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In a town controlled by two families the Farshi (Falcon) and the Wolg (Wolf), a dreadful creature known as the witch, whose appearance is known to be a woman with red eyes, is said to cause misfortunes. Our heroine Eiar lives in the same town, but because her right eyes turn red whenever she’s feeling strong emotions, she has to live her life pretending to be a boy named Jed, lest the people persecute her as a witch. Despite the frequent conflicts between the Falcon and Wolf families, Jed lives a normal life working as a handyman, until she is asked by the church’s acting priest to look for a treasure called the “Kaleidovere”, a symbol of peace in the town. In her search for it, Jed discovers the secret of the town, of the people around her, and of her own past.

Here’s a non-spoiler review of the second Psychedelica game that we’ve all been waiting for!


-The residents of the tower-


Jed/Eiar (CV: Tamura Mutsumi) is the heroine of the story. She’s lived her whole life pretending to be a boy so her mannerisms and actions are “manly”. Also, as an adopted child of the Wolf family, she knows how to fight and use a sword. Which is really cool. When she’s dressed as a girl, she’s very beautiful. All in all, Jed is awesome, regardless if she’s dressed as a girl or as a boy. Voiced heroine is a big plus in an otome game.

Tower Overlord (CV: Hirakawa Diasuke) is, well, obviously, the lord of the tower (“Overlord “though ww) Jed lives with him in the tower, and he also acts as her guardian. Although he is a very mysterious character, he is incredibly lazy and he always gets told off by Jed for not keeping the tower clean and in order.

-The Wolf Family-


Lavan (CV: Hino Satoshi) is the Hino Satoshi oniichan. He’s a real good-looking man with kind eyes and he’s very handsome??? He is the first son of the Wolf family so he is the next family head. Lavan is also really kind (those eyes are proof) so almost everyone in town likes him, be it a young girl, and elderly woman, or the vigilante men. Have I said that he’s the most good-looking guy in this game?

Levi (CV: Saitou Souma) is the second son of the Wolf family. He has a talkative mouth and very short temper when it comes to people asking for fights so he’s always being lectured by Lavan or Francisca. Nonetheless, Levi is a cheerful guy who is obviously gay towards Jed.

Francisca (CV: Ohara Sayaka) is Lavan and Levi’s kind mom and is the current head of the Wolf family. She is also the person who raised Jed, and thus is one of the two people (the other is the tower load) who knows about Jed’s secret. Her cooking is deadly.

-The Falcon Family-


Lugus (CV: Furukawa Makoto) is BEST BOY. Obviously the canon guy in the game, like how Hikage is in Kokuchou. He is the son of the Falcon family head and he deeply respects his father. Lugus always has a cold expression, but he actually has a gap moe?? Clue: He has a bad sense of direction ww. Also, it’s confirmed that Psychedelica poster boys are my best boys.

Olga (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) is the head of the Falcon family. He is really scary so the townspeople are afraid of him. I was actually afraid of him too until it was revealed that—

Tee (CV: Yamaoka Yuri) is Olga’s daughter. She’s a very cute girl who loves her Lugus oniisama a lot. I want to know how she can she wear such a short skirt in that cold snowy town though.

-The people living at the church-

Laurence (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is the acting priest of the church. As a character voiced by Tori, of course we know who Laurence really is, right? Right?? //Kokuchou despair coming in 3… 2… 1…

Elric (CV: Ishikawa Kaito) is the impertinent cute little kid that lives with Laurence at the church.He has a bunny named Usagi (CV: Naganawa Maria) pfft that is like a little sister to him. Again, more Kokuchou flashbacks because a character with IshiKai voice + two beauty marks below his left eye = YOU KNOW WHO.

– The “Traveler”-

Hugh (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) is… a mysterious character. He is so mysterious that I already finished the game and I still don’t know much about him? Otomate, are you planning a third Psychedelica game?? Also, I did I say that Lavan is the most good-looking guy, right? Well, Hugh is the most beautiful (he honestly looks like a girl) so please don’t contest ww


First off, there wasn’t much despair. Okay, there is, but not as much as in Kokuchou ?

I did cry in some scenes, but I guess the whole game wasn’t as 絶望-oriented as in Kokuchou? Well, not that I’m complaining, because I do want to see everyone, even the Kokuchou people, live a happy life ;;w;; Speaking of Kokuchou, we do get some answers from that game in Haitaka, like the open-ends with Kagiha and Hikage. I was so happy Elric and Laurence in Haitaka! ;;w;;

Regarding the story… I wish they explained more about Hugh and the witch. I don’t know if they do want to make it vague, or if this was done on purpose to make way for a third Psychedelica game. If a third game is really planned, then I’ll gladly throw my money at them ww.

I’m also happy that they kept the flowchart system, although compared to Kokuchou, there weren’t that many branches. The common route is actually just one whole straight chart and the branches are very straightforward.


As for the visuals… THE ANIMATIONS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I love how the sprites move depending on what’s happening in the scene. There’s also background panning and background animations, like for snow falling or wind blowing. Really, it reminds of the Hyakka Hyakurou visuals ;;w;;

Now for my thoughts in bullet form:

-Most awaited otome game of the year
-more 希望 than 絶望 so some of the tissues I prepared were left unused
-where are the despair endings ;;;
-Lugus is best boy
-but Lavan is most good-looking
-the animations and bg movements are ★★★★★
-why can I not date the heroine??
-she’s so awesome??? And cool?
-“A girl” END for canon end
-LUGUS ;;A;;
-story is good (of course) but I still have a lot of questions
-more explanations about Hugh and the witch pls
-I’m betting that they’re already planning to make a third Psychedelica game (“*insert color here* + *insert animal here* no Psychedelica”)
-Namikawa Daisuke’s character is more beautiful than me


As expected, like Kokuchou no Psychedelica, Haitaka no Psychedelica is a good game with a good story, beautiful visuals, and voiced heroine. Those who played Kokuchou should play this. For those who haven’t, you can play Kokuchou and then Haitaka, but I believe that Haitaka can be played by itself, even without the Kokuchou background.


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  1. Will the English version be out in ps vita?

    • It’s already out! 😆

  2. I wish I knew Japanese someone teach me !

    • Gahh, I know what you mean! Want to learn together? If you find someone to teach you please tell me <__< I'm desperate.

      • It’s going to be released in English soon <3

        • That’s my only solace :P

  3. Lovely review!!
    I had to take a break from this due to school but I was honestly shocked that there was animation and stuff in this game. Like why doesn’t this happen in more otoge?! It felt like I’d found the greatest thing ever when I saw this.
    Heroine was a badass and I heard Lugus had sooooo much bias but so long as his story backed it up I’m all for it ;)
    Thanks so much for your review!!

    • I agree! I’d be more fun to have animations in the BG of visual novels ;;w;; Lugus is definitely best boy!! Also obviously the canon guy, considering how one of the endings go www

  4. I’ve never seen either Psychedelica before your review, but it looks so beautiful and all the characters look gorgeous and main heroine is BEST GIRL //fangirling

    • Both Psychedelica games are really good and I highly recommend them!! Good story + voiced heroine + beautiful art + nice ost = all that in one otome game ♡♡ And yes, Jed is definitely best girl (can also be boy ww) *w*

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