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Doronuma Renai

So recently I’ve been checking out games/anime/drama CDs/radio shows/events with Ishikawa Kaito (the very reason why I got Senjou no Waltz – which I am currently NOT enjoying playing) when I came across this situational drama CD… with ISHIKAWA KAITO and SAITOU SOUMA!! Of course I just have to listen to it! IshiKai and Soumacchi fighting over you? YES PLEASE! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

This is a spoiler-free review >w<

Title: 泥沼恋愛 [Doronuma Ren’ai]

Company: Black Butterfly

Release Date: 2-20-2015

Cast: Ishikawa Kaito, Saitou Souma


You’re going steady with your boyfriend Takamura Yosuke (CV: Ishikawa Kaito), but recently, you notice that something has been worrying him. However, Yosuke keeps on saying that it’s nothing important and you need not get involved.

Enter Mayama Tooru (CV: Saitou Souma), your friend and co-worker. He is worried about your relationship with Yosuke, so he gives you some advice, and tells you something about Yosuke…

How will your story end?


Wow. I didn’t expect this drama CD to be this good. The story is simple, but they do know how to write plot twists. I. did not. expect. that. At all.

So first, Yosuke, the boyfriend, is first introduced. And I like him, being voiced by Ishikawa Kaito and all. I knew he’s hiding something from the you, but you can certainly feel that he really loves you and cares for you (thank you, IshiKai).

And then there’s Tooru, your friend who obviously likes you, but can’t get too close to you because you have a boyfriend. But like Yosuke, Tooru cares for you. He’s worried that things aren’t going well with you and Yosuke, so he tries to help.


The tension builds up starting track 3… and boy was that something worth listening to! Ishikawa Kaito and Saitou Souma fighting over you aside, this track tore my heart. I was legit clutching my heart because I’m torn as to whether I’m team Yosuke or team Tooru.

Fortunately, the story has two endings, one for Yosuke and one for Tooru. This is the first situational drama CD by Black Butterfly that I listened to, so I don’t know if this is common, but I sure liked the fact that there are two endings. The story branches right after track 5: track 6 is Tooru’s ending, while track 8 is Yosuke’s ending.

Among the two guys, I prefer Yosuke. Sure, I equally liked both until track 3, but by tracks and 4 and 5, I soon realized that I prefer Yosuke. And the endings proved that I was right with choice. In any case, I’m not going to spoil anything here w.

Overall, I really liked this CD. The story is good, plus you get to hear Ishikawa Kaito and Saitou Souma fight over you (*///∇///*)


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  1. Oh, this drama cd was really nice! Aside from the fact that I relived my love for Ishikai and had flashbacks of Zankyou no Terror, the recording quality is superb as always. I’ve had lots of BlackButterfly drama CDs up until now and they never cease to amaze me with their quality sound. It’s really fun listening to their CDs. They know their stuff. Some companies could learn from them. :D

    As for older CDs from BlackButterfly… They usually have multiple endings. But this is probably one of the few CDs that has 2 characters with character-based endings.

  2. OMG thanks for letting me know such a CD existed… Must listen now!! Also, I fall into the traps of getting games based on who is in it too and… yeah. >_>; Anyway! I love both of these guys so I can’t wait to listen to this CD ! >u<

    • I also love them both so I was really happy when I found out that they’re in a situational drama CD together! >w<
      Have fun listening!~

      //I try not to buy games just because of the seiyuu, but my love for Ishikawa Kaito is too strong at the moment, I just can't ignore Senjou no Waltz, considering that it also has good reviews ;A; I do hope it gets better though!

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