[Otome Game Review] Nightshade (Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpouchou~)

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Hyakka Hyakurou Cover 2

With all the fail otome games that D3P released last year, buying another new game from the company, much more, pre-ordering it, sounds so out of the question. Unfortunately, I can’t say no to Teita’s beautiful art, so without waiting for reviews,I jumped the gun and pre-ordered the game ^_^; Nevertheless, it seems that D3P is only in charge of producing the game, and the developer is actually Red Entertainment, who also did Jyuuzaengi (I should get this game soon…), so it might not be as bad as what people expect from D3P…

This is a spoiler-free review of the game ・´∀`・) (no time for detailed summaries ;;;)


Kouga and Iga are two known schools of ninjutsu that have long been at conflict with each other. However, due to the “Tenshou War of Iga” led by Oda Nobunaga, the Iga clan perished and a few Iga ninja who remained were taken in by the Kouga clan.

Seventeen years later, the wars have ceased, and the heroine Ueno Enju, the daughter of the chief of the Kouga clan and of the sister of the late chief of the Iga clan, is considered as the symbol peace of both clans. Enju spends her days training in ninjutsu, as she waits to be appointed on her first mission as a ninja.

However, on the very first mission the Enju is finally appointed in, an incident that will change her life, suddenly occurs…


百花百狼 スクリーンショット_1 (25)

Gekkamaru (CV: Hatano Wataru) is Enju’s loyal bodyguard. He’s been taking care of Enju since they were kids and he’s willing to sacrifice everything for her. He’s a skilled ninja and is always serious in his work, though he prioritizes Enju above anything else, that Ennosuke and the others actually call him “The Overprotective Servant”. He’s also the canon guy (he always comes to help Enju’s in EVERY route) and there’s an obvious bias towards him (his route is really good, probably the best). But it’s not that I’m complaining, since I like him too :”> (Also, Hatano Wataru + keigo = death of me)

Kuroyuki (CV: Shimono Hiro) is Gekkamaru’s older brother, and Enju considers him as her foster brother. Eight years ago, he left the Kouga village to go on a mission, but now he’s back to accompany Enju and the others. He’s cheerful and very playful, although a bit of a sneak. He’s also always trying to compete with Gekkamaru (I love both of you though! More addition to my kyoudai sprites! >w<). His route may be boring during the first part, but be patient because it will get really interesting halfway ;w; Also, can I complain at how Kuroyuki’s kisses aren’t shown in CGs like, he doesn’t get any kiss CG!

Momochi Choujirou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is Enju and friends’ mentor. He’s also the son of the late chief of the Iga clan, making him Enju’s cousin. He is very serious about his work, and to him, the essence of being a ninja is to finish an assigned mission, no matter what it takes. This mindset will be the main conflict in Chou-nii’s route. His route is seriously WTF, I was like, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WHY WHYYYY ;;;;” throughout his route.

Hattori Hanzou (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou) is the head of the Tokugawa ninjas, and is known as the strongest ninja alive. He is very loyal to Tokugawa Ieyasu. Just like Chou-nii, the most important thing for Hanzou is to accomplish any mission assigned to him. He is very serious and doesn’t talk much, though he’s actually hot when his wet hair is down. Oh, he’s also the same age as Enju’s mom.

Ishikawa Goemon (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) is my Hyakka Hyakurou bias!! (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) He goes by the alias “Gorou” though he’s actually the notorious thief who steals from the rich to give it to the poor. Because of this, Enju and the others were assigned by Ishida Mitsunari to capture him. Goemon is probably the definition of a “free man” because he loves doing what he wants at his own pace. He is very playful, not only to Enju, but to everyone as well (which is why I love him! >w<). In all the other routes (except Gekkamaru), I actually just want Goemon to steal Enju away ww. Also, Midorikawa’s voice is hot af, and he calls Enju “ojou-chan” //I love characters who call me/the heroine as “ojou-san/ojou-chan/ojou” (///w///)

百花百狼 スクリーンショット_2 (27)

The sub characters are very likeable too, especially Tokugawa Ieyasu who is very beautiful (though doesn’t get a route, which is a waste tbh), and Kyara and Ennosuke whom I ship with each other so hard. The only exception is probably Ueno Kandou, who is the WORST FATHER EVER.

Of course, there’s our heroine Ueno Enju, who is really awesome! She knows her ninja moves well and she has a nice character development throughout the story. Hyakka Hyakurou is an early 2016 game, though I’m confident that Enju has the potential to be one of the best 2016 otome game heroines. The only thing missing is her voice ;w;

My capturable character ranking is Goemon > Gekkamaru > Kuroyuki > Hanzou > Chou-nii. Best route is definitely Gekkamaru.

As for recommended play order, I suggest Goemon -> Hanzo -> Kuroyuki -> Chou-nii -> Gekkamaru. Please make sure to play Kuroyuki’s AFTER doing Goemon and Hanzo, and save Gekkamaru for last! >w<


百花百狼 スクリーンショット_4

The story is very simple and straightforward, and if you read everything on the official website, there aren’t much new things to know, except for two or three shocking revelations. (I don’t really get why they put the gist of each route on the official website, like, aren’t we supposed to find that out ourselves when we play the game?). For most of the routes, nothing major happens until midway, and during those times, you’ll just seat there and think why tf nothing is happening. But, things will definitely get interesting at one point, and you will realize that the seemingly dull moments during the first parts are actually important to the story. In any case, it’s still a straightforward story.

The game is probably not for those looking for heavy plot and lots of unexpected twists, but I say I recommend it for those who want a story about ninjas, in general. The story focused on the lives of ninjas during the time of peace, and you’ll get to read how they struggle in the era. Still, the best thing will always be the ninja battle scenes. THEY ARE AWESOME. All the battle scenes are very well-written and fun to read; you can actually feel the intensity of the actions. Having these scenes is probably the best thing about this game. The story may be simple, but they really went all out with the ninja battle scenes.

The system is okay, it’s just your usual straight VN with a couple of choices here and there. The skip function is surprisingly fast (very fast!), I’m actually wishing that Otomate’s skip is as fast as this game’s. The only problem is that you can’t go back to a previous scene through the log, so you really have to save every time there’s a choice-making event (just in case you pick the wrong choice). Other than that, I really like the smooth and easy to navigate game system.

The cast is the usual names you see on otoge, and I actually have nothing to say if they’re veteran seiyuu, but still, I want to praise the casting. I’ve had enough of Toriumi Kousuke but I like the voice he used as Chou-nii. Shimono is cast in a role I want for him: playful but not chuunibyou. Goemon’s sudden changes from playful to serious tone made me fall in love with Midorikawa again. And Hatano Wataru’s keigo and TsudaKen’s voice are just hngghhh. Every seiyuu is perfect for the role. PERFECT. I can see why there are people willing to buy the game just after seeing the seiyuu cast ww That said, I wish Enju was also voiced though. She’s an awesome heroine and a voice option would have given her more character. Her sprite also joins the other characters on the screen from time to time, so it really could have been a better reading experience if she was voiced. (Sometimes, it was a bit odd how you see Enju’s sprite on screen and interacting with other characters and it suddnely gets silent whenever she talks because she has no voice (´・ω・`))

The art, is no doubt beautiful, thanks to Teita (I mean, I 90% bought this game because of the art! XD). All the characters are beautiful, except probably for the sub-sub characters, though to be honest, their effort in making these chracters look less pretty is commendable ww. The BGs are also beautiful; there are even times when there are leaves falling in the background! Leaves falling!! It’s so beautiful and really fits the mood and setting of the game ;w; The BGMs, on the other hand, are good too, especially during battle scenes (as I said, the battle scenes are THE BEST).

百花百狼 スクリーンショット_1 (21)


Hyakka Hyakurou is a rather short game (with the length of each route, the game would have an average length if there are six character routes, rather than only five) with a straightforward story. I don’t recommend it to anyone who is looking for a complex story with heavy plot, though other than that, it’s actually a good game. The art, the cast, the BGMs, and of course, the awesome battle scenes, are all excellent.


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  1. I just got this game in the PSN New Year’s sale for 2300 yen! I was debating between this, Sweet Clown, Haruka jikei no naka, or Kin no Koruda, but I chose this as I’m not a fan of games that have a grindy component, and sweet clown was a twice the price even on sale, around 4000 yen. I never played a game based in Japan’s historical era and to be honest, I have almost zero knowledge about Japanese history which prevented my from buying Hakuouki despite all the rave reviews as I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to fully get the story. The ninja aspect of this game sounds pretty cool though compared to samurai, am looking forward to trying it. Your reviews were really helpful in making me decide!

    • Among your choices my recommendation would’ve been Sweet Clown (it’s a really good game so unfortunately the price really won’t drop ;;; but Hyakka isn’t a bad choice! I’m glad my review was of help ;;w;;
      Regarding Hakuouki, I don’t think that you need to know Japanese history if you want to play it! I played it with zero knowledge regarding the Shinsengumi and that era but the game made me very interested with the story of the real people that inspired the Hakuouki characters so I read a lot about them after playing the game. I think playing a historical otome game is a good way to learn history ^_^

      • Yeah Sweet clown was around 6500 yen on the psn store and it was on sale for about 4000 I think. I only had 2500 yen in my psn wallet and also wanted to buy Kingdom Hearts which was also on sale from 7100 to ~4300, so considering the cost I chose Hyakka instead. I’m also a fan of Toriumi Kousuke so I Hakuouki also interested me. I’m happy to see him play one of the dateables in Hyakka as well like he did in Kokuchou Psychadelica. Pity he was only minor in Collar x Malice and Code Realize though.

        Sweet clown seems to have some great reviews though, but I still have Amnesia Later x Crowd, Kokuchou and now Hyakka that I already own to get through first ^^

  2. Hi, I loved your review and just would like to know, without spoilers of course, if some routes (if not all) have one happy ending ?

    Thanks !

    • They all have at least one happy ending, don’t worry! ^_^

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  4. […] panning and background animations, like for snow falling or wind blowing. Really, it reminds of the Hyakka Hyakurou visuals […]

  5. Wow D3P didn’t tarnish their name forever rofl
    How was the Japanese? I’m so scared to jump into these Waafu games cuz of the timey language and it doesn’t help that I’m still a noob with Japanese :P
    Do you have any suggestions for some “easy” otoge for beginners (preferrably on the Vita?)
    Thanks so much and great review (and yes….the art nearly caused me to buy this)

    • The Japanese is okay, though because of the setting, difficult words and kanji pop up from time to time ^_^; I had to look up some of those myself because I didn’t know what they mean ahahaha. But I did learn a lot of ninja words (kanji) because of the game!
      For otoge for beginners, I always recommend the Starry Sky series, since it’s a school setting and there’s no heavy plot so the conversations are easy to understand. It’s not available for vita at the moment though…
      If you’ve played Hakuouki in English, you can also try Hakuouki SSL! The story is crap, but it was still a fun game to play with easy Japanese (because again, school setting ^_^)

      • I see, thank you very much!
        OOO I keep hearing about Starry Sky but I’ve been worried since the port kept getting delayed rofl
        Do you have any more recommendations besides Starry and SSL? If not that’s fine-thank you sooooo much! ^^

        • For beginner Japanese otoge, those are my top recommendations. If beginner to intermediate, I think I can safely suggest Kokuchou no Psychedelica! The story is really good and as far as I remember, there aren’t much technical terms. Also, the heroine is voiced so you don’t have to read much if you prefer listening to the voices.
          I also want to recommend Taisho Alice (best game of the year ;w;) but the explanations in the later part of the game might be difficult for beginners so… (and I think the English localization is pretty much legit by now).

          • Perfect, thanks soooo much, Alyssa! I have both of those so this is great!
            Also sorry to bother again, but do you know how to go about purchasing drama cds? I can’t seem to find preorders for the ones I’d like on CdJapan or Ami Ami sooooo lol I’m not really sure.

            • Ooooh yay!! Please tell me what you think about Psychedelica ;w; It’s one of my absolute favorites >w<)

              Drama CDs like… situational drama CDs like those Rejet make? I usually backorder from CDJapan. I've never tried to preorder a drama CD, though I think CDJapan also accepts preorders?

  6. After reading your review, I took the plunge and bought the game. I’m also just starting to learn Japanese so I’m looking up every other word in the dictionary LOL
    Gekkamaru is swoon-worthy right from the beginning ahhhh

    Did you use a guide when playing the game? Primavera doesn’t seem to have a walkthrough :x

    • I was like that when I started playing otoge with my limited Japanese too! The dictionary was my best friend ww But thanks to that, I learned lots of new words, so it was still a way to nice practice reading.
      I like Gekkamaru too!❤ I also think his route is the best… Though Goemon really captured my heart so Gekkamaru is only second best boy for me😄
      I used this guide when I played the game http://xxchoroxx.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1398.html
      Hope that helps! ^_^

      Also, hopefully, you enjoy the game! It’s not my type of otoge, but still worth a try to play.

      • Yeah! I’m slowly learning the various grammar rules but struggling with kanji/vocab. What was it like when you first started learning Japanese?

        I haven’t met the other suitors in the game yet, but can’t wait to see how Goemon debuts in the game. :D

        Thanks so much! I appreciate it
        Ah the game isn’t your cup of tea? Been seeing lots of buzz about period cube and Kenka banchou. XD

        • I also knew very few kanji back then! In otoge, I can at least listen to the voice to pick up on the words. Unfortunately, it gets really tricky for unvoiced parts, mostly the heroine’s lines and thoughts (;^_^| Reading manga, on the other hand, wasn’t a problem, as long as there’s furigana XD

          Over time and lots of studying though, I’ve improved a lot and I can now read almost everything, except maybe the really difficult words with difficult kanji. Studying a language takes time, but it’s very satisfying once you are able to converse fluently and read with no problems ^_^

          Hmm I think it’s because of Hyakka Hyakurou’s straightforward story. I prefer complex stories with lots of unexpected revelations so yeah XD (Like Shinigami to Shoujo). That said, I still enjoyed Hyakka Hyakurou, because the battle scenes are really awesome to read *w*

          Ah the recent games! I didn’t preorder any of those though… Nothing really caught my interest ^_^; (and I need to save up for the second half of 2016 games ;;)

          • YEAH! Those non-voiced parts are so difficult. @__@ There are also certain kanji that have many strokes which makes them hard to decipher on the tiny vita screen. *dies*

            I’m mostly studying off of flashcards and TaeKim for now, but I should probably look into getting a textbook. Did you take Japanese classes? Ahh you’ve inspired me to keep trudging on through Japanese studying! Looking forward to be able to fluently speak/read/listen one day. :D

            Ohhhh, that game got raving reviews! That one’s on PSP right? I hear that one had a reaaaally deep plot. Although, with my elementary Japanese, I don’t think I can handle complex stories anytime soon. T^T

            Which ones are you saving up for? Got my eye on Collar x Malice – the premise seems interesting! Possible mystery/thriller genre? >:3

            Okay, I stop spamming your comments now XD

            • I remember when most otoge were on psp (no vita yet) and kanji with lots of stokes are even more difficult to read (-’๏_๏’-)

              I took one class, for beginners, though even then, I probably already know half of what was thought since I already self-studied some basics XD After that, I never took a formal class again… Though I will probably need one if I want to learn really advanced Japanese ^_^; That said, for now, I’m still fine with just playing otoge and reading light novels ww

              If you’re self-studying, I suggest Genki (beginners), then Tobira (intermediate-advanced)! Those textbooks were really fun to read and study >ww<

              Don't worry about spamming, I love talking about this stuff! XD

  7. You’re weak to pretty art too, eh? Me too, it’s why I wanted to play Amnesia and Hakuoki :’D
    Though I’m always wary, super gorgeous games sometimes have really bad flaws ORZ
    Long live reviewers like you that bite the bullet so I can know and discern which are hiding behind the super pretty art :P

    • Unfortunately, I am ^_^; I tend to pre-judge games based on art ahahaha……

  8. Good lord, that is one pretty game so I can definitely understand why you’d buy it just for it! ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
    That the guys are good looking and have distinct personalities is something I’m starting to expect, but knowing the MC is too? Awesome! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    I do wish all MC were voiced, it’s so weird when there’s blank moments and they’re replying to the empty spots (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
    Lovely review, you made me interested in the game w (*´∀`*)

    • Teita is one of my favorite artists, and after seeing the art and confirming that it’s drawn by Teita, I just had to buy the game >w< It was a bit of a risk but I’m so glad that the game turned out good.

      I also wish all otome game heroines are voiced ;A; Though I guess that’s more cost to hire an extra seiyuu? And some people prefer to self-insert so… But I do like it when a heroine is voiced! ☆

      Ahh thank you!! I hope you’ll play the game too >w<

      • Oops, I sent the other comment wrong :’D
        If all otome heroines got voiced, I’d be in heaven and could play the games without restriction of difficulty. Being a language learner is hard ^^’
        True, voices and self-insert don’t mix, but if they have enough personality then they should have a voice ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
        You’re very brave to take risks like that (⌒▽⌒)
        You’re welcome! (*^▽^*)
        I definitely want to play the game /stares at backlog and TBR pile of books One day I swear :”’)

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