[Rhythm Game Review] Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC 3

February 12, 2016 at 8:52 pm | Posted in Rhythm Games | 16 Comments
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UtaPri MUSIC 3 Cover

While I was waiting for my next otome game to arrive (which is currently cockblocked by the customs office! Wow thanks, now my 2D boys won’t make it for Valentine’s Day!), I was just casually playing UtaPri Music 3… until I accidentally full combo’d Maji Love Revolutions on PRO and welp, now that I got the trophy I was sure I won’t be able to get, why not grind the game to get the platinum trophy!

So yeah, long story short, thanks to me getting the platinum trophy, I’m now writing this review + trophy guide post (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


After the third season of the anime concluded, it just follows that a third MUSIC game which will have the songs from the anime also be released (for more money-making, no less). And as expected, here’s UtaPri MUSIC 3, which features a total of 33 songs.

If you’ve played any of the previous MUSIC games, then MUSIC 3 will be a breeze since the game play is similar to the first two. Unfortunately, this is what makes the game a big disappointment, because of course we are looking forward to something new, considering that we’re now playing on the PS Vita!

2016-02-12-200212Sadly, nothing has changed and they didn’t make use of the PS Vita’s touch screen feature. I was expecting some added screen touch notes (just like how it was with Project Diva f), but we got nothing -_- It feels like I’m playing MUSIC or MUSIC 2 again, only that there’s a different set of songs ( ´_ゝ`). I don’t know if they’re just lazy to add a new feature or they’re thinking of the players being by not making the game too difficult.

Nonetheless, the vita touch screen was still utilized, thanks to the touch voice that you will hear if you touch the characters in the start screen and customize settings. There’s also a trophy unlocked once you hear all these touch voices, but more on that later in the trophy guide section.

The songs

As expected, the songs which were used in Maji Love Revolutions are in MUSIC 3, particularly the Cross Unit Idol Songs and the Idol Songs of the Quartet Night members. Also included are songs from the albums Shining All Star CD 2, Evolution Eve/Quartet Night, Maji Love Revolutions/STARISH, and Quartet Night Idol Songs, plus some songs from the Maji Love 2000% Idol Song series. And of course, the Gekidan Shining Series songs! (The Gekidan Shining Series songs are my favorite because they were released during the time I was deep into the UtaPri hype ( > y <)/)

It just sucks that there’s still no HEAVENS’ song, or even Quartet Night’s “Poison Kiss”! (I love Poison Kiss! ;w; I remember singing it at karaoke and then my friends laughed at the lyrics www)

In any case, as usual, the songs I liked to play ended up being the Maji Love song and Masato’s solo song ‘w’ I found Maji Love Revolutions to be the easiest song, while the most difficult song goes to…


Ranmaru’s godforsaken “Wild Soul”! It really is wild, save me. That song is too fast, I just can’t ;; I didn’t think I’ll even clear it, but after 11 tries, I managed to get an A, thank goodness ;w;


2016-02-05-024305As in the previous MUSIC games, you can unlock episodes when you clear certain songs. The unlocked episodes for solo songs are typically a couple scene with Haruka, while for group songs, it’s a scene with the guys the who sang the songs. My favorite episodes are definitely those unlocked from 天下無敵の忍び道, because it showed how the hardwork of the four guys (e.g. reading difficult kanji ww) for their ninja performance ;w;

There’s also the usual “Memories” part with the short stories, and just like with the episodes, it’s a raburabu cheesy story with Haruka for short stories unlocked from solo songs, and behind the scene stories for group songs.

2016-02-09-153524A new extra is the alternate universe short story 江戸のお殿さま, wherein you play as the daughter of an Edo Era feudal lord. It starts with the princess running away from the castle because she doesn’t want her father to hold a contest for young men to find her a husband. As she flees outside the castle, she meets the Uta no Princes one by one, and to her disbelief, they’re all headed to the castle because they’re interested in the princess! It’s just a short AU story, but fun nonetheless, considering we get to see the Uta no Princes in cool Edo-period clothes ( ̄∀ ̄) (Although it seems that this Edo short story was already released somewhere before? I’m not really sure).


Now to the most dreaded part of the game, especially if you’re a completionist/platinum trophy collector!

Getting the trophies is pretty straightforward, but they’re all hidden trophies, so I’ll list them here while adding some tips on how to get them easier.

  • [Platinum] I LOVE MUSIC 3
  • [Gold] リズムゲームエキスパー
    This is probably the most difficult trophy to get if you don’t have practice. For me, the easiest song on PRO mode is Maji Love Revolutions, so I suggest practicing that song to get full combo. (It is also the only song I can full combo on PRO XD The others are just plain impossible to full combo).
  • [Gold] 衣装コレクター
    The second to the last trophy I got because I still had to play songs and earn music points, even though I have already cleared all the songs ;; And the trophy that tested my patience > < I PLAYED REIJI’S “NEVER”on PRO mode 116 times I’M ALREADY SICK OF IT. (I grinded “Never” on PRO mode because it’s the song that gives me the most music points upon clearing, though I realized that the earned music points from “天空のミラケルスター” is almost the same. In any case, it depends on the person on how they will collect music points.
  • [Gold] 立派な演奏者
  • [Gold] 日常の風景
    I’m not sure but, I think you can unlock the episodes even without clearing the song on A or S; just play it 30 times. That’s how it was in the previous MUSIC games, so it’s probably still the same.
  • [Gold] 思い出アルバム
  • [Gold] 駆け出し作曲家
  • [Silver] アイドルコーディネーター
  • [Silver] タッチボイスマスター
    For every outfit/accessory worn on customize, the guy has two lines, so make sure you hear two different lines when getting the touch voice. In the start screen, each guy in chibi has five lines. To make sure I don’t miss any of the touch voices, I listed the lines here.
  • [Silver] 上級パフォーマー

For the trophies of each of the guys, no need to clear all levels with A or S, just play on all levels:

  • [Silver] 音也と演奏
  • [Silver] 真斗と演奏
  • [Silver] 那月と演奏
  • [Silver] トキヤと演奏
  • [Silver] レンと演奏
  • [Silver] 翔と演奏
    来栖 翔の楽曲全てのレベルをプレイした。
  • [Silver] セシルと演奏
  • [Silver] 嶺二と演奏
    寿 嶺二の楽曲全てのレベルをプレイした。
  • [Silver] 蘭丸と演奏
  • [Silver] 藍と演奏
    美風 藍の楽曲全てのレベルをプレイした。
  • [Silver] カミュと演奏
  • [Bronze] 始めの第一歩
  • [Bronze] チャレンジャー
  • [Bronze] リズムゲームプロ
    It didn’t say three different songs, so I just played Reiji’s “Never” on Hard Lv1, tried to get a perfect score three times, and I got the trophy. (“Never” on Hard Lv1 is the only song I can perfect on Hard ww) So yeah, no need to perfect three different songs! Just practice one song and you’re good.
  • [Bronze] 中級パフォーマー
  • [Bronze] リズムゲームビギナー
  • [Bronze] 初級パフォーマー

… and, that’s another platinum trophy to add to your collection! Just remember, practice makes perfect!



BROCCOLI is playing safe. Sure, the songs are good, but the lack of new features is a big disappointment. It’s a real waste of rhythm game potentials with the vita. That said, unless they announce new features, I’m no longer sure if I will be getting a fourth MUSIC game. If they make one, that is. (But considering that there’s a fourth season of the anime in the works…)


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  1. any tips for Ranmaru’s Wild Soul. Literally the only song I have less than an A rank on.

  2. Can you please write what you have to do to get all trophies in English? And write the voice lines in romaji maybe? I don’t read Japanese so it’s a bit confusing

    • Sorry, I already sold my copy of this game so I can’t write any more stuff regarding it 💦 I believe there is a site that lists the things that you need to do to get platinum for games, you can check it out.

  3. [Gold] 日常の風景
    I tested this trophy.
    If you play a song on Hard 10 times, that will give you a heart.
    If you play a song on Pro 15 times, that will give you the three hearts.
    When I say ‘play’, I actually didn’t do anything – I just let the song finish each time without attempting to press any buttons.

    Either way, eventually you’ll need to bash out a lot of A and S ranks in order to get an overall A rank in the game.

  4. Thanks for the handy guide! I’m actually having a little trouble unlocking the 日常の風景 trophy… Did it pop for you after you completed the songs and saw the reward scene after? I’ve done all the songs with an A rank or higher for each level and have seen all the scenes, but I didn’t get the trophy… I have also tried going through each episode on the collections menu but I still can’t get it to work somehow;; It might just be a glitch on my end but any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks again!

    • I remember the trophy notif popped up right after I saw my reward last scene. I think there may be a glitch in your case :O Have you tried closing the game app and opening it again? Or taking the game card (if it’s a physical copy) out of the vita? Just to check if the trophy will appear once you open the game again.

      • Ahhh that’s so sad because it seems to be my last one before the platinum;; I’ve tried everything to get it to come up orz Could I just ask how many episodes you had in total by the end? I see 75 in my collections menu right now… Is that correct?? Thanks for the reply btw!

        • Unfortunely, I can’t check since I already sold off my copy of the game :(( But if you don’t see any more blank space in the gallery, then I guess you already completed the episodes?

          I’m sorry I can’t be of much help ;;

          • It’s no problem! I don’t think I have any blank spaces but at least I know I would be wasting my time by going through the gallery now lol I’ll try to look into it a bit more then;; Thanks so much for everything!!

        • Yes, there are 75 episodes. The trophy popped for me when I collected all the hearts for the 25 relevant songs that have episodes tied to them.

  5. Thank you for this typing out this guide! I was ready to give up on the Pro perfect combo and Hard perfect score trophies (I knew I could do it but I was lazy lol), but after reading this I decided to try and it was easier than I thought it would be! I’m on my way to getting the rest of them now!

    I kinda agree on Music 3 being repetitive too, but nonetheless I still like it for the episodes and certain song sequences, and I wanted some of the drama CDs that came with them. But as for just buying the game, it’s probably worth waiting for a price drop.

    • Ah yes, waiting for a price drop is good too, if you really want to play the game but don’t want to spend that much. Then again, the game is already pretty cheap ^_^; To be honest, I already sold my copy of this game right after I finished it ww

  6. I think the Edo thing was a April Fool’s joke. I kind of remember seeing it.

    Anyways, too bad Broccoli didn’t do more with Vita’s tech.

    • Ah thanks for the heads up!

  7. I’m glad I decided to skip getting this game despite enjoying MUSIC and MUSIC 2 >_>;; The lack of new features isn’t enough to take the hit on my wallet >_<

    • I enjoyed the previous MUSIC games too, but without new stuff, MUSIC3 felt so repetitive >< Your wallet will thank you because the game isn't worth it tbh ^_^;
      (I bought it for the songs, but still… I wanted a touch feature in the rhythm game part! ;;)

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