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It’s already July… which means we’re already on the second half of 2016! Time flies by so fast ;w; Quite a number of otome games were released on the first half of the year and there are still more to come for the second, so I’m writing this a digest of what I played and what I’m looking forward too! >w</ Lots of fangirling in text.

The games I played from January to June 2016

For 2016, I plan to play at least 12 otome games (1 game per month)… but I’m currently behind by one game, seeing that six months have passed and I’ve only finished five ^_^;

  • Kokuchou no Psychedelica. Quite a lot of my otoge mutuals on twitter liked and enjoyed the game (because 絶望の味 ww), plus Ishikawa Kaito voices the poster boy, so I thought why not play the game too! And boy was it a REALLY GOOD GAME to start my year ;w; I swear, I’m still crying whenever I think about Hikage’s end, because—*****
    It’s a highly recommended game; please play it if you still haven’t, and join us in the depths of despair ;w;
  • Senjou no Waltz. Ah, the game I bought at the last minute (I was going to buy Ken ga Kimi but Ishikawa Kaito in the cast of Senjou got the best of me ww). It’s a mediocre game, thanks to that anticlimactic writing, but I still enjoyed it for the characters (Tifalet!!), and some scenes did make me cry. It’s not a game I’ll recommend to people, though.
    And by the way, and the opening song is very beautiful ♡
  • Hyakka Hyakurou. I bought this because of Teita’s art! X’D It’s not my type of otome game, but it’s good! The ninja battle scenes were really well-written >w< I also love every character, but of course, Goemon is my bae ♡
  • Dance with Devils. The anime art used in the game was really a turn off. I got the game for Saitou Souma, but I didn’t like his character that much because what I want is a tsundere Souma! X’D The story is pretty good but it’s a game you can skip on. I wanted to get a male Pomeranian and name him Roen because of this game ww
  • Nil Admirari no Tenbin. BEST GAME OF 2016 PLS. Oh wait, maybe first half of 2016 since we still haven’t played the games for the second half?
    THIS GAME IS GOOD. No wonder it has a lot of sales. Satoi art is beautiful as usual, story is okay (well, there’s that anticlimactic and inconsistent writing but I DON’T REALLY CARE), and GOD, THE CERO D SCENES HUEHUEUEHUEHUE.
    I plan to replay the game and make a detailed review, so even though I finished it a month ago, I still haven’t posted a review. I’m still waiting for my copy of the limited edition! ♡
    A lot of my friends (Jp and non-Jp!) also like the game (very much), so I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE !! ;w;

Games I got but still haven’t played

  • Taisho Alice. Ah, the PC game that I was debating on whether I should I get or not. The game had really good reviews so I want to play the it but since my laptop is still crappy as ever, I postponed on getting the game. And luck has it, they actually released a vita port, just months after the last PC game was released! (I kind of expected that it will get a vita port, but not too soon!) And the better thing is, the vita port has ALL FOUR GAMES IN ONE so of course it’s a must get! ♡
    My copy arrived yesterday, so I’ll start on this game next! >w<
  • Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen. Another one of my impulse buys as I preordered it right after I learned that Ishikawa Kaito is it ww I don’t know what to expect of the game, so I’m looking forward to playing this (=゚ω゚)ノ

Games I’m looking forward to

  • Collar×Malice. This is probably the only new game that caught my eye during OtoPa last year. I don’t read much about it, but I guess there’s some police stuff and mystery going on. I’m mostly looking forward to Souma’s character ww
    Otomate delayed the release of the game from July to August (which really sucks) so this better be good.
  • Beast and Princess. I wasn’t really interested in this UNTIL SAKURAI TAKAHIRO. How dare him have such a nice voice while acting as one of the characters in the game???
    I won’t pre-order, as my wallet-kun’s already crying because of the Limited edition I plan to get, but a friend might lend her copy to me, so I think I can still play the game  (# ̄ω ̄)
  • Yuukyuu no Tier Blade. Ishikawa Kaito as poster boy. Need I say more?
    Though aside from that, I’m not really interested in the premise of the game ^_^; I’m also not a fan of gundams… So yeah, I’ll probably skip on pre-ordering this too, but I can always borrow X’D
  • Haitaka no Psychedelica. MOST AWAITED GAME OF 2016 OMGGGGGGGGG. There’s so much hype about this game on my twitter TL and EVERYONE IS SO EXCITE FOR MORE DESPAIR. I’m hoping that the game will be longer than Kokuchou, and yes, more despair pls.
  • Norn9 Act Tune. This is, of course, already a given for me ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ. I’m guessing that this will be the REAL FD, considering that Last Era feels more like… a sequel that expains loads of stuff that were left hanging in the first game. AND MORE AKITO YESSS.
  • Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~. Ahh, the FD of Code:Realize. Finis and Sholmes route. A John Watson character. Kiss CG for Van. What more can we ask for??

To be honest, and mostly looking forward to the upcoming games X’D The first half wasn’t bad, because THERE’S NIL ADMIRARI (I really love this game hngggh), but just look at the upcoming games list ashajhfsjlgka HAITAKA!! HAITAKA!! OH MY GOD!

… Now to calm myself down before I start on Taisho Alice ww…



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  1. I’m playing Nihil Admirari now and it’s SO GOOD! it’s the best otoge of this first half year for me, too… I’ve also completed Taisho Alice, which was really interesting! I’m probably going to play Pychedelica next, all the reviews were good so I bought it a few days ago… I can’t wait for collarxmalice!

    • Psychedelica is really good!! I want more people to play it! I hope you enjoy the game because it’s one of the best games (although short) I’ve ever played ;w; //join us in the Psychedelica despair X’D

  2. zettai kaikyuu is good, i played it few times and it’s still good! i’m also getting cxm, moujuutachi (totally got it coz of mofumofu and onii-sama) probably gonna get code realize FD but really depends on if i have enough money since i’m also getting Suran, meikoi and ouma ga toki ;w;
    i hope you will enjoy zettai kaikyuu, such good game~

    • You’re getting a lot * w * Meikoi caught my attention but I decided to pass on it.. There’s also Ouma ga Toki (IshiKai and Souma!!) but I’m kind of wary since I don’t know Extend. If Ouma gets good reviews, I may get it.
      And ZKG!!!!! I’m really excited for this game!! I heard a lot of good things about it from friends so I can’t wait to play the game ;w;

  3. Time really flew, in that you’re right (╯3╰)
    You’re really amazing for having played and finished a game each month, you can do it 💪🔥

    • I still need to catch up with one more game though ^_^;

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