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Shinigami to Shoujo OP 2

I really thought that I won’t be able to finish anything from my PSP backlog anymore after I got used to the PS Vita screen. The vita spoiled me too much with a really pretty screen to show the awesome graphics that whenever I go back to the PSP, I feel like I strain my eyes and get a headache after. But that is, only until I picked up Shinigami to Shoujo (a 2011 Takuyo game //it was released four years ago already???) from the backlog. The game is really good and I was so hooked into it that I forgot all my complaints about switching from PS Vita to PSP. Seriously, if a game is good, then it is good, regardless of the platform you play it on *states the obvious*. Anyways, here’s my review of the game ・´∀`・)


Toono Sayo, the story’s heroine, is an ojou-sama from a rich family. Due to a misunderstanding with her father, she left their mansion and she’s now living at an apartment with her older brother Toono Tooya, who works as a novelist. One day, after the siblings finish reading one of Tooya’s books, Tooya mentions that he’s currently working on a new book, titled “Shinigami to Shoujo”. The following day, at the elite school she’s attending, Sayo hears rumors about a shinigami who appears in front of the town’s clock tower, which has stopped moving ten years ago. True enough, as she walks home later that day and pass by the clock tower, Sayo encounters a man in white robes and weird clothing. When Sayo questions him however, the man says that he has no memories of who is, except for the fact that he is a shinigami. Because it’ll be difficult to address him if he doesn’t have a name, Sayo names the shinigami “Ao”, taken from the blue color of his eyes.

Shinigami  to Shoujo Sayo

One of the cool things about this game is that the story parallels with how the story in the Shinigami to Shoujo (Tooya Toono’s book) progresses. In the Shinigami to Shoujo book, a solitary shinigami meets a girl who is travelling to find the most beautiful word. Curious of what the most beautiful word is, the shinigami decides not to take the girl’s life just yet, until she finds what she is looking for. The two then go on a journey together, and visit different countries as they search for the most beautiful word. As in Toono Tooya’s book, after Sayo and Ao promise that they will find the most beautiful word together, they encounter different people with different stories. From here, the Shinigimi to Shoujo (game) progresses.

Each of the chapters in the common route is unique in a way that the events on each chapter are based on a book by Toono Tooya. The first chapter, 籠の鳥 (“The Caged Bird”), follows the story of Dazai Tomoe, a girl who has no memories of the second year of her high school life. In the second the chapter, ユメミルセカイ(“World of dreams”), the gang meets a man who claims to be Louis, the main character from Toono Tooya’s book Yumemiru Sekai. The third chapter, “I am a cat”, is mostly about the story of Natsume and his cat stuffed toy. Chapter 4, 嘘つきな盗賊とお姫様 (“The Liar and the Princess”), is the story of Hinase Mitsuru (the story will end after this chapter if you’re going through Hinase’s route), and chapter 5 千一夜桜花 (“A thousand and one nights of cherry blossoms”) is the story of Chiyo.

Hinase Mitsuru (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

Shinigami to Shoujo Hinase

Hinase is the school’s previous student council president and is Sayo’s senpai. He calls Sayo as “ojou” (what’s more is that IT IS Tattsun calling you ojou and hngggh my heart please *:・(*//////*)・:*) and he playfully teases her and the others a lot. At one point, Hinase even pulled everyone (Kirishima, Kaho, and Sayo) into having lunch together and since then, it has been the group’s habit to spend the lunchtime together. Hinase comes from a rich and well-known family and because of this, his grandma is very strict when it comes to disciplining him. His parents’ had already died so he’s left under the care of his grandma. After the encounter with Wilhelm the cat, Hinase asks Sayo to go on a date. Surprisingly, Hinase has the keys to the clock tower, so he takes her there (which is really sweet and probably the most romantic thing that happened in the game tbh). Later, Hinase tells Sayo that he likes her (and I’m like, whooaaa so fast o_O), and he wants an answer after three days. The next day, Sayo meets her father and he demands that she agree to a marriage proposal from a rich guy but Sayo’s brocon kicks in like, “NO WAY! I STILL HAVE MY ONIICHAN!” After hearing this, the father storms out of Sayo’s sight and to her surprise, Hinase was actually there and he witnessed the entire scene! Hinase then takes Sayo away and he intends to really take her away from that place until Ao and Fushimachi cockblocks >< //*sigh* it’s already a really good development! (okay well, after finishing theroute, I realized, well maybe not XD)

Hinase 1So then after three days, Sayo finally says yes to Hinase’s confession but she admits that she’s still not sure if she does like Hinase or not. For now, it’ll be just like testing the waters, but Hinase’s more than happy to have her as his girlfriend and his next line is, “付き合ったら、どこまで許される?” (“If you were to be my girlfriend, up to where can I touch you?”) AND HOLLYYYY— WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FAST??? And it doesn’t stop there – the next scene has the two in Hinase’s room and………… wth, why is this game Cero B?? So anyways, much to Kaho’s disappointment, the two started dating and they’re all raburabu at school and ichaicha at Hinase’s room. One day though, the grandma sees Sayo and she immediately babbles about Sayo being the daughter of a mistress and that Sayo may just be doing like what her mother did by trying to seduce the Hinase family’s precious successor. At this, Hinase stops his grandma (Tatssun please X w X) and says that Sayo is still a member of the Toono family and he won’t forgive the grandma if she ever say anything more that. The ichaicha days continue and one day, Hinase finally tells Sayo that the marriage proposal she received was actually from him! I knew it! After hearing this, Sayo’s like, “OMG Why didn’t you say so!” and she goes to her father to tell him that she accepts Hinase’s proposal. Now, all that’s left is to get grandma’s approval, so at one point, Sayo stalks her and they end up in front of Hinase’s parents’ grave. Grandma Yukari then opens up to Sayo and tells her that she’s had a sad life because her son (Hinase’s father) left her to elope with a woman (Hinase’s mom) and Hinase himself had already ran away from home once. After the heart to heart talk, Sayo kind of settles it with Grandma Yukari. Which means, it’s already the happy end, right? WRONG.

Hinase 2Later that night, Hinase visits Sayo in her room by entering through her window and he tells her something cryptic like, “What if the prince isn’t really the prince?” Of course, Sayo doesn’t get this so they just ichaicha all night. When Sayo wakes up the next day however, Hinase’s no longer in her room and she finds out that he also didn’t attend school that day. Later, grandma Yukari summons Sayo to their house and there she sees Hinase Mituru… the REAL Hinase Mitsuru! Wait. WHAT??? The real Hinase Mitsuru then explains that the Hinase that Sayo and the gang have been with was actually an impostor. Real Hinase says that he had left the house two years ago and only came back recently but to his surprise, he sees another Hinase Mitsuru, who has the same face, voice, mannerisms, likes, and dislikes as him! This is really sad in the part of real Hinase, because after leaving the house, an imposter takes over his life and no one, not even his grandma who is his only family, noticed this ಡ_ಡ As it turns out, Sayo had already met the real Hinase, as it was actually him who offered to take Sayo away after she met with her father.

Hinase 3So then after hearing that the fake Hinase may have been escaping now, she tries to find him, and thanks his accomplice who tells about fake Hinase’s whereabouts, Sayo was able to catch him at the harbour. Fake Hinase then atdmits that after hearing about grandma Yukari’s looking for her grandson, he decided to take the opportunity to be a Hinase Mitsuru so he can get money and status. He even adds that he purposely got close to Sayo after learning that she’s from a rich family too o_O. Now that his lies have been exposed, there’s no room for him in that place anymore so he’ll travel far away. Hinase Mitsuru (fake) end: Sayo loves Hinase (the fake) so much that even after hearing his lies, she tells him to keep lying. The two then left the town and travelled together to another country. Hinase Mitsuru (real) end: The fake Hinase left, and Sayo marries the true Hinase. My thoughts: Hinase is a really cool guy * w * I liked him the moment he first appeared. The best scene with him is probably when he lied to the principal about Ao. He was really good at it! After finishing his route, I realized that, of course, he has to be good at lying – he’s been lying about his identity all throughout the story! Seriously, I was really surprised about this real-fake Hinase business. I didn’t expect a thing. No wonder why I thought his route was going to smoothly at first ; w ;

Kirishima Nanaki (CV: Chiba Susumu)

Shinigami to Shoujo Kirishima

My favorite guy in the game! ♥ Kirishima, the captain of the kendo club, is also Sayo’s senpai. He came from a family of politicians. He’s a really serious tsuntsun guy who always tells the others that they should eat more nutricious food! XD He’s a real husband material (´ε` )♡ Despite this, there isn’t really much romance development in his route, which happens only in the very last part (can you believe that??). I want to say that it’s disappointing, considering that he’s my favorite guy, but no, because… I REALLY LIKE HIS STORY WITH CHIYO, which comprises about 99.99% of his route !! (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`So anyways, after a Hinase Mitsuru who claims that he’s the real Hinase and that the gang is being deceived by a fake Hinase, appears, Kirishima, Sayo, and co. investigate about this. Soon, Sayo discovers the one thing that differs the fake Hinase with the real: the fake Hinase has a tasting disorder. The fake Hinase then escapes, but not after he tells them that the “real Hinase” that the gang has been talking to was also him all along, and that he really wanted them to expose him as an imposter. Later, Hinase’s accomplice gives Sayo the key to the clock tower, and there they see the captured real Hinase, and a blue book without anything written on the cover. Fortunately (for this route anyways), Sayo is afraid of what will happen if she reads the book, so she dares not open it.

Kirishima 1Time passed after the incident with Hinase, and it’s now autumn. While they’re now hanging out with the real Hinase like nothing happened, Sayo is still lonely that the fake Hinase isn’t with them, so Kirishima and Chiyo try to cheer her up, with Chiyo even planning to have a hanami party for the group when spring comes. One day, Kaho and Sayo witness Kirishima trip and fall onto the ground, so Sayo helps him by lending him her handkerchief. The next day, Kirishima returns the handkerchief to Sayo, and he adds a gift for her, saying that his older bros told him it’ll be better to return a girl’s favour (but later, Chiyo says that there’s no way the bros could have told Kirishima that – Kirishima must have thought about it himself XD) //but omg imagine Kirishima going to a Ladies’ store and being stared at by the girls (*) At one point, Kirishima tells Sayo that she shouldn’t get too close with Chiyo because Chiyo isn’t human, and talking to Chiyo, who can’t be seen by other people, in public will cause some problems for Sayo. Kirishima then tells Sayo that he can see things that normal people can see, like ghosts and stuff, and thus the reason why he is able to see Chiyo. He adds that when he was a kid, Kirishima always saw Chiyo at the cosmos hill, and so after the day he talked to Chiyo, the two has always been friends. It was also Kirishima who gave the name “Chiyo”. Later, Sayo notices that Kirishima hasn’t been with Chiyo lately, but Kirishima just says that they got into a fight, and Chiyo will return to him soon.

However, days pass and Chiyo still hasn’t shown himself to Kirishima. Worried, Sayo helps the two to patch up, so she and Kirishima go find Chiyo. Sayo finds Chiyo at the cherry blossom road, and tells Chiyo that he should reconcile with Kirishima… until Kirishima tells Sayo, “Toono, you’ve been talking by yourself for a while now……”

—- —


—— — — — —




I didn’t want to read further.

I didn’t want to accept it.

Game, why you do this to me?????


I cried. I cried a lot. But it’s reality. Kirishima can no longer see Chiyo, the friend that has always been beside him for three years. It happened, on the day he and Chiyo had a fight. Chiyo pushed Kirishima, causing Kirishima to lose his balance and fall to the ground. After that, Chiyo ran away. And ever since then, Kirishima can no longer see Chiyo. The last time they saw each other, they had a fight. And now they won’t see each other again. How can fate be so cruel?

Kirishima 2Kirishima calls out Chiyo’s name but he can no longer see him, despite Chiyo being right in front of him. Chiyo calls out “Nanaki-kun. Nanaki-kun. Nanaki-kun,” but Kirishima can’t hear him. WHY. JUST WHY??? _ I was still crying when I continued to read the next scene. Fortunately, Sayo won’t just let the two’s friendship end that way, so she offers to be the bridge between them, i.e. tell Kirishima whatever Chiyo wants to say to him. So the next day, the three hang out, and they go to the places in town that are special for Chiyo. At one point, they take a break at the park, and Chiyo encourages Sayo to call Kirishima by his first name “Nanaki”… and when she did, Kirishima is so surprised that he drops the crepe he’s holding! (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Moments later, Kirishima returns the favour, and quietly addresses Sayo using her first name (๑´ლ`๑) For their last stop, Chiyo brings them to the top of the cosmos hill, as he wants to show Sayo the place he belongs to before he leaves. At this, the sad BGM plays and I’m crying again. Kirishima explains that Chiyo is actually the spirit of the cosmos flowers growing on that hill. Being the cosmos, or autumn cherry blossoms, Chiyo also has to disappear at the same time the autumn season ends. It turns out that Kirishima had already noticed Chiyo’s true form five years ago, but knowing that Chiyo will disappear once he knew about his real identity, Kirishima didn’t disclose it to him. Kirishima also adds that he got Chiyo’s name from 千代に八千代に (Chiyo ni yachiyo ni/”Forever and ever”), in the hopes that Chiyo can stay longer. However, now that autumn is about to end, Chiyo will have to disappear too, but he assures them that whenever autumn comes, they will still see him, in the form of the cosmos flowers. Chiyo wishes the two to be happy forever and ever, as he disappears and turn into cosmos petals.

After that part, I probably had already used a roll of tissue.

Kirishima 3The seasons pass and Kirishima and Sayo ended up together, and they go on dates after school. In the epilogue, the two are happily married and they have two kids, one boy named Chiaki (千秋/”thousand autumns”) and one girl named Chiharu (千春/”thousand springs”). As it turns out, the kids can see Chiyo, and after Sayo and Kirishima hears from them that they talked to a white-haired man who wears traditional clothing, the couple knew that Chiyo is nearby, and so they call out to him, telling him that they’re happy with their life.  And then we hear Chiyo say, “I know.”

My thoughts: OMG THIS ROUTE. I cried a lot゜・.(iДi)。:゚ (Although I like the fact that my favorite character gets the child end, there’s still Chiyo…)

Chiyo (CV: Nojima Kenji)

Shinigami to Shoujo Chiyo

Chiyo is the ghost-like character who can only be seen by Kirishima, Sayo, and Ao. He introduces himself as Kirishima’s childhood friend since he’s stuck together with Kirishima since he was a kid, though Kirishima says that Chiyo’s nothing but a nuisance (but that’s just Kirishima’s tsuntsun personality kicking in, because he actually loves Chiyo like his bro. (๑´ლ`๑)) Chiyo fell in love with Sayo the moment he laid eyes on her beauty, and more so when he found out that Sayo can see him. Chiyo is the wanko-type character, and he loves Kirishima and Sayo (who he calls as “ojou-san” //loves characters who call me ojousan <3) A LOT. PS: I like it whenever Chiyo says “Nanaki-kun. Nanaki-kun,” whether he’s angry, lonely, or happy :3 At one point, Chiyo tells Sayo that his favorite flower is the sakura, and adds that for him, Sayo is like the sakura flower. Hearing this, Sayo makes a sakura bracelet for Chiyo, and gives it to him. Later, Chiyo plans for a hanami when spring comes, and says he’s excited for it.

Chiyo 1For the next days, Chiyo’s been “ojou-san” this and “ojou-san” that, and so Kirishima notices that Chiyo’s fallen in love with Sayo. At this, Kirishima tells Chiyo to give up on Sayo, because Chiyo isn’t definitely human, and loving her will only cause misery for both of them. Hurt, Chiyo pushes Kirishima away, and he didn’t show himself to him for the next days. Same events as in Kirishima’s route, after the misunderstanding, they learned that Kirishima can no longer see Chiyo. Chiyo blames himself for it, saying that he shouldn’t have pushed Kirishima when they had a fight, because right after that incident, Kirishima never saw him again (I cry again ;__ ;) When a devastated Chiyo ran off, Sayo goes after him, takes his hand, and tells him that she will never let go of his hand no matter what. However, Chiyo says that it will cause a problem for Sayo, because the people will think that she’s talking herself. He adds that he doesn’t want people to think badly of Sayo, and he accidentally mentions that it’s because he likes her! This surprises Sayo, and without knowing it, she had let go of his hand out of surprise. Chiyo then runs away.

Chiyo 2The next day, Kirishima reveals to Sayo that Chiyo does like her, and it must have started the moment he saw her. Later, Kirishima brings Sayo to the cosmos hill, as he knows that Chiyo will have to leave soon. They see Chiyo at the hill, and Chiyo starts his “I’m still because I met you” speech. (I’m crying again) The gist of it is that, because of the difference in season, there is no way that Chiyo, the autumn sakura, can meet the spring sakura that he has long been attracted too. Despite this, he was still able to meet Sayo, the spring sakura he loves, even if it’s just for a short time. And thus, the saddest line in the game:


Spring and Autumn. There’s no way that they could meet. But they did.

Now that autumn is about to end, Chiyo has to leave, but at this point, Sayo can no longer do anything but answer his confession, saying that she likes him too, although she isn’t sure if it’s the same like as his. Sayo starts crying (meanwhile, I’m wailing because Chiyo!!! ; A ;), and Kirishima shouts at Chiyo and tells him to at least do something to stop the woman he loves from crying. At this, Chiyo tries to wipe Sayo’s tears and kiss her, but sadly, they can no longer touch. Chiyo then reveals that his true identity is a cosmos flower, and he as he does so, he disappears, leaving behind the sakura bracelet Sayo made for him.

Chiyo 3In the epilogue, we see a black-haired guy (who looks exactly like Chiyo, except the hair color) under the blooming sakura trees, and he meets with a girl. I want to assume that was able to get a true human form and he’ll fin’ally have his happily ever after ending with Sayo, but this ending is very vague so we can’t be sure ; ^ ; Anyways, as a reader, that’s how I see it (because I want Chiyo to be happy!) My thoughts: After reading most of Chiyo’s story in Kirishima’s route, I thought I already cried all my tears out. But I was wrong. It only got sadder and sadder as I read more. This is probably the game that made me cry the most ;__; Also, NojiKen voice acting is superb *thumbs up* I really felt the despair.

Toono Tooya (CV: Kawashima Tokuyoshi)

Shinigami to Shoujo Tooya

Tooya is first introduced as Sayo’s older bro. Because of this I’m always like o_O whenever he and Sayo are all raburabu because wtf is this incest?? Sayo and Tooya are too close to each other that doesn’t really seem like they’re siblings. At one point, Ao even mentioned that theirrelationship is more of the lovers kind rather than siblings. Good thing is, story properly explained this brocon thing. And it broke my heart. To make the explanations faster, here’s the deal with Tooya: He isn’t Sayo’s brother, but rather, he’s the shinigami that Sayo met ten years ago – the shinigami that was about to take her life. However, Sayo was able to convince him to not take her life until she finds the most beautiful word, which is just like how the events happened in the Shinigami to Shoujo book (which is, by the way, Sayo’s favorite book when she was a kid). Thus, the shinigami froze Sayo’s time, and she was able to escape death. Sayo then got really close to the shinagami, whom she named “Tooya”  [十: “Too”/ten – the ten countries that the shinigami and shoujo travelled in the book, and 夜:  “ya”/night – same as the color of his eyes and hair]. Ever since then, Sayo had recovered from her sickness while living in her own illusion that she has an older brother named Toono Tooya. However, since Tooya is only a character from her illusion, only she (and later, Ao and Kirishima), can see him. The catch is, because it’s Tooya=older bro in Sayo’s mind, she had forgotten that Tooya is actually a shinigami.

So anyways, after the incident with Hinase, Sayo got the blue book but she doesn’t want to open it because she feels that things will end if she does. Soon after, we get the Chiyo’s story, and after Chiyo disappeared, Sayo’s devastated that she skipped school for a week. Flashback to Sayo’s past, we learn that although Sayo’s a child of a mistress, her stepmom Shirayuki (the legal wife) did love her like her real daughter. Unfortunately, like in the Snow White story, Sayo started to look like her real mom Tsubaki as she grew older. Shirayuki hated the fact of seeing that face, and with Sayo getting prettier each day (compared to her ugly self – she said so), her self-pity started acting up, to the point that she killed herself right in front of Sayo o_O. The trauma from the death of her stepmom caused Sayo’s sickness to worsen (she was a sickly child to begin with), until the night Tooya appeared in front of her.

Tooya 1After a week of sleeping, Sayo finally wakes up thanks to Tooya’s kiss ala Sleeping Beauty.  Tooya then tells her not to meet Ao anymore, and Sayo doesn’t mind this as long as Tooya-niisan will stay by her side. Not long after, Sayo hears from Fushimachi that Ao’s been missing. One day, Sayo returns home from school, only to find out that her father had ordered servants to take back her things and force her to return to the Toono mansion. At this, Sayo’s like, beastmode on because there’s no way she’s going back to the place where people don’t believe in the existence of Toono Tooya! She threatened the servants that she’ll kill herself if they don’t stop taking her things away. The servants back off, but after this, Sayo shuts herself in her room for days, until she sees the blue book that fake Hinase left her. Sayo finally realizes the truth after she reads the book, which is – the Shinigami to Shoujo book she liked when she was a kid. Obviously, there’s no way Toono Tooya could be currently writing that book, because it was a book from ten years ago, and Toono Tooya is actually a shinigami! So then after remembering the truth, Sayo’s sickness comes back again and it gets worse each day. Still, Sayo refuses to go to the hospital, thinking that her father will take her back once she does. Later, she decides to travel out of that place to somewhere where she can Tooya won’t be bothered by judgmental people, and thus they go to…… the clock tower! W O W I thought you’re going out of the town? O_o

Tooya 2The two then stay at the clock tower, and one night, while Sayo is sleeping, Ao appears, and declares that he has finally regained his memories and he’s come to be a shinigami. Now, to be a shinigami, Ao just needs to kill the Tooya, the sole shinigami in the world :O However, Ao cannot hurt Tooya, so the best way to make Tooya disappear is to kill the very person who created him, which is Sayo! *GASP!* As Tooya explains, his entire existence depends on Sayo. Sayo created him for his own happiness, so if ever she dies, or find another person as a replacement, he will disappear (like what happened in the other routes). On the contrary, Sayo can continue to live, even if Tooya disappears, as long as there is something/someone to keep her happy and alive. Tooya had actually wished that she find a replacement (which is just like running away from the shinigami), but unfortunately, she held on to him, and now that her frozen time has moved again, Tooya cannot do anything for her. Tooya apologizes to Sayo, but Sayo assures him that she’s just keeping her promise. Now that she has now found the most beautiful word, the shinigami will have to take away her life, and the story will end.

Tooya 3Just then, Kirishima (before they “left to travel”, Tooya had asked Kirishima to save Sayo) comes running towards the clock tower, but he was too late when he arrived. Instead, he sees Ao, who tells him that the two are gone, but surely, the two are now happy, because that’s how the story of the Shinigami and Shoujo book ends. In the epilogue, we see Tooya, who is no longer a shinigami, and Sayo, who is no longer the shoujo of the book. Rather, the two are now normal humans, and they live happily ever after. My thoughts: I was warned to prepare tissues for this route, but to be honest, I never really shed a tear ^_^; I don’t know if it’s the fact that I didn’t like the idea of Sayo and Tooya being siblings, or I already cried everything I can in Kirishima and Chiyo’s route XD Still, Tooya’s disappearance in Ao’s route made my cry ;;

Ao (CV: Kanna Nobutoshi)

Shinigami to Shoujo Ao

Ao is the self-proclaimed shinigami who Sayo saw in front of the clock tower. Since he has forgotten everything about himself, Sayo gave him the name “Ao”, because of the blue color of his eyes. Aside from his eyes, Ao has very distinct gaijin features and he wears this weird white robe, so he stands out in a crowd. Worried that Ao has nowhere to stay, Sayo introduces him to Fushimachi, who agreed to take Ao in. Fushimachi owns a second hand bookstore, and this is very convenient on Ao’s part, since he’s obsessed with books, like Sayo. Compared to the other four routes, the romance development in Ao’s route is definitely the most obvious, like, it isn’t even his route yet but they already go on dates, Sayo visits Ao a lot, etc (pfft the perks of being canon). So then Tooya notices that Sayo’s been visiting Ao a lot recently so he tells her not to visit Ao anymore for her own sake.  Since this Ao’s route, of course Sayo develops feelings for him so she doesn’t listen to Tooya-niisan… until she opens the blue book from Hinase and -boom- she remembers her past with Tooya! At this, Tooya finally explains that if Sayo finds another person to love (i.e. Ao, his existence will disappear. Not wanting her beloved niisan to disappear, Sayo started avoiding Ao for the next days. Unfortunately, Sayo likes Ao so that makes her saaaaad. Seeing this breaks Tooya’s heart (why of all things, I hate love triangles the most ;_;) but he doesn’t like seeing Sayo sad, and thus, thinking that only Ao can save Sayo, he gives Ao the blue book, and says that Ao’s memories will return once he reads it.

Ao 1Sure enough, after reading the blue book, Ao remembers his past. As it turns out, Ao isn’t actually a shinigami, but just a normal person who wanted to be a shinigami. As a child, he was often referred, by the people around him, as a shinigami, because he shows no emotions and feelings and thus act like a shinigami. Because of this and the Shinigami to Shoujo book he liked, he started wanting to become a shinigami himself. One day, he meets a sorcerer, who tells him that to be a true shinigami, he must kill the sole shinigami, and take its place. From Tooya’s route, we know that this shinigami is Tooya, so after remembering his past, Ao goes straight to Sayo to kill her! Kirishima and Tooya stop him though, but before he leaves, he tells them that Sayo’s frozen time has moved again and she will die soon anyways. After the incident with Ao, Sayo gets sick again and she refuses to go to the hospital, as in what happens in Tooya’s route. This time however, Tooya tells her that he knows about Ao, and he will not disclose it to her unless she promises that she will go to the hospital after. Tooya then reveals that he and Ao had already met even before Sayo had met Ao. The moment Tooya saw Ao back then, he knew that Ao has intentions of killing Sayo, so he erases Ao’s memories before he can do anything to her. Tooya also adds that he handed Ao the blue book in the hopes that he will have a change of heart, but unfortunately, it only caused him to go after Sayo again. Well, whatever that is, one thing has to be done: Sayo can only choose one shinigami.

Ao 2The next day, Sayo finalizes her decision and she chooses… Ao (of course – this is his route), even though that means she has to die to save him. And thus we witness one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the game (I cried again! My gosh, this game _): the scene in which Sayo starts rejecting Tooya’s existence, so he will disappear ; __ ; After Sayo says the magic words, “Goodbye, Tooya-niisan” (and after I cried a river), Tooya disappears ; A ; As the her time’s about to end soon, Sayo rushes to the clock tower to see Ao, and she tells him to kill her using the dagger Tooya had given her. Ao asks Sayo why she isn’t afraid of him, and she answers that it’s because she loves him. Ao then points the dagger at Sayo, but he can’t bring himself to kill her. Instead, he’s now crying, and even wishes that Sayo not die. Unfortunately, the clock strikes 12, and Sayo dies. Ao cannot do anything anymore but say that he loves Sayo too, and he kisses her.

Ao 3Flashback to Sayo and Ao’s childhood, we see that the already met, when the sorcerer took Ao (whose real name by the way is “Ilya”, er, I can only remember the Ilya part, because it’s too long and definitely not an English name) to Sayo’s mansion. The two even read the book Shinigami to Shoujo together, and after Sayo left the book to Ao/Ilya, Ilya took the book as his. In the epilogue, it was revealed that Sayo had miraculously lived, just like how the Shinigami to Shoujo story ended, where in a miracle happened after the girl was supposed to die. Meanwhile, Fushimachi’s been planning on adopting Ao. And, just how it was in their favorite book, Ao and Sayo lived happily ever after. My thoughts: The game is biased to Ao ahahaha XD I guess that can’t be helped since he’s like, the canon character. He ended up being my least favorite though, considering that I don’t really like serious and “my pace” characters like him.



After finishing all the routes, there’s this epilogue where Kirishima goes to see Fushimachi to ask him who the hell he really is. As it turns out, Fushimachi is actually the Toono Tooya who wrote the Shinigami to Shoujo book, and all the books under the Toono Tooya penname. Basically, as a friend of Sayo’s stepmom, Fushimachi did that to supplement Sayo’s illusions of Tooya, because obviously, there’s no way the Toono Tooya shinigami can publish books if other people can’t see him. You see, Sayo’s sickness isn’t really deadly to begin with, it’s kind of like 病は気から(sickness and health start with the mind), thus getting sick after her stepmom died, and getting better after she created the Toono Tooya illusion. So to save Sayo from being sick again, the Toono Tooya illusion needed to continue, or, she finds a replacement for him. Fushimachi adds that he’s also friends with Ao’s mom, and he kind of used Ao to further Sayo’s illusions. On the other hand, it seems that fake Hinase also knew about Tooya being only an illusion, and he wanted to save Sayo, thus the reason why he confessed to her is a gamble of whether she will choose him (=Sayo lives because Tooya disappears) or not.

SO TO SUMMARIZE. Fushimachi = the creator of Shinigami to Shoujo. He crafted everyone to be a character in Sayo’s story and depending on where the story will branch, each character can give Sayo her happy ending. Hinase, Chiyo, Ao, Kirishima. Check. Except Kirishima. He’s pretty much an odd one out because Fushimachi never planned him to be in the story. He gets the best ending though. Hue (# ̄ω ̄). And, as Fushimachi said:



– Overall –

Shinigami to Shoujo Kaho

I will forever remember this game as the game that made me cry for hours ; w ;

The story is really good! When I first read the game info at DGS 5/11, I thought that it’ll be some fairy tale fantasy/time travel setting because of this shingami business going on but when I started the game, I was like, o_O because why does the setting seem too normal?? Fortunately, the game did a really good job on explaining things as you go through the game and I say the writers are amazing! Hinase’s back story was really unexpected, Kirishima and Chiyo’s story made me cry oceans, Tooya’s story broke my heart, and Ao… well, Ao gets the most romance XD Also, I personally liked the writing style :3

The game fell short on the romance part though. Regardless, the awesome story made up for it, and there’s still romance sprinkled at the right moments in the game.

The characters, meanwhile, are all very likeable (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). My character ranking is Kirishima > Chiyo > Hinase > Tooya > Ao. Kirishima is the perfect husband material (and a tsuntsun! Totally my type <3), Chiyo is really cute, and Hinase’s the cool senpai. Also, the side characters aren’t left behind, as I also like Kaho (a good bestfriend) and Natsume (I ship them by the way hihihi(^v^)).

The art is pretty (I wouldn’t pick up this game if it isn’t XD), although most of the CGs aren’t exactly special. It kind of sucks that only two guys get a kiss on the lips CG (while Kirishima doesn’t get any! ;^;). Regarding the sprites, I personally like Kirishima’s and Chiyo’s ^_^=

Lastly, the music! Hngggh the BGMs are so nice ; w ; They complement with the scenes very well, especially during the sad scenes when the music supplements the despair ; w ; My favourites are 淡紅の花咲くぬ and 美しき物語 – the sad BGMs of course!

Overall, Shinigami to Shoujo is a really good game! I’m so glad I still picked it up even though it’s already a 4-year old game. I’m not sure if they’ll be releasing PS Vita port, but if they do and add some extras on it (which, I think, is unlikely), I might still get a copy because I love this game (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`


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  1. Thank you for making me cry over Tooya again ( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒) It looks like even after 4 years my heart still has not recovered. The incest-like relationship did seem verrrrry awkward to me at first, but after learning the truth I just had to hand it to Tooya. Everything he does, no matter in whose route, is for Sayo’s sake. /desperately holds back the tears

    This is also the game that has made me cry the most. I think I cried in almost every chapter ww Yet I’m a doM who will occasionally play back scenes that make me cry wwww

    • Tooya’s last scene in Ao’s route was really sad ; ^ ; When I look back to other routes and remember his story, I can’t help but think how he felt when Sayo forgot about his existence and how he disappeared. It breaks my heart :'((
      *As I’m typing this, I remember the sad scenes in the game (Chiyo and Kirishima!) and I feel like crying again ; _ ; //oh look I’m already crying!!

  2. I will definitely add this game to my list :O This sounds like a “gem” consdering how many otome game titles out there focus too much on the fanservice rather than the story !

    • I can’t comment on most games having more fanservice than story since most games I pick up turn to be good (I don’t if it’s my luck or I’m just really picky when it comes to games ww)…
      In any case, please do try Shinigami to Shoujo! You won’t be disappointed with the story ;w;

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