[Mobile Game Review] Mystic Messenger: Prologue + Yoosung good end

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The heroine, who is supposed to be YOU, the player but for the sake of this post let’s just call her Mystica, just wanted to chat with pretty boys so she downloads a certain a game app from the App Store/Google Play. Suddenly, she gets a chat message from an “Unknown” user, who asks her to go to a certain apartment because he wanted to return a phone he found on the subway. Being an eyeless heroine without a default name, Mystica of course follows Unknown’s instructions without questioning who tf he is, so she ends up in an apartment… and poof, she’s suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with the pretty boys she wanted! The boys talk about how the chat is highly confidential and Mystica being able to access the chat is already a big breach of security, but in the end, they ask her to join them – RFA – a charitable organization for a good cause… but is actually just a secret party planning group that invites even yanderes and crazy doctors to the party. So since the members guaranteed that joining the RFA is fun and it’s for a GOOD CAUSE, Mystica joins, and the story begins.

Suddenly pulled into organizing a party she never heard about? Don’t know who those suspicious beautiful people are? Life may be in danger? Whatever! The most important thing is that I get to chat with pretty boys while I ruin my daily schedule, sleeping pattern, and entire life, COMPLETELY!

Here’s a SPOILER-filled review of the current hottest mobile otome game, Mystic Messenger! However, since I still value my money, I won’t be spending hourglasses and then play the game in one go. And since I also still value my sleep, I’ll be taking breaks every time I finish a character route. Thus, I’ll be making separate posts for each character route I finish.


Screenshot 2016-08-30 21.49.40

Yoosung is the youngest member of the RFA. Because of this, he (and the other players) believes that he is the cutest in the bunch, but I say that he’s just cute because he dyed his hair blond ( ´_ゝ`). I mean, he looks like a sissy in his old photos! He is currently a uni student who isn’t very studious and instead just spends his time playing LOLOL. Apparently he was a really good student in high school and just got addicted to games when he entered college. Which is actually me when I was an undergrad student, except that I was never in the top 100 of the worldwide ranking lmao. He has his reasons for not studying diligently though, and it started when he lost his will to live when his cousin Rika died a year and half ago.

So basically, right when Mystica showed up in the chat, Yoosung is the most eager to have her in the RFA so she can be Rika’s replacement. And this goes on throughout the half of his route; Yoosung sees Mystica as Rika and it’s up to the player to choose whether she’s fine to be Rika’s replacement in Yoosung’s heart (as long as she can have him, of course!) or she wants to be herself for Yoosung. I chose to be myself in this route, because no way I want to be a replacement of a dead girl. I got the good end.

Whatever the case, Yoosung and Mystica still get really flirty as early as day 5  that the other people in the chat were just like, “Oh god just get a (chat) room already, you two!” Gee I know exactly how cringeworthy PDA is at a group chat ughh. The other guys and Jaehee are totally rooting for the two though, and even said that “Time will tell” if they really are meant for each. Yeah, in five days. pfft.

Everyone is cringing because of so much cheese

Several dozens of Mystica’s “I want you to see me as me” (except that they still really haven’t seen each other personally) later, Yoosung finally realizes that he shouldn’t confuse Mystica with Rika, and that they are totally different people! But! Just when we think that everything’s going smoothly, serious stuff started happening and Seven reveals that the security system of Rika’s apartment (where Mystica is, no less) has been hacked so there’s a chance that the bomb planted there might go off!





So yeah, Seven explains that bomb will go boom when an intruder – or even RFA members – gets near the house because hacker changed the algorithm of the bomb or something like that. There’s also a chance that it will explode if Mystica leaves the apartment like wtf who even thought of that. At this, Yoosung, after confessing to Mystica and asking her to be his pre-girlfriend, rages at V because how dare V put the love of his life into danger again? Yoosung still hasn’t even forgiven V for Rika’s death yet, goodness sake. V and Seven then explain that the bomb was put there at Rika’s request to protect classified information about guests during the previous party. Like, if ever someone tries to hack and get the information, the bomb will automatically go boom and destroy all important data. Pretty neat, I say.

When Yoosung finally confronts V face to face, V reveals that Rika was actually mentally ill :O V just hid that fact from Yoosung because he wants Yoosung to remember only the good side of Rika. Then at the chat, Jumin also says that it was Rika who hurt V’s eyes so he can’t take photographs anymore! Gdi V! Why didn’t you say sooner?? And where’s this sad stuff suddenly coming from??

Photo 29-08-2016, 22 03 53After more serious stuff happening, like Zen getting a stalker who isn’t a girl, and Jaehee receiving a suspicious email, Seven finally finds where the hacker is so he decides to infiltrate the enemy base. Yoosung, being the route hero, forces Seven to tag him along too. The two successfully infiltrates the enemy base, but they come face to face with Unknown. Seven talks to Unknown about serious vague stuff which I didn’t understand because I have yet gotten to Seven’s route and uhm, suddenly, Unknown says something about going to paradise and pressing a switch and destroying everything… But our hero Yoosung gets in his way.

Hours later, Yoosung and Seven make it out of the enemy base alive… but Yoosung hurt his left eye :O Yoosung gets an eye surgery in a flash and the next day, they hold an RFA party and Yoosung, who still has a bandage on his left eye, delivers a speech. He also finally meets Mystica in person, and right there, he kisses her in front of all the guests.

In the after story, Yoosung became a veterinarian and he’s wearing megane while his left eye heals.

Thoughts: Not much revelation, and the good end was too boring ? I was expecting some more serious action but never got that… instead, I got a kiss CG that features an eyeless heroine ◔_◔. Yoosung made me cringe to bones but I say he’s cute! I can’t see him as a boyfriend though, more like, my little otouto that I would tease everytime? XD #cometooneechan

Will do Zen’s route next! 


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  1. Oh goddd, i fell so hard for Yoosung by day 8 after the Rika situation was sorted out. I never found him cringeworthy once though… (^-^; just really really sweet (maybe i’m into overly cheesy guys?! haha). I agree with you for wanting more than just a kiss at the end, but oh well…

    • After finishing all routes, I found out that the “cringeworthy” I’m saying is actually a big part of the game XD Zen and Yoosung are just too sweet hnggghhhh <3 I like Yoosung because he's so cute *w*

  2. I loved Yoosung, his growth was amazing, and he turned into such a cute, mature,,sexy megane with a lab coat and a cat pet, like YEEES <333333
    I love him blonde and with the hair ties, just so cute! (。♥‿♥。)

    • Yoosung is soooo cute and a big M so I’d really love to go S over him huehuehuehue~~ (Jumin is still my favorite though!)

  3. Aaahh~ I’m so happy you made this review. I got really worried when I had seen pictures of Yoosung with the bandages. I thought it’d be permanent… ;-; I know strange to be worried. Also, I agree with you. He looks nicer with the blonde hair.. But we all love him either way.. (Right? Or..) Haha. Have a wonderful day!

    • Black-haired Yoosung is still Yoosung so yes, we will always love him ;;w;;

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