be better if they break up their pairing! O_O and I was just gaping the moment Masamume apologized and I swear I was about to throw my psp(before)/vita(now) when he asked for a break up _

In the dream scenario, just when Koharu still can’t get Masamune’s kiss off her head, Kakeru as the poison apple appears and try to force a kiss her but Masamune arrives in time to save her. At this Koharu finally bursts out her feelings and is like MASAMUNE YOU LIAR I thought you said you’ll take care of me but why’d have to break up with me (///_ಥ). Masamune felt even more guilty so he hugs her and says that he’s actually developing feelings for her and it’s bad because as the oniichan of the ship he can’t be biased to anyone. Masamune adds though that Koharu just needs to wait until their journey is over because he won’t have any more oniichan duties by then. Unfortunately, the journey is far from over when a civil war ensues and “The World” orders the Norn borders to help the national army. So then they run around the town with Mikoto using her barrier ability to protect the people, Masamune and Kakeru helping with the weapon inventory, and the others treating the wounded. One night, Koharu visits a tired Masamune in his room and things get awkward until Masamune rests his head on Koharu’s chest and OMG SEXY TIME! But just when things get interesting the alarm clock goes off and oooops it’s 12mn midnight meaning reporting to Aion time ( ´ Д `  ). No matter how much Masamune wants to do Koharu right that moment, oniichan duties come first so sigh, that’s it for that day.

The next day as she’s running some red cross errand, Koharu runs into Natsuhiko and Setsu and Natsuhiko demands that Koharu tell them where Mikoto is or else he’ll shoot her. Masamune appears on time though and saves Koharu. As it turns out Masamune knows Natsuhiko because they’re both from the island were “The World” is but the two have conflicting beliefs since Masamune still can’t decide if his pro reset or not thus the reason why he’s following “The World’s” orders,  while Natsuhiko’s 100% against the reset. So then Natsuhiko just left but says that The World a.k.a. Aion is now only a mere puppet of the island people so Masamune’s actually following the island people and not Aion. Anyways Masamune regrets not going all the way with Koharu the other night because he has lots more to teach her like,you know what (ω). The next day, the Norn boarders receive orders that they retreat from that war and continue their journey, since the war has calmed down. However Mikoto’s not convinced so she goes back to the town and true enough there’s still fighting going on. Mikoto uses her barrier to protect the people but unfortunately she’s already tired to create a 100% effective barrier, so then she almost gets shot but Sakuya arrives and takes the gunshot in her place ( ゚д゚)!! Poor Sakuya dies like how it is in his bad end, meanwhile Koharu rages at this and started toasting the enemies. Why are there so many MikotoxSakuya moments, I wonder? I thought this is Masamune’s route? _ After the army saw Koharu’s awesome fire they start using her and her fiery abilities as their own weapon, despite Masamune’s opposition. One day though, Koharu’s fire goes out of control that even she can’t stop her own fire.

True end: For the third time, Masamune comes to Koharu’s rescue and hugs her despite the fire surrounding her. Masamune accidentally uses his ability, which is seeing the past, by the way, and he gets to see Koharu’s sad past and her real name Which was never revealed? In Last Era, perhaps? Apparently because of Koharu’s feelings towards Masamune, he isn’t toasted with her fire. He then tells her that he won’t let her use her powers anymore and they’ll run away. Masamune then kisses Koharu and she passes out. Later, Masamune meets with Natsuhiko and Masamune’s like, You know what Natsuhiko, screw “The world” and my oniichan duties because from now on I’ll be running away with my babe Koharu! So then when Koharu wakes up, Nanami erases Koharu’s memories of the Norn and the gang except for Masamune, while Itsuki takes Koharu to dreamland where she meets with Masamune. The next day, Masamune along with an asleep Koharu leaves the Norn and hops onto Natsuhiko’s airship. The two live under Natsuhiko’s care for some time while Masamune studies about airplanes. m Later, Masamune tells Koharu that he’ll get her memories back using his past-seeing ability and then they plan on leaving Natsuhiko’s ship and living on a house of their own. Meanwhile, we hear Mikoto and Nanami’s voices in the control and their plan in seeing Koharu soon. Bad end 1: (In chapter 3) Basically the harem end, where Masamune ate cookies with too much sugar and he goes to take all the girls for himself ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯)) Bad end 2: (In chapter 4) Koharu enters Ron’s room and she gets harassed by Ron and Itsuki so when Masamune sees this, he rages and the two pervs never saw light again ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯)). Bad end 3: Koharu’s uncontrollable fire dies out on its own and next scene the army people goes to the Norn and try to get Koharu and Mikoto back to fighting with them while we get a CG of the two girls sleeping and that’s it… ? Var Commons short story: Masamune’s still busy as usual so Koharu thinks of a way to remedy even only some of Masamume’s tiredness. Koharu asks for everyone’s advice and in the end Akito gives her a recipe for no-sugar cookies that Masamune can eat. Unfortunately Koharu mixed in sugar instead of salt, thanks to Ron’s mistake. Masamune can’t let Koharu’s efforts go to waste though so he still eats the cookies so…… horny Masamune again! With the sugar now in his system, Masamune loses his self control and hugs Koharu (ω≖。)

Nijou Sakuya (CV: Mitsuki Saiga)


Sakuya is… my least favourite among the nine guys. It was a chore to replay this unnecessarily dramatic route because I don’t like the guy. He’s the usual osananajimi who is too protective of their childhood friend ヽ(´ー`). So yeah being Mikoto’s childhood friend, they’ve spent most time together than anyone else in the ship. The biggest deal with Sakuya is his ability, which is that he can see some fragments of the future. He can’t freely see the future he wants to see but then when he and Mikoto were kids he kind of saw a fragment of his future which is that he’ll die protecting the one he loves! Oh noes! Because of that prediction, childhood friend Mikoto made Sakuya promise that HE SHOULDN’T FALL IN LOVE WITH ANYONE. Unfortunately though since this is his route Sakuya has to fall in love with Mikoto and vice versa. Of course Mikoto won’t let his sad future come true so she always dodges his advances and is always cold towards him, thinking that this is a way to prevent him from falling in love with her. AND THE ENTIRE ROUTE WENT ON LIKE THIS.

The two also try to find clues regarding the traitor only to have Mikoto get targeted by attacks, to the point that she gets kidnapped. Thankfully Sakuya kind of used his ability so they still found Mikoto. But whatever the case, for the most part of the route it’s really just the two of them trying to suppress their feelings for each other. When Itsuki (who obviously has the hots for Mikoto but just backed off because it’s SakuyaxMikoto here) finally got annoyed watching those two feel like they’re some sort of star-crossed lovers, he brings them to the dream world. Itsuki learns about the promise between the two so he kind of felt bad for the two and tried to console Mikoto. Since Itsuki is disguised as Sakuya, Mikoto thought it was Sakuya she’s hugging so goes on and tells about her feelings for Sakuya. Sakuya then comes at the very moment to see this shocking scene of Mikoto hugging Itsuki so the next day he gets really pissed off and goes YANDERE MODE. Sakuya’s like damn girl if you like someone else then I’d rather die protecting you! and pushes Mikoto and the floor and starts tearing off her clothes ( ゚д゚) WHAT IS THIS YANDERE I DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING. Anyways, Sakuya calms down and Mikoto goes to talk to the other people and they tell her Girl, stop being so whiny because THERE IS STILL HOPE! So then they go to Itsuki’s dream where they talk about what they can do to prevent the sad future from happening. Here they conclude that it’s a gun that will kill Sakuya so they agree to ask The World about this when they meet her.

The group then goes to the island to meet Aion and she tells them that they are to judge if a reset is good or not by going through two doors which will show them the past and future. Unfortunately, while Sakuya and the others are inside the doors, Natsuhiko suddenly appears to kill them ability users and starts shooting everyone. While Mikoto protects everyone with her barrier, Sakuya comes back and tells her that Natsuhiko will soon run out of bullets so when that moment comes, Mikoto should hit Natsuhiko with everything she’s got.

True end: When Natsuhiko ran out of bullets, Mikoto uses her expandable barrier to blow off Natsuhiko’s gun. Ron, who is actually the traitor, then comes out from the doors and Natsuhiko orders him to kill the ability users so he takes out his gun but Koharu toasts them down before he can hurt anyone. Seeing that there’s no point pursuing the future that Natsuhiko wants, Ron then uses the dream powers to turn Natsuhiko into sleeping beauty. As it turns out, Itsuki just gave his ability to Ron so Ron won’t hurt the others. In the end, everyone decides to do the reset so they return their powers to Aion. The best part is reset = no more guns, so Sakuya’s future will also change. Sakuya and Mikoto plan to remain in the island, and they kiss. Bad end: Mikoto fails to counterattack so Natsuhiko shoots her, but Sakuya protects her from the bullet. Just like what he predicted, Sakuya dies while protecting the person he loves. Var Commons short story: Mikoto wants to be more lady-like for Sakuya so she tries to study more about housekeeping, cooking, and handicrafts. Lol I though Mikoto’s supposed to be an educated ojousama so I assumed she can do ikebana but turns out I’m wrong?

Kagami Itsuki (CV: Yusa Kouji)


Itsuki is the resident skirt chaser. He’s got this playful personality and is very good with words since he grew up in a red light district. I remember I liked Itsuki in my first play through in the PSP version but after replaying his route now, I may have been wrong? I don’t like him that much now, it seems ( ´_ゝ`) Anyways Itsuki’s always had the hots for Mikoto so he kept on making advances towards her that Mikoto always puts up her barrier to keep him from touching her lol XD When Mikoto chose Itsuki as her partner he gets dragged into searching clues about the traitor. One day though, while investigating, a tree falls down near them and they notice that it may have been the traitor targeting them. After this incident, Itsuki is seen talking to Ron and ever since then, Itsuki kept on making excuses just so he and Mikoto can’t search for the traitor. When Mikoto finally catches him, Itsuki suddenly becomes serious saying that Mikoto’s always pretending to be tough when protecting other people so why not she rely on him instead because he will be the one to protect her. This gets Mikoto all flustered and the next day she can’t keep calm around Itsuki. However, no matter how much Itsuki likes Mikoto and no matter how much she’s been getting weak to his advances now, Itsuki still thinks that the person Mikoto likes is Sakuya. And so since his ability is creating dreams, Itsuki tries to get the two together in the dream scenario by having Mikoto confess her true feelings to Sakuya. At this Mikoto gets really annoyed because just how many times does she have to tell Itsuki that Sakuya’s only a little bro for her??

When the things get cleared up in the dreams, the next day, Mikoto and Itsuki go to the library to write letters to send to their relatives but Itsuki gives his letter to Mikoto instead. Mikoto gets touched because of the love letter and Itsuki apologizes for misunderstanding the relationship between Sakuya and Mikoto. They then kiss. Later, Sakuya sees a fragment of the future and notices that his future has changed, meaning he won’t die protecting the person he loves. Unfortunately, this is because it is now Itsuki who is the most important person to Mikoto. When Itsuki hears about the promise between Sakuya and Mikoto though, he felt sad about being the third wheel between the good relationship of the childhood friends so he locks himself in his room like some Senri number two. After days of going hikikomori, Mikoto then visits him in his room to shut him off regarding his inferiority complex towards Sakuya because it’s seriously annoying how Itsuki keeps going Sakuya this Sakuya that ಠ_  Anyways in the end they patch things up because they actually like each other and they DO THAT (ω≖。).

The next day though, the Norn ship gets attacked from the outside. While Mikoto can’t put up her barrier, Itsuki saves her from the impact. Suddenly, Mikoto finds herself living with Itsuki like some happy newlyweds in a small house and they ichaicha everyday. Soon, Mikoto notices that Itsuki keeps on disappearing. When she hears Sakuya and Koharu’s voice, Mikoto finally realizes that she’s actually trapped in the dream world thanks to Itsuki’s ability. When she confronts Itsuki about this, Itsuki goes YANDERE number two and says, happy dream world >>>> sad real world.

True end: Fortunately, Mikoto has a good head so she figures out that she just needs to see the conclusion of the dream to wake up. When Mikoto wakes up in the real world, she finds out that the ship crashed after they were attacked while Itsuki was the most injured. She then goes to unconscious Itsuki’s room where she also sees and reads the letter he wrote for her a few chapters back. When Itsuki gains consciousness, he was surprised that he’s still alive considering that prediction Sakuya had wherein he’ll die protecting Mikoto. He also explains that he trapped her in a dream because he doesn’t want her crying IRL after knowing that he died. Ron then appears to show off his newly acquired barrier skills and tells them that Natsuhiko will attack again after three days. As it turns out, Itsuki actually passed Mikoto’s abilities to traitor blackmailer Ron in the hope that he’ll die of ability incompatibility. In any case, Mikoto and Itsuki won’t be able to do anything in the upcoming Norn vs Natsuhiko war so after they tell Natsuhiko’s plans to Kakeru, they run away from the ship. Soon, they start living together in a nearby village and they’re already planning for a wedding. Welp, why do I feel that this end was so rushed? Bad end: Mikoto consents to the happy dream life but one day, Itsuki suddenly disappears (maybe because he died IRL). Var commons short story: Itsuki and Mikoto go to the nearby town to buy some ingredients Akito needs. While at it, they kind of go on a date. At one point, Mikoto wears a kimono and Itsuki fixes her hair in a bun.

Azuma Natsuhiko (CV: Ono Daisuke)


Natsuhiko is the dude who’s been attacking the Norn ship. He definitely gets my vote for most handsome guy in the bunch because just look at that pretty face  (´ε` ). I didn’t really like him when I first played the game but now I think he’s my favourite guy for Mikoto. Like Masamune, Natsuhiko is also a descendant of island scientists who created Aion. Natsuhiko’s also good at controlling ships, inventing machines, and he loves astronomy (If you don’t know, he’s actually an alumnus of the Seigetsu Academy). Because the reset hinders scientific advancement, Natsuhiko’s against it thus the reason why he’s after the lives of the Norn ability users. After Natsuhiko attacked the ship, Mikoto dumps the two other guys to pair up with Sorata in sleuthing for clues regarding the traitor. The two dug as far as finding out that Masamune is the most suspicious. However, not wanting to drag Sorata along in this dangerous investigation, Mikoto ditches Sorata to find the traitor on her own. Later, Ron tricks Mikoto into believing that he found the traitor, only to throw and her off the Norn hip! O_o Mikoto then wakes up to find herself kidnapped in Natsuhiko’s ship. Since Mikoto and Natsuhiko both have inner tsunderes they end up arguing with each other most of the time lol XD Anyways, Natsuhiko says that he plans to kill Yuiga Shirou because he’s the source of all evil and has been selling weapons and causing war everywhere. Natsuhiko then asks Mikoto to cooperate with him and use her barrier as defense against Shirou’s army. In return, Natsuhiko will tell Mikoto everything that he knows about “The World” and the Norn ship.

They then take down Shirou’s army one by one. Because using the barrier ability is tiring for Mikoto, Natsuhiko makes a robot to attend to Mikoto’s needs. However, Mikoto got scared with this robot so Natsuhiko made a cute hiyoko instead. Awww can you feel the love? (๑´ლ`๑) Because the white hiyoko is similar to the hiyokos at Norn, Mikoto talks to it a lot, mostly ranting about Natsuhiko XD Mikoto soon became honest with hiyoko and opened her heart to it NOT KNOWING THAT SHE’S ACTUALLY TALKING TO NATSUHIKO HIMSELF THROUGH THAT WHITE HIYOKO OMG (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Now we know how fb messenger works in year 8075. Later, Natsuhiko brings Mikoto to go stargazing //which is my perfect date by the way//. Days pass and Mikoto hears Natsuhiko talking to Setsu about how he’s still serious about killing the ability users. Feeling betrayed, Mikoto cries and runs back to her room but Natsuhiko follows her and hugs her. Natsuhiko then tells Mikoto everything about Aion and the reset. Ultimately, Natsuhiko has two reasons why he wants to kill the ability users: (1) he doesn’t want reset because it hinders scientific advances (2) he doesn’t want Yuiga Shirou or any other people use the ability users for their own benefit. While they’re having a moment, the ship suddenly gets attacked and Mikoto isn’t able properly put up her barrier.

Days later, Mikoto wakes up after being taken care for at a village. She learns from the village people that after the ship crashed, a severely injured Natsuhiko carried her all the way to that village before epassing out. Remembering that Natsuhiko plans to kill her Norn friends, Mikoto tries to kill Natsuhiko while he’s still on coma but ended up not doing it because the guy still saved her more than his self when the ship was attacked. Later, Natsuhiko finally wakes up but he’s got amnesia and the only thing he remembers is Mikoto’s name. So then while Natsuhiko is recovering, the two live in that village like some new newlyweds. One night they go stargazing and this kind of triggered something in Natsuhiko’s memory. He asks Mikoto what she actually is to him and she answers that he’s just using her for his own benefit. Natsuhiko doesn’t buy this though and reasons that she could’ve just abandoned him there if he’s that bad of a guy. Moreover, since he remembers only her name right when he got amnesia, then there must be something more to his feelings towards her. Natsuhiko then says that he saved her from that crash because he likes her. After a few more drama they go to bed and DO THAT (ω≖。).

The next day, Ron appears to disturb their peaceful lives to pick up Natsuhiko because there’s still that Yuiga Shirou business to be done. By this time, Natsuhiko’s memories had gone back so Natsuhiko and co.  goes on a meeting. As it turns out, while Natsuhiko and Mikoto are busy doing icha-icha in the village, Yuiga Shirou appeared on the Norn ship thanks to his brainwashed “son” Kakeru. (By the way, we also find out in this route that they aren’t really related by blood; Shirou just took Kakeru in because he wanted to use Kakeru’s ability). Ron was whisked of the ship because Shirou had pointed him out as the traitor. So then Natsuhiko and co. prepares to fight Shirou but when they landed on the island and meet the Norn team, they learn that Shirou is already dead. With the enemy now down, Natsuhiko goes to see Aion to tell her that a reset isn’t needed this time because all they need to do is destroy Shirou’s weapons to prevent another World War. Unfortunately, Aion says that the fact that they’ll be fighting to destroy the weapons Shirou created already means war. She also can’t rule over humanity and tell them what to do, like Natsuhiko proposed, because she’s nothing but a mere robot. So then the best way to avoid the next world war is reset.

True end: Mikoto tells Natsuhiko that she’ll support him no matter what he chooses to do and at this Natsuhiko’s like well if that’s what you say then I’ll just throw away my own so I can be with you. The Norn people did not choose reset so they just return their abilities to Aion, except for Heishi and Itsuki who run away with their powers because they still need it to get brainwashed Kakeru back. Everyone goes on their separate ways, while Mikoto and Natsuhiko plan on the research that they will do for science. After the credits, Mikoto and Natsuhiko are following the ship in which Koharu and the others are on so Mikoto can say her proper farewell and tell them about Kakeru being found safe. Bad end: Natsuhiko continues on to his plan of getting rid of all the weapons and doesn’t bring Mikoto with him despite her telling him that she loves him so she wants to help. Natsuhiko dies in the end, making Mikoto so depressed that Nanami had to erase Natsuhiko from her memories. Var Commons short story:  Ever since Natsuhiko started on preparing for fighting Shirou, he hasn’t been eating enough so Mikoto decides to cook him something. Mikoto asks Setsu what Natsuhiko’s favorite food is but Setsu says that he’ll answer her only if she agrees to be do-S and abuse him lol XD Later, Mikoto cooks hamburger while the white hiyoko (which is, unbeknownst to Mikoto, actually being controlled by Natsuhiko) watches her. Since the hiyoko is there, Natsuhiko knows what Mikoto’s doing so he always rushes towards the kitchen and secretly leaves first aid stuff on the table whenever she gets injured (/ω\). In the end Mikoto was able to cook the hamburger and have Natsuhiko eat it. //omg this short story is really cute just look at how Natsuhiko’s always rushing to the kitchen to check on Mikoto (๑´ლ`๑) This is definitely my favorite short story along with Akito’s <3

Syukuri Akito (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)


My Norn9 husbandoooo yeah (ノ>▽<。)ノ♥♥ Okay I got that wrong because Akito makes a better waifu than any of the girls on the ship since he’s really good at cooking XD Like my usual biases, Akito is a big tsundere (´ε`*) although he’s deadly afraid of the hiyokos lololol XD Unlike the other canon guys (Kakeru and Natsuhiko), Akitos’ route didn’t have much info regarding the main Norn9 story which is probably why they got to focus more on Nanami and Akito’s back story. So because of this past the two don’t get along. Nanami feels that the thing she did to Akito, which is taking away something, or rather, someone, precious from him, cannot be forgiven so she says Akito should just kill her for that whaaat o_O. One day the two got into an argument regarding this and Nanami accidentally falls off the ship. Well she’s kind of accepting her death now until Akito saves her! When Kakeru arrives and helps them out the two are still arguing like, why would Akito save her when he wants her dead, and wtf would he want Nanami dead and the likes. Kakeru then got pissed off because he’s being ignored so he forces the two to get along by handcuffing them together. Sasuga Kakeru. Initially being handcuffed together was tough for the two of them because Akito is really hot headed towards Nanami until Sakuya splashes water on him like, Bro why can’t you at least be a little kind towards Nanami ಠ_ಠ So then Akito splits the handcuffs despite being grounded with electricity if they’re separated for more than thirty minutes because he says that’s better than being with Nanami :(( Nanami doesn’t want him hurt though so she goes to find him later to connect the handcuffs again and says that if Akito really doesn’t want to see her then she’ll just cover her face with a sack (´・ω・`)

The next day they finally got free of the handcuffs but Nanami notices that Akito’s still matching her walking pace (๑´ლ`๑). So anyways, Mikoto’s gone missing by now so they search the ship for her. Nanami’s really worried but Akito cheers her up and says that Mikoto is definitely alive. This got Nanami happy but confused at the same time because she knows that this guy hates her but he’s still as kind as ever to save her and cheer her up. In the dream scenario, Akito is the big bad wolf but Nanami thought that he’s really cute so she hugs him like a big stuffed toy (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) A copy cat Akito then appears and strangles Nanami until the wolf Akito comes to save her. When they wake up, Akito goes to Nanami’s room and hugs her and says that there’s no way he wants to kill Nanami (´・ω・`). By this time, Nanami’s slowly realizing her feelings for Akito but she’s afraid that Akito’s kindness towards her will disappear and he’ll be cold towards her again. This got Nanami sad and so oniichan Heishi intervenes. Well Akito won’t let Heishi though because he likes Nanami now and won’t allow anyone get in the way (๑´ლ`๑). So then after the two patch things up, Yuiga Shirou appears and tells the Norn boarders to go with him instead as per Aion’s orders. This is of course just Shirou’s lie to get his hands on Koharu. So then when Senri tells them that he plans to go with Shirou, Akito “frees” Senri by taking half of the water abilities from him. Akito also reveals that they are actually brothers. Wait. What. WHAAAAAT?????? This revelation scene got me really surprised because WHY THE HELL DID I NOT NOTICE THAT SENRI AND AKITO ARE ACTUALLY BROS!

So you see, that’s the main deal with Akito. He’s actually Senri’s oniisan. Unfortunately, Senri doesn’t have any memories of Akito as his oniisan because this is where Nanami, or rather, Nanami’s dad, got in. When they were kids, Akito and Senri lived in a village that was experiencing a water drought and so the villagers wanted to use Senri’s water abilities. However Senri’s body is weak and can’t handle extensive use of his ability so tkind oniisan Akito tries his best to protect Senri from being used as a water source. So then the villagers thought that Akito’s in the way so they try to get rid of him. Nanami’s dad then comes into the picture and orders Nanami to erase Senri’s memories of Akito so they can freely kill Akito without the worry of Senri being sad over it. Seeing the good relationship between the brothers, Nanami thinks that erasing Senri’s memories isn’t the right thing to do but her dad strangles her says he owns her powers wtf. So despite being against it Nanami erases Senri’s memories of Akito and thus the villagers start to hunt him. THIS BACK STORY IS SO SAD WHYYYYYYY _ WHY YOU DO THIS TO MY AKITO _ So after running away from the village, Akito met Aion (guy version) and she thought him how to absorb Senri’s ability, though when Akito did it in the past he only got half of Senri’s ability. Back to the present, Akito’s been training his body (exercising in the morning, eating healthy, basically being an early to bed early to rise) so his body will be able to handle the full of the water ability.

True end: After taking Senri’s water abilities, he asks Nanami to erase Senri’s memories of that conversation but Nanami doesn’t because doing so would be like separating the bros again (´・ω・`). For the next days, Akito’s being stubborn and uses the water ability to (1) help a town experiencing drought and (2) fight off an outside attack from Kakeru. Whenever Nanami tries to stop him, Akito just… kisses Nanami to shut her off (*≧▽≦)ノシ)). Anyways when Masamune comes back to the ship he tells them that he was actually taken captive by Shirou and it’s only thanks to Sakuya’s fortune telling ability that he got saved. The remaining in the group then go to see Aion but seeing that the ability users aren’t complete, then they can’t do the reset. So then while Heishi, Itsuki, and Masamune kept their abilities in order to find and rescue the others, Akito and Nanami return their abilities to Aion and go back to the ship. One day Koharu and Senri suddenly comes back too thanks to the help of Masamune and co. The others are also safe and are on their way back to Norn. On the other hand, Aion’s pretty much broken by now so Sorata remained on the island to do more research about Aion so he can meet her again. Meanwhile, Senri and Akito are being shy with each other in their mini family reunion  (๑´ლ`๑) Normal end: Nanami erases Senri’s memories so while the other events are the same, in the end, Akito says if he has Nanami then he doesn’t need anything else. Akito’s getting in the mood to “do it” but Nanami’s like, you mean sleep? lololol XD and they soon get interrupted by Heishi’s telepathy (*≧▽≦)ノシ)). Bad end: When Akito and Nanami returned to the past, Akito gets trapped in it because it’s the past that he always wanted, where he’s able to save both Senri and the village. Nanami then decides to stay with Akito until he can finally forgive himself. Var Commons short story: After taking Senri’s ability, Akito and Nanami go on a date again in town. Nanami sees a sweets store and wanted to buy some cute confections but they never got to thanks to some bitch who bought everything before they can. So then Akito decides to just make Nanami some even though it’ll be his first time making one. He faces his fear of hiyokos just so he can make it properly XD. //Oh well I can’t say it properly in words but this short story gets my vote for best short story! (ノ><。)ノ It was really funny and sweet 

Otomaru Heishi (CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino)


Heishi is the うるさい guy in the group. He’s very energetic and loud and very much like a kid. His ability is telepathy meaning he can talk to anyone through his mind, though he can’t control it properly especially when he’s nervous and his thoughts transmit into other people without him knowing it. He’s also pretty good at reading people’s emotions so he tries to help any troubled person as much as he can, like how he and Nanami got involved into other people’s love lives (i.e. Mikoto and Itsuki) in this route. At first he treats Nanami like his little sister so during the first part they just spend their time playing cards with Itsuki and arranging a test of courage activity. Unfortunately after the traitor incident, they got into a fight because Nanami thought that Heishi is too trusting when it comes to people. Nanami tells Heishi that he should at least be vigilant of people, even her, because there’s a chance that she may actually be the traitor. But then Heishi says that it’s better to be tricked than be too doubtful because if you accuse someone of something and it turns out you’re wrong, then you’ll just hurt the person you accused. So then the next days, Heishi tries to act cool about it like nothing happened, but Nanami’s still worried so she wants to properly tell him to be more wary of people. Noticing that something’s bothering Nanami, Heishi brings her to the rooftop to cheer her up. Here he talks about his past like how he was abandoned by his parents when he was a kid because they got fed up with his annoying ability, how he was taken in by a performance group, and how he learned to play the flute so he can earn money. After Heishi plays the flute for her, Nanami apologizes to Heishi and tells him to be careful.

After the test of courage, Nanami and Heishi finally realize that they’re in love with each other so they plan to build a family soon because that’s Heishi’s dream and Nanami says as girl, she can help her with that. Well that was fast. Unfortunately, they confessed their feelings at the wrong time and wrong place so then Natsuhiko and Ron appear at that exact place since Natsuhiko has to hand over Ron’s medicine to him, and Ron’s like, whoops I can’t have you telling to the others that I’m the traitor. Ron threatens Nanami that he’ll kill Heishi and the other people if she doesn’t erase Heishi’s memories of that time on the rooftop so left with no choice, Nanami erases not only Heishi’s memories of Ron and Natsuhiko appearing but also of the confession ಡ_ಡ The next day, Nanami starts avoiding Heishi, while Heishi is confused because he has no idea why she’s avoiding him. So then in the dream scenario, Nanami meets Akito and he tells her that her memory-erasing ability + Heishi’s telepathy = bad because if the two team up, they can mass erase the memories of the people even of the whole world. Moments later, Ron appears again like some unwanted creep, shoots Akito dead, and threatens Nanami to come with him unless she wants the Norn borders dead before sunrise. It turns out that Ron can slip in and out of the dream world even without Heishi or Itsuki’s consent so he can just get out of that right away and kill the Norn people. Fortunately, Heishi arrives to protect Nanami while Ron escapes from the dream.

Back to the real world, the Norn group holds a meeting because traitor Ron has escaped and is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Heishi is in a really bad mood because Nanami just dumped him. Nanami says that they can’t be together since like what Akito said, the two of them combining abilities can do mass erasing memories of people and there’s no telling that “The World” won’t order them to do so. However Heishi’s like, he doesn’t care about what “The World” says because he loves her and that’s what’s important. But Nanami pushes Heishi away and to keep the argument short, lies that she doesn’t like him back. So then after this incident they kept avoiding each other until one day the girls get locked inside the dining room because of power outage. Worried, Heishi checks on Nanami through the see- through doors and after they got to open the doors, we get love confession #2 which is very similar to the forgotten confession at the rooftop. Heishi then tells Nanami that they should escape from the ship so that they won’t be under “The World’s” orders anymore.

True end: Nanami agrees to escape with Heishi but she tells him that she’ll also protect him and use her ability if the situation calls for it. Mikoto and Itsuki then buy them new travel clothes and see them off until the train station. However, right when Mikoto and Itsuki left, Masamune catches Nanami and Heishi and uses his ability to see what the two are up to. Masamune tells them to return to Norn but Nanami erases Masamune’s memories of what he just saw. Later, Nanami and Heishi are freely travelling from country to country, thanks to a rich man who sponsors their travel expenses in exchange for the travel photos they take. WHOA THESE TWO ARE LUCKY! *_*. Heishi also performs with his flute from time to time so they extra cash. One day, they have their photos developed and they notice sakura petals falling even though it’s not the season. Bad end: After escaping from Norn, Heishi and Nanami live in a small cottage but Heishi goes yandere #3 because he can’t seem to give Nanami a happy life with his current income. Itsuki and Akito soon appears to bring them to Norn again but Heishi brings out his gun to try and kill them people in the way so Nanami erases his memories before he can do anything bad. Later, they continue their life at Norn but Heishi doesn’t remember Nanami at all. When they go the island, Nanami asks Aion to erase her memories because she can’t do it to herself. Var Commons short story: Happens during the preparation for the test of courage. Like the theme of the other short stories, here, Nanami tries to think of ways to be able to help Heishi. However, it went the other way around when it was Heishi who cheered her up instead, by making a percussion instrument using empty bottles and water. Most boring short story, I say ( ´_ゝ`)

Muroboshi Ron (CV: Tomokazu Sugita)


Ron is the oldest guy boarding on Norn but he’s basically the unreliable adult because he’s a big lazy ass who just spends 24 hours a day sleeping. Ron isn’t exactly my least favourite character (that award goes to Sakuya) but he does get my least favourite route award because (1) NanamiXAkito is canon thus this route is totally unnecessary /shot/ and (2) Ron is creepy as hell although I love his hot Sugita Tomokazu voice. When I first played this route on the PSP I just practically left the game on auto while I do other things like, painting my nails ( ´_ゝ`). Not that it was boring but I simply just can’t see Nanami and Ron go well together. It was a real chore to read these two “fall in love” with each other when Nanami can just go with her canon pair Akito or oniichan Heishi and have a happy life with them. Anyways, Nanami initially chose Ron as her partner since she thought it’ll be less bothersome to pair up with someone who just sleeps all day. Unfortunately, Ron began showing interest on her and her ability when he got curious of the relationship between Akito and Nanami. Nanami won’t say anything though because she hates her ability more than anything else in the world and would rather not talk about it. So then one day the two were tasked to go shopping in town but Nanami got separated and passes out. When she woke up it’s already night time, she’s wearing only her underwear, she’s on a bed, and the only person she’s with is none other Ron. Well who wouldn’t be creeped out if that happens to you. Anyways, this scene is all Ron pinning Nanami to the bed and forcing a kiss on her but ultimately Nanami got away because awesome ninja skills and she even got to slap Ron’s sunglasses away and see that his eyes are different in color.

The next day the two are on their way back to the ship when Itsuki and co. sees them walking hand in hand and they immediately thought something must have happened last night lol XD After this, everyone in the ship are under the impression that the two are getting along well so they always go complain to Nanami whenever Ron’s being a lazy ass again (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) One day Nanami was made to wake Ron up so she goes to his room and Ron pulls Nanami with him to cuddle in bed. Well I got to say that scene was pretty cute. Ron then talks about his eye and explains that his eyesight is slowly getting bad so he got Natsuhiko to make him an artificial eye. Unfortunately as of now he only has one because Natsuhiko won’t give him the other one unless he finishes his task on the ship, which is, to kill the ability users. So then when Nanami fell asleep Ron decides to do his job and cause some trouble for Mikoto and Sakuya. He attacks Mikoto and tries to kidnap her but Nanami sees this and she’s like, Ron you’re the traitor!! Nanami begs Ron to spare Mikoto and Ron agrees in exchange for free use of her ability. After erasing Mikoto’s memories of Ron’s attack, Nanami tells Ron about her memory-erasing ability and he realizes and tells Nanami that she should’ve just erased all of his memories instead of agreeing to his deal. However, Nanami says that she doesn’t want to erase Ron’s memories because she wants him to properly go out and tell everyone that he’s the traitor and accept any punishment, to which Ron’s like, lol no. Moreover if all of Ron’s memories are erased then he’ll be no better than a newborn baby who knows nothing of the world. So then after Itsuki’s dream scenario wherein Ron kind of got pissed off because Akito’s touching his girl Nanami, Nanami goes to his room and they almost do it until Natsuhiko calls to ruin the mood. Why am so relieved that they got interrupted. The next day, Nanami finally realizes that she likes Ron but then Ron started bombing the ship and escapes with Ron. My poor Nanami щ(Дщ).

True end: After the ship crashed, the Norn boarders go to see Aion who tells them to deliberate on the reset first. While the others start to go back to the ship, Nanami and Koharu stayed with Aion for a bit until suddenly Ron appears like, DID YOU MISS ME. Ron knocks Koharu down, steals her fire ability (damn you Ron!), and started toasting Aion. Now that Aion’s destroyed, there won’t be any more reset as per what Natsuhiko wants. Unfortunately, Ron won’t be able complete the other task which is to kill the ability users since of course he can’t kill his love Nanami, so he’s like, “Oh well Natsuhiko won’t make me the other artificial anyways,” and pops off his artificial eye and burns it too o_O. Ron then gets away from the scene and Nanami follows him. When Nanami catches up to Ron, he tells her to take the chance to erase his memories because at this rate, he might kill the other ability users with his newly acquired fire ability. They then kiss, while Nanami erases Ron’s memories.  Soon, the two started living in a little house while Nanami teaches Ron (who’s memory was wiped clean) some everyday chores and telling him that they’re lovers (# ̄ω ̄) . Except for Senri and Heishi who visits them from time to time, the other Norners are still pretty angry at Nanami for choosing traitor Ron over them, although they are worried about her. As the Norn people plan to continue their journey of spreading peace on earth, Nanami also plans on a treasure hunt to find Natsuhiko and have him make an artificial eye since Ron’s pretty much blind now. In the mean time, Nanami shows Ron a gun and tells him it’s a dangerous thing that can kill people and Ron says he won’t ever hold such a thing that can hurt her (´・ω・`)

Bad end 1: Unfortunately, when Ron wakes up after Nanami erases his memories, he’s still as bad as ever and points his gun at Nanami. As per Ron’s request (that Nanami should kill him if ever erasing his memories won’t change him) before his memories were erased, Nanami points another gun at him and Ron willingly takes the shot. Bad end 2: Which is, what I call, the Doll end. When Ron left the ship with Natsuhiko, Nanami goes with him. Since Nanami’s already used to being used (because of her father ordering her around to use her ability), she agrees to being Ron’s tool. In the end, she walks blindfolded around the town and erases the memories of anyone Ron tells her to. She’s basically turned into a doll who doesn’t even talk, and Ron threatens that he’ll just sell her since he’s gotten bored of her WHAAAT. Nanami then begs Ron to not throw her away since she loves him. Oh gosh this end whyyy. I mean, Nanami, Akito has two good ends why not just live happily ever after with him instead of Ron!! Var Commons short story: Everyone agrees that Ron be given a punishment because he causes nothing but trouble for them lol XD Unfortunately, Nanami gets dragged into the punishment too since she’s Ron’s partner. So for one day, the two should do some voluntary activity wherein they should attend to anyone’s request. However, since Ron is Ron, they never got to properly do a request but instead caused even greater trouble. In the end, Ron asks Nanami for her request and she asks him to hold her hands. It was really funny to see Ron cause more trouble for everyone instead of helping them (*▽≦)ノシ))

Sorata’s Epilogue


After going through all nine true ends you’ll get to unlock the epilogue which is basically the SorataxAion end. In this end we get to see that while the three ladies are busy with their love lives, Sorata’s also busy with his own since Aion’s been showing herself to him while they’re on the ship. Unfortunately the girl doesn’t talk and apparently the only other people who can see her are Masamune and the hiyokos. While Masamune doesn’t want Sorata talking about girl, the hiyokos tell Sorata that the girl’s name is actually 愛音/Aine (which is really pretty cool because you can read 愛音 as either “Aion” or “Aine”.  Well “Aion” is written in katakana though). When Koharu tells Sorata that the girl must have really wanted to meet him, Sorata made friends with Aine and they spend some time on the ship hanging out together. So then when the group goes to the island to see The World, Sorata is really surprised because the building where “The World” lives is the same building as the place he last visited in his era before he was whisked into the current time. What’s more is that “The World” is actually Aine. Masamune then explains that Sorata actually didn’t time trip but rather, he was put into cold sleep 2000 years ago. Just before the third reset, Aion’s already reaching his limit of three resets so the island scientists thought that someone who is the decendant of the original scientist who made the original Aion can save her basically by making another Aion. With Sorata being this decendant, they put him to cold sleep beside Aion for 2000 years. So then now they expect Sorata to make another Aion since the current Aion is pretty much deteriorating. Unfortunately, Sorata thinks that there’s no way he can do that because lol he’s practically just a little kid.

Later, Aion gives everyone the chance to choose to see either the past or future so Sorata decides to see Aion’s past. There he discovers that the original scientist (whose name is also Sorata) has a really good relationship with Aine to the point that she fell in love with him. Unfortunately, being a robot with her own emotions, the other scientists took interest on Aine and wanted to use her for the reset. Since the original Sorata is against the reset, he tries to hide Aine’s skills by telling her not to talk – which is the reason why the current Aion doesn’t talk to the current Sorata (´・ω・`) The two also try to escape but then Yuiga Shirou whose beloved wife had just died, gets in the way and organized an “accident” to kill Sorata #1 and get his hands on Aine. Shirou then modifies Aine into Aion, so he can use her for his ultimate plan of resetting the world and having her beloved wife be reborn. While waiting for her wife to be reborn, Shirou also keeps himself alive by basically creating an artificial body and putting his brain/memories into it. Back to the present, Shirou appears and points his gun at Sorata because that will also kill Aion’s heart and soon herself. So uh, I don’t really get why Shirou wanted to kill Sorata because I thought he wants reset to have his wife be reborn? Anyways when Shirou shoots Sorata, Aion shield Sorata and the Norn ladies soon appear to help them out. Seeing that Koharu’s pretty determined to kill him, Shirou backs off and is like, ‘K thanks bye, and left the scene. UH WHAT I THOUGHT YOU WANT YOUR WIFE??? So then with Shirou gone, Aion and Sorata share a moment before Aion completely deteriorates and shut down. Sorata says that he’s not the same person as Sorata #1, but as Aion’s friend, he’ll do his best to be able to live with her. When Aion completely shuts down, Sorata decides to work on a research about Aion, as he plans to revive her so they can be together again.



Wew I feel like I wrote too much for my “refreshing the Norn9 story” plan! Haha! Well I thought that I should pay attention to details this time so I won’t have a hard time trying to recall stuff when I play Last Era (# ̄ω ̄) All in all it was fun to play Norn9 again! I get to see my beloved characters on the vita screen and I was able to pick some bits of info I missed out when I first played the game, like how they actually mentioned in Natsuhiko’s route that Kakeru and Shirou aren’t actually blood related (because you’ll expect this info to be in Kakeru’s route!). I also witnessed more of Akito’s brotherly love for Senri in Senri’s route this time, because I thought Akito was just being nice in Senri’s route when I first played Senri’s route before the revelation in Akito’s route. Compared to other games where there’s one main character route in which everything comes together, in Norn9, bits of info are scattered in all routes so it really gets confusing sometimes haha! So yeah playing the game a second time really helps(^v^)

I already played the PSP version but I think the getting the vita version is still worth getting! This may be just for me though because I really love the Norn9 characters XD But then there’s still the funny short stories with new CGs! (And that lovely group picture above. How were they able to get Akito to wear that???)


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  1. I saw the english version of Norn9 Var Commons at Play-Asia.com..I’m so excited knowing that english version is actually available. and it’s cheaper than the japanese version
    but the most thing i want to know is.. what is the difference between Var Commons, Last Era & Norn + Nonette ? any english version of them?
    Also Norn9 + Nonette Chantare.. i think i’ve seen too many titles and covers that make me confused.

    • Oh gosh it’s been two months since this comment was posted and I didn’t notice! I’m really sorry! Anyways, for your questions…
      Var Commons is the PS Vita port of the original PSP game. It’s the same game, with only some extras in Var Commons. Last Era is the fandisk/sequel (whichever) of the game, and the story continues from the true ends of all the routes in Var Commons. There’s also a Prelude part in Last Era, which are events that happened before Var Commons.
      Norn9 Cantare is the character songs CD series of all the nine guys.
      Hope this helps! (Even though it’s already really late ><)

  2. Hi! Thanks for your review, although I kinda wanted to be spoiler free so I skipped most of it… From what I saw though, it was a well constructed review!
    So, since Aksys’ website doesn’t really give much detail on the game itself apart from a summary, I’m really confused how the game works. Do you get to name yourself? Or are you stuck with a predetermined name? Also, do you have to get all of the endings to get the true ending? And what exactly is Sorata’s route?
    Uh, sorry for throwing questions at you, I’d really appreciate it if you replied! :)

    • I write mostly spoilers because it’s my way of remembering a game I played in Japanese and helping my friends who want to play otome games but can’t read Japanese. So I’m sorry if I gave away most of the story… This isn’t really the best blog to visit if you want a spoiler-free review XD
      Anyways, to answer your questions, the game has three heroines and you can rename them but I suggest using their default names (Koharu, Mikoto, Nanami) because the guys will say this default name if you leave the name as is (and not just say “you/her” (omae,kanojo) when referring to the heroines. Though if you’re the type who likes self-inserting your self into the heroines and doesn’t mind the voices not saying any name then yes, you can change the names.
      Sorata’s route is, just like an epilogue to the whole game. You need to finish all the true ends of all the guys before you can unlock this end/route. Hope that helps! ^_^

      • Ah, right that makes a lot of sense, and it’s nice to see other people’s point of view on games; I’ll probably come back and read this review fully after I’ve played the game haha :)
        Ooooh, okay, everything makes a lot more sense now, thank you! The Norn 9 var commons website that Aksys set up doesn’t have any info about the game apart from a summary so thanks for explaining that XD
        Thank you for replying so quickly though! :)
        (I like the profile picture (?) by the way XD)

        • Let’s fangirl about the game once you finish it! ^ w ^=

          My avatar/prof pic is Fran from Code:Realize. Will you be getting that game too? :3 (it’ll be released in English this Oct 20, I believe!)

          • Yeah, I preordered both Code:Realize and Norn 9 from Play Asia since I want to have physical copies of games to take up less space so I don’t have to buy another SD card for my Vita ^^”
            The conversion rate killed me though, since the Australian dollar is worth very little to the US dollar so I ended up paying like double the price, but oh well. I’d buy lots of games even if it cost me lots to support the translation for the genre (Cause my Japanese is pretty much limited to being able to say a few hiragana and that’s it XD)
            Yes! It’ll be nice to fangirl over the game with someone as well XD

  3. Thanks for the review. I liked it… athough there are some parts that I can disagree on.

    Also, Sakuya, while you still hate him, is probably my favorite out of all of the guys (save for Akito and Zephyr- I mean Senri). There are most parts of his route that made me cry (but his character song made me cry the most) and his relationship with Mikoto is just… well, outstanding, even though it needed some improvements, though (like the kiss scene at the true ending and Mikoto’s tsundere attitude towards him). And to think that the human-hedgehog relationship between Sonic and Elise wasn’t enough. Ugh. That kiss scene FREAKED! ME! OUT!

    (Also, “Sakuya’s like damn b****”? Really?)

    • Haha that was just me trying to shorten Sakuya’s route! Don’t mind it! We have different opinions so well that’s how I saw it XD Anyways I noticed that Sakuya’s ending was the only where they did the reset? I don’t how that will play in Last Era so I’m looking forward to it!

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