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Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly cover

Because the art is not my type, and the opening didn’t really catch my attention, I initially had no plan of playing this game. But as usual, I got curious after seeing lots of tweets about it on my TL. Since most of the friends played it and liked it, it has to be good, right? Plus I also heard that it will leave you with loads of anguish, so since I always love painful stories (the more painful, the merrier!), I decided to get the game as my first otoge of the year! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

This is a spoiler-free review of the game (because it’s better played if you don’t know what will happen!)・´∀`・)


Right when she wakes up, our heroine finds herself inside a strange mansion. The stranger thing is, she has no memories of her past – who she is, and what her name is. As she tries to find an exit, she suddenly gets attacked by a girl-turned-monster, until a guy saves her. As it turns out, the guy also has no memories of his past. Soon, they meet three other people who are in the same situation as them. After reading the messages sent to their mobile phones, they find out that they need to collect all the fragments of a certain kaleidoscope in order to get out of the mansion. To do this, they use materializing guns and fight monsters who carry kaleidoscope pieces.

What is the mystery of the mansion? What happened to them before they got into the mansion? Who are they, exactly?



First off, I don’t think of the set of characters as one of the game’s best point. To be honest, apart from Hikage (and Beniyuri), I think the others are just… sub characters. Sure, they have their own routes, but these “routes” are too short that I actually only refer to them as different “side endings” ^_^;

There’s a really obvious bias for Hikage (CV: Ishikawa Kaito), because he gets the best route. This usually serious guy is the acting leader of the group. Naturally, he is my favorite favorite (´ε` )♡. (PS: IshiKai you did so well!) The other characters are the hot-headed tsun Yamato (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), the flirt Karasuba (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya), and the kind oniichan Kagiha (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). Another character is Monshiro (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), who is introduced at the later part of the game.

The heroine Beniyuri (CV: Nakahara Mai) is so-so for me; I can’t say she’s one of the best otoge heroines I’ve met, but she’s pretty okay. Nonetheless, she’s a voiced heroine from Otomate, so yay!

With Hikage being the obvious bias, I’m not sure if a character ranking is actually applicable, but just in case, mine is Hikage >>>> Yamato > Monshiro > Karasuba > Kagiha.



If you haven’t played it, please do! It’s a bit short (or maybe it’s just me because the games I played recently were too long), but the story is really good, the mystery will keep you reading for more once you start with the game.

For those looking for romance for each character, the game may not be for you because it’s more story-driven and it really seems like there’s only one real route (Hikage). That said, it doesn’t feel that much of an otome game. But even so, I swear you won’t regret playing it. Just make sure you prepare yourself for the pain that you are about read ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ (I don’t want to say too much in this part, because it’s a better experience if you play the game when you’re clueless of what is about to happen (´°ω°`))

For the best unraveling of the mystery and long lasting despair, I suggest doing the endings in this order:

Bad end → Kagiha end → Best end → 現実世界 end → Karasuba end → Aki end → Yamato end → Takuya end → Monshiro end → Kazuya end → 大団円 end → Hikage end



When I bought the game, I didn’t know that there will be a mini game so I was caught by surprise while I was playing and the mini game suddenly came up ;; Fortunately, it was just an easy game of shooting down black butterflies so going through it is just a breeze. In the long run, I actually enjoyed the mini game that I even played it a lot in the main menu XD. In any case, the points you get in the mini game are needed to unlock the short episodes, so you have no choice but to go through it.

As you go through the main story, there are short episodes unlocked. These short episodes are mostly the in-between funny scenes, or scenes that happen in the past. Usually, you need to read these episodes first before you can continue with a certain part in the main story, so make sure to check them out first. Unfortunately, this system ruined the story mood twice for me, because I was really caught up in the main story that when a scene ended in a cliffhanger and I was dying to read what’s next, the game didn’t allow me to continue because I still have to read a certain short episode! That annoyed me for a bit, but I eventually got over it ^_^;

Among all, I think the best part of the system is the flow chart where you can see where you currently are in story. The flow chart is really convenient especially when you want to check your progress in the game, or when you want to find out how many of the scenes you have read so far. There aren’t many choice-making in the game, but each choice branches to a different scene.


Art and Music

The art isn’t my cup of tea but it was okay, moreover I think the colors go well with the setting and mood of the game. The music is so-so, but I have to add that in some scenes, I didn’t like how the BGM will suddenly change, and then after a few lines, it will change again. The BGMs are supposed to help create the mood, but the sudden changes felt like an interruption for me ;; On the other hand, I love the lyrics of the opening and ending songs.


The game is a bit short and it doesn’t feel that much of an otome game because of there wasn’t much romance, but nonetheless, it was worth playing for the really good story. I highly recommend it to people who love painful stories *thumbs up*

Meanwhile, it’ll probably take me a few months before I move on from the despair that is Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly ; w ;


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  1. I just started this game today as the reviews looked good and Toriumi Kousuke is one of the main characters!
    Do you know how long this game is until the Platinum Trophy in terms of hours?
    Collar x Malice was super long, it took me a good 40 hours I think, and Amnesia V Edition took me about 30 hours.

    I really like the art style of Kokuchou and the fact the MC is voiced, as all the otome games I’ve played so far had a voiceless heroine. I wish all games had the voice option though for those who want it. The gameplay system with the flowchart and scoring points in the butterfly mini game to unlock side stories kind of confused me as it’s different from the usual choice making otome games.

    Is Haitaka no Psychadelica a direct sequel, or is it a new story? The names and art are similar.

    • The Psychedelica games are very short so I’m sure you can finish the games in no time! In my case, I was able to finish a Psychedelica game in about three days, but I know people who finished in just a day 😂 Amnesia and Collar x Malice are very long games, Psychedelica doesn’t compare.

      I agree with the love for voiced heroines ;;w;; It’s a better gaming experience for me if the heroine is voiced i think because it gives them more personality. I also wish this will be a normal for all otome games but I guess they’re cutting on the costs ;;;

      Haitaka isn’t a direct sequel. The Psychedelica games can be played individually of each other but it’s more fun to play Haitaka if you already finished Kokuchou because you’ll be able to notice the Kokuchou references in the game ;;w;;

      • I was just wondering about the Butterfly Minigame and scoring an S rank. My max so far is A, to score more points is it better to wait for lots of butterflies to come on the screen before shooting them all in a combo, or a do they disappear after a certain time? Any tips on how to easily score an S rank? I just need to for the trophy really.

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