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Just some days ago, Aichuu (or I-chu, whatever) celebrated the first anniversary of their release for the iOS, which also means that I’ve been wasting my time on this game for a year already too!

To celebrate, here’s a review post of my year in Aichuu hell ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

So, what is Aichuu?

Aichuu is one of the many mobile rhythm games targeted for girls. In the story, you play as the producer (as always) of several groups of idol boys called “Aichuu.” As of the moment, there are 30 boys, each with their own personality. The story gets updated from time to time (the latest chapter ended with a cliff-hanger!), and I say it’s actually interesting enough that I look forward to every story update.

Aside from the main story, there are also side romance stories which you can unlock after maxing the affection of the cards of the guys. My best boy? This guy:

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Speaking of cards, they one of the main causes of despair in this game. Some cards, from Rare, to Super Rare, to Legend Rare, can only be obtained through gachas called scouting, and boy was it always an unexpected ride. Have you experienced spending disks (which you can earn for free through various ways, though the easiest is probably to buy using real moneyz) to scout for your best boy but the game gives you nothing but stupid Rare cards you already have, and after that you can only RAGE, THROW YOUR PHONE, AND CRY ??? щ(ಥДಥщ) Game, why you no give me my best boy???

It happened to me during a time-limited scout where in you can get an SR Tatsumi (my best boy) and I FREAKING SPENT 100 DISKS BUT HE NEVER SHOWED UP ಢ_ಥ I spent months collecting those disks and you give me trash??? Why must the world be so cruel??

The game did try to get me back though, by giving me two LE Tatsumi (so I can idolize him and get that Anniversary edition GR!!) on the same day as my Aichuu anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!! The best thing is these are all Solo yolo scout!!! I was so salty I only had 45 disks and can’t do a 50-disk scout but AHHHHHHHHHHH I’ve never been so happy during my entire year in Aichuu ; w ;

Oh, you use the cards for the “live performances,” which is the rhythm game part of this mobage! Of course, the rarer the card, the more awesome its skill will be, which will help you in many different ways during a live.

My favorites are the songs by Tenjou Tenge! I love how the voices of the four members of the group blend so beautifully ;w; (sasuga Saitou Souma!). My favorite song is definitely Izayoi no Sora. Meanwhile, the group with the worst songs is undoubtedly I♥B; their voices do not match the types of songs they sing and that cringe-worthy blending oh my god. Nonetheless, I♥B’s new songs have been getting better lately.

Aside from playing the rhythm game part through the normal list and dailies, the game also holds special events from time to time, with LE cards as rewards! So far, I think there are three types of events? Group events (in which you’ll get an edge if you have good cards), Jack events (mostly relies on the whether you’ll earn enough points during the live to fill in the gauge; probably the easiest event), and Tour events (you play through five songs and try to avoid running out of life).

An event in which your best boy is the reward card IS WAR.

You have to make sure that you get him at all costs!!! Only the top 5000 players during the event can get an extra LE card to idolize the boy, so you really have TO GRIND. I was three days late for the Tatsumi event and I spent hours playing the same song again and again that I didn’t want to play Aichuu for a hundred years after that. Same goes with the Aoi event.

Also, events are the most time-consuming part of this game (and probably of any other mobage anyways).

The verdict?


Well, to be fair, there were some periods during the year when I didn’t play at all, and those “no Aichuu” period probably accumulated up to six months, BUT there is still no denying that I have wasted a great deal of time in this game. Gladly, I still haven’t spent any cent on it (´・ω・`)

Also, remember when I said some months ago that I already deleted Aichuu on my phone? I actually never did ww. I just left it take space on my phone. So I got back to the game so easily without downloading the game again ww

I’ll probably still continue playing for Tatsumi and Tenjou Tenge, but we’ll see what happens from here. For now, I’m still happy I got my best boy’s first anniversary GR ;w;

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  1. It’s been only two weeks since I joined, and I already plunged deep inside hell XD but it’s all worth it for our best boys ww
    Really like your post btw! ^^

    • It’s really worth it you get your best boy, but really frustrating if you don’t ;A; Still, isn’t it a fun game? >w<
      And thank you! ;w;

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