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Clock Zero Ex Time Cover

A lot of my twitter friends love Clock Zero, so when Otomate ported the game into the vita (and named it Clock Zero Ex Time), I decided to play the game and see what the hype is about. (Thank you Mika for helping me get the game from Japan! (´▽`)/). After getting the platinum trophy, I now know why everyone loves it, and it seems that I’ll be joining the Clock Zero force too!

This is a spoiler-free review of the game・´∀`・)


Kurou Nadeshiko, the ojousama of the wealthy Kurou Zaibatsu, is a 6th grader at Shuurin Gakuen (school for kids of the elites). For some reason, she’s been seeing weird dreams every night, about her 10-year older self strolling around a ruined world. Meanwhile, at school, a new student transfers to her class: Kaido Takato, the famous kid genius of the Kaido Group. One day, Nadeshiko’s homeroom teacher Kaga Akira, calls her and five other students to do some after school extracurricular activities where they should learn the value of team work. Takato soon voluntarily joins this extracurricular activity group, and they call themselves “CZ”, which is short for “Clock Zero.”



The first six chapters are mostly about the extracurricular activities, and the story branches into either the Yuushinkai or Seifu route starting from chapter 7 or 8, depending on the previous choices. All the six other member of CZ have their own routes (with Nakaba’s being added in the vita port). Note that I played the game in the order Shuuya->Tora->Riichiro->Madoka->Nakaba->Takato.

Kaido Takato (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) is the new transfer student at Nadeshiko’s class. He’s a genius kid who already achieved a lot in the field of biology despite being only 12 years old (and here I am, already a 20+ biologist but still a potato). He’s really bad at cooking though, that he fails even at cooking cup ramen lmao (ノ>▽<。)ノ. Takato starts off as refreshing kind young child who just wants to have his classmates Nadeshiko and Riichiro show him around the school… but wait until you get past chapter 6 and see how his character had developed. How his character ended up really surprised me, and unfortunately, it made him my least favorite guy in the game (not that I liked the 12-year old good kid Takato, but still, I was expecting something good when he grows up, at the very least). Being the main guy, Takato’s route has most of the answers regarding the main story, so his route is recommended to be played last.

Kano Riichiro (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) is Nadeshiko’s classmate, neighbor, and childhood friend. Being the resident kuudere, his common expression is “medokusai…”, but he actually acts (unconsciously) as the mom of the CZ members XD. Like Nadeshiko, Riichiro comes from a wealthy family, and he is very passionate about tea ceremony. Among all the characters, Riichiro is the guy I want to end up with Nadeshiko, mostly because his story with Nadeshiko broke my heart, and I feel that more than any of the other guys, it is Riichiro who deserves her. Fortunately, both his 現代 and 未来 ends are nice endings, so I’m pretty much satisfied (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).

Hanabusa Madoka (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is the fifth grader who has an extreme brother complex when it comes to Nakaba, to the point that he actually wanted put Nakaba inside the time capsule XD. He’s always with Nakaba and his lines aren’t complete without mentioning Nakaba’s name www. I didn’t like Madoka at first, but I realized that he’s actually really cute, after I spent time with him during the after school activities. He lost most of his cuteness when he grew up though, so unfortunately, I didn’t like his 21-year old self that much.

Saionji Toranosuke (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki), or Tora, is the school delinquent, who always skips classes/sleeps in class. He always gets into fights with the other kids, and he’s actually strong that he can still beat his opponents to a pulp, regardless of how many they are. I also didn’t like him at first, but in the end, I liked both 現代 and 未来 Tora <3. 未来 Tora is kind of scary, but I like that he has lots of dokidoki scenes that I can only go (*///∇///*). Although I have to say that I was really upset with one part of Tora’s 現代 end, and the way he fell in love with Nadeshiko is so shoujo: I.e. because “she’s different from the others” and that “she saw the good thing in him” XD

Tokita Shuuya (CV: Ishida Akira) is my Clock Zero best guy!! ♥♥ Shuuya is a fifth grader and is in the same class as Madoka, but it seems that he’s bad at remembering people’s names and he’s spaced out most of the time. Despite that, he actually knows a lot of stuff and he even does modelling. His 現代 and 未来 existence are different from the five other guys, and that’s one of the things I like about his route (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). It made his 未来 end kind of sad, but imo, his 現代 end is the best, and it’s all that matters ♥♥

Hanabusa Nakaba (CV: Sudou Shou) is Madoka’s older bro and the group lively mood-maker. He loves cooking and he dreams of being a known chef someday. Nakaba is really likeable and he has lots of cute scenes, so despite being a route that was added only in the vita port, he ended up being my second favorite!

Of course, here’s special mention to Nadeshiko, for being an awesome heroine *\(^o^)/* She can remain calm and escape tough situations, and she can decide for herself. She’s only 12 years old, but she’s actually better than most other otoge heroines tbh XD

My character ranking is Shuuya > Nakaba > Tora > Rittan > Madoka > Takato :3



The Clock Zero story is actually pretty cool, and despite all the time travel/other worlds/past-present stuff, the story was still presented well in a way that it’s easy to understand. However, some of the explanation scenes were too lengthy for me that I got bored while reading and I can only wish that the scene change soon. Shuuya’s explanations are at least funny to read, but when it’s Takato/Riichiro/Rain who’s explaining, I’m mostly zoned out and I really wish they could’ve made it more interesting.

A nice addition to the good story is the amount of romance, and very satisfied with it (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). My recent otome games were all “more good story, less romance”, so I’m really happy that Clock Zero has both ♥

Art and Music

The art is pretty, and I like the character designs, though some of the CGs looks a bit weird (like the CG at 現代 Tora’s end). The backgrounds are okay, and I find it cool how the BG of the normal world changes into that of the ruined world. The music is generally good; nothing in particular that I can comment, except that Tora’s theme is my favorite :3. I do personally love the OP, ED, and insert songs though (esp the OP’s “tick tock tick tock” part >w<).



And, it’s another great game finished! I’m so glad Otomate ported this to the vita, because I wouldn’t have played it if they didn’t (but then again, they wouldn’t port the game twice if isn’t any good). After the recent “great story, less romance” otoges I’ve finished, it was nice to play a game with both good story and dokidoki romance  ♡


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  1. This game has such good reviews on Amazon jp and as a visual novel in general, but I’m kind of reluctant in buying it due to the fact that the characters are primary school kids. I’m in my 20s and like otome games with more adult characters and mature plot lines(e.g. collar x malice, Amnesia, Hyakkahyakurou etc.). How is it like playing an otome game with such young characters? I was worried that I’d feel really awkward ^^;

    • Don’t worry, the game has time travel involved (as my friend describes, the game in three words is “dystopian time travel”) so you’ll eventually see the characters’ adult form :D Also, the part when they were kids wasn’t awkward to me; in fact I think it‘s a good way to get to know the characters even better because it was fun to see how they act as kids see how they changed as adults. And they’re so cute as kids ;;w;;

  2. Thank you for the review! This is definitely on my list of maybe getting, but I’m really scared I’ll be bored with all the explanations. I have a short attention span even in English so my attention span is near nonexistent in Japanese (which is why I just waited for the Norn9 English port so I can skim if I get tired of translating their spoken Japanese HAHA)… It’s encouraging to hear that Clock Zero has a great balance of story and dokidoki, though, and I like the muted, textured art. ^^ Will continue to consider…

    But really, how do you mess up cup of ramen lol?

    • The explanations are needed for a better grasp of the story, so you really have to read them ^_^; But you can always read summary reviews if you feel like you’ve missed something if you ever play the game. I highly recommend Clock Zero so I hope you get to play it someday! *\(^o^)/*

      And I also hope you enjoyed Norn9! It’s my all time favorite otome game ♡

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