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Norn9 Last Era

After replaying Norn9 with the vita port, I moved on to the fan disk (or perhaps, better called as a second game?) and now I’m also done with Last Era! The game is divided into four parts: Prelude, which tells the events prior to the first game, Concerto, the stories after the true ends in the first game, Fuga, which is basically the events in the first game but in the guys’ point of view, and Fantasia, an extra story where the characters turned into chibis. I love how this game have so much info so I can’t help but right them all down! www Spoiler fest awaits! ・´∀`・)

In this game, four new characters are introduced (well, two more actually: the chief of Heishi’s troupe and Ron’s ex-boss, but they weren’t given any names). Among these four, Motohisa and Yahiro have their own short stories (which can be read in the Norn9 Store) so there’s enough info about them. To be fair, there was also plenty about Kazuha in Motohisa’s short story.

Toya Motohisa – Masamune’s uncle, who was also the guy who made the robot hiyokos. (More about him in Masamune and Itsuki’s Concerto)

2015-08-12-205826Totonoe Nagisa – A researcher at the island, and surprisingly, also Natsuhiko’s older sister! They look so much alike omg. My friend initially thought that Nagisa is just Natsuhiko’s genderbend lmao. Also, can ship her with Setsu www Nagisa is really serious when it comes to work but she’s also got some sisterly/motherly side especially when it’s about Sorata. She was tasked to care of Sorata when he came (back) to the island. Obviously, Sorata is pretty similar to Natsuhiko so that’s probably the reason why Nagisa got attached to him. Nagisa feels that Natsuhiko hates her though, since it was actually her who performed lab tests on Natsuhiko when he was younger. She also reports Natsuhiko’s progrees to the higher ups. When Natsuhiko escaped from the island eight years ago, Nagisa stop Natsuhiko by shooting his leg with a bullet.

Kagami Kazuha – Itsuki’s older twin sister. She’s always expressionless, so Mikoto and Itsuki thought that she’s pretty similar to Nanami in terms of personality (both also fell in love with older guys if you consider Ron’s route). She’s originally the owner of the dream ability, but Aion took it from her and gave it to Itsuki when she died. (More about Kazuha and her love life with Motohisa in Itsuki’s concerto).

2015-08-18-021132Siasyo Yahiro – Masamune and Natsuhiko’s childhood friend. Like Natsuhiko, Yahiro is a product of a Gattaca-like genetic manipulation, but he’s a failure because he didn’t turn out to be a genius like Natsuhiko. Because of this, Yahiro’s jealousy of Natsuhiko is over 9999 (more on this in Natsuhiko’s Concerto). He’s a member of the Foreign Affairs section of “The World” and he’s pretty much tasked to take down anyone who disobeys the orders of “The World”. One of Yahiro’s tasks is to take Heishi out of Natsuhiko’s tracks, since they got some intelligence that Natsuhiko is planning on using Heishi’s ability to lure the other ability users. For this, Yahiro brought the Heishi abandoned by his parents to the travel troupe. Initially, the plan was to just have Heishi travel a lot so Natsuhiko won’t trace him. Eventually though, Yahiro also got attached to Heishi, and even taught him to play the flute. Because of thus, Heishi considers Yahiro as an older brother.


The prelude part tells the events of what happened before Koharu boarded Norn, which is where the Var Commons story starts. This part should be finished first before you can unlock the other stories. I really enjoyed reading through this especially when I’m guessing the order of the characters’ boarding on Norn ( ^ w ^) For my own convenience, I put the reveals that I think were pretty cool in bullet form.

2015-08-28-235930The prelude starts with Masamune, who is said to be the first island person who was chosen by Aion as an ability user. Before Masamune starts on the journey, his uncle Motohisa, tours him around the Norn first. When the ship finally takes off, Masamune lives for a few days alone in the ship while the chef hiyoko cooks him tasteless meals lol XD Get Akito to board the ship, quick!

  • It was Masamune’s uncle, Motohisa, who created the hiyokos
  • “The World” that Masamune has been contacting in the first games wasn’t Aion (which is what I initially thought), but is actually Nagisa and tihe other island peeps.
  • The missing books in the library (mentioned in Sakuya’s route) were in fact hidden by Masamune in his room. The books were about the world before the previous reset so Masamune hid them before someone boarded the ship.

The next to board the ship is Kakeru. Masamune was wary of him at first because Nagisa told Masamune that Kakeru is actually Yuiga Shirou’s adopted child. However, Nagisa added that Kakeru kind of got selective amnesia regarding Shirou after he witnessed his father being murdered right in front of his eyes, so Masamune shouldn’t worry much. One night, the ship gets attacked (by Shirou, probably) which caused a part of the ceiling to fall down, but Kakeru used his plant growing ability to shoo off the attacker.

  • When Kakeru noticed that the second floor of the ship is just a plain patch of land, he decided to make use of it by growing fruit trees and vegetable crops there using his ability. Which is also the reason why it is his group that’s in charge of the field works.

Sakuya and Mikoto boarded the ship together. Apparently, Sakuya didn’t tell anyone but Mikoto about his ability, but “The World” still knew that he was an ability user. So then Mikoto is pretty angry about Sakuya going along with her because she doesn’t see Sakuya’s ability to be of any use to protect people. When the two got on the ship, Mikoto and Kakeru immediately didn’t get along well because Mikoto is just too rude in this part ugh. Later, Mikoto checks on the ship’s outer walls and she noticed that there’s already a magic barrier similar to hers that’s protecting the ship. However, it’s pretty weak at the ceiling part so Mikoto puts up her barrier in that place.

Meanwhile, Natsuhiko won’t just let the reset to happen so he attacks the ship. Unfortunately, with Mikoto’s barrier already up, his attack failed and by then he knew that the barrier girl is already in the ship. With the attack plan unsuccessful, Natsuhiko plans on another way to kill the ability users: infiltrate the Norn ship.

  • Natsuhiko left the island eight years ago.
  • He probably fell in love with Mikoto after seeing her from her photos lol XD

2015-08-28-235934For the infiltrating plan, Natsuhiko chooses Ron over Setsu to do the job because Ron doesn’t think of anything so that’s one way to get away from the telepathic ability user lololol XD. Natsuhiko orders Ron to do four things: (1) kidnap Mikoto so he can use her as defense against Yuiga Shirou (2) find out who the water and fire ability users are (3) be careful of Shirou’s brainwashed son (4) collect data on how to invade the island. While on his way to the place where Norn will land, Ron wanders at some red light district where he meets Itsuki for the first time. They don’t know that they’ll be riding the same ship soon, though.

  • Natsuhiko met Ron eight years ago, after he left the island. Ron was just some stray person back then.
  • It was Ron who killed Yuiga Shirou (which, we all know, is just a dummy) right in front of Kakeru years ago. (!!! This is a big reveal for me!)
  • Since Ron has only one artificial eye, the other eye can’t see well. Because of this Aniseikonia-like disease, Natsuhiko made Ron his trademark shades, which has a prescription grade on one eye so he can see well.
  • Natsuhiko also tells Ron to be careful of a girl named Shiranui Nanami, because that girl can erase people’s memories. Well in the first game, we know that Ron totally forgot about this and just remembered about “the girl that can erase memories” when Nanami told him about her ability.
  • Before Ron left, Setsu gave Ron a newspaper with an article regarding how the ability users can be used as weapons during war. After Ron intentionally left this newspaper at the Norn’s dining area, everyone else got to read it. This is where the, “We may become enemies soon” and “We’ll go our own way after we reach our destination” talk going on among the ability users came from in the first game.

2015-08-04-031148Akito’s prelude is next after Ron’s, but by this time, Nanami is already on the ship so I’m guessing that after Mikoto and Sakuya, the boarding order is: Ron à Nanami à Akito. In the first game, Nanami was already in the ship when Akito was brought in so Nanami definitely came first before Akito. However, I’m not really sure when Ron came in so… oh well. Anyways, after he boarded the ship, Akito kind of took over the cooking duties XD With their back story, of course, Akito is still in bad terms with Nanami. One day, right after going back after doing the groceries, Nanami rushes towards Akito to inform him that Senri’s finally boarded the ship !!! Akito immediately goes to see Senri but of course Senri doesn’t know him ಥ_ಥ IF YOU SAW ME AS I WAS READING THIS PART, I WAS REALLY CRYING BECAUSE OMG THESE BROS WHY THE SAD STORY _. Later, Akito tells Kakeru about his relationship with Senri, and Kakeru promises to help hikikomori Senri, though he warns about taking drastic measures to do so… And thus, the bullying began XD. The next day, Kakeru suggested the forming of three groups, so they can divide the ship chores more easily.

  • The reason behind the Akito-Senri-Kakeru relationship (as stated above)
  • We get to see how Akito is really good at blackmailing bargaining when buying ingredients.
  • I really raised an eyebrow when in Akito’s route in the original game, he mentioned that he’s actually pretty close with Sakuya and Kakeru when they don’t even have much scenes together (considering that they’re from different heroine groups). This fandisk gave light to that line because here, we get to see that Akito, Kakeru, and Sakuya, did spend a lot of time together before everyone formed pairs. There will also be more Akito-Kakeru-Sakuya scenes in the next parts.
  • THE ULTIMATE REVEAL: The reason behind Akito’s bird phobia? It’s because of an incident when he was a kid! Back then, Akito encountered a peacock in the mountains and this peacock had mistaken Akito as a peahen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG WHAT’S WITH THIS (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ ᵔ̴̶̤᷅))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.. This peacock then started courting him, to the point that it ambushes him when he goes home and brings him bug food as gifts WTF HAHAHAHAHA XD THIS HAD ME LAUGHING SO HARD OMG wwww

2015-08-04-041657Itsuki is next to board the ship, and the first person he meets is none other than Mikoto. Being the skirt chaser that he is, Itsuki immediately does a move on Mikoto and kisses her hands! XD When Mikoto screams at this, Sakuya immediately comes and KOs Itsuki HAHAHAHA OMG XD. It’s really funny how the three were already like that right after their first meeting XD

  • To be fair, Sakuya and Itsuki did get along at first. Sakuya actually asked Itsuki to look after Mikoto because she’s always pushing herself. Unfortunately, Itsuki has his own ways with girls so he and Sakuya ended up fighting anyways XD
  • The drinking group started when Itsuki brought the first liquor in the ship and he invited Ron and Masamune to drink it with him.

The next prelude is Senri’s, which started when Itsuki thought he’s a zashiki warashi XD Senri doesn’t go out of his room so Itsuki still hasn’t met him. Fortunately, Nanami (who is still burdened by the fact that she erased his memories), brings him food to his room, until Akito intervenes and tells Nanami not to get close to Senri any further ಡ_ಡ. Later, Kakeru calls on a meeting where they agree on the “No inquiry rule”, which is that everyone shouldn’t ask anyone about their ability and other personal things.

  • In the first game, it was the hiyokos who brings the food to Senri’s room, right? That’s because after Nanami got scold off by Akito, Senri did a favour for the hiyokos (the first was probably fixing their broom) in exchange for bringing food to his room (and at the same time, shoo Akito away because he’s afraid of birds XD). In some of the drama CDs and in Senri’s official twitter account, it was also revealed that Senri goes out at night to help the hiyokos with different tasks.
  • The tattoo below Senri’s right eye was branded on by the village people so they can find him easily in case he tries to escape :((
  • Sakuya also tells Senri about his future, which is that a girl that will have an impact on Senri’s life (definitely Koharu) will soon come.

2015-08-29-022355With nine people now on the ship, everyone thought that they’re now complete. But what they do not know is that there are two more ability users who haven’t yet boarded! One is Heishi, who was just seen off by his travelling troupe’s chief before he goes for some work. On the way, Heishi sees the Norn ship and got curious so he enters it to see what’s inside. Nanami sees Heishi as suspicious though, so she takes out her kunai and interrogates him while Itsuki soon joins her. At this, Heishi’s like, Whoa whoa calm down I just thought that this ship is cool so I took a look, if it’s bad to be here then I’ll take my leave. Unfortunately as he’s living, Heishi’s telepathic powers kick in and his thoughts accidentally flowed into Nanami and Itsuki’s mind so they stop Heishi like, Wait a moment, you’ve got to be an ability user!! The group then holds a meeting, and Kakeru tells Heishi to say farewell to his family first before officially boarding the ship. So then Itsuki and Nanami got ordered by Kakeru to go with Heishi but Heishi has zero intention of boarding Norn. Well uhm spontaneous events happen next and then Heishi’s now dragging Itsuki and Nanami into visiting Itsuki’s sister’s grave. Itsuki explains though, that the grave doesn’t really contain anything since when his sister died, the only thing left from her is her kimono. So anyways during their train ride back to the ship, Heishi notices that their troupe chief gave him loads of money enough to last him for months and they realize that the chief actually had an order from the world but he wants Heishi to escape from the world thus he gave him that escape money. However, Heishi has now found friends in Itsuki and Nanami so he decides to board the ship.

  • With Heishi joining the journey, they’re now one bedroom short so Masamune offers to share a room with Kakeru (with Masamune’s thinking about watching over Shirou’s son Kakeru).
  • On their train ride going to the graveyard, Heishi bought a set of playing cards, and that’s the start of Itsuki, Nanami, and Heishi’s endurance card playing XD
  • During their train ride back to the ship, Heishi notices that Nanami isn’t wearing the red ribbon on her seifuku so he gives her his black tie, and says that he’ll just buy a checkered one once they get back to the town.
  • The reason why in Heishi’s true end in the original game, he and Nanami ended up travelling? It’s because Heishi spend more of his life travelling so it’s in his nature. He actually didn’t plan on staying at the ship first because he doesn’t want to be confined in there for days.

Later, we see Koharu, and that’s where the first game started.

  • The people in the ship initially thought that they are already complete after Itsuki boarded so they’re suspicious of the next two who appeared. However they can’t deny that Heishi’s an ability user because of his telepathy, while Koharu’s already wearing the seifuku so there’s no doubt that she is one too.


A.K.A. the after stories! Each concerto is divided into four parts, a prologue, Sun, Moon, and an epilogue. The Sun part is pretty much some random happy after event . On the other hand, the Moon part is where most of the serious conflict happens.

Yuiga Kakeru (CV: Kaji Yuuki)


Two months after the first game, Kakeru and Koharu are now living together while Kakeru makes bouquets as a way to earn money. However, Kakeru’s still having nightmares of his father Shirou so Koharu wanted to help him. They go visit Akito, Senri, and Heishi who are now living together in a nearby town and Akito gives Koharu a bag of potpourri (which was given to him by an old lady from his work, who seems to have taken a liking to him lololol XD Sasuga my husbando Akito! XD) to help Kakeru sleep more soundly at night. So then while Kakeru is already making money by making bouquets, he’s still pretty troubled because he can’t specialize in one thing thanks to him being a jack of all trades master of none. Later, Kakeru and Koharu got involved in an orphanage, which has been harassed by some thugs. After helping the orphanage by doing some sleuthing and legal work (Kakeru mentioned that in the past, he did some work with a lawyer),the two decide to open a “We’ll do everything for you!” store where they grant people’s random requests like finding a lost dog lol XD. One day, they get a request from a government official to investigate a certain “defense weapon” in a nearby town.

2015-08-28-235228As expected, when they get to the town, they find out that the barrier is Mikoto’s doing, and she says that her barrier is needed to protect the town and the people. While Masamune’s already arranging stuff so the Norn people can return their abilities to Aion, Mikoto insists that she won’t return her ability. As it turns out, Sakuya’s sad future (in which he will die) still hasn’t changed so Mikoto wants to keep her barrier ability to protect Sakuya. Er why are we still worrying about Sakuya and Mikoto when this is Kakeru’s after story? So anyways Kakeru decides to correct her father’s faults by stopping the operations of the weapon factory. By doing this, they can also save Sakuya because no guns = his sad future will be prevented. Using Kakeru’s earring, Sakuya was able to pinpoint the location of the weapons factory and Kakeru and Koharu soon goes to the place. And guess who the new weapons dealer is. None other than Yuiga Shirou clone #99467!!! Asdsafdfdja OKAY PEOPLE HE’S STILL ALIVE why am I not surprised (  ̄◷ ̄   ) .

2015-08-28-235458Koharu and Kakeru confront Shirou but Shirou’s all: “Oh by the way Kakeru, you’re nothing but a mere tool for me/I don’t think of you as a son/I actually planned on brainwashing Koharu  but she’s pure and kind that I failed”. Shirou also explains that he really is waiting for the rebirth of his late wife like what happened with Sorata but it’s been like, 6000 years now and she’s still not reborn //poor Shirou. However, Shirou saw his wife on Koharu; not that Koharu has the same genes as his wife nor they look the same but the personality is pretty similar. Which is why Shirou has the hots for Koharu. Unfortunately, now that it’s KakeruXKoharu, Shirou can only play one last card to get his hands on Koharu, which is that he will embed his memory chip on Kakeru! Shirou almost persuades Kakeru into doing what he wants by saying that it’s for love’s sake because if Kakeru turns into a mere machine, Koharu won’t have to worry about being sad if ever Kakeru dies. I can see the logic in Shirou’s reasoning but THAT’S TOTALLY NOT THE POINT and Koharu tells Shirou that love doesn’t work that way! Love is about wishing for the other person to be happy! When Kakeru and Shirou hear this they realize that yeah we’re totally wrong, sorry. Now that everything’s settled, we think that it’s finally over but noooo because the factory’s self-destruct system starts to go off! Koharu and Kakeru hurry to escape but as much as how they want to bring Shirou to escape with them from the factory, Shirou insists on staying behind. While Shirou says that he only used Kakeru, in this end, he will let them escape because he doesn’t want to be burdened by the guilt of being the cause of the death of his own son (  ; w ; ). Kakeru and Koharu run out of the factory, and while they watch the factory be engulfed in flames, they cry and promise that they will remember that despite how bad Shirou is, he is still a man who loved ; w ;

In the epilogue, the Norn people return their abilities to Aion. Later, Kakeru talks about taking the civil service exam (which is probably is calling), gives Koharu a necklace, and proposes to her. Thoughts: The scene when Shirou says he doesn’t want to be burdened by the guilt of being the cause of the death of his own son really got me! And right after that we see Kakeru crying and oh gosh it also got me emotional and I almost cried (; w;) (Almost because my tears are saved for Akito and Senri lololol XD)

Ichinose Senri (CV: Shimono Hiro)


I really like Senri’s Concerto because everyone is still living at the Norn ship and they’re still eating together ( ^ w ^) They’re still on a journey but their main goal now is the eradication of weapons. As I expected, the main conflict in Senri’s after story is his relationship with Akito, since his true end in the first game didn’t have him knowing that Akito is his niisan. When the Norn ship stopped on land for a 3-day maintenance, Senri invites Koharu for a vacation in town. After finding out that his hometown is just nearby, Senri decides to visit it again to pay respect to his parents’ grave and at the same time face his cruel past, but Akito stops him before they can leave. At this, Senri got angry at Akito for being unreasonable about preventing him from leaving. At Akito’s side, Akito is sulking because he thinks that Senri must hate him now (´・ω・`). The next day, Senri and Koharu go to the village and they meet with the village chief, the same person who took care of Senri (and probably Akito too?) after his parents’ death. Senri explains that the ring on his necklace is actually his father’s wedding ring so he came back to the village to take his mother’s wedding ring too. Unfortunately, the chief won’t give it to Senri unless he settles on returning to living in the village (and act as their water source again). And if that wasn’t enough, the chief also babbles about how Akito is a bad person for stealing half of Senri’s ability for money and how much a bad older brother Akito is to Senri! GASP! Senri’s like, OMG Akito is my niisan?? Of course Senri and Koharu were surprised at this sudden revelation but they believe that Akito has his reasons for doing so.

2015-08-28-235329When Akito and Nanami follow the two to the village, Senri confronts Akito and Akito confirms that they really are bros BUT he still insists that he’s a bad guy when it comes to Senri! Asfdgdjah AKITO WHYYYYYYYYY ; _____ ; While the two girls worry about the bros, Motohisa overhears about the problem and tells Koharu that they can return Senri’s memories if they use Masamune and Itsuki’s abilities. However, Senri wants the truth straight from Akito because he still believes in his bro (´・ω・`). Later, Koharu tells Senri about the untold cookies incident back in the first game, in which Akito taught Koharu the secret recipe to the cookies Senri likes. The next day, Koharu and Nanami arrange a double date, so while Koharu and Senri go to the town first, Nanami has to use some force and some help from Kakeru to drag tsundere Akito into going to the town lololol XDD In the middle of the double date though, Senri (er I think? I already forgot if it really was Senri’s lol) loses his handkerchief so they go find it. While at it, Koharu gets cornered by Nagisa and Motohisa who want to take Koharu to the island so the scientists can study her special ability, and in exchange, they will help in returning Senri’s memories. Of course, Senri’s against this plus, he’s already set on not believing anything unless it’s Akito himself who says it. Finding out that there’s no way to take Koharu other than forcing her, Motohisa brings out his gun and threatens the two, until Akito arrives and goes, “Not my brother you bastard!” During the fight, poor Akito gets injured but good thing Itsuki and Mikoto also appear to help them. Motohisa and Nagisa soon back off. Back at the ship, Senri nurses Akito and demands and explanation. Akito then finally tells Senri about the past, and added that he had already stolen their mom’s wedding ring before leaving the village (which means that all this time, they already have each of their parents’ wedding rings OMG (  ; w ; )). Later, Senri asks for Nanami’s help because Akito can’t stop crying when he called Akito “niisan” wwww I’M CRYING AND LAUGHING AT THE SAME TIME! (  ; w ; )

2015-08-28-235334After the incident with Motohisa, the ability users decide to break ties with “The World”, under two conditions: (1) they won’t be citizens of any country and (2) Ron, who isn’t an ability-user, shouldn’t board the ship anymore. As I mentioned, the Sun part is mostly the lighter events, and in Senri’s Sun Concerto, we get to see Koharu dreaming about a kid Senri and on another day, a titan Senri lololol XD When Senri hears Koharu dreaming about a little him, he gets pissed off so he starts eating a lot, drinking milk, and working out www. Senri says he saw hope when he learned that a tall person like Akito is his bro and that could mean that his short height isn’t because of genes after all XD He also says that he wants to look good when he’s with Koharu, and Koharu thought “OMG SENRI SO CUTE!!” She didn’t say it to Senri though, thinking that he’ll sulk even more XD. So anyways, when the group broke ties with “The World”, they’re left to earn their own money so they decide to host a festival at a town. While they divide the tasks, Senri and Koharu are tasked to perform some circus-like show by using their fire and water ability. Senri and Koharu’s performance ended up being a hit with the towns people, so in the epilogue, the two continue to do their shows to earn money. Later, Senri gives Koharu an engagement ring and promises to give her a wedding ring once they’re older (๑´ლ`๑). Thoughts: I’m not satisfied with that end but since this Concerto has lots of Senri-Akito, I’m good :3 As expected, it’s mostly about Senri and Akito. Nothing new was added to the Koharu-Senri relationship, really. Koharu dreaming about Senri and Senri doing his best was really funny though LMAO XDD

Toya Masamune (CV: Satou Takuya)


Now this is the after story I am interested in reading, because Masamune’s true end in the original game was the end in which Sakuya ended up dying and Koharu has no memories of anyone and anything about the Norn. So continuing from that end, Masamune’s still studying under Natsuhiko while he ichaichas with Koharu once in a while XD. (The other ability users have already returned their ability to Aion, by the way) One day Masamune brings Koharu to go flying the aircraft with him. They ended up landing in a little town and unfortunately, it’s Koharu’s hometown!! The people notice that Koharu’s the fire monster so they shoo her away ; __  ; This causes a disturbance with poor Koharu’s memories until Masamune takes her away from that town ;; In any case, Masamune has already decided on returning Koharu’s memories so Natsuhiko gives him a device to help with this memory restoration. Later, Mikoto and Nanami appear at their hiding place and even though Koharu doesn’t remember them, she immediately made friends with them. The two girls then decide to sleep over at Koharu’s place for some catching up. Unfortunately, right after Mikoto tells Koharu that she’s already moved on (regarding Sakuya’s death), Motohisa and some of “The World’s” thugs appear and they kidnap Koharu !! Upon knowing this, Masamune, Natsuhiko, and Ron, go to save her. That Masamune carrying a gun sprite though.

2015-08-28-235405At the island, Koharu’s being held captive in a room where crazy Yahiro tries to brainwash her into using her fire ability, but fortunately, Koharu doesn’t give in to this. One day, Sorata discovers Koharu in the room so he gives her some onigiri. At first, Koharu doesn’t know Sorata but for some reason, she suddenly remembers that his name is Sorata. A little later, the emergency alarm suddenly rings, signalling that intruders (Masamune and co.) have entered the island. Koharu hears from some scientists that traitor Masamune may be killed soon, and not wanting this to happen, she starts to feel that she’ll be turning into a flame thrower soon. Koharu tries to escape but ended up passing out in the corridor. Nagisa then sees her, and decides to help Masamune and Koharu. Nagisa brings Koharu to the control room and tells her to stay there while she gets Masamune. Unfortunately, while Nagisa’s away, Motohisa goes to the control room and started provoking Koharu like, she should just toast the entire island to save Masamune. However, Koharu doesn’t think this way and like in Kakeru’s Concerto, Koharu’s like, “Love doesn’t work that way!” Soon, Masamune arrives and he’s already set on killing Motohisa. So as it turns out, Motohisa’s main goal is actually revenge for Kazuha (this info is properly explained only in this route so better pay attention to this part!). Motohisa initially plans on becoming a high ranking person in the island for this revenge, until he realized that he got no time for that so he opted on using Koharu instead, in which she’ll burn down the island and its people who caused Kazuha’s death (´・ω・`). Anyways, seeing that Masamune’s serious in shooting him down, Motohisa casually lets the two escape. So uhm yeah, I was looking forward to this after story but ended up not liking it? I guess I don’t like the idea of Koharu not having any memories of what happened in the first game *sigh*.

2015-08-28-235423After that island incident, Masamune and Koharu finally leave Natsuhiko’s place and start on a journey to find the perfect place to live and have their marriage ceremony. On the way, they stop by a little village and visit a tree house library. Obviously, Koharu and Masamune went there to only borrow books but then when the librarian saw that the two like the place, he goes, “Oh you like this place? Then it’s yours,” and forces the ownership of the library on them. Ahaaha. Yeah. Er. WHAT???? So yeah after Masamune was forced to sign a contract, he’s now officially the owner of that tree house library Lololol what how lucky XD As it turns out, the librarian’s already pretty old so he wants to retire and travel already. Initially, that library was only a book collection owned by the librarian’s late wife and as a carpenter, he decided to make a tree house library to house the books. In any case, now that they’re the new owners of the library, Masamune and Koharu decide to continue the library’s business. They had the thirty-year old tree house repaired, cleaned the inside, and arranged the books. They were also able to sway the village people to borrow books from the library again by showing them the nostalgic feeling of reading a book you loved when you were a kid (´・ω・`). With the revival of library business a success, it seems that everything’s al well until Masamune admits that he used their wedding funds in repairing the library! At this, the librarian-san meddles in again and arranges a surprise wedding ceremony for Masamune and Koharu (๑´ლ`๑) Awww Masamune gets the wedding end In the epilogue, one month after the wedding, Masamune returns Koharu’s memories and they (probably) live happily ever after. Thoughts: Moon part got me meh but the Sun part was cute, thankfully. A library business is perfect for these two bookworms :3

Azuma Natsuhiko (CV: Ono Daisuke)


After throwing his weapons in his end in the first game, Natsuhiko’s now living with Mikoto at the Norn ship parked in the island. Natsuhiko’s also been using the ship to as his own personal research laboratory while Sorata comes to visit from time to time to ask Natsuhiko about stuff for Aion’s restoration. Unfortunately, even though the reset didn’t push through, the island people still wants Natsuhiko to team up with Sorata in restoring Aion and thus the possibility of more resets in the future. Of course, Natsuhiko is still against this so he plans on taking down “The World” by the wiping off their database. Natsuhiko explains that “The World’s” power comes from their possession of large amount of information that can take down even an entire country. So before they can delete the database, they needed to escape and bring Sorata with them but Nagisa figures out their plan and so Yahiro catches Natushiko and shoots him. With Natsuhiko now captured, Nagisa forces Mikoto to escape. Out in the island, Mikoto’s alone and she still doesn’t know where the other people in the escape team (Setsu and co.) are. Fortunately, she bumps into Ron, who has been missing ever since Natsuhiko dumped him for Mikoto lmao (As it turns out, Ron just actually wants to fight along with Natsuhiko so he was really butthurt when Natsuhiko chose Mikoto over him). Mikoto then asks Ron to help them rescue Natsuhiko and Ron says he’ll cooperate in exchange for Mikoto’s body Uh what? O_o Of course Mikoto’s like, “Uh no way, but then you have to help because Natsuhiko’s your friend and he’ll thank you for it,” and manages to persuade Ron into helping (without exchanging her body for it lol).

2015-08-28-235446So then the gang goes to the island, and Mikoto manages to get in touch with Natsuhiko through some weird computer system device. Thanks to Natsuhiko’s instructions, Mikoto was able to get into the computer room and punch in the password to delete the database. Just then, Yahiro appears and shows Mikoto an unconscious Natsuhiko. Asfghf Crazy Yahiro kicks in again and babbles that Natsuhiko’s a genius because he’s a test tube baby so he’ll be born with the best traits. So then because Natsuhiko’s a genius, “The World” wants to utilize him but Natsuhiko hates being a tool. Yahiro then explains that revenge for being constantly used is probably the reason why Natsuhiko’s always opposing “The World”. Yahiro points his gun at Mikoto but then the computer starts to reformat and boom the data’s completely wiped off. Moreover, Natsuhiko wakes up, much to Yahiro’s surprise. Yahiro can’t see how Natsuhiko was able to gain access to the database but Natsihiko’s like, “Well you connected my brain to the main computer so I got the free access you idiot.” Yahiro rages at this and engages in fist fight with Natsuhiko, until Heishi appears and Yahiro remembers his promise to their granpa chief that he won’t kill anyone in front of Heishi. The gang then escapes, and Setsu reveals that Natsuhiko actually planned all that from the start omg what a genius Natsuhiko is *__* They also wonder how Mikoto got into the computer room without a password and in the end they conclude that Nagisa must have helped them. Natsuhiko then thanks everyone and Setsu records Natsuhiko saying “Thank you” XDDD

2015-08-28-235438Again, the Sun part is about the lighter events, like Natsuhiko helping with the house works and buying Mikoto an earring. One time, Natsuhiko goes drinking with Masamune, Itsuki, and Ron, and he got drunk after one shot LMAO WTF XDD Nagisa also visits Mikoto so she can return Natsuiko’s star map that he left in the island awww sisterly love (´`) Later, they visit an abandoned astronomical observatory and Natsuhiko decides to repair it. Natsuhiko reveals initially, he chose to study astronomy because he wanted to oppose “The World” by studying stars instead of focusing on Aion. However, he grew to love astronomy too as time passed (He also planned on studying at Seigetsu Academy but he got not time for that). In the epilogue, it’s seven years later after the public opening of the astronomical observatory, and also Mr. and Mrs.’ Azuma’s wedding anniversary. Natsuhiko and Mikoto now have a child, and they’re also teaching the child some astronomy too. Thoughts: I kind of don’t like the fact that Natsuhiko’s absent in like, half of the Moon part lol, but I still like this after story :3 No wonder why Natsuhiko got first place in the character polls! Also, I find it cool that what Mikoto said in Natsuhiko’s end in Var Commons: “If we can’t, then our children, or our children’s children, will” will be carried on this ending because OMG Natsuhiko gets the baby end!

Nijou Sakuya (CV: Mitsuki Saiga)


This after story has lots of info regarding reset thanks to Sakuya’s Var Commons true end being the only end in which the ability users choose reset. And I also don’t like how things will go from here because I’m pretty much against the reset too, plus none of my OTPs (AkitoxNanami, SenrixKoharu) ended up together lmao. So anyways, in the prologue, while the people “outside” are still sleeping because of the reset, Mikoto and Sakuya head to the Reset Tower to press some button to complete the reset (uhm yeah really, I don’t think why this is a big deal but oh well. The Reset Tower looks cool anyways). So after all that reset business, some of the Norn people return to their hometowns while Sakuya and Mikoto were amazingly chosen by Aion to be her representative in the upcoming “The World” meeting. In this meeting, the people will have to argue as to what to do next: disband “The World” or continue to have “The World” ruling over the countries? Sakuya and Mikoto, who still can’t decide on what to vote for, decide to ask Natsuhiko for advice. (I thought Natsuhiko’s happily sleeping thanks to Ron but I guess not? He’s very alive and kicking here). Like what he said in his Concerto, Natsuhiko tells them that “The World’s” power comes from their possession of large amount of information that can take down even an entire country. Because of this, Sakuya and Mikoto vote for “disband”. However, the polls keep on veending up with the tie so the meeting always end up without a final decision.

2015-08-28-235617Later, Mikoto and Sakuya hear from Sorata something about the previous era. Sorata tells them that back during his time, wars are inevitable but right after each fight, the people learn from their mistakes and engage in peace treaties (like United Nations). Now if they do reset in the future again, you will erase the memories of people and they won’t learn from past mistakes. So during the meeting, Sakuya propose that they should inform the public of these past mistakes. After this 12894th meeting, everyone finally came into agreeing that “The World” shouldn’t rule the world anymore, and that they will have to write a history book to be released for the people to read soon. Later, Motohisa gives Sakuya the data of Aion’s memories, which contains the reasons as to how the ability users were chosen.

2015-08-28-235552After the meeting, Masamune’s tasked to write the said world history book, much to his busy schedule lmao. Fortunately, Sakuya and Mikoto are there to help him. After a some days of hard work and sleepless nights, Nagisa finally grants them a vacation (because apparently the deadline was extended), and while Sakuya and Mikoto go on a date at another island, Masamune, who doesn’t want to be the third wheel, is left to babysit Sorata LMAO XDDDD At the vacation island however, Sakuya’s in a pretty down mood and he’s been avoiding Mikoto’s advances. Well what do you expect. This is Sakuya so his route can’t be complete without drama! As it turns out, from the data he got from Motohisa, Sakuya learned that unlike the other ability users who were chosen by Aion herself, he’s the only one who was chosen by “The World” !! Sakuya explains that “The World” must have done that so he can act as the driving force for Mikoto to choose reset above anything else. Right now, Sakuya feels like he’s the very reason that the reset pushed through, but Mikoto tells him not to blame himself again, and reminds him about learning from past mistakes (´・ω・`). Eventually, they patch things up. During their last night in the vacation island, they go ghost hunting but find the view of beautiful noctiluca-filled sea instead. In the epilogue, it’s six years later and it’s been two years since the release of the first volume of the history book. Sakuya and Mikoto are still working on the book in the island, but this time, they’re now married and have a child (๑´ლ`๑) Thoughts: The drama in the Moon part oh gosh why. I kind of felt sympathy towards Sakuya when he found out that he was the only ability user that wasn’t chosen by Aion (´・ω・`). Meanwhile, I’m jealous of all the Sakuya fans out there because he gets a baby end! And PS: Sakuya looks so pretty in his new sprite pose!

Kagami Itsuki (CV: Yusa Kouji)


First let me say that I am so disappointed because Itsuki already stopped calling Mikoto as “ojou-san” :(( I love Yusa Kouji saying “ojou-san” oh gosh why would you remove that ;__; But then Itsuki and Mikoto are now almost newly weds so I guess there’s no helping that. So anyways, two months after Itsuki and Mikoto run from the Norn because they’re useless in battles, the two are now living their lives in a town while Itsuki works as a private school teacher. Itsuki as a teacher so cool omg //// One day, they finally get to meet Kakeru again who now works as a government official. Kakeru also tells them what happened when they left the ship: they were able to defeat Natsuhiko and Ron thanks to Koharu’s fire and Senri’s water, and soon return their abilities to Aion. For the most part, the Moon Concerto is mostly about Kazuha, who has started to show herself up in Mikoto’s dreams. Kazuha wanted a girl friend that she can talk with regarding her love life, which is Motohisa. When Kazuha was still alive, Motohisa frequents Kazuha’s dream shop, but he doesn’t ask her to show him dreams; instead, he just talks to her about random things. However, as mentioned in Motohisa’s short story, his real objective is to persuade Kazuha into choosing reset (as per the request of “The World”). In the end, Motohisa fails in persuading Kazuha, and the higher ups saw her as a threat to reset so they wanted her dead. Motohisa can’t bring himself to kill her though, as he’s already fallen in love with her, and so is the case with Kazuha, who started liking Motohisa because he sees her as an ordinary girl (like how was the case with Mikoto and Itsuki). Unfortunately, two months after her first meeting with Motohisa, Kazuha died because of sickness and one of her regrets is not being able to say her feelings to Motohisa (´・ω・`).

2015-08-28-235645So then one day, Mikoto asks Itsuki if they can visit Kazuha’s grave so they go visit her. In front of Kazuha’s grave though, they see Motohisa, who seems to be visiting Kazuha too. Motohisa then reveals that Itsuki didn’t actually get the full of Kazuha’s abilities (what is this, Senri and Akito?), because his dream-showing ability is limited only to sleeping times but Kazuha can show illusions to people even if they aren’t sleeping. In any case, now that Motohisa’s right in front of her, Mikoto tells him about Kazuha’s feelings, despite the consequence of not being able to see Kazuha in her dreams again once she discloses about her to Itsuki. Now that Kazuha’s feelings were conveyed to Motohisa, she can finally rest in peace (´・ω・`). (I think some of the things I mentioned here weren’t exactly mentioned in this Concerto but rather in Motohisa’s short story, but I’ll leave this as is because it’s better understood this way :3)

2015-08-28-235707In the Sun part, Itsuki decides to face Mikoto’s parents so he can properly ask her hand in marriage (๑´ლ`๑). They go to Mikoto’s hometown but stopped over at the hotel first for some ichaicha time until Kakeru and Heishi disturbs them LMAO XD As it turns out, government official Kakeru actually wants to help so he took Heishi with him and even asked Sakuya to be Mikoto and Itsuki’s matchmaker. When Sakuya tells Mikoto’s parents about it though, he gets an immediate NO.  Thus, to prove that Itsuki is a qualified partner for Mikoto, Sakuya gives Itsuki a series of tests, like a general knowledge exam, a compatibility test with Mikoto, and 10 km run ww. After these tests, Sakuya finally acknowledges Itsuki, and he goes to Mikoto’s parents as a matchmaker again. Mikoto’s parents still rejects it though, so Itsuki and Mikoto face them theirselves. Of course Mikoto’s father is still against their relationship, knowing where Itsuki grew up (despite Itsuki using keigo here hurhur * w *), until Mikoto’s grandfather intervenes and finally gives the two his blessing. With Mikoto’s grandfather now acknowledged Itsuki, Mikoto’s parents have no choice but to comply, so in the  epilogue, we get to see the two’s wedding \ (´▽`) /. The ceremony has Mikoto and Itsuki wearing traditional kimono (as per the granpa’s request), so two months later, Sakuya sends the newly weds a painting with them wearing western wedding outfits ( ^ w ^) Thoughts: Another wedding end WHAT IS THIS why does Mikoto get all the wedding/child ends when my favourites Senri and Akito don’t get one?? Moreover, Nanami doesn’t even get any! Lol Anyways, Itsuki is my favorite guy from Mikoto’s bunch so I’m so happy he gets a wedding end :D Like in Senri’s Concerto, most of this Concerto was  about Kazuha but I’m glad the confrontation with Mikoto’s parents in the Sun part made up for the lost time for romance.

Syukuri Akito (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)


MY WAIFUUUU FINALLY!! Unlike the other Concertos (Masamune, Natsuhiko, Ron) which have a thick plot, Akito’s Concerto was mostly about random stuff that happen in their daily lives XD The only biggest deal was the confrontation with Nanami’s dad. Which is probably why Akito only ranked 4th in the Last Era character poll *sigh*. A month after leaving the island, Akito, Nanami, Senri, Koharu, and Kakeru (who, after the incident with  Shirou, was rescued by Itsuki and Heishi, and taken in by Akito), are now living together. Kakeru soon leaves though, since he’s still feeling guilty for being Shirou’s tool (Itsuki says that Kakeru just doesn’t want see Senri and Koharu going lovey dovey right in front of him lmao XD). Anyways, Akito asks Senri to craft him a wooden box and after Senri gives it to him Akito cries because of happiness LOOOOOL (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ ᵔ̴̶̤᷅))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.It’s so funny how Akito cries easily when it comes to Senri XDD So then while Akito works as a cook at a small restaurant (which was also his job before he got forced into boarding Norn), and Koharu works as waitress in the same restaurant, Senri and Nanami are left with nothing to do but do house chores. Eventually though, Akito shows Senri’s wooden box to a woodworks shop and it was pretty popular so Senri started to be an apprentice under a wood crafter. Well to be fair, Nanami’s training at a martial arts dojo and she’s aiming for black belt so she can protect everyone lmao XD

2015-08-28-235806One day, Nanami receives a letter from her father and he’s ordering her to return home. Apparently, Nanami’s ninja relatives think that she and Senri still have their abilities so they dare not to get close to their house. Initially, Nanami tried to just ignore the letter, but it really worried her a lot that when she ate only one dango stick instead of the usual three lololol XDD, Akito noticed that there’s something wrong. Nanami then tells Akito about the letter, so to cheer Nanami up, Akito asks for a vacation leave at his work so they can have a 5-day vacation. The two go to the beach and they stay at a cottage owned by Akito’s boss. Akito then tells Nanami that he wants to build a family with her, but Nanami answers that she can’t grant that because she doesn’t know what a happy family is so she feels like she isn’t qualified to raise a child (´・ω・`). So then while their vacation continues, Nanami’s dad arrives to spoil the fun and locks the two in the cottage !! Like how it is in teledramas, the dad threatens Nanami that if she doesn’t go back with him before morning comes, he’ll have no choice but to kill Akito *GASPS* The two then find a way to escape so when they discover a secret well, Akito enters it to check first if it’s a safe exit. Meanwhile, another Shiranui ninja (who’s prolly higher-ranking than Nanami’s dad), reasons that the clan has no more need for Nanami anyways so he sets the cottage on fire to burn the two along with it WTFFFF ??!! o_O

2015-08-28-235742Fortunately, Akito comes back on time and they escape through the well. Once they’re out though, they run into the same guy who set the cottage on fire, and Nanami confronts him to show that she can no longer erase memories. Akito and Nanami then go to see the dad, and the dad still wants to take Nanami back to the village. This made Nanami confused because she’s obviously useless to them now that she’s no longer an ability user, but Akito tells her that the dad wants her back because she’s still his daughter (´・ω・`). Akito then tells the dad that he hated Nanami at first because of the thing she did with Senri but she still stayed by his side to make for the bad things she did, so soon, he started to like. Akito also assures the dad that he will forever stay by Nanami’s side and he will take good care of her (๑´ლ`๑), so there’s no need to worry about him trying to get revenge on Nanami. After hearing this, the dad decides to leave them be and before he leaves, he tells Nanami the meaning of her name: (nana-seven), which is the end of a cycle, and (umi-sea), which is the place where life is born. When the dad left, Akito gives Nanami’s price for winning their earlier fish-catching competition, which is that he will tell Nanami what he wants. Ultimately, Akito wants Nanami to marry him, and to she agrees, despite of what she had said earlier (/ω\)

2015-08-28-235737After paying for the burned down cottage the incident with Nanami’s dad, they’re now back to their normal lives but Nanami still feels that she’s very left behind because she still haven’t found the job she wants to do. What’s more is that Akito’s still the ultimate waifu in the house despite being the breadwinner at the same time, so to compensate for this, Nanami decides to learn household chores to be the perfect wife for Akito. Nanami then gets Akito to teach her some housewaifu stuff but then lately, Akito’s been feeling tired whenever he goes home from work. Nanami then investigates the cause of this and she’s surprised to find out that a rich guy dressed as blue bird mascot has been harassing Akito and wants him to be his personal chef WHAT LOL WTF IS THIS XDDD No way I can take this seriously but it’s so funny omg XDD Nanami then takes out her kunai and started trashing the bird mascot costume, until the harasser finally runs away. The two then patch the misunderstandings between them. In the epilogue, Senri and Koharu had left the house to live on their own, so there’s only Akito and Nanami in the house now. Akito comments though, that the people living there will increase soon (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Nanami also receives a letter from Kakeru and he suggests that since Nanami’s obsessed with medicinal plants, she can aim to be an apothecary. Akito, on the other hand, aims to have his own restaurant soon. –End– END ALREADY?? WAIT, WHERE IS MY AKITO WEDDING/CHILD END?? Why is it so unfair ;____; Thoughts: I like the fact that they explained the meaning of Nanami’s name here because that’s one of the questions Sorata had in the prologue of the first game! As I previously mentioned, there’s nothing much in Akito’s route but if it’s anything related to my OTP, I’m sure to like it! \ (´▽`) / Also, I’m looking forward to another CG with Akito like this in Norn9 Act Tune LMAO XD

Muroboshi Ron (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)


On to the guy who I have loads of questions I want to ask! After erasing Ron’s memories, Nanami is now living with together with Ron, and she prepares for a journey to find Natsuhiko. One day the Norn people, who will be setting on their own new journey too, pay Nanami a visit, and Sakuya tells Nanami that they will find Natsuhiko in a town with a clocktower. In the Sun Concerto, before heading out to find Natsuhiko, Ron and Nanami help a wounded pregnant cat. They hear from a nearby village that cat hunters have been around lately. Eventually, Ron and Nanami catch the cat hunters and Ron almost goes killer mode again but Nanami stops him. Nanami says that no matter she will still accept Ron no matter how many bad things he does, however, that she doesn’t want Ron hurting people because he will also end up being hurt in the process. The next day, the cat they rescued finally gives birth, and mommy cat and the kittens obviously like Ron :3 (Apparently, animals like Ron? Like how the hiyokos in the ship gather around Ron when he’s sleeping)

2015-08-28-235824In the Moon concerto, the two finally start on their journey and they  go to this town with a famous clocktower. While asking around town, Nanami meets a suspicious man who introduces himself as “F”, Ron’s guardian. F even shows Nanami a photo of Ron when he was teenager (he’s so handsome omg – but as Nanami notices, he already has those cold-blooded eyes), but of course Nanami doesn’t believe this. One night, they get attacked by the F’s thugs and Ron easily beats them to a pulp. A police then comes to take the two to a “safer place” but instead brings them to F’s weapon storehouse !! So as it turns out, F got the police’s sister as hostage so now he had the poor guy take Ron to him.  It seems that F took a stray kid Ron and he fed him in exchange for murdering people for him o_O F also adds that Ron was a really good killer so now that he’s found Ron again, he wants him back. F then threatens to kill Nanami and had the police aim his knife at her, and Nanami tells Ron that it’s up to him to decide what to do now. At this Ron, starts to use the fire ability from Koharu and he burns F and the storehouse down !!  Ron then reveals that he actually remembers F, how F saved him from starving, and how F named him “Ron” because he’s good at majong. He doesn’t remember what happened after that though. But I’m confused because if Ron doesn’t remember the Norn journey, then how does he know that he has fire ability?? So anyways, they escape from the burning storehouse and while at it they run into Natsuhiko and Setsu who came there to help them. Turns out that Natsuhiko doesn’t want F to casually use Ron’s fire ability so he decided to take Ron again. Nanami then asks Natsuhiko to make Ron an artificial eye, and Natsuhiko consents as long as Ron doesn’t use his ability anymore. However, Ron says that he can’t promise that, because no matter how much he doesn’t want t kill anymore, there may come a time that a person like F will appear and he will need to use the fire to fight the bad guy.

2015-08-28-235830Two months later, Natsuhiko had finally made the artificial eyes and put them on Ron. Nanami then takes the bandage off Ron’s eyes, and he can finally see clearly (´・ω・`). Later, Kakeru sends them a get-well-soon gift, a lavender, which, in flower language, fits Ron and Nanami’s description perfectly: doubt, suspicion, silence, strangeness. Thoughts: None of my questions were even answered lmao XD I still don’t know why it’s easy for Ron to handle abilities even though he isn’t an original ability user. Is it because of his natural physique? Lol I don’t know, I’m just guessing ww. Also, I got to say again that Ron creeped me out in the first game but after seeing all the action scenes in this game, I’m starting to like him. He’s really good fighting and well, that’s what Ron is (and only) for anyways. It was probably a bad idea to put Ron along with teenagers like Kakeru and Akito on the ship because he ended up being the old guy whom the people doesn’t really care about ww If Ron’s in like, an action otome game, he will definitely be popular because he’ll be the guy who doesn’t care anything about the world but ends up being the best when it comes to fighting. In short, Ron fighting = (  ♥ w ♥ ) Btw, is it just me, or is Ron’s Concerto actually shorter than the others?

Otomaru Heishi (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)


After escaping from the ship, Heishi and Nanami are now on the run from “The World” peeps. The two are just randomly jumping from one place to another and helping random people out while hoping that the “The World” doesn’t catch them so when Heishi finally realizes wtf am I doing going wildly around like this, he tells Nanami why not look for his former troupe! For some awesome coincidence they do meet them immediately, and the troupe people can’t believe that Heishi actually got a girlfriend lmao XD Heishi and Nanami decide to stay with the troupe for a while until one night, a group of thieves appear. With Seiji (Yahiro) now out of the troupe, the chief a.k.a. Heishi’s acting grandpa orders Heishi to do the negotiations with the thieves instead. So then later, the chief takes a stolen of Nanami and Heishi and he enters the photo to the fine arts contest in town and the entry amazingly won first place. They use cash prize to have the bridge fixed so now that they can travel freely again, Nanami and Heishi say goodbye to the troupe.

2015-08-28-235854In the Moon part, Heishi and Nanami arrive at a village that’s been really gloomy ever since their famous herbal plant (which is the source of their income) wilted. Moreover the villagers are really sad because their important church was forcefully trashed by “The World” because it’s against their religious views. Since the village reminded Heishi of his hometown, Heishi decides to cheer the people up by playing his flute but this only made them more pissed off. Meanwhile, the rich guy whom Heishi and Nanami are sending photos to is actually accomplices of Yahiro, so when Yahiro saw that learned that Heishi and Nanami are in a place where he did bad things as a member of “The World”, he goes to the village too. So then Heishi’s more than happy to see his bro Seiji, but that’s not what he came there for, so behind Heishi’s back, Seiji tells Nanami that they have five days to do what they can for the village; after five redays, he will force Heishi to go with him out of that village. For the next days, Heishi and Nanami try to restore the church and when the villagers see that their hard work, they decide to help too. Unfortunately, Seiji finally shows his true colors and he’s now Yahiro! Yahiro reveals that he’s actually a member of the Foreign Affairs unit of “The World” and he was the person who had the village’s church demolished. Yahiro also tells about the reason he brought Heishi to the troupe chief is because “The World” doesn’t want Heishi to be captured and used by Natsuhiko. Ultimately, Yahiro says that he isn’t actually a brother to Heishi and all he did was lie because he only did everything under the orders of “The World”. Heishi rages at this and hits Yahiro, and when Yahiro thought that Heishi’s finally going to kill him, Nanami stops Heishi. Heishi then says that there’s no way he’ll kill Seiji because they’re bros. Although a bit disappointed he wasn’t killed, Yahiro finally returns to being Seiji and just like that, he tells the villagers to keep the church a secret to “The World” by calling it a public hall instead, and casually leaves the place.

2015-08-28-235857Later, Heishi admits reveals that he actually knew about the things going on with the people in Norn back during their sky journey days, but Heishi chose to just keep quiet about and act normal with them. For example, Heishi knows that: (1) Kakeru is probably slowly being brainwashed by someone (2) Masamune’s hiding something from them (3) Akito and Senri are probably bros (4) something happened between Akito and Nanami in the past (5) Mikoto and Sakuya’s relationship is more complicated than just childhood friends. Because he knows what’s going on around people, Heishi just can’t sit around doing nothing so he tries to help people. In any case now that’s everything’s settled, Heishi properly proposes to Nanami, and he pushes her to bed for ichaicha time (≖ω≖。)♪. Half a year later, Heishi and Nanami have their wedding ceremony at the newly restored church, and they invited all the Norners (who already returned their abilities to Aion) too! Thanks to Yahiro’s help, the two can now finally love peacefully in that village without worrying about “The World”. Later, they send a wedding photo to Yahiro and their rich guy boss. Thoughts: Heishi just going wildly around was just Heishi being himself, I guess? For me, there wasn’t any particular striking info or scene in this Concerto, except probably the CG in which Heishi pushes Nanami to bed XD


2015-08-28-235720Fuga is basically the first game but in the point of view of the guys. I recommend playing this first before going through the Concerto because Fuga is a good way to recall what happened in the first game. Unfortunately for me, I played Concerto first and I only realized about it when I was already playing Fuga ^_^; Too excited for the after stories, eh? XD Well, recalling wasn’t exactly a problem for me since I just played Var Commons. The bad thing is, it got really repetitive for me, considering that I already played Norn9 for PSP, then played Var Commons, and now the Fuga part! It seriously felt like I’m playing Norn9 for the third time LMAO.

2015-08-28-235505To be fair, it was still fun to read what the guys thought during their routes in the first game. We also get to the “in-between” scenes, which are times when the guys aren’t with the heroine. I personally like Akito’s and Natsuhiko’s Fuga. The reason why I liked Akito’s is already a given because he’s my Norn9 bias lol XD I already played Akito’s route THREE TIMES but seeing that revelation scene with Senri for the fourth time still made me cry ; w ; Natsuhiko’s Fuga, on the other hand, is really cute because we now get to see how he’s replying to Mikoto through the wehite hiyoko (๑´ლ`๑). I also think that most of the part in Natsuhiko’s Fuga make up for the first chapters in his route in the first game when he was MIA. AND THIS LITTLE NATSUHIKO SPRITE PLEASE. I’M IN LOVE  (  ♥ w ♥ ).

2015-08-28-235916Sakuya, Kakeru, and Senri’s,  for me, were the most repetitive Fuga stories. The rest were pretty okay. Like Masamune’s, because we get to see how much of an oniisan he is for taking care of the other Norners. In Heishi’s Fuga, we finally see how his ability actually works. In Itsuki’s Fuga, we see how Itsuki brings people to dreams, and the part in which he gets involved with Ron and Sakuya are now clearer. As for Ron… well, we find out that Ron doesn’t really think of anything (´・ω・`)


Fantasia is just an extra story in which the Norners turn into chibis. In this part, Sorata got really pissed off because he keeps taking the casualty whenever the Norn peeps clash with each other. So to teach everyone a lesson, he gets Aine’s help to organize a Norn9 team building. They turn everyone into chibis and put them in the dream world, wherein each one will have to pass a test so they can return to their original body.


Koharu’s team: In Koharu’s team, everyone is tasked to “Bring down their rival”. First to take the test is Senri, who got, “Be sure to win!”. Senri’s faced with a big Kakeru and they do a selling competition. Kakeru took the lead at first, but when chibi Senri finally goes out of the store to get customers, the ladies started flocking at him because they find him really cute XD. Next to take the test is Masamune, who got, “Control yourself when it comes to Koharu!” Masamune faces a big Senri and they do a cookie-seating competition. Masamune finishes eating the cookies first, but not until he gets drunk because of the sugar and Kakeru have to punch him unconscious to stop him from ravaging Koharu lololol XD Last is Kakeru, who just needs to win a foot race against a big Masamune. Unfortunately, Kakeru’s banned from using his ability so he had to resort to trying to find holes with the rules like secretly riding on Masamune’s back. The rules keep changing prevent him from playing unfairly though loool THIS IS SO KAKERU-LIKE In the end, Kakeru wins by distracting Masamune’s attention into Koharu.

Mikoto’s team: Here, everyone’s tasked to “Run away from the do-M hentai pilot”, which is obviously Setsu!! www They needed to get to the roofdeck of the ship without getting caught by Setsu and in order for them to finish this, they had to do some team work, since they all got “Save not only Mikoto!”

Nanami’s team: Considering that Akito’s here, of course the team’s task has to be catching three hiyokos LMAO ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱª⁎*.*. Heishi got “Be quiet during times you need to be quiet” so he  has to suppress his ability while catching the hiyoko. Akito got “Capture even only one hiyoko”, which, for Akito, is probably the hardest task he has to do ww. Lastly, Ron got “Whatever, just do your best”, and he was even the fastest to catch a hiyoko.



Norn+Life: The pixelated game in which you play as any of the three heroines and you have to talk to the other characters in order to earn tickets you can use to buy stuff at the Norn9 store. Norn9 life was better than Var Common’s Norn9 Quest because of the fact that in here, you can now choose who you will talk to but I say IT’S STILL A PAIN TO DO askfhjkaaamnda; If you want to play safe, you can only get 10 tickets at most and the most frustrating part is that you have to earn 2000 tickets to get one trophy!! You can play as Nanami and then get up to 50 tickets per encounter with any of her three guys but it’s still a 50/50 chance since sometimes it will deduct you with 50 points ლ(ಠ益ಠლ).

Short stories: There are also five unlockable short stories in the Norn9 stories. One is Yahiro’s story, which tells about his jealousy of Natsuhiko and how he got close with Heishi, while the other one is Motohisa’s story with Kazuha. The other three is Sorata’s after story, which, I think, is connected with either Akito or Natsuhiko’s concerto. In this end, Sorata gets Ron as his bodyguard while he steals some of Aion’s data from. After coincidentally bumping into Akito and running away from the Mafia thugs, Sorata has some heart to heart talk with bro Akito to help him in deciding what to do with Aine. Six years later, Sorata was finally able to revive Aine, and she agrees to live with him under the condition that Sorata will add a self-destruct program on her so she can also kill herself once Sorata dies (´・ω・`). Later, they set on a new Norn journey to find and meet the ability users again.



After reading Sorata’s short story and seeing that “-End-“, I really wanted to cry because awww Norn9 has now concluded ; w ; Fortunately, it was announced in OtaPa 2015 that they will be releasing a third Norn9 game next year so I’m saving my tears for that! www Is it safe to say that the third game, Norn9 Act Tunes, will be the real fandisk? In any case, whatever that game will be, I’m already set on playing the game! Will they finally reveal why Ron can handle abilities easily?

When I first saw from the gallery that each guy has an average of about 30 CGs, I was really surprised because wow did they really put in so much effort for that? Well I was wrong though because as it turned out, half of them were just CGs from the first game XDD For Last Era, my best CG gallery award goes to Senri because his new CGs were reallye cute! * w * Some of the new sprites look really weird (i.e. Akito) but some were pretty (Sakuya’s and Mikoto’s)! And I love those child sprites hihihi I wish they made one for everyone.

On the other hand, regarding the sounds, the new BGMs were all pretty but WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VOICES?? Some character voices were louder than other; it seems that they forgot to run them on an equalizer?  O_o I actually had to manually change the character voice volumes in the sound setting so that I can hear everyone talk in equal volumes. The difference in voice volumes was most obvious in the Fuga part, especially when you compare the lines that were already from the first game with the new lines in Last Era. Well, that’s just a technical sound problem so nothing that can take the game down!

All in all, it was really fun to see the Norn9 peeps again (especially my waifu Akito hihihi <3) so Norn9 Act Tune, come to me!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


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  1. Does Norn9 Last Era have an English option? Or is it all in Japanese?

    • All in Japanese, I still don’t know if Aksys will pick it up to localize. It’s really sad because Last Era is my favorite among the three Norn9 games

  2. How did you find this fandisk? Because i want it but if it’s possible in english because i don’t understand japonese.

    • Currently, no Japanese translation of this game. You can buy it from cdjapan (please see sidebar of the blog)

  3. Great review! Thanks! I kinda liked how you were a little more easier on Sakuya than the last game. Also, SAKUYA’S CG, OMG!!!!!!
    P.S. The CG with Sorata and Natsuhiko was cute.

    • After reading what’s going on Sakuya’s mind in the Fuga part, I kind of finally understand some of his actions. I like especially like Sakuya in Itsuki’s Prelude and Fuga because you can see that Sakuya’s a really good person (´・ω・`). And since Sakuya’s one of my waifu Akito’s close friends, I got attached to him too in this game ww
      I agree with Natsuhiko and Sorata’s CG! Geniuses still need sleep! XD

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