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As she goes to school on the first day of her high school life, where she wants to make friends, the heroine Nakayama Hinakon bumps into and accidentally “injures” a boy with a face very similar to her. The boy says that he was on  his way to the Shishiku Academy opening ceremony, but if he isn’t able to attend due to his injury, he’ll be kicked out of school and Hinako, who caused the damage, will have to pay for the expensive school tuition and fees that will just go to waste. Not wanting to pay for the boy’s tuition and fees and bother the orphanage where she lives, Hinako decides to the attend the Shishiku Academy opening ceremony in his place. Little does Hinako know that this was the boy’s, who later reveals himself as her long lost twin brother Hikaru, plan all along–because he’d rather cross dress and do girly stuff than enter the all-boys Shishiku Academy of yankees and problem children! Hinako, who is good at martial arts, is then forced to switch places with Hikaru and aim to be the bancho of Shishiku Academy through beating up the other guys, while being careful not to let her true identity as a girl be revealed.

This is a spoiler-free review of the game ・´∀`・)

Main Characters


Minowa Totomaru (CV: KENN) is Hinako’s classmate and first friend in school. He’s very positive and friendly… although a bit loud. Despite being in a yankee school. Totomaru has no problems studying. Totomaru’s route is my favorite because it has focus on the Shishiku Academy and its yankee students. I mean, I love those yankees! ww Also, that hair band is not unfashionable at all! (´ε` )♡

Konparu Takayuki (CV: Aoi Shouta) is a first year in Shishiku Academy. Because he doesn’t care about being the top bancho of the school, at first he was indifferent to Totomaru and Hinako. Later on though, due to an incident, he becomes good friends with them. Konparu is also the oldest among his four other siblings. Konparu is my best boy. Please protect this baby.

Kira Rintarou (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) is the top student (in terms of strength in fighting) of the second years in Shishiku Academy. He is quiet and it seems that he has a past with Hinako…… I have nothing so say about him except that his love route is the most annoying in this game, imo, like, stop being held up by your past, gdi!! ;;;

Mirako Yuuta (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya), along with Kira, is one of the strongest second year in the school. He’s always MIA in school though, because he’s busy being an idol. Although popular with the ladies (and Hikaru ww), Mirako has a bad experience with some guy friends, so he tends to avoid such friendship.

Onigashima Houou (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) is the current strongest student in Shishiku Academy. Although only a third year student, he looks like a guy who is already in his 20s ww. Houou is also Hikaru’s older brother, and despite his strength in fighting, he’s a really kind guy who just wants to be called “oniichan”  (ノ*゚▽゚*)ノ

Other main characters who don’t have a route are Onigashima Hikaru (CV: Tsubasa Yonaga), Hinako’s cross-dressing twin older brother and Sakaguchi Harou, Hikaru’s manservant who love seeing his waka and ojou in various outfits (*≧▽≦)ノシ)). I love both of them, although maybe minus Hikaru’s tantrums ^_^;

Of course, special mention to Hinako, who is… literally a strong heroine! She can beat up the guys in a pulp, with no problems.


Kenka Bancho otome is a pretty short game which, for me, did its job as a breather game, after I went through the logic and police terms of Collar×Malice. At first I thought that the story won’t dig too deep because of the yankee and bancho mazasou ridiculousness, but I was surprised and happy to see that all the main characters have well-written backstories, along with Hikaru and Hinako’s story. Of course there’s still the expected comedy, especially whenever Hinako beats up the guys, which is arguably the best thing in this game (*≧▽≦)ノシ)).

The game has five character routes, and all but Houou have separate love and friendship routes. Personally, I prefer the friendship routes because I’d rather just stay as friends with the guys. In the love routes, the guy discover that Hinako is actually a girl, and it was annoying to see the guys restrain Hinako just because she’s a girl. Like, come on? This is the person who beat you all up, and you still doubt her strength and fighting abilities? Nonetheless, Hinako is an awesome heroine and it was fun to see her beat their asses and say, “Don’t look down on me just because I’m a girl!” in the love routes.

The system of the game is pretty easy–it’s still a VN with a mini game added whenever you engage in a fist fight. There’s also the map system where you can choose the characters you interact with, and the choices will determine the character route you will go to after the common route.

There are some things I don’t like about the system, though. First is the fact that you can’t go back to a previous scene through the backlog. This is very incontinent if you want to go back to a certain line to take a screenshot or if chose an incorrect answer. To get through with this, I always quick save during before choosing any of the options and just quick load if I want to change my choice. The other thing I don’t like is that you can’t skip through similar scenes in the love and friendship routes. The love and friendship routes are quite similar in certain parts, so it felt so repetitive without the skip function.


Overall, Kenka Bancho Otome is a short fun game to play if you want to beat up boys ww. The story isn’t complex, but it’s well-written enough so no problems regarding that. I probably won’t recommend the game for those looking for romance, but if friendship with high school boy (also includes beating some yankees and thugs them up) is your thing, then you can give Kenka Bancho Otome a try.


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  1. I loved the friendship routes too! Their bonds are really something. It’s sad to see Hinako break ties (sort of) w/ the guys in the love route. Though my fave love route is definitely is Mirako-kyun! XD

    • The friendship routes are better tbh ww Can’t wait for the FD, I want to see more of the guys!

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